1965-02-24 - Well That Didn't Go a Planned
Summary: Fitz & Kitty continue to work on stealth suits and Thea ays the lab a visit
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Another day in the SHIELD Lab(tm). Today was apparently an exercise in harnessing and controlling light particles. There was a network of mirrors being set up around the control room and propped up on what they had available: every book in the office to get varied control heights. Just… ignore the scorch marks along the back wall.

Fitz was waving a hand at Kitty and theorizing out loud, "Maybe if we change the frequency? I promised Director Carter we could have some advancement on portable stealth tech end of Q1 but I don't think we can handle the 2% error of accidentally setting agents on fire or leaving them accidentally bereft of clothing in combat. I tell you wearable tech is more of a pain than building that jet."

Thea has no idea the danger into which she walks. Blonde hair is held back by a thin golden headband, that echos in the thin chain against the deep blue blouse tucked into gray pants. Heels are also gray, clicking over the floor and giving away her approach before she's actually in the room. There's a clipboard in her left hand, a pen in her right as she scribbles something down. "I'm submitting a form for some rubbing …." She trails off at all the mirrors around, a turn of brown eyes to Fitz. "Do I want to know?"

Assuming the other agent in the room is currently visible and all, Thea will smile, fingers waggling around her pen. "Hello. I'm Thea from medical."

Kitty raises an eyebrow, "Well, it's a different problem." She turns to pull up diagnostic information from a nearby terminal. "But, I'm not sure it's frequency issue…" her voice trails off as she jots a couple of notes down. "Hey, come take a look at this." She looks up as Thea walks into the room. "Hello?"

Fitz was standing up on the desk and looked to Thea offering, "This isn't what it looks like." it always and never was really. From the desk he did introductions. "Thea, this is Kath-" He paused and squint to Kitty, "It's Kitty now, yeah? Kitty, Thea. Thea. Kitty. My new lab partner. We worked in the UK for a while. London office for a summer. We were um, working on trying to work on stealth suit tech. It's having varied and unexpected results so far. How're you? How'd that thing go that ya went to?"

"It never is, Fitz dear." Thea offers a warm, if amused, smile to the scientist. "So the mirrors are playing into that how, exactly?" She sounds curious, even as she wanders closer to Fitz. "And do you need any rubbing alcohol or anything else you generally purloin from the med area, before I submit this?" That smile edges to a grin. "Mardi Gras? Hasn't yet. Still time for you to come along.."

"Hello, Kitty. A pleasure, to be sure." Her voice is warm, as is the smile.

Kitty puts down her pencile and walks over to Thea, hand extended, "Pleasure to meet you." She returns the smile. "As for the mirrors, they're doing double-duty. First, really hard to determine if the stealth tech is working from every angle if you can't see from every angle, and as for the rest." She pauses, "Silent is good, but silent and deadly is better." She frowns, looking at the various scortch marks along the wall. "The problem is that so far it's more deadly to the wearer than anybody else."

Fitz wrinkled his nose and was remiss to agree, "Yeeeeeesh." He bit his lip looking at the room critically. "Not something I'd wish on my worst enemy jsut yet. THough, ya know, Kitty, if we go pear shapped on this one we can jsut gift the tech to he Russians. Might truncate this whole conflict." He chuckled and hopped off the desk. "Been thinking about the trip. Should I be looking at it as being Clint and Ollie's chaperone?" There was a wry grin shaking his head and clarified for Kitty, "The fellas see fit to take me to Mardi Gras. Apparently it involved a lot of drinking and climbing things from what I was gathering. Oh! And the ugly shirts. Apparently I need to acquire these."

Thea will stick her pen over her ear to shake Kitty's hand, smile widening. "It's nice to meet another female in the lab. For some reason, every time I stop in, it's a male only clubhouse. Even if I only come in to find out if someone else was swiping some of my supplies." There's a sidelong look at Fitz with a chuckle. "Or we could leave them to get into trouble on their own, and just have a fabulous time partying." She'll shake her head, retrieving her pen from behind her ear. "I will order a little extra of the things you sometimes need. And some burn ointment." Humor enriches the nurse's voice, before there's a glance at Kitty. "Don't forget where the extinguishers are." The grin is swift, before she'll hug the clipboard to her chest. "I'll see you both around. I'm going to go submit my forms in triplicate."

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