1965-02-14 - SHIELD Goes On a Date
Summary: Even Peggy gets into the action of helping a needy young lady. Oh my!
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Valentine's Day. Stanley's Bar. Lower East Side.

Fourteenth of February is predictable. Couples canoodle and not a restaurant in the Village has an open seat. Sappy pop and folk musicians grace stages to purr about looooove. No florist has a rose for less than $5, and the guys in tails escort their arm candy in pearls and gloves in fancier places.

The Lower East Side? Neither fancy or nor buying into that jumbo, which is why Stanley's Bar has space at all. Squashed at the bottom of a charming five storey brick tenement, the faded green awning shelters the door. What counts, space to move and some reasonable music. Whiskey and Irish drinks come on cheap, in no small part 'cause the owner — Stanley — is a dyed in the wool Irishman with a Democrat lean and the cops on his sides. Might be one or two of those enjoying the feel. Hot sandwiches are $.50, beer from $.15 a glass. The only attempts to Valentines up the place are the heart-cut toast sandwiches piled with roast beef and Stanley's granddaughter drawing some hearts on construction paper taped up around the edge of the bar. You insult them, you die.

People here drink quietly. They keep to themselves, regulars giving a knowing, weary nod to other refugees from overpriced meals.

Jessica Drew should probably be on some sort of fancy Valentines date. But she's not a big believer in romance, and besides, it's not like crime is going to be busy buying chocolates and roses. So rather than making plans, she's here at the bar, buying into that cheap whiskey. When it doesn't do a whole lot to you, the cheap part is a definite bonus.

Peggy Carter is generally busy saving the world. Running SHIELD is a full-time gig. But everyone gets a day off every now and again. And February 14th is one that she tends to take. The brunette is dressed down, for a rare change, not in her oh-so-professional attire, but just in…regular civilian clothing. She orders a plate with several of the sandwiches on it, and a quiet indication to keep the whiskey coming. With that, she takes a seat at one of the tables. There's a book she takes out of her purse; a small photo album, which she opens to look through.

Ollie ended up catching wind that Jessica was chilling in the bar, so what does he do? He just kinda shows up with a Rose in his hand after getting out of his car. After taking a moment to walk up to the bar and really get a glimpse of his surroundings, he catches Jessica out of the corner of his eye and he approaches. "Fancy seeing you here on not on some cheesy romantic date." he comments casually, before he offers her a red rose. "Be my Valentine?" he smiles to her softly then.

SHIELD and bar meetups, man…..

This is an odd day of the year for Venus.

On one hand, she decries it as a terrible created holiday that's mostly there to sell candy and cards and serve the corporate overlords.

On the other, it's a day of love, and even if it's made up, it's when people think about a subject near and dear to her heart.

It's also one of the few times she sings love songs. Carefully. Not a crazy, thoughtless love, or wild love, or a fling. But when she sings, she puts the feeling of connectedness into it. Empathy for another. Understanding. The sorts of things on which a foundation is built for a relationship, and the sort of thing that people should be seriously thinking about if it isn't in said relationship.

No one said the goddess of love isn't picky about who falls in love, after all. If it's love…shouldn't it be for a lifetime, if it's perfect? But then…only because the passion, the friendship, the give and take and compromise are all there.

This night, of course…she adjusts for those who just want someone to share a night with, with no hard feelings afterwards…or maybe the start of something new. Who knows? Still, she croons on stage, and they're old love songs, not the newer pop rock. The ones that depend on the voice, on the emotion. All of which Venus has to give in spades, in addition to a gorgeous singing voice, of course.

In blows trouble. Trouble in a mini-skirt and a clear vinyl coat buttoned up, clunky heels stamping out a pony clop on the worn floorboards. Both hands clutch the collar of the dress, and a glance finds distress on the woman's face. She's dressed too cool to belong around here, but her mod bob is starting to sag and mascara drips in grey raccoon lines under white-lined eyes. "O-oh," stammers the young woman, her voice breaking like bubbles. "P-p-pardon me. I'm in y-your way." She steps aside to let a regular ease out into the cool, wet night. A brief struggle for her to recover her composure wobbles more than Jell-o poked by a toddler, and she braves deeper in with her head down. Maybe no one will notice the tears, the fear. Lost girl meanders for the bar. Her coat even squeaks. It takes two tries to ask for a beer. Type, don't matter. Bartender knows a sorry case when he sees one, and pours a dark pint out.

