1965-02-23 - The Old Neighborhood
Summary: Kevin Cole comes seeking T'Challa and finds Kai, Reno, and Danny instead.
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Kai hangs out at Pop's sometimes, just to have somewhere to be when he's not out making trouble. Today, he's sitting in one of the barber's chairs with his sketchbook, shading a drawing of a cat with a pencil. He hums as he works, murmuring words here and ther. "The times, they are a changin'."

Danny occasionally needs a haircut. Those curls will get out of control if they are not trimmed every so often, and why not come to pops? It's in the neighborhood he keeps an eye out on, and he'd rather give his money to this business than others. So he wanders on in and takes himself a seat, noticing Kai there. He says, "Hey, how's it going?"

Kai says amiably, "Groovy, cat. How's tricks?" He keeps shading in confident strokes. "I was just thinking, we should coordinate our attacks so we're using each others' powers to the greatest advantage. For example, you and Robbie are, like, the punchers and punishers. Reno and I are more recon and, I don't know, whatever I can do to help."

Once settled into one of the chairs, he waits for his turn, seeming comfortable to just hang out and chat with whoever's there as though he belonged. He definitely doesn't look like he belongs — but that's never stopped Danny. "Yeah," he says with a little bit of a grin. "You may be surprised to know that was one of our more organized endeavors. The previous ones were.. everyone just kind of showed up on our own and chaos ensued."

Kai nods and says, "I've run into that a lot. People do their own thing and don't, like, work together. I was going to tell you what I can do, and maybe you can tell me where I'd fit in best. I don't mind playing backup to the heavy hitters. I know I'm more of a lover than a fighter."

"Nothing wrong with that," Danny says and then adds, "Maybe when we aren't sitting in the middle of the barber shop though." He grins just a little bit. Fortunately it's fairly empty, but you know, customers, people, things.

Speaking of chaos… Down the back stairs came the birb. He walked past Danny and Kai and flipped the sign rubbing one tired eye withthe heel of his palm. Someone was tired. Looking up he looked to Kai and Danny finally and asked "Someone say somethin about bagels?"

Kai shakes his head and says, "No, but I had one once. They're great." He closes his sketchbook, having done what he came to do, and he tucks it in his satchel along with the pencil. Still, he doesn't make to leave. "Looks like we're about to have the place to ourselves," he tells Danny with a wink.

"Looks like it," Danny says to Kai when Reno comes down and flips the sign to CLOSED. "Does this mean that I'm not getting that haircut?" He runs his fingers through his hair, and then shrugs his shoulders a bit. He doesn't really care. It's mostly a concession to the board anyway.

Reno arched an eyebrow and looked … worried? He looked back at the wall and went wide eyed. He waaaaalked over and flipped the sign baaaack around. "So turns out being dragged to other dimensions also causes jet lag like… woah man. Lemme get coffee so your ears dont wind up lopsided or like.." He gestured to Kai. Right. Let's not dock anyone's ears today. "Danny scarin you with old storied of how we used to fight one another almost as much as the bad dudes?"

Kai runs a fingertip over a tapered ear and says, "Yes, let's not." Then he grins and says, "He's just telling me how it used to be. I was saying we should figure out who does what when we go in. I've been on teams where no one does that, and it's like you said, you end up fighting your friends more than your foes."

"I'm not sure we ever really ended up fighting each other, but it was definitely a crazy mess a couple of times," Danny agrees as he crosses one leg over the other, leaning back comfortably in the chair and grinning at Reno. "I appreciate your thoughtfulness at keeping my ears intact." Then he nods to Kai and says, "Assessing everyone's strengths and then getting a bit more organized about it is a good idea. We tried this time.. with actually doing recon before barging in.. that's where you guys came in.. and that proved invaluable."

Reno grinned to Kai and all 5'6 of himself stood up straighter, "You hear that man? He's oroud of us." Off wandered the bird grabbing a cape and crowed to himself quietly, "heh Danny Rand said we did a good job. I'm writin that down for later." Seriously the guy could almost live off food and praise alone. but then there was rent… Over Dragon Boy went the cape fastened and then with a slap to teh chest in appreciation he replied, "Well Me an' Kai think you did good too." Looking to Kai he paused pulling his tools out, "You missed it when carlos and Robbie almost got into it man. I thought Carlos was gonna try to whoop Robbie's ass an' get himself set on fire."

