1965-02-23 - Making Connections and Building Foundations
Summary: The Inhumans meet in their new lair to catch up.
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It had been a bit in the making, but the Quiet Room was finally open. The Lounge out front provided a "public" facing area to meet with others, while inside the private wing, the Inhumans had an environmentally controlled place in which to have rooms, laboratories, meeting space, and all the rest. It's here that Black Bolt has asked everyone, Inhuman and ally, to meet up to discuss the current state of things. He sits at the large table in the center of the room. There are drinks available, but no food. Dinner had already been and done, and now it was time to settle in and talk; however, it seemed that he was leaving that to Maximus, glancing over toward his brother, perhaps, to discuss anything on his mind first.

Maximus has dressed, for some reason, in his basically skintight Inhuman garb, but without the trench coat that usually helps fill him out a bit more, or disguise his lines. So, its pretty much a sheath for the man, making him seem thinner, more wirey, with his hair also slicked right against his head. He holds a glass lazily in one hand where he lounges near to his brother. "Ohhhh…yes? Interesting…" He smiles overly broadly at Blackagar. "My brother wishes to exude his delight at everyone's presence…and of course, I will start things off by saying…" Here he starts clicking his tongue. "Come here, boy. Come here…Crystal is off playing somewhere and doesnt need you. tk tk…" and he pats his leg. And Lockjaw, beloved Lockjaw, appears for everyone to scritch and pet and feed giant treats to.

Ally constitutes the flame-tressed bohemienne in a midnight-black Dior for the formalities rather than some neon-saturated patchwork gown belted by a netted orange sack and half a seatbelt. Exciting lines, altogether. Time is necessary for taking in the solitude breathed throughout the room, the very building humming in a pleasant key. None of the alcohol does more than provide an effervescent thrill, an accessory caught in those unexpectedly lethal fingers that treat the glass fragile. Scarlett's gaze flickers across the table, heavy-lidded eyes tilted decidedly to the phosphorescent side of the spectrum, reading those micronuances with deliberate familiarity. Maximus finishes speaking by the time she raises her drink in a toast, nodding to Blackagar. The Soul-Thief has at least a minor blessing of being a social chameleon, fitting in near to anywhere.

Triton was there dressed for his new job. Gone was any formality and adapted clothing for the fish man was in. Triton like few, was unhampered by the cold leaving him mostly in diving briefs that fit from waist to knee; not even for need of modesty or armour, but for pockets. Scaled carapaces do not have pockets dammit. His long coat slid off his shoulders and hung on the chair giving him an opposite effect from Maximus, but he didn't need to be deceptive about his physical aptitude to play them down among the gathered. He saluted his family, gave Rogue a nod but ultimately looked for Hell-Stabber. "Oooooh Lockjaw made it. Shame Crystal did not but, it is. Scarlett, Cousins." The Fish sat and set a shiny black box on the table no bigger than a 3" cube. No, Max, he was not discussing its contents.

Chloe stands with a glass in hand, silent for the most part. Until she spies Triton, and then she smiles warmly and approaches him. Standing at his side, she presses her cheek to his, briefly, and she says, "Yes, he's such a good boy." This with a gesture of her glass to Lockjaw. Max and Blackagar get a respectful nod, and Scarlett a kind smile. Allies welcome.

Blackagar smiles at the arrival of Lockjaw and he reaches out to give the enormous dog a scritch behind the ear when he comes by before his attention turns back to those gathered. He looks first to Maximus when he speaks, and there's a twitch of his lips, a little amused tick for his brother's interpretation of his sentiments. Then there's a look to Triton, a dip of his head, and to Chloe, a smile of welcome, and then finally to Rogue, a slight lift of his glass, welcoming her as well. He takes a sip from it then sets it down on the table so that his hands are free to move. «Welcome. Thank you all. We have a place now of our own here.» He gestures to the building. «Thank you to Maximus for seeing it built.» He then gestures to everyone as a whole, with both hands. Then he looks to Triton and gestures, a questioning loft of his brow for the fish man. «What news?»

Maximus leans forwards and frowns at the cube that Triton has brought. He reaches out for it then, unafraid, and cuts his eyes towards Triton. "I think our cousin, Triton, has had too much time on his hands, if he is building puzzle boxes. What is in it?" Because of course he's now entirely focused on that.

Indeed, what lies within that fascinating little cube resting upon the tabletop? Scarlett ventures no verbal guess, taking in Triton's puzzling container and nodding warmly to him. Liquid tipped back against her lips affords refreshment, as she remains alert and curious to the conversation at hand.