"Guinness for all that ails you." Yes, it's a horrible beer joke.

She tries to crack a smile. It slides right off her face when she looks at the stage. Hooboy, big night. "Bit too big f-for just one. Thanks though."

Jess looks over her shoulder as Oliver approaches, one brow arching slowly as she breaks into a smirk. "Why Mister Queen," she chuckles, raising her glass in a salute. "Don't you have somewhere classy to be?" She takes a drink, the squeak of the young woman's coat catching her attention for a moment. Just long enough to see the tears, and she sighs as she turns back to Oliver. "See that?" she points a thumb over her shoulder. "That's what Valentines'll get you."

Peggy is apparently planning to get rip-roaringly drunk for Single's Awareness Day. She looks through a page of the album, and downs a shot. Another page, a second shot. She fits in well in a drunken Irish bar for the day.

Oliver smiles softly then to Jess. "Well, I thought about going somewhere classy…but alas, nothing was even close to being of interest. Heard there was some people I knew here, so here I am." he looks to the crying woman. "tough break…" he looks sympathetic to her before his attentions fall back on Jessica. "hm…well, true…minus one thing: You haven't told me to shove this rose up my ass yet so is it safe to assume I'm being considered?" he teases softly then, but his offer is legitimate. "Will you be my Valentine, Jessica?"

Really, it's not even a issue….when the crying woman walks in, Venus's eyes are drawn to her naturally. And thus, when she finishes her set, she walks down the steps of the stage and heads over to the bar, then takes a seat next to the woman, looking at her sympathetically. "I'm sorry." she says gently. "For what's got ya down. I can guess what might, tonight." The redhead tilts her head slightly, then asks gently. "Do you want to talk about it?" While she's not where she can alter emotions when not singing…the truth is she's a damn good psychologist by this point too. Especially in matters of love. A few thousand years of experience will do that!

A pint glass fits in her small hands. The brunette sips her drink, foam caught on her nose. She wipes it away, drawing a shaky breath. Attention on her has her freezing, a deer-in-the-headlights response to Oliver. For a moment, she assesses him and opens her mouth, about to say something. Nope, now she isn't.

Some people have glorious Valentine's Days and some have pure disasters. Anything to focus on other than the destroyed misery of the present. Looking past the others seated around her on stools and low tables, she turns. The coat really is an obnoxious thing — loud, stylish, and hard to ignore. Eyes travel onto the performer walking towards her. Oh no. Oh no. She sits up, frantic for a half-second. Spotted! "H-hi. I… Um. D-don't want to c-c-catch you in my bad day." Sip of beer, go! "I'm sorry. I d-don't know your name even."

Peggy looks up at the woman. Drinks, Peggy. Pictures. Don't…aww, damnit." A heavy sigh, and she stands, moving over towards the upset woman. "Sounds like quite a bad day." she says, her accent notable, and nothing at all of Noo Yawk. "Why don't you tell us about it. We might be able to help." Or at least she might.

"Sorry, blondie, but I'm not in need of a Valentine," Jess chuckles, taking the rose just long enough to break the stem and tuck the bud into Oliver's lapel. "Something tells me you'll be all right though," she winks, taking another sip as she looks back toward the girl. "Sounds like more than just a tough break to me," she murmurs, aimed more at Oliver than the girl, a glimmer of real concern breaking through her devil-may-care facade. Keeping it cool, she turns her attention toward the door and the kitchen, anywhere anyone might enter or exit. "Girl's terrified. Might be under some pursuit."

Venus lets out a soft laugh, like little bells almost. "If there's any day I should be getting caught up in the business of people hurting, it's today." She offers her hand. "My name is Venus, ya dig?" she says, her eyes twinkling. "It's groovy, chick. I came over, you're not bugging me none." she reassures her, then pauses to order a Guiness herself from Stanley. "Another, please."

Having secured the reason Stanley prefers people be at the bar (that they're drinking), she turns her attention back to the girl. "Anyway, what's yours?" she says soothingly, picking up on how distraught the girl is. "Whatever it is…lay it on me."

Ollie looks at Jessica then with a bit of an 'ouch, that one hurts…' kind of look, but he seems pretty good natured because of it. "Alright, but you owe me a date." he winks, thoug hthe terrified woman gets his attention, moving a bit closer to this lady. "Lady, are you alright? you look frightened?" he looks back to Drew, nodding a few times to her but his expression is dreadfully serious, completely unlike normal happy go lucky Ollie.

