1965-02-12 - So this is Feb 14th
Summary: Max and Kaleb step out for Valentine's Day and rehash some worst moments
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Kaleb might have picked the place to have dinner, but…Max wanted to pick the way to get there. A shy little restaurant in Central Park, not too fancy, but certainly booked solid, and with a great view of snowy setting, needs a proper entrance. So, Max did the most rich thing he could imagine. He booked a horse and carriage. He loks over and smiles at Kaleb as the ride pulls up. "You don't mind do you? I thought it would be nice."

Kaleb was dressed fantastically, without saying, He dropped the housekeys back in his coat pocket with a roll of his hand. It wasn't often the mutant smiled, and generally required something to take his mind off the many deficiencies of the world long enough to jsut enjoy something. Yet, there they were and Maximus had that knack. "No I don't mind. I think my driver will thank you even more so." He noted to the doorman to have his driver called and cancelled and left an envelope with him. Kaleb was imperious, but he did see that his people were well taken care of. The affectation of the gesture wasn't lost on him. "Eh I might have found a surprise for you too."

"I am told it is customary. I do have occasional conversations with people, and I could not fail to notice this romantic holiday coming up." Maximus looks very nice as well, little bit of makeup around the eyes, but nothing too extreme. "Any excuse to dress you up and be seen together. I did not want to go where…you would know anyone." The Inhuman offers as he climbs into the carriage first. it shifts with his weight and he settles with a hint of awkward. he's not used to riding in a thing like this, ever.

Kaleb put a hand to the carriange and gave the other to Max to help pull him up, "Maximus, I know were I ever to assume you weren't paying attention to everything that is the day you should check me for senility." He paused and sat pulling up the blanket with a wry grin glad to have a private conversation when and where he wanted it, "It's one of my favourite parts about you, I won't lie. So, I'm assuming not Attilan unless the horses have gills?" He considered getting comfy as he would in view of the world, foot resting next to Max's, but his hand finding his buried in the blanket. "When it calms down, I'd like to visit. When it's not a detriment to them. And when your'e willing to be on like…all teh time."

"Willing to be on?" Maximus arches his brows curious at that. "Attilan is closed to us for the time being, but we do not have a celebration on this day, for couples. There are others, but they are all different, and don't apply to life outside it. "When I say you would not know anyone, it isn't one of your usual places. Its in central park…" The carriage starts up and traipses at a slow, jogging pace through the streets. Its not the only one on an evening like this, but once they hit Central Park, it does seem rather lonely, the scope of it so large.

Kaleb looped his fingers through Maximus', even though he didn't commune much through contact, with Max over months he had. A silent something that was his really. "ALways on: being a man of station rather than freedom to be yourself. Watched. Assessed. But I mean that's hard with like no peers. Still though they didn't judge us for that which I do appreciate." Kaleb looked around at the quiet snowfall and the driver, curiously, and gave Max a sly grin, "You have the driver don't you?" In his pocket? In his head? It seemed to amuse Kaleb to no end that the poor guy would have no memory of this trip if patters were consistant.

Maximus smiles faintly. "The driver, as it happens, is doing his job alone. You see…sometimes when /I drive/ distracted, I wreck. And you know…I just feel like I'm distrated this evening. So, let him do his job, and be the one mind in a thousand that I have not bothered with." Max does, thankfully, say it softly so as to not panic the driver.

Kaleb tilted his chin upward and failed to let Max know he couldn't be heard, prefering the notion of letting him take great care in his efforts. His eyes closed for a moment and with free hand held it out facing down and slowly as he turned it up, up went the volume of the world: crunch of hooves faiding to hear the snow lightly hitting things. "Really, this is nice. Weird. This holiday always used to feel superfulous and self-aggrandizing, but it's different now." He paused and opened his eyes looking back to Maxsaying more in a glance than he could or was with body language. A subtle shift, but one resonant of relief? Respect? It was a reverence of some nature all teh same. "I'm glad I got to meet your brother. Also first time I was ever really around someone even marginally like myself? It was a lil spooky but… interesting."

Maximus leans over against Kaleb. "I am glad it went well, for you, and for me, and mostly because I was a little nervous about you two having too much in common. But, it seems it was fine after all." The carriage continues towards a restaurant with outdoor seating that is being made civil with the use of tents and little braziers burning low. Its romantic, cozy, the general feel of being intimate while not grossly expensive. Its probably the carriage that is the expensive bit. All the while they were treated to a delightful ride through the winterland. "Tell me of your worst Valentine's Day."

Kaleb grinned and gave max that look that read Aw, come on now. "Maaaaaz, I'm not going to level a city. I might have its foundation graded a bit, but he's taken things an a strange but… interesting direction. I did get ideas though." Kalebs eyes took in the details. It wasn't expensive and it didn't have to be. The effort was more valuable to him every time. He laughed and thought about it, "The worst? Oh man… I think the worst is a toss up? Well you want to talk about the time I asked this girl out and she said yes aaaand because she thought I was Kellan and not me ooooor my Junior year of High School where we did prom and had a fantastic suite a bunch of us went in on in Manhattan and my date got so drunk she threw up on my shoes and spent almost the entire evening passed out? It was… less than optimal let me tell you."

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