1965-02-17 - In A Good Light
Summary: Danny, Kai, and Elmo go over setting up the gallery for the show.
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The space is ready. It took a lot of work, but it's finally going to happen. Kai has given up his beatnik blacks for bright mod colors. He looks so terribly serious for him as he hangs up a piece of Jay Guthrie that shows the beauty of summer sunlight on his wings. Kai steps back, inspects it, adjusts it, peers at the lights accusingly, then adjusts the painting again.

Danny wanders on into the building, his hands in the pockets of his sharp grey suit, all neatly pressed with a dark blue tie and crisp white shirt. He makes his way in and takes a look around inside. He is one of those patrons who contributes to helping keep the gallery going and the lights on, after all. But this is the first time that he is seeing it all set up. He wanders over in Kai's direction but stands off to one side. "Need the lights moved?" he asks.

"I'm going to need a few adjustments," Kai says with a small nod. "The wiring's good, though. I got a friend who took a look at it for me." A mutant who knows electricity in and out. Kai tweaks the angle of the painting, then nods to himself, seeming satisfied.

Taking a first look at Kai's work? It's stunning. He captures the sunlight on the mutant's feathers so well the shimmer brings the image to life. Jay's beautiful, and the painting brings that beauty through.

Danny nods his head as he takes a look around, "You've done a good job with the place, and your work is.. really good." He finds himself looking at that painting for a long time, just studying the light on the red of the feathers, before he then turns his attention to looking at some of the other photographs, paintings, drawings, whatever Kai has on display. "I don't know many mutants," he admits, "But some of these are absolutely stunning."

Kai has a sketch of someone with gargoyle-type horns drinking a cup of coffee outside the community center in Mutant Town. He picks it up in its matte frame and angles it to show to Danny. The subject is made of light and shadows, yet he looks so… normal. Or like he should be. "This guy's really nice. His name is Daire. So easygoing. I'm going to put it over with the sketches. We'll have paintings over here, sketches over there, and photographs in between.

Elmo comes in from the back door, dressed for work and carrying his toolkit. He's put a lot of hours in on the lighting in here, and he's still going because nothing is ever good enough for him. Hearing Kai talking in the big open space, he heads over. "Hey, Kai, I'm—oh, Danny, right?"

Danny looks over at the sketch that Kai shows him. He's in one of his many nice grey suits with a crisp white shirt and dark blue tie. Even his golden curls are mostly tamed today. He almost looks like he could be Kai's older brother. He nods, and says "I really like how you captured the light and shadow there." He studies the figure with his cup of coffee and he says, "Works at the community center?" Then he glances over as Elmo comes in and then nods, lifting a hand to wave, "Yep, .. Elmo, right? From that party…" the one where he'd eventually wandered off thinking he was blue.

Kai and Danny could almost be brothers. They've both got golden curls, blue eyes, a certain youthful glow. Kai would be the younger, though. He's given up his beatnik blacks for bright mod colors, and alas his curls are doing their own thing today, just like every day. "Yeah," he tells Danny. "He was taking a break." He beams. The little details came through!

Kai looks to Elmo and says, "Hey! I'm glad you're here. I need to point some of these lights at the pieces just so. It has to be perfect." He gestures Elmo over to the painting of Jay hanging, lovely and pristine. "See? The light comes down a little to the left."

Elmo nods to Danny, not so subtly admiring his suit. "Yeah, the holiday party at the Asgardian embassy. Loki and his wine. Hey, that is a great suit." Turning to listen to Kai, he pauses. Takes a long moment to go over the clothes that are as brilliant as the ones he usually wears. "…Kai, you, uh, you got a new look."

Danny nods his head to Kai as he continues to look at the sketch, "Yeah, this is all amazing. I really think that people are going to like it." He then takes a step back so that Kai can show Elmo what it is he needs to have done with the lights, his hands slipping back into his pockets as he follows along. He grins at Elmo and says, "Thanks. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to them but.. Gidget's helped me at least get them tailored so they fit properly." He then grins at the observation about Kai's new look and he says, "I think it suits him. Not that the beatnik look didn't."

Kai says, "I'm ageless, cats. Beatniks are out, mods are in. I credit the Beatles." Which are dominating music these days. He fingersnaps Danny. "Looking good. Both of you. We're good-looking." He sets the sketch aside to take up another painting. This one shows a blue woman with tentacles like dreadlocks for hair, and she cradles a Caucasian infant to her breast. The artist has captured a moment of pure maternal devotion. "I think this one will go over here," he says and walks over to a blank display space to hang it up.

Elmo rolls his eyes. "The farshtunken Beatles," he complains, while he goes to drag out a ladder. "Nobody playin' Jerry Lee Lewis anymore, now it's all the Beatles. /And/ people gotta dress like me?" Kvetch, kvetch. He gets the ladder set up with a clunk and goes up it. "I know I had this fixed," he mutters to himself, pulling out a screwdriver and tweaking the position of the light. "Think the bearing must be wobbly. Can't have Jay not lit up right, though."

