1965-02-11 - Just A Little Crime Fighting
Summary: Kai meets White Widow out fighting crime, and they bond over Chinese food.
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Another Sunday night, another crime.
Central Park is a place that empties out at night, but there will alway be some people, and it's a very big park.
Tonight, it's a bunch of young Turks from the East Side Wilders, and the girl is just another peace-and-lover hoping to make it back to the university so they can work on their best excuse why they missed Monday Morning Bio 101.
Her luck turned bad near Belvedere Castle, but she was a little zonked, so her innate Trouble Radar had been on the fritz.

"Hey there, little chickadee."
She turned, startled to see the four men there. The leader smiled. "Looking for a good time?"
"She's looking for a way home, jagoff."
All four men looked up to see a figure crouched on a tree limb, looking down at them through large eyes outlined in pink.
White Widow waved.

Kai makes his way through the park, his art satchel slung over one shoulder. The diminutive beatnik walks with no fear, despite the park being dangerous at night. He pauses as he sees the scene before him. "Oi," he calls, "pick on someone your own size." His accent is English, the tone annoyed. He approaches, unworried.

He doesn't see White Widow at first, but when he follows their gaze and spots her, he smiles. This? This is going to be good.

One of the Wilders grins to Kai. "Stay out of this, low boy. Maybe we won't deep-six ya."
The leader sounds confident as he looks up at her. "Who you supposed to be?"
"You can call me the White Widow." She drops from the limb, 35 feet up, then lands in a low crouch on her hands and feet, before slowly rising to look the leader in the eyes. "And you and your little boys are about to do me a favor." Without looking over her shoulder, she says, "Amscray, flower child."
She amscrayed. Tough Guy #3 turned to go after her her and…


…And suddenly his feet are glued to the ground by a thatch of something that looks like white cotton candy. Except cotton candy doesn't hold you in place.
"Manners!" she said to #3. The leader slides a push-button on the handle of a spring-blade as he moves towards Widow.

"I'll have you know I'm quite high," Kai says. He unslings his satchel, far more concerned with it than his own well-being. He sets it beside the tree and continues to come forward. "Nice trick," he tells White Widow with a toothy grin. "You got these clowns or should I give them what for?" He cracks his knuckles.

His gaze falls upon the knife, and he shakes his head. "That's no way to treat a lady." He rolls his shoulders. He doesn't look like a fighter, but who knows? People can surprise you.

The leader lunges while Widow is still looking at Kai, the knife coming up from under, aiming the blade under the sternum and up into the heart.
"These boys?"
The knife is suddenly stopped as she grabs the hand without looking at him.
"Cheap thrills in the back of my car, gent." She looked back at the leader, who was straining to free the hand with the knife, and then she looks back at Kai.
"'Scuse me a moment."
She turns to leap up and over the leader, yanking his arm up and over. There is a very loud POP as the arm dislocates, and the knife drops from nerveless fingers. She lands lightly behind the leader, then chops him in the nape of the neck, and his pain becomes a non-issue as he falls forward, out cold.
Comparing what she had done, how she had moved with eerie grace and effectively neutered the leader, was like comparing rape and romance. She pirouetted to stand ready for the remaining two.
"Someone else want a shot at the title?"

"They don't seem all that savvy," Kai says. One of them mutters, "I'll show you savvy," and lunges at Kai, who punches in him the face without exerting any real effort. It's like flicking a bug. The tough guy goes reeling ass over tea kettle and clutches his bleeding nose.

"If they were smart," Kai comments, "they'd run, but then they'd have to live with the knowledge they got beaten up by a queer and a woman. Either way, nothing good will come of this."

the last man standing blinks as he puts two and two together. Which is probably not a good time.
He gets off somewhat easy. If you can call getting plastered to the nearby tree by an inordinate amount of spidersilk, with only his head showing.
The guy immediately begins swearing how he and the Wilders are going to make her the gang pump. She walks up to him and punches him in the face, and he is out for the count.

"People have no manners these days," Kai says. At least the one with the broken nose has the good grace to whimper and otherwise keep his mouth shut.

Kai offers his hand to the White Widow. "I'm Kai," he says. "Pleased to meet you."

Widow turns, and there seems to be the outline of a smile. She moves towards Kai with the calm grace of an athlete, and the costume doesn't seem to display any evidence to the contrary—muscled without the loss of her femininity.
She shakes the hand, "White Widow. It's been six months since I've been doing this, you think someone might recognize me by now."

"It's a big city," Kai says. "But I bet those guys will recognize you now." He flashes her a grin. His grip is firm, but he's careful not to crush. He's had lifetimes to learn how to tone down that natural strength. "So is this your day job, too? I'm an artist. I just punch bad people as a side gig." He goes to the tree to scoop up his satchel.