Chewing on her fingernail is going to destroy those pretty cuticles. One already has a ragged little tear thanks to her teeth. The brunette says, "Cydnei," because alternative spellings are hip, cats. Sydney, boooring. I… and the colour drains out of her face, brain catching up to ears and smashing the brakes on. A tremor runs through her back and the beer glass teeters ominously in nerveless fingers. It's going to dump over short of someone stopping it.

"I… I…" The heave of breath kicks her out of motionless, spilled beer or no, and it's all out in one hysterical gush. "He stole your arrow. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I couldn't f-fix it. He stole it. I-it's stuck in his office somewhere. Oh gods. Now everything's gone bad." Her hands clench and unclench. "I know it was never s-s-s-supposed to get out b-b-but I asked him t-to give it back, I offered money and more and h-he said n-n-no, they'll a-a-all l-l-love him in the end. I h-had to run or.. or…" She buries her face in her hands.

Peggy frowns. "Shh. Calm down." She looks over to the bar. "Stanley, something strong?" A drink to calm this woman's nerves and take the edge off seems called for. "What sort of…arrow?…has been stolen, and by who? I'm certain we can manage to resolve this."

Stanley's strong Irish roots tell him three things: obey the lady, don't question that other lady, and sally up the drink. Plunk goes a glass, three fingers of whiskey poured from one of the less rotgut bottles.

Jess quirks a brow at Oliver when the girl mentions a stolen arrow, but as of this moment, she's appointed herself on sentry duty. Her glass dangles from her fingers, just another disinterested woman at the bar, but enhanced senses are carefully extended for any sign of danger.

Other than the visceral reaction from a rather patriarchal society to a sobbing woman, the bar lacks a vibe of implicit danger. No one has oozed in through the doors. The regulars eavesdrop freely.

Ollie blinks a few times then, tilting his head at the young woman. "Arrow? what kind?" he looks to Peggy then, offering her a nod, thoug hhe crosses his arms. A part of him looks to Jessica, giving her the most quizzical look like 'this is happening right now right? well…never a dull moment' but his eyes remain on the task at hand. This woman looked terrified. -his- arrow? or Clint's? or is this some weird magic play going on here…something to boggle the mind.

….she might be on something. What? he's ruling out all possibilities

Venus nods to Peggy as she joins the conversation, then focuses sharply on the girl in question. "…the arrow…Cupid's Arrow?" she says slowly. "Is that what you mean? That's major bad karma, chick…for him, not for you." She bites her lower lip. "Little more background would be way stellar, if you could." She's find with letting the girl talk at this point, to get it out…though her hand automatically reaches out to steady the glass as it looks in danger of tipping, her fingers resting lightly on the girl's hand.

Cydnei's beer drips down the front of the bar and puddles under her stool. She hunches lower into her coat, and the fear lacing her before has turned to the outright terror of a dog expecting master to roll up the newspaper and hit her. Wheezy breaths rattle through her flaring nostrils as she tries to get hold of herself. She wrings her hands, and it will be a moment before she can even get a sip of the fiery whiskey down.

"V…V…" One herculean effort to drink some more without spluttering wipes off the last of her pink lipstick. "Arrows of l-l-love. They were st-stolen from a private collection. This g-guy, Jack Gable, he's real rich and t-thinks he's a star. But gets no respect f-f-from Hollywood or Ed Sullivan 'cause he doesn't sing like P-P-Paul McCartney." She is staring hard at the floor. "M-my boss heard h-he got this l-l-love arrow. It's real. I swear. I swear. Jack went and jabbed his landlord's girl a-and she got crazy head over heels f-for him. So I tried to get it 'cause it's real dangerous. He w-won't take money. He w-won't take anything. He wants to be b-b-bigger than the Beatles. He w-will make us all w-want him."

"Where's he at, miss? What's the address?" Peggy asks. Meanwhile, she's already making plans to start looking into it. Convenient, that she already has some possible assets on site for doing that.

"Boy, is he gonna be disappointed when he sees how that works out for him." Jess wrinkles her nose, tossing back the rest of her drink. "It's gross," she adds, in case anyone was wondering. "Really, really not as fun as people think it's going to be. Promise." Pheromones. They are not something to play with. Setting down her empty glass, she pushes away from the bar and heads over to join the others.

