1965-02-18 - Travelling by Map
Summary: Kellan's all over the map (literally) while Kaleb continues to take life way too seriously
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Kaleb shuffled into the Wardrobe, "Oh, you'd mentioned to me you'd be here. Guess you were right." As if Other-Kellan were literally someone totally not-kellan or could ever be wrong about his whereabouts. There was a large duffel bag with him that got set down and lo' they actually had some furniture and space heaters. "Sooooo?" Kaleb jsut expected Kellan to get the gist of the meaning from that though followed up *How's project run away and become one of the Beach Boys going?* he inquired about Kellan's self-away from self vacation.

There was no other-Kellan running around, none in New York, anyway. The only Kellan that is currently in the state of New York sits on the floor with a number of books around him, doing some studying for his classes. He glances over when Kaleb arrives and says, "Still going. So far I haven't reached a distance barrier, or a time barrier. And I've gotten used to having part of my conscious asleep and awake at different times in different timezones as well."

Kaleb wrinkled his nose. "Woah…" Okay that was blowing his mind a bit. He'd have to think on that at some point. etting the bag down he came back nodding Kellan over. "Take a look. I brought you a prototype to take a look at." He considered the Kellan conundrum as it were and asked finally squaring his shoulders around, "That like one of those naps where you know you're not completely askleep but it turns out better than if you had been asleep or did you not notice? Can you get rem sleep that way? What about jet lag?" OH so many questions came like a torrent.

Kellan raises a brow at the prototype, "A prototype of what?" He leans over toward the bag to poke at it, opening it up and looking around inside to see what it might contain. "Uhm, I dunno about jet lag, the whole thing feels kind of odd all the time so I'm not sure if it's jet lag or just.. the compartmentalization, and yeah I mean, I can dream in that portion of my consciousness, I just don't remember them any better or worse than when it's not split."

Kaleb absently he murmured; collaborative inventation less important. "Prototype body armour. A couple people were looking at something for me but honestly spread out you have more opportunity to be hit so I thought…" Keep Kellan in one piece eventhoguh he's magnetic to bullets. "We cna all use less danger but either way-" He shook his head that may well be held together with pommade and spite. "That okay for you? Like… you tired? Delusional? Not… whatever I'm bad with words. You still functioning at full capacity or this like that week I tried to do rowing team and quiz bowl at the same time and wound up unable to spell my name I was so damn tired." He snickered. Not his best moment.

"If it's for you, then you should use it," Kellan says. "You're the one who is always going out and getting injured. I'm usually never in harm's way." He does look over at the armor but he doesn't pull it out or try it on or anything. Instead, he shakes his head and says, "I'm fine, really. It's actually a lot easier on me than I thought it was going to be. Maintaining two is easy. It gets harder the more I split and for longer.. but this is pretty much cake."

Kaleb boggled and shook his head, "We found one that works as a tactical waistcoat. To go withthe coat and tie. Not that it should even be necessary but if last year was any indication? No one's reading their mail to get that memo. Really, I'm covered." He paused and offered with a faint wince, "I also might have broke Cerebro so i'm benching myslef for a couple weeks and helping … not break things. But, try it out. My goal is to see about getting us all taken care of and I dunno how that'll move for you. I think it works alright." He shrugged, the better part of his mind running calculations about time and distance vs. energy output ratio. "Well if you start talking to yourself erid? I will be the first to tell you. Still that's pretty wicked. You're living two lives right now… Vic knows?" He thought about it longer and asked, "What if other you out there gets hit by someone driving stupid and I'm not there to yell at them and get you to a hospital?"

"Well, if it's not metal, then it should reflect with me when I split. My clothes and stuff usually do, but I make sure that I have plastic or ceramic buttons and plastic zippers in things so that I don't end up with my fly permanently down." He grins just a little bit, and then he pulls things out of the bag and sets them out to look at what is inside. He glances up and over at Kaleb and says, "Yeah, why wouldn't he?" Because there's really nothing that Kellan doesn't tell Vic. He then says, "That's a risk… you know.. I'm not sure. But thus far it's been working out okay and I've been careful. I'm not doing anything risky."

Kaleb wiped a tear from his eye actually cracking up in a rare snicker, "Are you kidding me? I didn't know that at all." This was amusing to no end to him. There was a snicker and he asked, "That why you never borrow that coat I tell you you should? So half of you doesn't wind up cold because the zipper wouldn't come over with it?" As for Vic he shrugged. "I 'unno. I'm just saying I wouldn't bring it up to him if you hadn't had a chance to yet." One of the miracle courtesies he gave him. "Just, um…. just be careful." Kaleb's face, though faint, was worried. He wasn't generally expressive but there were times like this. "I… we need you to be alright." He was trying to adjust the language beyond himself.

Kellan grins when Kaleb cracks up and he says, "No, I'm totally not kidding. It's why I can't like.. make multiple copies of guns and things and just be like.. here we go, one gun, two gun, four gun… or jewelry or anything like that. They just stay on the original. But clothing, non-metal stuff, seems to work okay even though it all goes away when I dissipate the copies along with it. Whatever's touching skin I guess just kind of gets reflected right along with them." He nods at the worried look and says, "I would rather know now than to have to try to find out on the fly in the middle of a real danger situation. Knowing this stuff is good. But I'm being as careful as I can. I'm even looking both ways before crossing the street."

Kaleb boggled at Kellan, "Other parts of the world don't know about 'don't make eye contact because theyn you are liable'?" THIS astonished him. Weeeeeird. He pondered this and was coming down off the snicker fit, though there was a relaxed, easy grin in place and a sild tilt of his head, "Soooo where are you right now? You are bringing me back something right?" He grinned wider. Not that they needed anyhting but he was going to ask.

Kellan looks at Kaleb a little confusedly, as though uncertain what to make of that, or not following the train of thought. But he shrugs his shoulders a little bit and then he says, "I'm in St. Louis, Missouri. Anything you want from there?" He arches a brow. "I could bring you something, though I figured maybe I'd wait to get you something on the West Coast that was more interesting than like, the world's biggest ball of string."

Kaleb paused and wrinkled his nose. "Eeeh what's even in- why are you doing this to yourself? Yeah when you get to California or Vegas? Then yes. Though if you get he biggest ball of string we might have to battle mom for it. I meanif there's only one that makes it super rare right? All we need to do is find someone else who wants it… entertianment for a while."

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