Kai grins broadly. "I heard," he tells Reno. "What happened between Robbie and Carlos?" he asks. "What were they fighting over?" He shifts in his barber chair so he's more or less on his side, facing Danny and Reno. "I think Reno and I are good at recon. I'm also good at, what's the word I'm looking for, confusing? Messing with? I can befuddle. Yeah, that's the word. Befuddle. I can make things dark too but then it means you're fighting blind. Not a problem for the Daredevil."

"Oh, it was one of our first encounters.. we all showed up to the same place but didn't know each other yet, and it got real confusing as to who was on our side and who was on the bad guys' side," Danny says in explanation to Kai. He grins over at Reno when the bird preens at the praise, and then settles back to let Reno go to work. He nods to Kai and says, "I'm not quite a blind fighter, but sometimes being in the dark is useful."

Reno offered as an aside to Kai, "Or me if I'm a bird. We got like super good vision man. But I didn't know you could run around an' make people do math in their head. That's pretty cool." Most confusing thing he knew of, "You know you ever need to get a job or something teachers do pretty good." Until around 1989 but that was a ways off. That said he asked Danny, "Trim? Trim an a shave?" One had to ask. Looking to Kai he offered, "Yeaaaah we ran into some bad bad dudes and there was some indecision on what to do with them. Aaaand Ghost Rider was all sorts of pro-scourge and Carlos an' I was like dude those dudes is dudes… okay they's abd dudes but they're still dudes and they can't be good dudes if they aren't alive, dude." So many dudes. "Finally we talk em down and let the authorities handle it buuuuut Robbie won't get mad at me and Carlos is kind… Carlos so they but heads a bit. It's fine."

Kai laughs and says, "I can't make people do math, but I can make them see things. I can also manipulate water. I can see in the dark, too, so I can fight in it." He nods then to Reno. "I'm with you on not killing anyone unless it's necessary. There are rare exceptions, like if it's a monster whose nature is just bad. Some half-trolls tried to eat me. They got away alive, but Loki went and took care of them. Because they eat people, that's their nature. But I'm torn, because they were also human."

Pop's Barber Shop was, in recent times, turned over to the care of two Puerto Rican cousins in the unfortunate demise of the prior owner and namesake, Pops. Presently the shower of the twi was tending to Danny caped up in the chair with Kai hanging out nearby. Off to teh other side by the tables were a couple tables with a chess board on one and a stack of boardgames and a couple decks of cards by the other.

Into this scene enters Kevin, his arrival heralded by the opening of the door. Stepping into the shop, he lets the door swing shut behind him as he pauses to look around. He's dressed down, as would fit a resident of Harlem who's on the upper end of lower class, but the way he holds himself is very reminiscent of cop.

"Trim," Danny says to Reno, when asked about the hair cut. He's seated in the chair in front of the mirror with Reno preparing to trim up the mess of blonde curls on top of his head. He's dressed in one of his fine grey suits, well-tailored and expensive. He does not look like he belongs in this neighborhood. He says, "Yeah Carlos knocked me on my ass as well," with a bit of a laugh. "It was an interesting greeting. But we sorted it out by the end of things."

Kai sits in the chair next to Danny's, curled up sideways and clearly not getting any service, not that he seems to mind. He's dressed in flaming orange, all modded up. Definitely a little too pale for the neighborhood. "You say this Carlos guy is sweet, but I'm not hearing a lot of stories about him saving puppies," he says with a laugh. He glances up as a newcomer steps in, and he sizes him up. Walks like a cop, eh? Kai arches a brow and says, "Hi."

Reno laughed, though he nodded to Danny letting him know he was heard, "Aw man, I dunno I ever call Carlos that. He's more of a, um, eeeeh how should we put it? Justice bent angry lil dude. Lemme tell you, He'll beat the shit out of you in teh name of peace. I'm pretty sure. Like at least he don' go too far buuuut he ain't no sweetheart. He's a good guy though." This had the bird too amused. The bell chimed in withthe cold and Kevin hailing a greeting in reply, "Oye, man. Pull up a seat and get warm. I' get to you in jes' a lil bit."

