1965-03-03 - Great Expectations and lunch
Summary: Piotr and Bobby catch up
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Fooooooood. Bobby hasn't eaten all day, which is strange enough as it is. Even his weekend schedule keeps him far busier these days than he had anticipated when he agreed to come teach at the Institute; between the students who need that little bit of extra help (though how Bobby of all people became an off-hours tutor is anyone's guess), and weekend training sessions, there doesn't seem to be a ton of free time in his day any more. Even the castle out on the grounds is melting into a state of disrepair, with its maintainer too busy to keep it in good working order. This is probably why the Lords of old had peasant workers. Alas, Mr. Drake has no such luxury.

But back to the food. Bobby exchanges a few pleasantries with the kitchen staff and carries his tray to one of the long tables, setting it down before sliding onto the bench himself. He offers a smile to those who may be around before digging in; at least the Institute has better lunch offerings than the public schools he remembers from his youth.

"What is it today, Bobby Drake?" asks the low voice of Piotr Rasputin, one of the other teachers around the grounds as he straightens to see what Bobby is having for lunch. A large hunk of meat with potatoes and soup for the tall Russian. "Soon, the spring break. Are you going on vacation anywhere?"

Bobby actually seems to have a fairly healthy lunch, which is probably a change from the culinary choices of his youth. A salad with grilled chicken and couple of rolls is all Bobby has to feast on for his midday meal today, but it seems to satisfy his needs for the moment. "Just salad," he says, looking up to Piotr with a friendly smile. "Trying not to overdo it before I head down for a training session. Last time I had the worst cramps of my life.. you know how you're not supposed to swim until 30 minutes after you eat? Same principle applies to Danger Room training, I guess." He motions to the seat opposite him, if Piotr wishes to join him. "I was thinking I might try to visit the family down on Long Island, if they're around. Been a while since I've been home at all. Not sure if that's a good idea or a bad one, but it's been floating around my head for a while. What about you? Spring Break in Miami? Bet you do alright in a beach setting." He grins, and takes a forkful of salad and chicken. This is not the burger he really wants.

Piotr gives a nod and wraps his hands around the tray before lifting it and heading over towards Bobby. "I have not made plans as of now, no, but we will see. A trip to Miami could make for quite a bit of fun, of course. Perhaps, though, I will only catch up on grading." He takes a few more bites of food before he asks, "What sort of training are you working on today?"

Ugh, grading. There's always more grading. "There's a pile of papers on my desk that never seems to end, too," he says dryly, but with a smirk. "Lately it's been a lot of endurance and cardio," Bobby explains with regard the training he has in mind. "Things I've kind of let slide since I went off to the real world, but now that I'm back people seem to expect me to be able to run a bit. Accountants are well-known for running marathons," he says with a grin. "How are your classes going so far? Suppose there aren't too many kids who'd give you much trouble."

"I cannot complain. I do not have the large amounts that you do. I simply look at a piece, assess it, and record it," Piotr chuckles as he shrugs. "Kids seem to like art because it allows them to work independently." He brings his glass of water up to his lips. "How do you like accounting?"

"Accounting was kind of fun, actually. People don't usually think about it like that, but once you get into the work it's really interesting. A lot more to it than just math and balance sheets," Bobby replies, maybe even a bit whistfully. "Teaching English to a bunch of high-school kids is a tough gig, though. Makes me look back at my own teachers with a lot more respect. Can't imagine how they put up with having a brat like me in class every day," he says with a chuckle of his own. "Sometimes getting the kids to do the reading is like pulling teeth. Part of me thinks Jean gave me the post because of something I did when we were students, and this is her idea of revenge." He lets out a little laugh at that. "Can't imagine what it was, but it's probably not entirely unwarranted."

"To each their own, I suppose," Piotr says with a smile. "I'm sure you weren't that bad. But I am also sure that Jean had the students' best interests in mind when she put you in charge of a class. Besides, you weren't so bad as a student, from what I recall."

"I was definitely better behaved here than I was in public school, that's for sure," Bobby says with a grin. "But then, my old public school didn't have a principal that could read my mind, or make me believe I was a six year old girl playing princesses. Kind of puts things in perspective, I guess." Bobby continues to eat at a leisurely pace, in no real rush to finish and subject himself to fitness torture. "Kind of funny that we're all back here teaching now, isn't it? Things come full-circle, eventually."

"I imagine it says something about how we all feel about this place," Piotr reasons. He pushes the potatoes to one side of his plate, considering. "Or perhaps it is our inability to do anything else. And by else, I mean save the world."

"Guess it does," Bobby says between bites. "I was doing pretty well out there, I think. Wasn't saving the world or anything, but I was getting by. Felt a bit hollow at the end, considering the world going to hell in a handbasket. Figured I could do more to help here than on my own out there. Teaching the deeper meanings of Great Expectations wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but baby steps, right?" He grins again, and finishes up the last couple bites on his plate. "Well Pete, there's about a hundred sit-ups waiting for me and laps around the track that won't run themselves. Better get to it."

"Da, Bobby. It was good to see you as always. I'm sure we will run into each other quite a bit during the rest of the school year. So long as Jean doesn't have something else in mind as payback for you. Good to see you."

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