1965-02-18 - Changing Room Chatter
Summary: Kitty and Julie plan training, while Yuliya prepares to pretend to be a stewardess.
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Music plays, and Yuliya sings badly. While she lacks the variety of powers other students and staff have, she has first hand training in other areas. She's doing something, not bad, just strange. For whatever reason, she's currently dressed in the uniform of one of the larger airlines, and is seated on a folding chair that she found somewhere. Three wigs are in front of her; a blonde one, a red one, and a strawberry blonde colour. She looks rather thoughtful for some reason, and she has her head tilted slightly to the side.

Julie is coming on into the locker room, herself, pausing a bit when she notices the music, or maybe the singing, smiles and waves when she sees it's Yuliya, hanging a leather jacket on a hook by her locker. It's …decorated in the back in faded stencil paint, angel wings and a caricature of an old Sikorsky military helicopter with a cartoon face and big smoking dragster tires on the side. "Angelo's Speed and Aviation,' reads the lettering. "Hey, Yuli, getting a bit of exercise, maybe?" Then pauses, "What's with the TWA getup, anyhow, you a stewardess, now?"

Yuliya offers a bright smile to Julie, and offers her a little wave of her fingers. She turns bright red at the question about her being a stewardess, and she tilts her head to the side. "I want a list of passengers from a flight," she admits to Dizzy. "No one really questions the stewardesses on the ground." She then pauses and then laughs. "That, and I have heard that there is a good bar nearby that caters to aircrew and pilots." She hmms softly and tilts her head to the side. "I just can't decide what hair colour I want to use. That, and I actually want to go to the bar more than get that list."

Julie smirks. "Well, I dunno, maybe go brunette, I think they hire a lotta blondes." She considers, "What you need a passenger list for, anyway? Following someone?"

Yuliya glances towards Julie at the recommendation of going brunette, and she nods. "I think you are right," she says with a bright smile. "I have been blonde and red too much lately." She slowly stands up to collect the wigs in front of her, and makes her way over to the locker where she's stashed some of her things. "Why do I need a passenger list?" She bothers her bottom lip for a moment, and then shrugs. "I just like to know who is coming and going." The Russian girl is dressed in a TWA stewardess uniform for some crazy reason, and they are currently in the locker rooms.

Kitty pokes a head through the door, glancing around the room before entering fully, duffle bag slung over one shoulder. She smiles when she sees Julie, waving as she calls a greeting "Hey! How's it going!" She glides over to the two women in the locker room. She tilts her head to the side when she sees Yuliya. "Hi?"

Julie hrms. "Well, I guess, you know, watch yourself, there," the New York Italian girl says to the Russian in stewardess read, "What they say abotu those pilots, you know they could be a buncha…" Dizzy pauses as Kitty comes in, "Hey, can't complain. What's shakin?"

"Da, da, I will be careful. Also, if you get along well with pilots, I heard you can get free flights," she remarks. Yuliya rummages through the locker, hunting for the illusive brunette wig. Just how many sets of clothes has she shoved in there, as it seems full of different things. As she continues to search, she dislodges an inert blue training grenade from its hiding spot, causing it to roll across the ground. She glances towards it and shrugs, before she continues. "Ha!" she cries in success as she pulls out the wig she's after. She holds it up and purses her lips, before glancing towards Kitty. "Hello," she greets in her Russian accent. "I am Yuliya."

Kitty shrugs "Not too much at the moment." she gestures at her duffle, "I thought I would try to get a work-out in." Kitty turns her attention to the new person in the stewardess uniform. "Nice to meet you Yuliya, I'm Kitty", She raises an eyebrow at the wig, "Going brunette?"

Pietro goes home.

Julie smirks to Kitty. "Kinda had the same idea, myself." She runs a hand through her hair. "The excercise bit, that is. The hair's natural."

Yuliya purses her lips and tilts her head to the side at the mention of excercise. "Well, I consider what I am doing to be an excercise of sorts," she chimes. "So I am going brunette for it." She takes a few moments to untangle the wig, and making certain that it hangs just right, before she uses it to conceal her black hair. "Besides, never know when you'll need someone inside of a place." A wink is then offered to both Kitty and Julie.

Kitty sets her duffle down on a bench, opening it up to pull out dance shoes. To Yuliya she says "sounds very covert." Kitty starts to prepare for her own excercise by shucking out of her jacket. She folds it neatly, setting it next to the duffle on the bench. To Julie she asks "So what was your excercise plan." She gestures at her duffle before rumaging around in it as she says "I was gonna try to dance some demons out."

Julie hrms to Kitty, "Thought I'd work in some target practice after something to get the breathing going, but I can be pretty flexible there. Sharp objects and all, don't want anyone to get hurt." She eyes Yuliya's record player. "Guess your idea's OK. Not that I got demons or anything."

"Old habits, you know as they say, die hard," Yuliya offers to Kitty with a bright smile. She makes her way over towards the mirror, checking to see how her wig is sitting. She then starts to fiddle around with it, trying to get it sitting just right, and it seems that she has some experience with it. "Dizzy, I was always told, it is better to get hurt in training, than hurt during an operation." She seems to support the idea of dancing, and she nods her head. "Dancing is good for coordination and fitness."

Kitty grins "Actually, that give me an idea. I think I can work with that." She waves her hand through the bench. "I can dance and dodge! It will give me some practice with my powers." She is nearly finished changing, having arrived with most of her dance gear on under her street clothes. "I've been feeling a little rusty, so if you're up for it I am game."

Julie nods to Yuliya, "Maybe so, but no sense anyone gets hit with buzzsaw blades over it, it ain't like I'd throw them at *people* anyway. But I got some other stuff to dodge, so we can just go with that. Wait till you get a load of how Kitty can do it," she smiles, and reaches into a locker for a brown utility belt that's behind a yellow one. She hangs some weighted ropes from a hook there once she belts it on. "I guess I'll follow you guys' leads?

"Well, at your enemies it would not be too bad," Yuliya offers to Julie, still with her usual bright and innocent smile. "Maiming team mates is never good." She stretches out a little bit, and then considers Kitty when Dizzy speaks. She purses her lips and looks thoughtful. "I would love to stick around, but I need to go be the sneaky Communist people think I am." She's making another joke at her own expense, and she's not serious when she says it. "I have got a reputation to keep up." She makes her way towards the exit of the locker room, offering a waggle of her fingers as she goes. "Ta-ta!" she offers, though her accent is now more American, which she might have been practing.

Kitty returns the waggle, then wishes her luck in awkwardly accented Russian. She then turns back to Julie, "I think this is going to be fun." She says rubbing her hands together in anticipation. "Let's go!".

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