1965-03-04 - Building Community
Summary: Roberto joins Hope at the community center, where plans are made.
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The Mutant Town Community Center is a ramshackle affair. By mutants, for mutants, utilized by mutants. They're less welcome in the city than just about anyone else, at least if anyone can tell they're mutants. Which means that, given the paltry amount of help it can offer, it's often pretty quiet. Still, Hope does what she can. Today, that means a little bit of cleaning and repairing around the center. She has the blinds pulled up, the better to see while the repairs the locks on the windows.

Roberto da Costa decided to pay a visit to the MTCC (Mutant Town Community Center), seeing as he hasn't been able to go down there for some time now. Either way, he wears simple clothing. Longsleeve shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, tenneshoes. Although when the Brazilian mutant arrives? he has quite a few workers with him. "Yeah, focus the efforts over there and straighten some of this place up, if you will. Make it look real pretty and I'll be sure to tip you." and with that, those workers get busy! It's amazing what people will deal with for money.

Then he spots Hope and the biggest smile crosses his features. "Hola chica, como estas?" he smiles a more flirtatious smile, but there's a great deal of friendliness in his voice.

Hope has been aware of the group since they came down the street, watching their approach with a wary eye until she recognizes Roberto at their head. By the time he's coming over, she's finished the repair, pushing away from the window with a wry smile of her own. "Hey there. Come to help out?" she asks, gesturing to the set of bars for the window leaning against the wall.

Roberto chuckles a moment as he snags those set of bars and gives Hope a smile. "That was the plan….and maybe ask you out for dinner at the same time. So, win win." he teases Hope softly as he flies up to perch at the same little window seat that Hope is sitting at. It's a gentle arrival. "So, been here all day?" he asks.

"Pretty much," Hope nods, taking a pair of bolts out of her pocket and screwing the window bars back into place as he holds them up. "I kind of needed a break from looking into other things, but I don't do really well with…down time?" She looks back over at him, smile quirking ruefully. "Kind of an action sort of girl." It takes that long for the rest of his words to kick in, giving her pause. "Wait, what about me?"

Sunny Boy nods a few times at Hope's words, just waaaiiitting for his latter part of his purpose for being here kicks into her mind. smiling softly at her words of being more of an 'action gal', so to speak, and laughing a moment as she pauses and looks at him in curiosity of what he said. "Was wondering how long it would take you." he says wryly and in a friendly manner. "I came here to help out, while also wanting to ask you out to dinner."

"Like…there's a mission you need to talk about?" Hope asks, squinting a bit as she slips the screwdriver into her pocket. "Over food, because food makes everything better?" It's almost like she's not used to dealing with people who aren't Cable, isn't it?

Bobby smiles softly then to Hope as she keeps speaking, though her naivette is, admittedly, adorable. "Though the latter part is correct, the first part is more myself meaning that 'I would like for the two of us to go on a romantic outing if you like' kind of deal. Though it's up to you." a warm smile then.

"Oh." Hope blinks, working that through. Brushing her hands together, she moves to the next window, inspecting the bolts on the bars as well as the locks themselves. "I'm, ah. Just for the record, and so you're fairly warned, I kind of know a whole lot of nothing about romantic outings. Or romance."

Roberto smiles warmly to her then, looking at her with a small chuckle. "It's alright, I'm not exactly an expert either. But I think it could be fun and I…uh…" like you. Is what he was gonna say, anyways before he coughs into his hand. "So, we on for tonight?"

Hope pauses for another moment, considering him, before a faint smile quirks. "Yeah. Sure." She turns back to the window, taking a rag out of a nearby bucket of soapy water to rinse down the bars first. "So, that side, how's things for you? Business doing okay? Hear anything interesting from the school lately?"

Berto seems to smile big and wide then and gives her a small nod. "Great!" he then calms down, feeling he may have come off as -way- too eager. Either way, he smiles once more. "Excellent. You can even pick the restaurant if you like. Ladies choice…we can go anywhere you want." a kind smile then. Then he's asked about the school and his business! "Business goes good and excellent as per the usual. Everything is perfect in that regard, as for the school, I actually haven't really heard about much going on. Last big thing had to do with Illyana's magic business."