Kevin spends a moment looking over Danny, the obvious money invested in his clothing making him stand out. Though he looks over at Kai when the other speaks up and nods a greeting. "I am looking for someone and have reason to believe he might have been here." he says, a distinct accent audible. Wakandan if someone would recognize it, which is certainly possible. "He is tall. Taller than me by several inches. Broad of shoulder, dark skin. He is not from this country."

Danny notices Kevin in the mirror, but doesn't turn his head to look immediately, since one doesn't do that when a man with a sharp object is about to start working on your head. He does however, lift a hand to wave and notes his reflection in the mirror. He studies Kevin for a moment as the man studies him, though when he speaks, that Wakandan accent stands out. "I only know one man personally with that accent. King T'Challa of Wakanda?"

"Yeah, King T'Challa," Kai says. He shakes his head, golden curls flouncing. "Haven't seen him." If not for the slightly slanted ears, he and Danny could pass for brothers. "I mean I've seen him. We've met. I just havaen't seen him lately." He then looks to Reno and snorts. "He'll try to beat the shit out of me. I'll lay a sucker out, I'm not afraid." Yeah, he really looks tough, fey little thing that he is.

Reno grinned a bit, "Man, I like that guy. A lotta people go Oh I got stuff I'm good. Or like my people got stuff they good. King T'Challa? He's all up in Harlem like hey how are my neighbours doin? Not so great? Hey let's talk why, have some tea. And those suits? Maaaaaaan King can dress. Enrique and I was talkin about him the other day. Hey you got a name, amigo? Maybe I see em and tell em you said hi or somethin?"

There's a small nod at the name. "Yes, that's him." Kevin wasn't certain what name T'Challa was using here but that answers that question. "Yes, he does like to meet people on their level and find out what's going on with them. If he doesn't spend a lot of time here, I'll look elsewhere then." Though he does answer Reno. "Cole. Kevin Cole."

"You can probably find him at the Wakandan Embassy," Danny suggests to Kevin. "Here, let me give you the address." He reaches into his pocket to pull out a pen and a small notebook. He writes down the address to the embassy on it and then tears the page from the notebook, holding it out in Kevin's direction. "Or at the very least leave a message from him there." He then glances over to Kai and chuckles a little bit. "I doubt that'll be necessary."

"Or he might be at the viewing," Kai says, gesturing vaguely toward the street. There are people swarming the area, making their way to the funeral home where Malcolm X lies. It's a bit of a topic around the neighborhood. People are grieving, and people are angry. Even Kai looks a little wilted, for him. He smiles a bit at Danny, regardless. "I prefer not to punch people."

Reno nodded to Kai in tired agreement while cutting Danny's hair. "Yeah yous guys is a lil brave right now. Lotta emotion. Been a busy couple a' days. Got a couple folks stayin with us taht traveled for it. But yeah, King T'Challa swings by a bunch buuuuut ya know, people need em a lil more than we do right now. World's hurtin a lil. " When Kevin finally gave his name he nodded slowly. "Well… Hi Kevin. Everythin okay? There a problem at all?"

Taking the piece of paper, Kevin slips it into a pocket without looking at it. "Thanks. I'm staying there but he's not there. I was looking to find him but if he's at the viewing, I won't intrude." That having been decides, he takes another quick look around the place then moves to sit. "Where's Pops? I used to get my hair cut here when I was a kid." Settling down onto a chair, he shakes his head. "Nothing wrong. I just got here and wanted to let him know."

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Danny looks a little apologetic when Kevin mentions he's already staying there, "Ah, my apologies." He then settles in to sitting still while Reno goes to work on his hair. He looks a bit thoughtful as he glances out toward the street and then he looks back over toward Kevin, "So you're from New York originally?" He leaves it to Reno to discuss what happened to Pops.

Kai tells Reno, "Some would say foolhardy." He folds his arms and rests them against the back of the barber's chair, proving himself unable to sit properly. "I'm Kai," he says to Kevin. He speaks witha Londoner's accent. When Pops is mentioned, he too leaves it to Reno to say, giving the crowman a sympathetic look.