Ollie nods to Jess. "I believe it." then a glance to the woman. looking to Peggy as she asks quite the critical question.

Venus glances over at Peggy thoughfully, tilting her head, but just goes with it rather than questioning her getting involved too. The more the merrier, she figures. "She's right hon. Go ahead and tell, and we'll jump bad on the dipstick for you." Because it's major bad he has that, and it's just her son's laziness coming out to bite her on the ass, really. If he hadn't decided to put that spell in a physical object so he wouldn't have to use it personally…grrr.

Somewhere there must be a napkin, probably very soggy. Cydnei wipes her mascara trails with it, and wrinkles her nose in dismay at the imprints left on the rag. "I must look a mess." She tries to smile but the brave attempt goes squarely lopsided. "That jerk," ooh, fighting words, "h-has an office on Plym-m-mouth Street in Brooklyn r-right down by the docks and the p-power plant. It's right over the bridge." She wants to help, that much is clear, her fear and her shame a potent little blend. Her voice shrinks, very small. "I am so sorry. P-please don't be mad at me. I d-didn't know you w-w-were in the city. My b-b-boss will be t-ticked off but if you f-fix it, I'm r-right here. Or I can go b-but I don't wanna be r-rude."

Perfect. Peggy has an address, and heads towards the bar. "Stanley, I need your phone." She'll put in a call, using codewords as necessary, to get SHIELD to get the area under surveillance. If this guy moves, she wants to know about it.

Knowing the location, Oliver is already out the door without a word. Ninja vanish!

He needs to suit up…can't do much as Oliver Queen, plus it would out him and put a -huge- target on his back. However, Green Arrow…..

Venus gently pats the girl's back as she slides to her feet. "Hang loose, Cydnei…you get yourself together, ya dig? We'll be back." She looks to Peggy thoughfully as she snags the napkin with the address. "Mind if I bum a ride?" she asks, flashing Peggy a faint smile. "I can be of help."

Plymouth Street. Brooklyn. Fifteen minutes later.

Opposite Pier 36, Brooklyn's jagged coastline is an exciting melange of raggedy docks, chainlink fences, and reinforced barriers the dirty waters of the East River lap against. The less loved Manhattan Bridge spans the distance. Using the 'power plant' as a destination and Peggy's reach on SHIELD surveillance, the office in Vinegar Hill is easy to find. With the Navy Yards due to close in a few months, it's a pretty dilapidated area. Lots of barbed wire rings chainlink fences that fold in the power plant itself, and the brick buildings across the street are an aging panoply of misshapen brick warehouses not even their mother would love. The cross-street at Gold Street gives nothing to look on but graffiti drawn on flaking grey paint. But hey, there are second floor windows!

And street parking. And potholes.

Jess shrugs into her jacket, adding a murmured word to Stanley to keep an eye on the girl. It's not that she doesn't trust the girl; it's that she doesn't trust anyone. No sense walking into a trap and losing their only lead. Once they get to their destination, she gives Oliver a wink. "Lucky you, guess a date was in the cards after all." She hasn't bothered with changing into a uniform, settling for the dark leather she was already wearing, and takes a few moments to surveil the area, checking for dangers.

Peggy's willing to give the singer a ride, if for no other reason than that she seems to be caught up in this, and it's a good chance to observe her. Once she gets in the neighborhood, she'll pull her car to a stop. "So…what do you have to do with all this?" she asks.

Ollie stood next to Jess, bow in hand and hood over his eyes. "Heh…well, this isn't so bad is it? I mean, it's not normal Valentines-day dullness." he teases her shamelessly with a wink of his own. Hey, if she's gonna flirt, he's gonna flirt.

Bow in hand and quiver on his back, he watches the area. "But I have a bad feeling about this…"

Venus is perfectly happy to to ride behind Peggy, holding onto her with the ease of someone who's been riding before. She hops off, stretching a bit with her arms over her head. "You all seem like cool heads, in the know, ya dig? So, I'll lay a little truth on you, so we're copacetic." She glances at the others, smiling faintly. "Mm, well…you could say this is kinda in my backyard." She clasps her hands behind her back as she walks along, peering back over her shoulder at the others. "The name's Venus, but I used to go by another one a loooooong time ago." She winks. "Aphrodite." She smiles a bit. "…but I gave up that gig a while ago. Wanted to be out in the world, not hiding away. Major drag. But I had to give up a lot of what I was to do that, ya dig?" She shrugs. "But I still got some tricks. Mostly, long as they hear my song, I can shift what they feel." She pads along, hands in her pockets. "But if it's really an arrow of Eros, it's gonna be a major drag. Those are serious spells wound on that little pointy. I might be able to undo it, but, like, waaaaay better if you don't get poked with it." she says simply.

