1965-02-12 - A Comic Is Coming
Summary: In which Kellan and Billy talk life and plans.
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It's evening, and Billy's hanging out in Narnia. Narnia that has been upgraded somewhat over the last few months; there's now a whole set of exercise equipment, plumbing, and even a pool table. Its still all mostly empty space, but still. For the moment, Billy is dressed in jeans and a simple green t-shirt. He's also got himself a big ol' root beer float, by the looks of it.

Kellan sometimes comes to Narnia to study because it's quiet and almost no one comes here unless it's to work out or something, so there's long period of time of solitude where he can spread out his books. And that's what he's done at the moment, spread his books around him in a semi-circle while he works on homework, a notepad balanced on one knee while he scribbles notes without looking at the page, instead moving from book to book and back again.

Noticing Kellan then, Billy heads over to peer curiously at his books, "What are you taking, by the way? I have all my college classes crammed into tuesday and thursdays, to make space for the day job." The specific nature of which he's never really explained. "Have you picked out a major yet? I don't remember if I told you but I'm going for chemical engineering." He flashes a dimpled grin.

Kellan shakes his head and says, "I haven't chosen a major yet. I told my folks that I was busy with international relations, but really that was just a euphamism for helping out with shit all over the world." He smiles a little bit lopsidedly and glances over at Billy. "No, you didn't, but that's cool. Chemistry is neat and so is engineering. Right now I'm just kind of taking all of the core courses while I try to decide." There's history and math and literature all spread out in front of him and he seems to be either studying them all at once or skipping from one to the other fairly quickly. "What made you choose chemical engineering?"

Billy chuckles softly, inclining his head, and plopping down nearby. He gestures at his rootbeer float as he spins and spoons out some soaked ice cream, "Want one?" he offers, and then he adds thoughtfully, "I always liked chemistry in school; that and physics and math. But… Chemical Engineering is such an interesting discipline. Its engineering that applies both physics and chemistry with microbiology and biochemistry, with applied mathematics, to… change reality. If you have the right solvent, the right catalyst, its like alchemy— you can turn lead into gold. Well not precisely literally, but close enough. There was the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, … steel age, the industrial age … but the modern world is really the Chemical Age. At least until it becomes the Information Age, but in that time, chemicals are as important as anything. Designing molecules just sounds…fun." He nods to Kellan's books, "Favorite subject, if no major chosen yet?"

Kellan shakes his head, declining the float for the time being. He listens to Billy while at the same time studying and taking notes. While his eyes focus on the material in front of him, and his hand jots down the notes, he focuses also on listening and holding a conversation simultaneously, all without a hitch in any of the multiple processes. "Sounds interesting, a lot of disciplines all mixed together. I liked chemistry when I took it. I think my favorite part was the practical exam, where they gave us a little jar of what they called sludge, and we had to identify all the components in it." He then considers the subjects in front of him and says, "Literature, I guess. I like stories, and I like people, and reading about the people that others make up, to explain people to one another." He grins a little lopsidedly.

"Yeah, its a lot of disciplines, so is never just like… the idea of spending my whole life just doing one thing? Don't like that so much." Billy wrinkles his nose a bit, "I can spend a few years mastering complex polymers, maybe. Then a few years, I don't know, making perfumes. Then a few years on solvents for industrialprocesses — but that I have to be careful of, because its easy to make dangerous chemicals." Then he nods and smiles, "I like literature, but… frankly mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Regular stories about regular people I get bored with. If there's no aliens or monsters? Man, not my thing." He laughs, making a crazy sign at his head and pointing to himself, "I do like people, though."

"Yeah, but can't you just… do that.. anyway? I mean.. without needing to science it up?" He studies Billy curiously for a moment or two, lifting his gaze from what he was reading and looking him over, then his eyes go back down to the book that he was on. "I mean, it does still sound fun." Then he says, "I like all kinds of stories. Sci-fi and Fantasy stories are fun. I think I might try to write some.. at some point, once I have a good idea for something. I'm not sure if it will be Sci-fi or Fantasy, but a story of some sort."

Billy says with a tone of voice that is just slightly stuck up, "It's wrong to use magic for personal gain; I could just make a million bucks and why work? But that way leads to the dark side, man. I have all of this power for a reason— its not quite like it is with mutants who might have powers by some quirk of evolution. My dad is the Sorcerer Supreme because he's got a trio of gods who bestowed this mantle-thingy on him, made him responsible for protecting the whole planet. One person. My magic is more like my mom's, but still, I don't think this kind of power is… random." He shrugs, and grins, "Besides, that'd be boring. Going through life never working for anything, never being proud of any accomplishments, because I just magic up whatever." He does nod encouragingly then, "You should write a story. I know a few anthologies that take submissions, they print short stories regularly from people who aren't even big name authors. Its a way to get started."

Kellan raises a brow and gives Billy a look at his tone of voice and then just shakes his head with an amused grin as he looks back down at his books, "Yeah, that makes sense." And it does in its own way, even if he knows very well what it's like to not have to work for things. Except his magic is money. He shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know that it matters whether it's random or not, so long as you try and do good things with it, and try not to do bad things with it." He finally stops taking notes and begins closig up the books in front of him, stacking them and setting the notebook on top. Not that Billy never had his full attention, since each thing had his full attention in its own way, but now he only has one attention to focus, and it's focused on Billy. "I could do that. Mostly I just want to do it for the sake of doing it."