Reno stopped trimming up the back of Danny's hair and just paused. The lean Latino paused and his eyes narrowed for a moment and then they flinched shut. Oh yeah, don't expect good news. He really hated being the Cuervo some days and to no one in particular held up a hand as if gesturing 'I got this hold on a second.' It was as personal for Reno as it was about to be for Kevin perhaps. "Last year a lot of bad stuff went down. There was a riot here in Harlem. Some stuff went down an' the shop got tore up pretty good. Luke's place too. Lot of stuff on the block. Pops was… in it at the time and got the bad side of things." Reno shook his head faintly, then again his hand waving something off. He offered to Kevin, "I'm sorry man, but I think, ya know, for what it's worth he'd be happy to know you look like you're doin pretty good for yourself." Yeah he wasn't going to tell strangers ghosts talked to him. That shit is just wierd. That's not how you make friends, that's how you guarantee you eat lunch alone on the playground.

"For what? You had no reason to know." Especially as Kevin doesn't exactly look Wakandan, whether he has the accent or not. "Yeah, born and raised here in Harlem. Lived here too before I left the country a couple years back." His attention turns to Reno as he speaks then he nods. "I thought as much they way you looked. Well, I hope it was quick, at least. I'm sure he'd like knowing it's still a barber shop and didn't get turned into parking or something."

Danny nods to Kevin and then says, "Danny," to introduce himself. "Welcome home, then." He glances over his shoulder toward Reno and nods a bit sadly when the story of what happened to Pops is told. He says, "This place is great. Was before, still is, and it's good that it hasn't changed. And Reno's been doing a good job keeping it going."

"I'm sorry I never got to know him," Kai says. "He sounds nice." His gaze goes to a picture of Pops on the wall. "Reno's doing a fab job with it. I don't even like to get my hair cut, but I get it cut here." Not often, given the length of it, falling in his eyes. "I only just started hanging out here." He grins at Danny and Reno. "I've got to support my team."

Reno warmed a small smile, still sad but content if that was so much as a thing. "Well… Thanks guys. Used to hang out here alla time growin up and ya know. I think with all the stuff goin on it's as important now as it ever was, ya know? Kids need someplace to go that ai't trouble. Sometimes people need a place to go so they don't go loco. It's gettin easier and easier to do these days I'll say that much." He spun Danny in the chair to start making sure both sides were coming out even. With curly hair it was more forgiving, but he was still a professional. "You lookin for T'Challa though he might be by in a bit. You're welcome to kick back. I mean it's cold out there."

Kvein shifts position slightly in order to be able to keep an eye on the door as he watches the three men. "How do you know T'Challa?" he asks of them. "How did you meet?" And then to Kai "Team?" Reno gets a nod of thanks at the offer.

"I met him on the street one afternoon," Danny says. "Some guy was being a prick. After freeing ourselves of his company, we chatted for a bit. He was a very pleasant and interesting guy." He glances over toward Kai and then says to Kevin, "We keep an eye on the neighborhood, help out folks who need help."

Kai nods to Danny. "Yeah, we just make sure everyone's taken care of, make sure they're safe." He stretches, then rearranges himself, irreverent as a cat. "I met T'Challa at a Christmas party, then I saw him again here when I came to hang around. He's a good guy."

Reno offered simply, "If I told you you wouldn' believe me. but he's a regular in the area. Here. Man I'm glad he's alright too. I heard about that thing at the MET from Enrique. Enrique's cousin Ignacio's Girlfriend works at the MET as like one of them tour guides. She's like super smart. Anyways she said there was like a whole mob of people protestin some like Proto-Indian art and stuff. Not like… my people like Central Asia, like proper and stuff. Turn out the crowd went nuts like crazy nuts and bum rushed the place. Lotta stuff got damaged too." The crow man looked cresfallen looking to Kai like it was a personal friend that got injured. "Some dude punched Ganesha right in the belly man. Like that lil half-elephant boy lost his head already, notw he get punched in teh belly? Noooot cool. Anyways I heard he and some other really profile people was there. Maaaaan… museums ain't borin I'll tell ya what." Oh yeah teh crow was a motormouth, but if you want to know something he might be a good source.