Danny grins at Kai and says, "Sure." He would still be wearing the same clothes he came back from Kun-Lun in if it weren't for the insistance of the board that he dress like a CEO every so often. But he doesn't mention that. Instead, he leans back out of the way and watches as they go to work on properly lighting the painting.

Kai snorts and says, "You're finally in style," Kai says. "How terrible things must be for you." He hangs the painting of the mutant mother with her child whose mutations — if any — haven't yet manifested. "Danny, how do you feel about us maintaining a partnership and hosting artists here? And other exhibits. I've got a million ideas."

Elmo, with minute turns of his screwdriver, gets the light falling correctly to highlight Jay's stunning mutant beauty. He's learned a lot from Kai about how to do these things and he's cultivated an eye for it. It doesn't hurt that this painting is one of his personal favorites, and he lingers on the ladder for a moment after he's done, sighing over it. Yes, he has it bad for a certain wingy lad. "How's that?" he calls down at Kai. Hearing Kai ask Danny about a partnership, a couple of things click for him. "Wait, Danny…Rand? You're /that/ Rand?"

"Well, that was sort of the point, right, for buying the building so that you could set everything up in here? So that you could change things around and have a permanent place to show whatever exhibits you wanted to do," Danny says, as that seems to have been his intention all along. "Nice work," he says to Elmo as he gets the light to shine just right. "Damn, that's a gorgeous painting." He shakes his head. Then he looks back up at Elmo and nods, "Yep. Danny Rand."

Kai breams at Danny. "I was thinking of auctioning the pieces off, but I think instead I'm going to offer them to the subjects of them. It's not as lucrative, but I think it's a better gesture." One that could cost him a lot of money, but it's Kai. "I can always sell out with my next exhibit." He takes up another painting. This is one of some mutant youths playing basketball at a park in the M.T. Kai beams at Danny. "I'm so glad you like my work. You were kind of taking a chance on me, huh." With the basketball painting hung, he takes up a sketch of Elmo and shows it to him. "Look at this clown."

Elmo's considering Danny from the ladder, like a cat examining a stranger. "Thanks," he says, then snorts. "Don't believe him, he's never gonna sell out." He climbs down, standing back to consider the Jay painting from this angle. Which is totally out of professional interest and not for any other reason. He realizes Kai is showing Danny a sketch of himself and immediately gets flustered. "Kai, for God's sake."

"I think giving them to the subjects sounds like a nice gesture," Danny says with a bit of a nod, just hanging back and looking at the pieces as they go up and the other two work on getting them properly lighted. He then grins at Kai and says, "Sure, a bit of a chance. I hadn't really seen your work, but it was a good idea and you were actually doing something, which is more than most folks do. It was worth it to take a chance on it." He then looks back over at Elmo and grins. Then he looks at the sketch that Kai shows him and he grins. "Hey, sharp dressed fella, that." He can't help but chuckle at Elmo's reaction. If he noticed the cat-like consideration that he had been receiving from Elmo, he doesn't give any real evidence of it.

Kai all but glows under Danny's praise. "I was thinking for my next exhibit I'd do something with masks in the city, if I can find enough masked vigilantes to pose for me. I already got one. First things first, though." He wanders over to the sketch section to put up the sketch of Elmo. "We need a card to pin beside it that says 'trendsetter.'

Elmo gives Danny a surprised look, at being complimented. Half of a smile tugs at his mouth. "Thanks, again." Danny is full of praise for him! But for Kai, he covers his face, muttering something in Yiddish. "This guy lives to embarrass me," he tells Danny.

Danny is just full of praise. He seems to be a pretty laid back sort, for being a suit, or at least looking like a suit. He nods his head and says, "Yeah, you've already got one at least.. though I'm sure that you could find more. I know of at least two personally." He chuckles at Elmo and says, "Yeah, would seem that way."

"It's one of my favorite things," Kai says. He starts hanging more sketches. The one of Daire features prominently among the sketches. Kai's use of shadow vs. light is masterful, probably one of his best skills as an artist, to be honest. There's an energy about him as he moves around the space. This. This is what makes his little elvish heart sing. "I think the group photo I took at Christmas I'll give to the community center," he says. To Danny, he asks, "Which masks do you know? I know Captain America, and I've met the Daredevil, but I wouldn't know who he was without the mask. I've seen Spiderman. I'm probably going to fight him. He said some bad stuff about Loki. Maybe I'll paint him first, then punch him."

Elmo laughs, openly mocking Kai. "Like he's the only one to say somethin' bad about Loki? You're gonna have to fight the entire city." Not him, though. Loki's a-OK in his books. "I wanna watch you just /try/ to hit Spiderman, buddy." He offers Danny an elaborate shrug. Elves, what can ya do? "I met the Daredevil. He's good at poker. Probably that mask, you know? Can't figure out what he's thinking under it. Kinda clashed with the Christmas sweater, though."