Triton would answer the question at hand in a moment. First he unhooked the mask from his face going amphibious for a couple minutes and long enough to give Chloe a kiss on, brief, but he hadn't seen her in some time either. Those large orb eyes blinked the inside eyelids and the solid exterior ones like camera shutters. With less modulation outside the breathing apparatus he looked to Max and pointed his webby fingers his way, "First, nice work on the filtration system." That…really did deserve a huge thank you in this cess pit that was NYC. Oh, the smog. "I bring you," He slid the black box across the table for Blackagar to catch, but addressing all four of them, "A under city refuge and bunker in case things become undesirable for any reason. We will have… neighbours. The subterranean communities are… well they are as interesting as the sub-aquatic ones. I have begun a bridge of communication with a could of their groups. Regardless, there is beneath this building reserve fortifications I can now oversee for us without compromising our presence in the city. That is the key to unlock the trap gates between the two. It's… down a ways."

Chloe returns the kiss, unselfconscious. It's just a quick kiss anyway. She cups his cheek in her palm and gazes into his eyes, as sweet as a Disney princess in love. Don't mind the grim looking daggers belted to her hips. When the mask goes back on, she remains shoulder to shoulder with him, happy just to be close. She nods to what he says, attentive. "I still have tentative contact with a powerful human. It isn't much, but he knows the way this world works and seems to possess some kind of magic."

When the box is slid across the table in his direction, he reaches out and captures it neatly with one hand and lifts it, turning it over in his fingers before lofting a brow quizzically to Triton and waiting. He continues to turn the box over and over for a moment and then hands it off to Maximus, both because he knows his brother's curiosity, and so that his hands are free to sign. He then looks to Chloe and nods his head to her. «Good. I am glad to hear you are all making more connections.» He then nods to Triton and signs, «I am glad to hear. We will continue to build here.» Meaning, clearly, that this place is not yet finished, but it is at least habitable. He then looks over to Rogue and signs. «Have you news to share?»

Maximus purses his lips when the box is slid out of his grasp and he lids his eyes faintly when its purpose is revealed. "Is it a square keyhole?" He chuckles. "Only you would make a gate that a toddler could open." Probably teasing. Then he looks over at Rogue curiously, "And why are you here? You know…I think, if you wish to continue being around us, there needs to be some sort of vow of loyalty, for as I understand it, your little fingers are in /everything/."

Triton smoothlyreplied to Max, "Well you just thought about it for five minutes overthinking it." The fish had a dry wit to him but took a seat next to his nicer half which was only to say she smiled when stabbing people, he didn't. There wasn't a lot of variance to be had there. A webbed hand extended in Blackagar's direction, "And only to continued resourcefulness then. As your brother vouches for herI trust that sufficient as would I with you and your contacts. That said I'm having little fortune communing well withthe Mole People." There's mole people, "And the Morlocks below I have yet to make attentpts to investigate. The thriving interum of others like… myself in some ways may prove long term to be a decent source of information on things oft overlooked."

Chloe nods gravely to Blackagar, then glances to Maximus, those big brown doe eyes deeply attentive. She has little enough to say, but it's clear she's taking it all in. "I will continue to try to integrate among the humans," she tells Blackagar. We may need help operating within their system."

Blackagar looks over toward Maximus and simply shakes his head no at the demand that Rogue take some sort of vow of loyalty, his eyes half closing and then opening again, but he makes no further comment, through gesture or otherwise on that topic, merely nodding to Triton in agreement. He listens with interest as further information is disclosed about the various denizens beneath New York, and he nods to Chloe as well, encouraging both in their endeavors. He then looks to Max and signs, «What do you work on next?» Either for the lair, or in general, wondering what his next project is.

Maximus leans on the arm of his chair and just…always seems to be moving slightly more than he should be. Like an antsy or excited child, except that its indicative of a different affliction. "Next? Nexty Next! I am continuing to try to make terrigen. And…I had some ideas about these…strange places we've found. We are not and have not been the only Inhuman society. That man we met, Reader, came from another of the cities. I think we might find some…older places that are still terrestial, from before many schisms."

Triton slouched back in his seat though he let go of Chloe's hand to re-affix the mask back on. He made it longer than general. Really, he was a fan of the air quality but it was still air. One eyebrow ridge arched and he just shook his head. He wasn't going to fault Max for being.. Max. He was forward focused and that he hasn't seen in a great while. This was good. He paused though to listen to Max speak of Reader's story. Looking back to Blackagar and Scarlett and Chloe he was silent for a while. It was after some great silence he offered in support argument, "Reader's people were… seemingly interesting but I can't say there they sound much different from the Genetic Council. Still, Maximus has a point and that bears looking into."

Chloe's eyes widen at Maximus' claim that there are other, still terrestrial locations where there might be Inhumans. Then Triton reaffixing his mask distracts her, and she stands by to help him with it if he wants or needs. It's very important that Feesh breathes! Then she resettles with him, taking his hand again. Still listening, but with nothing to say just now.

Blackagar listens with interest to the information that Maximus shares with everyone, and then Triton's followup. He is thoughtful for a time before he nods to Triton in agreement. It seems that Black Bolt, too, agrees that it bears further investigation. He waits another moment, and then gives another nod. He then looks around the room, at each person gathered and gestures, «Is there anything else to discuss?», inviting anyone who has anything that they'd like to ask or share to speak.

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