1965-02-19 - Under Valued Property
Summary: JP and Elmo check out the viable future property for their garage and find… not disasterous results
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JP was freezing. This is not new. He gave Elmo the address over the phone and didn't actually go insteade yet prefering to sit in his car pulled up front eyeing the dirty but servicable garage property in Mutant town. THe window was faintly cracked having a cigarette and murmuring something- was someone in the car? Oh, no he was thinking out loud in French and biding his time as if sharing his musings with Mme. Samantha, the doll and team mascot. It amused him, but when was JP not a goofball while idle?

Elmo, for once, isn't wearing a vibrant shirt, or a tie, or even his beloved electric blue coat full of junky secrets. He's anticipating needing to go spelunking in highly questionable territory, so he's actually dressed like a mechanic. Daisy pulls up, idling alongside Jeanne before Elmo kills the engine. Getting out, he knocks on Jeanne's window with a tap. "Here you are, freezin' ya tuchus off again."

JP took a deep breath and muttered to Mms. Samantha, "See this? This place is havin' everyone." He looked to Elmo tapping on his window and said through the glass, "I'm no' giving you no quarter! Don' go squeegie my windows crazy New Yorker!" He squint daringly but couldn't hold the face for more than a half second before cracking up. Up the window was rolled. He got out and noted to teh doll, "Watch th' car." Looking back to Elmo he clamped the cig in his lipgs and made to roughhouse throw him in a headlock and give him a jostle. "C'mon. You gotta see this place. I think it be' a'ight."

Elmo snorts, shaking his head, and then has to dodge JP grabbing at him. He doesn't make it and gets roughed up, cussing JP out in Yiddish. "Quit it, ya momzer!" Coming up rumpled, he glares, trying to swipe his hair back in some semblance of order. Still muttering, he gets his toolbox out of the truck. "Okay, show me around."

JP walked around like the arrogagnt rooster he was. FInishing the cigarette he put it out on teh sole of his boot before discarding it. He didn't have a deathwish to smoke where there was oil. Yeah, even he didn't fall to that level of not-bright. He didn't pull out keys he walked up held the door and it did all the clicking with a push of will into the tumbler. The space could use a clean up and was, well it was completely unheated. "Well…Fit at least two. Office there. Shitter. Hookups in back." He pointed to teh metal stiars. "Second floor."

"It's as cold in here as it is outside," Elmo says, part observation and part kvetch. "We're gonna have to install /somethin/." He prowls around behind JP, sticking that big nose of his into everything, crossing the space two, three times and building a map in his mind. Second floor? Up he goes.

JP sucked on his eyetooth and looked aroun d letting ELmo play ferret. "I'm pretty sure you' mutant gift is kvethin bout anythin', Sparkplug." it was almost hysterical hearing Yiddish spoken with that thick accent that was not intended for it, but there it was. He made the effort. "Well? Far as I can tell if somethin died it ain' still here. So… pretty decent. Secon' floor has radiators at least."

Elmo flashes a grin at JP. "Don't flatter me." Looking around, he's drawn to the windows. The windows! Grimy as they are, they're huge and the view they'll offer once clean will be amazing. He wipes a clean spot to look through. "Well. These, I like."

JP arched an eyebrow in deference to himself, "Moi? Would I ever?" The place was cold as the heat wasn't on. It wasn't the most useful heating method fior teh space but it's what they had to work with. Mutant Town got screwed on infrastructure and home upgrades. That stuff is expensive. The priase of the odd shaped windows got a snerk from the lazy Bayou Badass and he went to reacquaint himself withthe space. "It come wit' a pool table aaaaand? Proper kitchen." Pointing to teh spiral stair that went to- WHo puts roof access in teh middle of a personal space?! Little about the area really screamed 'well thought out' but it was servicable. "Got enough space for whoever."

Elmo instantly leaves the windows to scan around for the kitchen. It's hardly recognizeable as one, at the moment, but there's the hood and burners and counters, and shelving gaping without doors. He gives the roof-access stairs a dirty look as he goes past. Then he's investigating the kitchen, opening the oven, checking the hoses, climbing up on a counter to peer into the hood. "This is way nicer'n it should be!" Okay, maybe it's nice in his imagination after they've put in dozens of hours on it. "We can get this fixed up real good for you. You can have a real kitchen!" He slides off the counter, looking up at JP with delight.

JP was running his hand over the frame of the cabinet giving the shelves a tug considering. "Get our hands on a tablesaw an' a mitre saw? We could clean this up good. Tlak to VItale. he Italian. Ain't they all into cabinets and casinos or somethin? Might be able to get us some ncie doors or somethin." He looked over to his partner's face. That was a look worth keeping a polaroid of. He had to laugh, a loose sound that rattled aorund his chest that had him coughing from the chill in the flat. "See? Tha's the look of someone who is lookin past the now to the next. Yeah… yeah, Sparkpluk I thought so too. This one? Eeeeh not so many rats. Sev'll get rid of em."

Elmo laughs, too, and impulsively flings his arms around JP, giving him a fierce hug. "I'll /build/ a tablesaw if I gotta. Oh, I gotta check the wiring, it's probably a disaster!" Despite prophecy of doom, he's got a certain eager glint in his eye, a look he gets when there's plenty of work to be done and something awesome waiting on the other side.

JP wrapped a tight, leather-sleeved hug around the leaner electrician with a grin. Hell that got Elmo a couple pats on teh back too. "Aaaah! Tha's the spirit. SO proud of you. Sparkplug, This' the start of us changin this city. Gentry's gon' hate it… can't wait." That meant volunteers coming out that he wouldn't mind throwing down with. There was such a pleased look, oooh dayum! "Sooo how's the wirin an the radiator look you think? Place gon' burn down?"

"Proud a' /me/?" Elmo says, eyebrows going up. "What'd I do?" He pulls away, locating the nearest outlet with uncanny ease. Two seconds and he's got the plate off. Usually, an electrician has a voltometer and other tools for gauging these things. Elmo, he just licks his thumb and presses it into the mess of wires. He makes a startled little grunt, eyes half rolling back into his head. Somewhere else in the building, something pops. "Ugh." Yanking his hand out, he gives it a good shake. "I was wrong. This ain't a disaster, it's a catastrophe. Never mind, though, I'll take care of it." He's already working on it, in his head, as he saunters back over to JP. "So what do we think?"

JP stood and watched the curiosity that was a Mutant communing with their element. FIre and water he's seen, but electrisity was new. He watched though, in case, and when Elmo seemed okayhis focus and attention returned to the building. "What we think? We think you make taht face like that you make a lot of people jealous of a buildin." He winked. Cheeky asshole. "Sooo we strip out the wirin an' run more? We talk t' Vitale on the doors for th' cabinet. We all pitch in repairin it? Shit. I'll see bout gettin the radiator fixed up. Can' be too different than the one in the car." he shrugged, "No' really. Buuuut I think we like it."

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