There lies the grey warehouse at the corner of the block, taking up fully half of it. A smaller green awning marks a brick building serving as a bakery, of all things, soon enough to stir awake in a few hours as the bakers really get going producing loaves of bread and buns for hungry Brooklynites. An empty fenced in yard owned by the utility company sits across from the one way street, and another badly graffiti-scarred wall blocks in the adjacent property. There are a few metal doors locked down, accessing the interior by stairs. For a bigwig, this is a pretty sad location for an office. Weak lighting peeps out through a few second-floor windows.

Jess reaches out to backhand Ollie's arm when he says those fateful words. "Come on, man! You never say that out loud!" she chides, trailing off as Venus gives her spiel. "Well all right, then," she nods. Given her own history, she doesn't have a lot of room to throw stones. "I can see why he's not thrilled with the digs," she muses, turning back to the warehouse. "Doesn't exactly scream success, does it?"

Ollie looks at Jess and offers a small chuckle. "What? Alright, alright…" he sighs a moment, though he gives Jess a nudge in return. This will turn into a contest certainly! Either way, he nods softly at Venus as he hears the words. "hm….alright, no contest there." a look then back to the building as he cracks his neck. "hmm…"

Venus peers up at the building, then looks at the others. "Soooo…got a way up there? Probably better to go in the window by where it's being stored, if we can." she says thoughtfully. "He might be in there though…annnnd I'm guessing he won't like being shafted by us taking it away from him."

"All right." Jess pushes a hand through her hair, taking command as Peggy sets up ops. "I'll take a window. Arrow, you take the long shots. Let me know if anything starts to go sideways. Don't worry, you don't have to be loud, I'll hear it. Venus, you want to take the front door? Could use a distraction while I dig, and I've got a feeling the goddess of love can convince a guy he's hot stuff."

Ollie hmms a moment before Jess starts calling teh shots, and he nods a few times then. "Alright, guess I'll be longshot overwatch today." he smiles then, moving to climb up a roof to get a better vantage point. "I'll keep an eye out for anything strange….please take care of youselves and don't do anything stupid…that's my job."

Venus smiles lazily. "I can do that." she says, as she turns towards the door, starting to walk. Two steps in, there's a sway to her hips. Two more and she's reaching up, idly undoing a button of her cableknit sweatter, adjusting it and her coat to show a bit cleavage, then idly adjusting her skirt with a little twist so that the slit for it shows flashes of her right leg as she walks. By the time she reaches the door, she reaches, running her fingers through her hair in a practiced motion, giving it just that little touch of 'just got out of bed or ready to go back into it'. Then she rings the bell, then poses, hip cocked, switching to full sex kitten mode, widening her eyes a bit as she prepares to be 'astonished' by her favorite star!

|ROLL| Venus +rolls 1d20 for: 9

|ROLL| Rogue +rolls 1d20 for: 18

Jack Gable, you've heard of him, right? Julliard missed a legend. Had that time in the Village back a few years ago, and chased some tail around Hollywood. Forget that stint on Broadway, the man's youthful good looks and money are made for stardom, have no doubt. If not banging on that metal door is going to introduce Venus to the gent himself, and anyone else staring through a scope down at him. She has to wait, though. A good three minutes before the door without a handle slides open, limited somewhat by a chain. Oh, it's not much of an opening to be sure, but maybe useful.

"Can I help you?"

While Venus takes the door and Oliver takes the long shot, Jess makes light work of the fence and starts scaling the wall toward the window. Spider powers come in handy, don't they? She stays clear of the window for the moment, getting a spot on the wall where she can get a look inside and wait until the time is right to slip in.

Ollie draws an arrow into his bow and he watches every window….the only real movement he manages to find is Jessica moving about the place. Though he hones his eyes deeper into what he can see, he hums softly. "Curious…" he looks for this Jack guy…maybe putting an arow in his head will solve the problem? nah….