Widow looks up at the moom in the night sky, then chuckles. "I guess you could say I'm…moonlighting?" She chuckles. "I tend to keep odd hours doing this. It's more of a calling than a job, really."

Kai glances up at the moon as well, and a smile touches his lips. "I dig that," he says. "It's a calling. So is art, I guess. I'm doing an exhibit in SoHo about mutants, and I don't even care if it makes money." Flicking his golden hair from his brow, he says, "So White Widow's a groovy name. Was that spider silk you shot those guys with?"

Widow nods. "Yep. Shoot webs, walk on walls, sense things before they happen, can lift ten tons…" She chuckles, then adds, "And I can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. Only one of those things gets me fed."

"You can't go wrong with a good grilled cheese," Kai says. He tilts his head curiously. "Say, you wouldn't happen to be a mutant by any chance, would you?" Hastily, he adds, "I'm totally pro-mutant. You got nothing to worry about from me one way or another."

Widow looks thoughtful for a moment. "Well…I wasn't born a mutant. Nothing I can claim, to tell you the truth. I'm…okay, I guess you could say I'm the offspring of a human…and a spider." She shrugs. "Does that make me a mutant? I got a C- on my College Prep Biology final, so I don't know for sure…"

Kai scratches his head, and he says, "I'm not sure. I never went to college." He looks like he's barely old enough to be in college at all. "How are you the offspring of a spider and a human? Who's the father? Did they, uh…" He gestures vaguely with his hands. "Do… it?"

Widow chuckles. "No, no…nothing like that. The truth is a little bit wierder, a lot more violent, and honestly, not one I care to share with three webbed-up tough guys trying valiantly not to throw up at the image you hinted at."

Kai glances over at the webbed up toughs and says, "Oh, grow up. We live in a strange and fascinating universe." Though Kai looks a little disappointed that there's nothing hinky going on here. He's from the Norse pantheon. They do hinky. "Shall we leave them to it?" he says. "I hate eavesdroppers."

Widow nods. "There's a decent place in Chinatown that serves the best Chinese food in New York. It's the Beijing Palace." She reaches up with one hand and a thin webline shoots from her inner wrist, arcing up to hit the tree limb she dropped from. "Meet you there?"

"Sure, I know the place," Kai says. "I'll probably get there later. I'll be taking the subway." He shoulders his satchel, and he waves, heading off to the subway. Hells yeah, Beijing Palace.

He does get there a later than she does, and he breezes in, a bounce in his step. She had him at Chinese food, really.

Before Kay reaches the front door, there is a quick, sharp whistle from above. Widow is looking over the edge of the building. "Up here. There's a webline at the corner, unless you want the Express route."

Kai stops and looks up. "Wait, how does this work?" he says. He ambles over, eyeing the webline. "I'd love to try the Express route." There's no fear in him. Something he's never seen or done before? Sure! "So is this stuff coming out of you?"

Widow nods, then aims, and a webline impacts the center of the man's chest. The next thing he knows, Kai is being pulled up. It's not some kind of clean-and-jerk using the building as leverage, either. She lifts him up, hand over hand, as if he weighed nothing at all, and then settled him on the roof. "I work around here a lot, order a lot from them. So they set up a little table for me up here."

Kai clutches his satchel close, and he laughs in surprise. Once on the roof, he crouches there, bright-eyed as he says, "That was groovy." He spies the table and rises, stretching. "This is great, the view can't be beat. Hey, let me treat you. I'm good at spending other people's money."

Widow shrugs. "Fair enough. You deliver dinner, since I delivered the show for the most part." She brushed the snow from the table, then raps lightly on the skylight. After a few seconds, it opens and a menu stick up through the slot. "Thanks," she says, and the skylight closes. She walks over to Kai handing him the menu. "I always order the same thing. The Mongolian beef is delicious."

"Mongolian beef is pretty good," Kai says. "Let's get two orders and some noodles. I could live off noodles, I'm not kidding." He glances at the menu, though, just in case anything else looks good. Then he nods to himself and sets it down. He knows what he's getting. "So what brought you to crime fighting? You're suited up and everything. I've got a costume too, but really, everyone who knows me knows who I am."

Widow raps twice on the skylight, which opens slightly. She slides the menu down with a $20 bill. "Number 14, two orders, chow mein noodles for both. Two Cokes."
The skylight closes.^
"Hope you don't mind Coke." She walks back to the table. "I guess you could say I'm following in the family business. My father was a New York cop."

"I love Coke," Kai says. "Best stuff ever invented. It was a life changer." When cops are mentioned, he glances aside and clears his throat. "Ah, that's… well, I mean, good cops are good. I've had some run-ins with bad ones." Though Gwen's father, he liked. Respect for a worthy adversary. "I think suiting up and just going out there and getting things done opens up a lot of doors, you know?"