"Supposedly, my kind of magic is slightly against the rules." Billy looks slightly sheepish, "Changing Reality itself? Its one of those things that the magic-cop type people look out for and frown upon. It's not like forbidden, but way easier to get in trouble with. What if I said /there is no crime/ repeatedly and concentrated on it really hard? Better world, yeah?" He shrugs, "Except oops, I just nixed free will. World is not stamped Property of Billy to Make of it Whatever He Likes." He sighs wistfully, "Not that I don't sometimes wish…" But then he focuses back on Kellan and nods quickly again, smiling, "Even if you don't care if it gets published, wouldn't it be more fun if it did? If someone else read it and maybe laughed? A complete stranger maybe would have a better day or week or however long it takes to read, all because of you."

"With great power.." Kellan trails off as he listens to Billy, nodding just a bit. "Probably a good thing if you stick to teleporting us to sandy beaches and places with great food rather than nixing free will." He fiddles a bit with the edge of one book cover, opening and closing it a few times. "I mean, sure. If it's any good, I wouldn't mind people reading it, and getting it published could be cool. I'd have to actually start it first, though."

"I'm not entirely sure I should do that, but I justify it as practice, since I still don't entirely understand how my magic works." Billy laughs, flushing faintly as he shrugs and sips some root beer float through his straw, "Ah, writers block?" he wonders, "Or just not motivated to start, yet?" He pauses, and laughs softly, "I'm crap at writing but I'm actually more then a little solid on art. If you wanted, I could illustrate whatever story you did. You could make a comic book."

"So what's the point if you can't do anything with it? I mean, I get not like, doing major earth-changing things but,.." Kellan shrugs his shoulders. "Just seems pointless to have all this potential and then just.. never use it." He says, "I mean, I don't split into multiple copies all the time to do everything either. I could. I mean, right now I'm doing a bit of an experiment. But one of me is usually enough, and if I can do what I need to do with one.. then there's no point in doing more." He grins and says, "Mostly still figuring out a good idea for a story." Though he brightens at that and says, "Really? That would be so cool.. yeah… "

"The point?" Billy takes this question philosophically, "The point is so I have the ability to do something I will need to do, in a moment of need; besides, I don't never use it. I use it all the time. Even for non-practice. I go fight bad guys and monsters and evil aliens and mobsters and whatnot. Its…frivilous stuff that seems almost, I don't know, disrespectful of the power itself to use it for? Like conjuring root beer floats." He nods to his float, case in point. He tilts his head curiously, "What experiment? But yeah. I was weighing 'art' and 'chemical engineer' as a major and it took a long time for me to decide on one or the other, so I'm good at drawing, coloring, illustration. Just… not good at stories. It'd be fun, if you wanted to. The Chronicles of uhh insert-hero-name-here."

"Guess that makes sense, too," Kellan says. He does not have phenomenal cosmic power and isn't entirely sure what he would or wouldn't do with it if he did. "Yeah, sure, that sounds like fun," he says at the idea of writing a story and having Billy illustrate it. That seems to have gotten his wheels spinning. "Oh, I have a copy right now out on a little bit of a road trip while I try to figure out how long I can keep one active, sustained, and for how far before I might lose contact with it.. that sort of thing."

"A copy? Like a certain storyline you're maintaining?" asks Billy, though from his tone hs'e clearly not entirely sure if he's asking the right question, but writing is not at all his forte. "What's it about? And what sort of art style do you — well you might not know a lot about art styles. I could raw up a few different options based on the text you have and see what it is you like." He flashes a dimpled grin.

"No no.. a copy, of me.. one of my reflections.. is out on a road trip.. that's the experiment I was talking about.. not the story," Kellan explains with a little bit of a grin. "Sorry, that probably wasn't too clear."

Billy blinks, then laughs, "Oh. Right. Its…hard to really think of someone in terms of I-can-make-copies-of-myself." He shakes his head, "Is there any chance a you might not want to join back up with your yous? Can this experiment go to such a point that a you is all like, hey, I'm *me*, and not you, and … such like that?" he asks with genuine curiosity.

"Well.. they're less copies as they are.. splitting off a part of me. It's kind of like silly putty.. it all comes apart and goes back together in a wad but it's all part of the whole, no single part being a distinct individual. The copies are a sectioned off part of my mind, but it's all one mind, just, semi-compartmentalized.. like just now while I was studying.. part of my mind was focused on the reading, part on the notes, part on holding the conversation with you.. meanwhile part of my mind is also ordering room service in a hotel room in Chicago right now. I'm aware.. of all of it at once." He grins, "So no.. it's not like a whole distinct individual with its own thoughts. It's just a physical manifestation of a fragmentation of my own mind."

Billy blinks slowly, trying to … frankly… think of how thinking like that is, and from his pinched expression, he has difficulty. But he waves a hand and chuckles, "I don't really understand how that's at all possible to do, and 'thinking weird' is sorta essential to how I work, so I think, this is one of those you know, weird is as weird does situations, you know? Your weird is your weird. I'm not sure I could explain how to think snacks into existance either, so its not a one way street." He pushes up off of where he was sitting, "BUt think on the comic idea. Give me a general sort of idea of what you have in mind and I'll draw up some samples."

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