Venus lets out a gasp and a squeal! "It IS you!! Like, I'm so stoked! I'm your biggest fan, Mr. Cable! You're such a total stud!" She giggles, reaching up to play with a strand of her hair as she beams at him. "Monica, she's like a total slut, but when she claimed you actually lived out here, I had to check it out! You're, like a totally gone cat, you got ripped off that you're not, like a headliner after that stuff in th' Village. You're a primo stud, man! Totally far out!"

She bounces on her toes excitedly, which makes other parts of her bounce quite generously and enticingly. "Oh, you must think I'm a total spaz! Like, I'm Inanna?" she says, almost questioningly, every bit of her tone suggestions she needs his approval, as she shifts her body language to a more submissive posture.

Jess shall find little difficulty scaling a brick wall. The windows all peer into a variety of rooms. The dark ones, obviously, into dark and possibly empty or little used places. Rooms devoid of much furniture but painted and maintained well. Those lit rooms are another story, a glimmer of a desk here or a framed portrait there, all the sort of feeling of a proper office that belongs in the south end of Manhattan instead of damn Brooklyn.

Wherever Ollie stands, the air smells faintly of baked bread. Mm! Dough.

Mr. Gable, all dark hair and stellar smiles, looks mildly taken aback by Venus. She hasn't quite convinced him by that show at first. "I think you must be mistaken. I don't live…" He gestures a little. "Here? Hardly. Have you come all the way down here by yourself for…" For what exactly?

Heeeeeeere arrow, arrow, arrow. With Gable at the door, Jess takes the opportunity to creep from one window to another, trying to get a glimpse of either the arrow or some sort of safe that it might be in.

Oliver suddenly sniffs a few times. "mmm…gotta love me a bagel." he nods a few times, though his eyes narrow when he manages to catch a single glimpse of Jack…though it's not good at all. A small sigh then. A look is given to Jess then, hoping she remains undetected. "this is gonna be a long night, isn't it…"

"But you're here! I mean, I KNOW you obviously don't LIVE here, not a star like you, but I figured it was worth a shot! I mean, originally I just wanted you to sign something, that'd be stellar, like, I dunno, my arm or my boob or my butt or something, but then I thought, it's Valentine's DAy!" She gets a more sultry smile. "I mean, I figured if you were here, and you were alone…well…that just wouldn't be right. Not on a day like this…" she purrs. "And not for a guy like you…I mean, you deserve a little hanky panky…dontcha think?" Her expression turns more sultry. "I mean…maybe you can sign somewhere else entirely…."

|ROLL| Jessica Drew +rolls 1d20 for: 14

"Yes. I am here." Gable plasters on that playboy smile to go with those cold, mindful eyes traveling all over Venus and here, there, everywhere that isn't precisely chest-level. Man mustn't be rude. "I couldn't possibly sign a lady like that. I can go get you a photograph?" Supposing that she isn't pumping out manufactured emotions, he has reasons to be twitchy. "I… see." Lots of components in play here, and he is clearly awfully uncertain on this too.

|ROLL| Oliver Queen +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Choosing a darker window, Jess decides she's going to need to do some deeper explorations here. With one hand, she leans over to try the window, working on sliding it open.

Oliver does jack shit where he is. just keeping his eyes and ears peeled like he was told to do. arrow still ready to fire, though he keeps an eye as best he can on Venus. Alas! He can't do much where he is aside from making sure (or trying to) that Jess and Venus don't get caught or found out.

There's quite a bit to rove over in the petite package before him, currently displayed to best effect. Venus awws. "A lady? You're such a gentleman…" she purrs a bit, trying to read his body language, and altering hers a bit more. He's not saying no…which means part of him wants to say yes. And she knows he has an ego…no one would try to use a magic arrow to force people to live him if they weren't full of themselves, after all. "Oh, really? I mean, that'd be groovy!" She thinks, then perks. "Hey, um, maybe you'd like to grab something to drink? I know a totally stellar club, someone like you, they'd be all over themselves to make you happy. It's a happening place to be, lots of people who are names?" She'll give the name of said club…because she somehow does get into it on a regular basis. Odd that.

The window slip slides open when Jess urges it along. A little protest squeaks and then the glass moves on the track, revealing the interior of a dark chamber. Feels like an unfinished stage, waiting for someone. Not exactly bad.