"The Devil of Hell's Kitchen," Danny says, the two of them knowing that one in common, "And Freefall, another vigilante who wears a mask." He can't help but chuckle a little bit about the debate between punching, painting, or painting then punching Spider Man. "I've been told that I should wear a mask, but honestly, I don't see a need for it." He then laughs, remembering the poker game and nods in agreement with Elmo, probably on all counts.

"That sweater was masterful," Kai says. He then tells Elmo, "Maybe I will fight the whole city. Even if they're not wrong, I have someone's honor to protect." He lovingly adjusts the sketches, then gesture to Elmo which lights to point where. "I have a mask, but no one knows who I am anyway. I wear it when I go to help the elderly and I think they like it, to be taken care of by a superhero."

Elmo gets to work, happily. This is what makes /his/ heart sing. "You got a mask? I known you for how long, I never seen you in a mask." He's adjusting the lighting, hardly looking down at what he's doing, focusing on the way the light falls and reflects. One of the bulbs doesn't meet his approval and he rummages around for a new one. He does glance up at Danny, though. "You a mask? Well, a mask without a mask. You know what I mean."

Danny shakes his head and says, "I don't have a mask. All of my enemies already know who I am. It would be fruitless to wear a mask and do the same things that I already do." He gives a slight shrug of his shoulders, and then says, "But, I do think some of the masks and outfits are pretty cool.. the suits that some folks wear. That's some interesting technology."

Kai tells Elmo, "You've never seen me fight crime. You'd be impressed if you did. I have these knives, and I've got some great moves." He nods firmly. Yep, he's a badass. "Iron Man is the best," Kai says. "Except he's not very subtle. Still, they say he's really smart. I love watching mortals discover technology. Makes life a lot easier, for starters." As he prattles, he puts up more pieces with a sure hand that implies he knows exactly what he's doing. "You should get an outfit," he tells Elmo. "Maybe with a lightning bolt on it."

"And you should grow into the ground headfirst, like an onion," Elmo crisply replies to Kai. "Please, what do I want a suit for? Or a mask? I ain't got nothin' to hide." Except for all those things he has to hide.

Danny can't help but chuckle at Elmo's reaction to Kai, as though suddenly picturing the elf indeed growing into the ground headfirst and sprouting. He coughs a little to cover it and places a hand in front of his lips, but it doesn't quite hide the sparkle of amusement in his blue eyes.

Kai's little legs kicking in the air, there's a visual. Kai snorts and says, "I'm just trying to be both helpful and practical. You need an agent, Elmo, a manager. Someone has to look after your reputation and the image you project. You don't want to go into sitautions looking less than heroic. What would people think?" He looks to Danny, appealing to him. Surely Mr. Rand understands maintaining one's brand.

Elmo smirks, studying the lighting, supporting a light with one hand while locking it in with the other. "I got one a those. His name's JP. Manages all my situations for me." He also looks at Danny, a wry eyebrow-lifted expression, like he can't believe this elf right here.

Danny actually has no clue and keeps people employed at Rand Corporation who are in charge of handling those sorts of things and advising him, so he just shrugs his shoulders at Kai unhelpfully and grins. He'd go wandering around barefoot in his temple linens in the office if they let him. It's this team that reminds him that he does have to occasionally put on the suit and make New York noises at people.

Kai gives Danny a look. Useless. But also possessing deep pockets and bankrolling this, so he does smile eventually. To Elmo, he says, "Letting JP manage your situations? No wonder you're coming home beat up all the time. Don't get me wrong, I like JP, but he's not exactly a 'think first' kind of guy." He looks around, satisfied without the sketches are looking. "Soho isn't even ready for us," he says. "We're going to make this scene."

Elmo steps back, eyeing the lighting critically. He starts back in on a light, tweaking it, although no difference easily visible happens. Whatever he's messing with is a mystery, because everything looks exactly the same. "No," he agrees, about JP. "He ain't." And Elmo likes him that way, is the unspoken coda.

Danny may in fact be useless, but hey, the building is there and it' renovated and it's looking almost good to go. He has no idea what the two are talking about, and so he wanders nearby to look at a few more of the sketches. He does grin over at Kai though and says, "You'll do great." He glances over at Elmo, pollowing and not following the conversation at the same time — at least enough to toss a smile.

"JP's heading up our security," Kai tells Danny. "It's even odds he'll cause trouble as much as he'll stop it. I don't think he'll do anything that'll jeopardize the show, though. Especially because if we have the budget for it, he might get paid. I'm giving proceeds to the community center."

"Listen, if some schmucks wanna show up and push people around, that's when JP causes trouble." Elmo's not happy with whatever he's trying to accomplish and starts actually disassembling the lighting housing. "And that's why we're doin' security. It's /gonna/ happen." He flicks a glance over at Danny. "You gotta know that."

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