"Good. Someone needs to." Kevin states. "People can't always rely on the police to keep them safe. Especially if they need to be kept safe from the police. You should be careful though. Street fighting or even trained martial arts can only do so much against guns." Kai gets a nod. "He is. A very good guy. And a very good king. You'd be surprised what I'd believe." he adds to Reno.

Danny nods toward Kai, and then glances at Reno in the mirror as he goes on to tell the story of the events at the MET. He says, "I heard some of that. Really kind of crazy stuff. I heard the museum director collapsed and they couldn't get an ambulance to the place. Too much rioting going on lately." He tries not to move a lot so that Reno can continue to finish up his haircut. "Someone has to help, and better that there are more of us than fewer."

"I almost went to that," Kai says and shakes his head. "Having money is perilous." He nods then to Kevin. "It's something you gotta be careful about, but you also have to be willing to go into the places even the police won't go." He peers at Kevin, tilting his head. "What are some of the things you believe?"

Kevin's not inclined to argue with Danny so doesn't. "Believe about what?" he asks Kai. "God? Astrology? A politician's word?"

Danny adjusts his position in the chair so that Reno can go about finishing off the remainder of his hair, and once he is free, he tips his head this way and that and grins, rising from the chair. He clasps Reno on the shoulder and says, "Thank you." Then he moves over to another chair, one that is facing the room so that he doesn't have to converse while looking in the mirror.

Kai shrugs a shoulder and says, "Dealer's choice." He pauses, then says, "I'm not afraid of guns because they rarely pierce my skin. Do you believe that?" He's a little bolder with these admissions because his slanted ears already make him look strange, and, well, he's functionally bullet-proof.

Kevin's attention flicks to Danny as he moves and it stays there until he's settled back into another chair at which point he studies Kai a moment. "Sure, why not. Mutant? Does that have something to do with the 'team' you mentioned earlier but didn't explain?"

"Well, we did explain — we keep an eye on Harlem, Hell's Kitchen, kind of a neighborhood watch… with a kick." The vigilantes aren't all as well known as The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, and the name Defenders isn't one that anyone would particularly know them by outside of themselves. So it seems the best and most accurate description he can give to their little motley band.

says Danny..

Reno shook his head and offered to Kevin, "Nah, I ain' a Mutant. Know a couple though. Good people. One's takin care of my goat for me." He turned to Kai almost too excited, "Hey, we found a home for Monte where he can hang out with all teh other lady goats and talk sweaters and stuff or…whatever goats do when they're not livin upstairs." That… yeah that was one of those things one needed to not think about too hard there. "Ya know what the best part abotu neighbouhood watches is man? You don't got to be a mutant to join and we don't shut em out. THey're people. But ya know some of got like personal cultral stuff. And … some people can punch ninjas. EIther way we like to keep our block pretty scumbag free. Buuuut you grew up around here so I don't gotta dance around the fact that sometimes shit get weird."

Kai runs his hand thorugh his hair, and it exposes his slanted ears a bit more. "Not a mutant, no," he tells Kevin. "I'm an alien. It's a long story, but I've lived here a long time and consider it home, so I protect it as best I can." He perks up at Reno. "You did! That's great. Good for Monte. Not all Yule goats are so lucky. Most of the time they end up sausage." He grins at Danny. "I like that. Neighborhood watch with a kick."

"Ah, that kind of team. All right." Kevin wouldn't have guessed any of the three were into that kind of things but it takes all kinds. "Actually, things weren't as weird when I was growing up. Much fewer mutants around, no aliens, and the number of costumed vigilantes was much lower than now." Kai's an alien? Sure, why not.

"Yeah, I'm not really into the costume thing, but I get that it has a certain intimidation and anonymity factor to it," Danny says and then he looks over to Kai and gives a grin and a slight rise and fall of his shoulders. "Can't think of a better way to describe it." He looks over at Reno for a moment at the mention of the goat and just, moves right along.

Good man, Kev. Reno boggled and asked, "Costumes? Like uniforms and stuff? How come I never get anything cool like that?" Man, now he was feeling left out. But I hear what you're sayin. LIke 20 years ago? Yeah ya know comin off the big war I htink everyone was jsut really good at layin low. I gotta think like people didn't just become a mutant or a non-Earthling over night." He looked to Kai with a nod in deference to genetic zipcode and jsut not lumping him in with trolls and stuff. "Like we got a guy who helps that just has a car and that lone can be useful."

