1965-02-12 - Amends
Summary: Loki goes in search of the trolls that menaced Kai.
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Kai mentioned the troll kin and their attempt to eat him, and how they damaged Lambert's restaurant. He tried to play it off as no big deal. He does try to put up a brave face for Loki. But he was timid the next day and didn't want to go out, not like him at all.

As for the troll kin who attacked him, they're not difficult to find. Cannibal monsters in the dark places of New York City kind of make a name for themselves. The nest, such as it is, is in an abandoned subway tunnel. There, about a dozen of them dwell. Part human, part troll. They smell just enough of troll to give themselves away. There's no mistaking it: Loki has found them out.

Loki considers his options, here in the subway tunnel. Lurking far enough downwind that they can't smell the Asgardian. He wets his lips. Regrets it in this dank tunnel, then creeps forwards. To secretly annihilate, or to be showy and let them know they tried to eat the wrong elf? WELL, is it really a question? There comes a glow from Loki as his helm appears on his head, and a sturdy bow appears in his hands. Then he struts forwards, green cape billowing, "At last, I find the repulsive respite of the repugnant race of /trolls/…"

They're gathered around bones that they have nearly picked clean. Some poor homeless man from the tattered clothing strewn around. His skull has been crushed, the better to get at the tasty insides. It just wasn't his lucky day. As Loki approaches, he can hear their voices. "I don't like this one, it's chewy."

"Slim pickings in winter."

There are grumbles. Then Loki steps forward, and they squint in the light he brings. Their eyes refract the light, glowing. "Who are you?" one of them demands. The others gather to one another, forming a pack. One of them takes up the femur without a strip of meat left on it. "Looks like we've got a fresh one on the menu."

Loki spreads his hands, "I am Loki…of Asgard, the last you will ever see. You attempted to chew on something I care about…and now," he lowers his chin, "You will all die."

That name carries weight even among these half-breeds and watered-downs. They shift and a few sidle back. Four of them are missing their tusks. Kai did mention Lambert took a few with bolt cutters.

The one who's done most of the speaking so far, the one who looks the most trollish (nice robust tusks and long claws) steps forward, hands spread as he says, "We didn't mean no disrespect, Mr. Loki. We don't know who-all's attached to whoever. Let us make amends."

Loki draws back the bow and fires at one of the 'lesser' trolls. One-two-three in succession. He is clearly trying to take that one out, but he makes no other move to continue the carnage. Then he draws it again and squints his eyes. "Start talking about how you make amends. I have some ideas…"

The lesser troll jerks as each arrow penetrates his tough skin. He rasps, clutching one of the arrows, and he falls over in a heap. Thwump. The other trolls shift and sidle away from their fallen compatriot, and they try hard to hide behind one another. The lead troll bows and scrapes, quivering as he holds up his hands as though to placate the god. "Whatever you want," he says, "and we won't go after your whoever anymore. Just tell us who it is and we'll avoid 'em.."

"The goat man…and the elf with the tan skin. Probably the only elf you've tried to eat around here. So…what you are going to do…is I am going to send you to Svartleheim…and you are going to kill Malekith's new bride."

The now three tuskless trolls mutter and hiss. "That elf!" one of them says, lisping without his tusks. "That elf cost us our teeth!"

The lead troll hushes the disgruntled trolls with a hiss. "It's your own fault for getting caught." Then he turns to Loki, bowing again for good measure. "Please be excusing us, my lord, Mr. Loki, sir. We had no idea it was your elf. You've got to understand, though, elf meat is supposed to be the sweetest."

The troll immediately behind him adds, "But we won't hurt the elf, not if it's yours."

A third peeks out from behind the other two. "Malekith's bride?" He eyes the others, who mumbles amongst themselves.

With a glance toward the dead troll, the leader says, "We'll kill 'er all right, sir. Just spare us!"

Loki hisses and advances a few threatening steps, "I could tell the All Father you are on this realm and he would string you up as an example to all those who disobey his rules about this realm, if you care to argue with me about your /right/ to eat /anything/ here. The elf is mine…now…I am going to open a portal…and I will wish you luck. If I do not hear of the deed done, then by all means…I will be coming for you. And, if any of you should be caught, /feel free/ to say who sent you."

"It's not our fault, sir," says the leader, who is now so concerned with individual rights all of a sudden. "We're part human." The others hiss and mumble at that. It's not part of their heritage they prefer to embrace. It's just an unfortunate truth that has to be pointed out for justice's sake. Right? Right.

With his head bobbing and scraggly pale hair bouncing, the leader says, "We'll do what you want, sir. She'll be a fine supper. Thank you, sir, thank you for not killing us." Like this mission isn't a death sentence.

Its a death sentence, but…it'll annoy Malekith even if they don't succeed…and he's owed that fucker for a while now. Loki makes a motion and a portal does indeed open up and Loki makes a gesture like he's showing them the door.

The trolls fall over each other trying to get to the portal, though some of them look like they're backpedaling until the troll behind them shoves them forward. Two trolls grab for their fallen brother, but the leader hisses, "Leave him!" There's grumbling and grunting, and a final look of fear at Loki, before they're through the portal, leaving behind their ragged lair with its picked bones and smelly bedding made of their victims' clothes.

GROSS. Loki waits until they have left, then abandons them to that fate, whatever it shall be. Then he poks around the lair himself, just…carefully, looking for any signs of prisoners, odd objects, or possibly signs there might be more of them lurking around. "What mortal would /mate/ with a troll…" he mumbles.

There are a few treasures here and there. Gold teeth, wristwatches, some jewelry. Not all of the victims were homeless. There's a clutch purse with a diamond necklace in it, even. Those are the things that could be salvaged (except for the purse), but the fur stole the leader was using for a pillow is ruined, as are things made of cloth and leather (the leather has been chewed on). Loki raises an excellent question. These creatures are probably not the result of happy parents. However, it doesn't seem like there were more than a dozen. If there's any others out there, it'll be no more than a lone straggler.

Loki seems satisfied by the results of the poking around. Diamonds. Well. Maybe that'll make Kai feel better…and also knowing that the trolls are no longer around in this area, at least. No no, Kai will not be becoming an elf crunch snack anytime soon. Treasures in hand, he teleports directly home!

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