"Probably better if you pick the restaurant," Hope laughs, cleaning years of grime off of the bars. "My idea of cuisine is…just about anything, honestly. So you've got a pretty good chance of ending up at some place I randomly picked out of the yellow pages. Which I would live through, because believe me, I've eaten some questionable things in my life, but you might not enjoy as much." She leans down to wet her rag, picking up another and tossing it to him. "What was going on with Illyana?"

Bobby laughs a little bit then with Hope as she states her belief that Roberto should pick the spot. "Heh…alrighty, I think I know a place you would like." he smiles warmly to her. "and fair enough, fair enough…" small chuckles then as he catches the rag and starts to clean off the grime along with Hope. Gotta do his part after all! "Oh, just some demons attacking the school. We won, but it was still pretty strange."

"No offense, but for a place that's supposed to keep mutants safe, it seems like that school ends up under attack way more than statistically reasonable," Hope smirks. "I won't tell you how many times I was there in the rubble in the future. Although I'm pretty sure it would be safe, because it's not like it would be a surprise to anyone."

Sunspot takes time then to smirk and laugh at her words. "Seriously….shoulda seen how many times we were attacked when I was first there…like geez." he teases her softly, though he tilts his head. "The Institute is rubble in the future? Duly noted." he says then with a shrug. Well, it wasn't supposed to happen for forever!…right? Eh, either way, he offers a kind smile to Hope. "I'm justh appy the place is…at least -presently- in one piece.

"Don't worry," Hope chuckles. "Seems like it keeps getting rebuilt, too. And at a certain point, everything's rubble, so. Not like it's specific to any one place." Because somehow that's supposed to be more reassuring? Hope is not great at reassuring when it comes to practicalities.

Roberto seems to take a slightly more relieved breath as Hope at least -attempts- to calm him down. If they end up really dating, Roberto is gonna have a great time with chatting to her about the more finer points of life. Either way. He smiles as he wipes off the last of the grime on his bars before he sets that rag in the water bucket. "Well, that helps." he winks softly. "So, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, you know." Hope tightens a few screws on the window, but it looks like everything on this one is still in working order. "Research on time travel. A few visits to the school. Weird Russian wizard things. And helping out here, of course," she adds, gesturing around them. "I don't…know where all of this is going to go or how it's going to end, but I can help some of these people now in some small ways."

Roberto chuckles faintly then a moment as he looks Hope up and down then as she speaks about the research on time travel…he remembers her approaching him asking if he would help, and he has helped as much as he could…sorry to hear that it didn't seem to work." Either way, he laughs a little bit. "Well, that's the point of life. We are all on a road and we have no idea where we are going or how on earth we will get there." he says then a moment as he nudges her flirtatiously. "Besides, it is what it is. Don't need to know everything you kinow." he teases.

"Says you," Hope snorts softly, letting the blinds down and doing what she can to clean the grime off of them. "The more you know, the better prepared you can be. And the better prepared you are, the less likely you are to get caught unawares. Which keeps you alive. I've still got a lot of battles to fight back home. So. Gotta stay alive."

Sunspot nods a few times then as his eyes find Hope. "True…true. Though this isn't a battleground of a future anymore. While I'm sure it's insanely helpful to know the future and all that, you gotta learn to live without knowledge now that you're in the past. Either way, it is what it is." He sits then. "But then again, I'm just the billionaire who has no idea what the future is like aside from what you've told me." a shrug then but another playful nudge to Hope wit hhis shoulder.

"Yeah," Hope laughs. "How'd that happen, anyhow? The billionaire thing. Like…I get how Tony got to be one. He invents stuff, he makes stuff, he sells it. What's your billionaire business? Also, what do you actually do all day when your job description is billionaire?"

'Berto just kinda shrugs then as he looks her over "It just kinda happened. Family business type of thing…we're just a giant business mogul that deals with enhancing computers and selling and trading. Imports and exports of Rio De Janeiro and all that fun jazz. We deal in a little bit of everything. Should I provide a list?" he teases softly. "As for what I do? Really whatever I want." he sighs then. "I don't need to be hands on all the time with the company so…I have too much free time."