"I have a costume," Kai says, "but I don't wear it all the time. Usually when I'm going to bring food and medication to the poor. I think they like the extra effort and pageantry just for them. But I can fight in it." He then mentions to Reno, "I became a non-Earthling pretty much the night my da got my mum drunk. But yes, I was more careful about blending twenty years ago." These days he cares less and less.

"And sometimes there's a significance to it as well." Kevin notes to Danny. Such as honoring the goddess Bast. "Just being willing to speak up is often the most useful someone can be. But we trusted the police more back then. Back when they deserved it more than now." Again, he studies Kai a moment before nodding.

Danny nods to Kevin when he mentions significance, "Each, I'm sure, has its own meaning to those who wear them," agreeing with him. He settles back a bit in his chair and looks comfortably casual for someone in a suit. Smiling over at Reno he says, "If you want a costume, you can have a costume. Decide what you like. We'll make that happen."

Reno thought about that and grinned to Kevin looking pleased as punch at that offer. To the others he said, "See, We know all the best people. Yeah, man, I'd love to take you up on that!" Should someone tell him that as a bird no one would see it or no? This he considered offering to them, "Danny, you still look sharp, man. So Kevin, you all wlakin tall these days. Youin the military or somethin? Not pryin, you just got that wlk ya know? It's good. Looks cool man. Keep that."

"You walk like a cop," Kai says, frank and not quiiite condemning. He doesn't look like the sort of fellow who does well with cops. He's got trouble written all over him. He grins at Kevin while under scrutiny, then he nudges Danny with his foot. "Your costume is the suit, admit it."

"So you're on this team too?" Kevin asks Reno. "But you're not an alien as well?" It's hard to tell if he's serious or just humoring the guy. Looking back to Kai, he asks "You one of those Skrulls I heard about?" Reno's comment produces a chuckle. "No, I'm not in the military. I used to be a cop." he agrees, nodding to Kai. It's not surprising it still shows. "It didn't work out though."

Danny chuckles at Reno and dips his head, studying Kevin as Kai and Reno make their observations. He nods when the man says that he used to be a cop. The mention of Skrulls though has him raising a brow. "Like the ones that they were discussing at the U.N.?" He'd heard about them, but knew little about that particular threat.

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 13

Reno looked around and went ashy. Hey he didn't start to molt or anything. "What? No man don't like poke me with nothin to find out either. I have two people do that. I had to go hang out on the Empire State Building for a while to get away from it. Lemme tell you that thing is taller than it needs to be." Way too tall. He wasn't about to flash feathers at anyone but shrugged. "Nah man I's born around the corner. Not really like a mutant. more like a shaman maybe? I'm just like the messenger man. I mean not all shapeshifters is Skrulls. THey give us - THEM, they give those people a bad rap man."

Kai shakes his head and says, "Nah, I'm not a Skrull. My people are like neighbors of the Asgardians. We usually get along pretty well." He makes a so-so waggle of his hand. "Usually." He then sits up a little taller and says, "Oh, you used to be a cop. That's all right, then. As long as you're not making a habit of it anymore."

Kevin shrugs at Danny's question. "I don't know what they were discussing. I've been in Wakanda and only heard news reports of what was happening here." He nods his understanding to Reno. As a member of the Panther Cult, he gets it. "I understand. Do you follow a god or goddess or just a totem spirit?" Smiling at Kai, he shakes his head. "I'm not on the force any more. There's too many corrupt cops and we don't get along very well. It's actually how I met T'Challa and ended up in Wakanda."

Danny reaches over and gives Reno's shoulder a reassuring pat, "No one is going to poke you with any sticks, Reno. It's all good. We're all friends here." He then says, "I'm human. I was born here in New York, grew up here for a while, and then in a monastery for a bit." He doesn't go into too much more detail than that, at least for the moment, but the others seem to be sharing, so he shares a little of his own story.