Widow chuckles. "Especially when most of the female cops are working Vice as hookers." She pauses. "Besides…my father's dead because of me. So I have to make it right."

Kai grimaces and says, "That's rough. I'm sorry to hear that. My father's in prison, but at least I still have him, I guess. I'm sure yours doesn't blame you, wherever he is now. But it's admirable that you're making it right. That girl tonight, she may just be one person among millions, but what you did sure mattered to her."

Widow smiled slightly as she sat down. "My father used to tell me a story about a guy who takes a walk on a beach, and he sees the beach is full of beached starfish. And in the middle of it all, there's a guy picking up starfish and tossing them back into the ocean. The first guy walks up to him, asks him, 'What are you doing? There's gotta be hundreds of them, and you can't save them all. It doesn't matter.' The other guy picks up another starfish, flings it into the ocean, then says, 'Mattered to that one.'"

"Exactly," Kai says. "We do what we can for who we can. And maybe those thugs learned a lesson. If they can't be decent, at least they can be afraid, because we're not putting up with their bullshit anymore." Kai lifts his chin a little at that. Almost like he's got a chip on his shoulder against that brand of troublemaker. "So you carry on your father's legacy. That's groovy." He leans forward and says, "You know, I would love to draw you suited up. Even if you're not a mutant, I could do a series on the anonymous heroes among us."

She looks to Kai. "Me? But I'm not…" she pauses. "Oh…wait." She looks down at herself, flexing an arm. "Right. I guess I am, after all." She looks back to Kai. "I've never…done anything like that before. Do you think it could do some good if I did?"

"I think it could," Kai says. "The series I'm going to be doing soon is meant to humanize mutants, you know what I mean? The pieces show them just going about their daily lives, being people just like anyone else is people. It's going to piss some people off, and it should. But it'll also give people an opportunity to see that mutants are just like the rest of humanity. They do the same things, they want the same things. I could see doing a series on masked heroes shedding some light on what it's like to put yourself out there for the greater good."

Widow ponders for a few moments. "Well, if it's for a good cause, I'm all for that. And it sounds like a good idea. A lot of people are fighting the status quo, changing the world. It's a good time for something like this."
She is about to say more, but the skylight opens and a brown paper bag is lifted up for Widow to grab. She walks over to the bag, getting it and two tall bottles of Coke and carrying them to the table. She places everything on the table, unbagging plastic utenstils and takeout boxes.

Kai pulls a wad of bills from his pocket and unfolds a few to pay for the meal, and he offers the cash over. Someone else's money, he said. He's sure free and easy with it. "This is a great time to be alive," he says. "So much is changing, and the havenots are finally having their say." He sits up and helps as much as he can without getting in the way. "This smells so good," he says. "I haven't eaten all day. Been too busy."

Widow lifts the mask to expose pink lips and a thin nose. No mandibles, no teeth dripping clear venom. Just a normal mouth. She pauses, then bows her head for a few moments, her hands clasped together. She then nods, says a soft, "Amen," then picks up her utensils and begins eating.

Kai sits quiet as the lady with the surprisingly normal lower face says grace. He doesn't do the same, but there's a basic respect for the doing of it. He digs in, and he eats like he's never eaten before, shoveling in food with gusto. He's not all that hung up on manners, either. "This was the best idea," he says. "I wish I met more masked heroes who went out for Chinese after a fight."

Widow smiles, an uncomplicated smile. "Well, I guess you got lucky this time. I saved the daughter of the proprietor from a bunch of triad thugs, so they did this for me. I eat out here a lot. I guess they like me watching over the place." She picks up an egg roll and dips it into the soy sauce. "So…what mediums do you normally work in?"

"Ah, the perks," he says. "They're nice when you can get them." He slows down a bit once that initial surge of hunger is sated. "I paint a lot," he says between bites of noodles (which puts a blissed look on his face). "I also do sketches and have branched off into photography. Sculpture, though it can be difficult getting the materials."

Widow nods. "Jack of all trades, master of none…but still better to be a master of one." She sips her Coke. "Well, I suppose you can use whichever rings your muse's bell. I'm not very creative when it ccomes to this sort of thing."

"I think a sketch for you," Kai says, "playing with shadows and light. That's sort of what you're like to me, White Widow, something light in the darkness. There's a certain boldness to it that I like." He smiles wryly and adds, "As for mastery, I've had a long time to practice, partiuclarly in painting."

Widow smiles and nods, then looks into the distance. "Whoops." she stands up quickly. "Listen…I have to run. Have to take care of something. You can have the leftovers…I'll be around here. You need to send a message, call me at this interchange." She fishes a small card out of her sleeve, handing it to Kai. "Sorry to beat, greet, and run!"
In the next moment, she is charging right towards the edge of the roof, firing a webline a moment after she jumps, and then she is swinging away.

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