"Yeah, welcome to the club on that front," Hope sighs. "If I'm being completely honest, that's part of why I spend time here too. Otherwise I'm likely to hit the street and start crusading, and that makes things complicated when it comes to what you can and can't do without leaving an impact on the timeline. At least here I can do something and not totally break the world. Probably. I dunno, maybe I'll end up inspiring someone huge, but I can live with that."

Roberto nods a few times then to Hope as she starts talking more about why specifically she's there. "Well…you never know. You probably could go about crusading and helping people out. You're extremely good at it, from what I've heard. But then again, people from teh future tend to be." he shrugs then. What? He was an X-Men. That said, he offers her the warmest smile, his pinkie finger wrapping around hers to show comfort. "You do have one of those personalities…you could probably do it pretty easily I imagine. Inspire others, I mean." he shrugs then. "How much more we got before we can hit the road? two more sets of bars?"

"What, I thought you didn't have anything better to do," Hope smirks, wringing out her rag and giving the next set of windows a look. "And that you were coming down here to help out your fellow mutants. Don't tell me you just came down here to ask me out and now that you've got a yes you don't feel like you need to stick around."

'Berto can't help but laugh then. "Nah, I don't. Just trying to gauge how much we have left to do…and as for the asking you out bit, I was planning to do it the next time I saw you and you just happened to be here, so…win win." he teases her softly. "So relax, I'm not a cold-hearted jerk with a one track mind." he winks at her then as he starts cleaning more of the bars.

"Or are you?" Hope teases, grin flashing as she makes a few more adjustments. "Okay, so, tell me. How are dates supposed to go? Because it's not something that got covered a lot when I was growing up. We were a little short on people who weren't me and Nathan, honestly, so it never really came up, and then I was a little bit busy saving the species and the world and all that to have a love life."

Sunspot smiles warmly then to Hope are she teases him, causing him to blush softly. Though when she asks him how romance works in general, he hums a moment. "Well…two people who even have a mutual attraction or if one accepts the attraction of another in a sense, they'll go on dates. Dates being romantic outings. It's a way for two people to really…get to know one another beyond acquaintance or the bounds of friendship. If there's a spark, they go on many more dates and will do things like hold hands, cuddle, kiss, etc." he then shrugs a moment. "It's all natural really…not really a 'how to' manual on dating that I know of. Put it like this…we go on our date, and we see what happens? If we have fun, then we go on another."

"That sounds deceptively simple." Hope squints a bit as she looks between him and the window, a faint glimmer of a teasing smile in her features. "I mean, people seem really confused about the whole thing. Sam was giving Jeb lessons the other day, even. Although I had some doubts about his methods. And theories."

Sunspot looks to Hope then. "Ins't it though?" he teases her in return. "aaand….yeah. It's kinda confusing, but it is what it is." he teases, before he just busts up laughing. "You took romance advice from Sam and Jeb?! Hah!" he laughs a little more, but it's done so playfully. "Worst experts in the world."

"Oh no," Hope assures, waving one hand. "I didn't take advice. I just overheard it. And, to my credit, I definitely recognized that it had some major flaws. And it was Sam's advice," she adds. "Poor Jeb was just trying to figure things out himself. You know, I'm not sure what was going on with them and with Jay too, but it was definitely…weird."

Sunspot chuckls then to Hope. "Whew…was about tos ay, they are the absolute worst when it comes to romance -or- love for that matter." he shakes his head then. "Wiat….all three of them? Were they fighting over some gal or something?" he asks curiously.

"Uh…no." Hope doesn't want to give away anyone's secrets, but she isn't quite sure how to explain it. "I think the older ones were trying to help Jeb out or something. Well. Sam was there to help him, Jay seemed to be more or less trying to balance things out. I dunno, the big family thing is…kind of beyond me, honestly," she shakes her head, tossing the rag back into the bucket and pushing her hair out of her face.

Sunny nods a few times then. "right…..alrighty then." he shrugs a moment. "Those three, I swear. Well, they'll figure it out. Just hope they don't ask me for help..because I'd be in the same boat as them…" a sigh then.

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