Reno considered that question from all sides and smiled broadly. Someone got it. Not that the others didn't, but this was a nice change from strangers not getting things. He was flighty, but he knew some things about some things as they say. Not that Reno's gig was hard to figure out. He shrugged, "Yeah somethin just like that. Not like Loki and Thor. That's a bit different. My papi? He comes from Mohican people. The whole gods spirits things is different I guess? Some call the great spirits gods or great spirits or… you know a bunch of us are glad they're there and doin their thing. But yeah, Crow, or Aandeg to some? It's… hard to explain." Reno looked to Danny reassured that no one's going to use him like a lawn dart today. "I ain't the only one but he an' I is kinda bonded like that. Like… I would never claim to be Aandeg, but I'm definitely carryin around part of Aandeg. Lot of folks have kinda that relationship with others though. I got to meet a guy who was a conduit of Vishnu? Greeeeeeeat cook. That's the guy you want at parties, lemme tell ya."

"Loki and Thor are more like royals to us than gods," Kai says. Then he quiets to listen to Reno. This is all news to him, too, so he nods attentively. "Is that guy still around? I want to get him and Lambert together." To Kevin and Danny, he says, "Lambert's part satyr. He's definitely a good time waiting to happen."

Kevin nods seriously to Reno. "The goddess Bast is very important in Wakanda. All thew kings have a special relationship with her. Most people follow her though there are some others as well." After thinking a moment, he shakes his head. "I don't know what a satyr is." Greek mythology wasn't exactly something they taught in inner city schools in Harlem in the 40s.

"Part goat, part man, all party," Danny says to Kevin after listening with interest as Reno explains his relationship to Aandeg, a story that he hasn't heard before either and seems intrigued by. He then says, "Bast, the cat goddess. I don't remember a lot about her, beyond her name and the images I've seen, a woman with the head of a cat." He's studied a bit of mythology, but not enough to have that kind of detailed recall of all the myths he's studied.

Reno warmed a hint of a grin that got wider, "Yeah? Man no wonder Wakanda is doin well. Never come between a mother and her cubs man. My people is sorta the same btu instead of tearin a face off we sit on your and peck at your head till people go away. Except chickens. They are dumb as hell. No one venerates those. But theeeeen I gues syou from there and you know that you now other stuff. Kevin, dude I'm glas you came in. Oh yeah, also welcome back to Harlem." Reno nodded as if he was the official authorized welcome wagon for the neighbourhood which may or may not be true. Could do worse.

Kai snap-points at Danny when he basically describes Lambert and his family. "And he's a great cook," he says. He grins, though it's not his thousand-Watt beam, given the mood of the day. "Yeah, it's good to meet you, Kevin. I have a dog named Kevin. You're much taller, and better looking, and you smell a lot better. It's a low bar, but there you have it."

"Dogs are nice. I prefer cats." There's a smile as if at some joke, probably an obvious one given the talk about Bast, and he stands. "Time for me to get going. Nice meeting you all and try to stay out of trouble."

"It was good to meet you, Kevin. Don't be a stranger," Danny says as the man rises and moves to go, watching as he heads toward the door. He then looks over at Kai and chuckles, shaking his head. He's met Kevin, the dog Kevin, at any rate, and can vouch that the bar is set pretty low.

Reno considered something and offered to Kevin hanging back by the vanity (hey, cats and birds man… always pays to be a tad careful), "You wanna trade stories sometimeor talk honorary customs man? I'd be game. You need a place to drop your hat a while you're welcome here, man." He grinned at Kai shaking his head, "Man, sometimes I really believe you have your own planet man. No convincing needed." That dumb dog. He had to snicker at that.

Kai says, "He's a good dog! Cats are nice, too. I'd get one, but they keep beating him up." He shakes his head. His dog can't stand up to a common moggie. "Next time I'm on my planet," he tells Reno, "I'll bring you all something nice. No alcohol, though. You humans and human-ish sorts can't handle what we get drunk on."

"I'll keep that in mind.' Kevin assures Reno. "Maybe when I need my hair cut." Nodding to the three, he heads out onto the street.

It's about then that Danny notices the time and he pulls himself to his feet. "I have to head out. Got some folks that I need to meet with. But it was good to see you guys again. We should get together again soon." He takes out some cash and pays for his haircut and a generous tip, because they may be teammates, but the man has a business to run and he has performed a service. He then dips his head and heads for the door.

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