Oliver isn't seeing much down there except simpering and, up the road, a pair of drunken fellows singing their way badly home from the bar. "An' I wiiiish I had a giiiiirl like heerrrrrrr!"

Gable is full of himself. He'd have to be, willing to enslave half of New York to fawn over him. Jerk! He brightens up to the club and the call for a drink. "That sounds more my speed. Let me get that photo and my coat. You just stay put and keep from getting cold?" It's not an unkind request, is it, opening the door?

Jess slips into the dark room once she has the window open, remembering to close it gently behind herself. No sense in drawing attention to something out of the ordinary. She stays quiet in a corner, though, waiting for confirmation that the coast is clear before she goes any deeper inside.

Lurking there in the dark without a stick of furniture except for a folding chair in metal, there is nothing to indicate anyone upstairs is aware of anything. The door is lightly outlined where a light glows in the hall. Easy to find her way out.

Ollie hms softly, thoug hthe singing drunkards are a distraction, he moves along the building, keeping low while he draws his arrow again. "Nothing out of the ordinary." he says rather normally, but mostly talking to himsef, he keeps his arrow trained on windows and exits, awaiting for anything to happen…or to get a shot at this jack guy.

Venus does her best pout and puppy eyes. She's pretty good at that by now. "Mind if I come in to wait?" She shivers a bit, hugging herself. "I kinda grabbed what I had, and it's a little, you know…" She takes a breath, then sings with all the sultry tones.

"Baby, it's cold outside…
Your welcome has been(how lucky that you dropped in)

So nice and warm (look out the window at this dawn)

She slips easily between the duet parts, stepping closer, as she nudges him, the magic in her voice soothing his suspicion, his concern…because of course he'd want to invite her in, wouldn't he? He's a gentlemen…and she obviously is in awe of his talent, as she should be. In fact…does he really want to step away from her quite yet? When she's so close…and so eager, and so hospitable…he should be hospitable back, shouldn't he?

Jack Gable is an arse. He poked some poor woman with a golden arrow. He is, however, kind of a gentleman. Or kind. He opens the door wider and allows Venus to stand in the plain foyer at the bottom of the stairs. "Give me a few moments, doll, and I'll be back in a jiffy. Trust me, nicer down here on that bench then up in the office." There is a sorry rubber plant in a pot dying by inches, and he bounds up the steps to acquire his coat and his signed photographs. He has a bunch of eight by tens, honest, and an ink pen swept across will be just the sort of thing a girl needs to kiss and put up in her mirror at night.

Jess will have no trouble hearing him. Upstairs into his office, throwing open the door and fetching his coat and that extra bit of a billfold. She can easily orient on where he is. The office is full of paper, by the sound.

Avoiding Gable and his photos, Jess starts to move through the apartment with silent steps. Time to find that arrow. Room by room, she methodically checks each nook and cranny, searching for safes and drawers when she needs to. Although given this guy's attitude, he's just as likely to have it in a spotlit case.

Over there, another empty room for a bucolic setting. He probably takes photos in front of it. Further along, another room filled with filing cabinets. It's really quite thrilling. Tiptoe sideways and she'll see the bank of light under a doorway and another, corresponding to the office peeped in earlier. Gable is in there, rushing around. She might just find him on the way out.

Ollie keeps where he is, traversing that rooftop…though he gets over anxious a little bit. "Here's hoping they are careful…" a small sigh then, though his eyes start scanning the building for any structural openings. hm…should be able to get over there easily, should he need….

Damn. Well, she stalled him down here…she hopes the others got up to where they needed to be. And he's making plenty of noise, so hopefully time to hide.

Still, she's alert now, listening for signs of distress. Mostly yelling and things being broken when burglars are discovered, in her experience. As long as it doesn't…she's pretty sure she can get him out of the building completely to give them all the time they need.

The warehouse is pretty basic on top, covered in years of pigeon and seagull droppings, at least one nest, and a plethora of scattered, dead leaves. No telling where they came from with no tree. Oliver could possibly swing over the side and pop in through a window, or scale his way to a back entrance on the warehouse.

As for Venus, she has to wait about two or three minutes tops. No signs of a desperate girlfriend shouting at the top of her lungs, so there's that. On the other hand, Jack Gable, rich man and would-be playboy, returns in short order to offer his new bestie her signed photograph. "Just for you, sugar."

Once Jack has gone back down to Venus, Jess goes to check out the office where he was rummaging around. If he keeps his headshots there, then maybe he keeps his other valuables there. Like magic arrows that can make everyone fall in love with you. Ew.

Oliver, in his superior wisdom, remains on that warehouse. However, so that he can listen in on conversations since he has no extra sensory perception, he fires two silent arrows at the building,with receptors built into the heads to radio in what's being said. Might as well stay in the loop.

Well hello. Images of him, dated by month. Images of famous people smiling with him on the walls. At least two master records, and a little plaque for "Best Musician - 1964 - Poconos Country Club" and "Top Hits, Belize 1963, 'You Make Me Crazy'" mounted in place of pride on the wall. He didn't even turn the light off. Jess takes about fifteen seconds to locate a safe behind, of course, a full-length portrait of Jack Gable, film star, loitering around all moodily.

Venus's eyes light up as Jack returns with the pictures as she gushes. "Outta sight!" she say, taking the offered photograph. "Oh, the other chicks I hang with are gonna be so jealous!" She grins, then slides her arm through Jack's. "Let's jam, stud. A little song, a little dance, and scoring some premo booze…I'm so stoked!" She giggles again, hugging Jack's arm.

Despite that, Venus feels…well, a little guilty. Granted, he's kind of a jerk, using the arrow like that. But she doesn't like playing with people's hearts like this. She'll have to see if she can work out some of his issues when she gets him alone…a little empathy, a little love, and he can be a better man. She's sure of it.

Jack grins broadly at Venus. "You're just the sort of girl to be out on Valentine's Day, painting the town red. Let's go, sweets. I don't know what fate smiled on me when she dropped you into my path, but I'll be saying thanks to her plenty after tonight." Mission accomplished!

"Good lord," Jess snorts under her breath as she moves the picture. "Why he needs anyone else to love him when he loves himself this much is beyond me." The safe, at least, should be a simple affair. With her enhanced senses, Jess can actually hear the tumblers turning in the lock, feel the vibrations against her fingers.

|ROLL| Jessica Drew +rolls 1d20 for: 7

Twisty left, twisty right, twisty round, round, round. The microphones might pick up on the clickety-clack of action up there in the office, but Jess' efforts shall pay off. The combination for the lock? None other than JACKLOVE. Apparently he really does adore himself. When the door opens, creeeeak, it reveals a pile of paperwork in manila envelopes, a passport, some other detritus, cash, and one golden arrow wrapped up in a cheap red ribbon and a too short velvet bag as one would generally use for storing magic wands silver candlesticks. The glimmering hue of the arrow would be enough to set off Oliver's inherent instincts for awesome projectiles. It all but hums with its own glow, tipped in a piece of fine crystal that casts ethereal glints.

Wings and diaper not included.

"It's your lucky night, stud…" Venus agrees, smiling mysteriously as she walks out with him as she stays close, all the way to the car, and off to the club. Sure, he's maybe not perfect…and definitely not Mr. Right.

But Venus has seen worse…and after all, what can the purpose of a goddess of love be, but to try and bring a little more into the world? Even if it's redeeming one self-absorbed douchebag tonight, she'll call it a good day.

And if not, well, it's not the first time she's had to ditch a guy who just didn't get it.

Ollie sees Venus and Jack moving out, and Ollie draws his taser arrow. "Sorry pal…this might sting a little." He mourners to himself, ready to fire, deep breath, pull back…..!

"Now, Arrow Dude, before I bring this out, no, you can't shoot it at people," Jess murmurs, no doubt trusting the receptors to pick up on the words. A faint smile tugs at one corner of her lips, and it's back to a dark room to slip open the window, climb out, and make her getaway. Whatever the hell she's supposed to do with it after that is someone else's problem.

|ROLL| Oliver Queen +rolls 1d20 for: 19

That one arrow to tase a fellow? Tsk, tsk, that wasn't very nice. It strikes poor Mr. Gable, and the electrified field manages not to catch Venus in its wake. Alas! He shakes and rattles and rolls in the worst kind of way as energy discharged from the nasty bit sends him staggered and unthinking to the ground. Someone please clear that with Director Carter, next time, would you?

And so the task of what to do with Venus' golden arrow is inevitably going to come to pass. Jess is on the getaway, and Venus is a fine date.

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