1965-03-06 - A Familiar Face
Summary: Robbie Reyes and Kevin Cole have a little chat at the Cigar Factory. Perhaps a new Defender joins the ranks?!
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Since he got back to the US, and specifically Manhattan, Kevin's been revisiting places he used to visit. He grew up not far from here though this building wasn't a bar back then. Not even right before he left the country. So he was curious about it when he saw it got turned into a bar. He's sitting at the bar, a bottle of beer in front of him that's about half empty and listening to the music at the moment.

A loud roar of a custom engine is loud enough to shake Harlem.

Clearly it was from the newly arrived Robbie Reyes, who pushes open the door to the fine establishment wearing his signature leather jacket, a red T-shirt underneath, combat boots, and black jeans. With a hand combing through his hair, he looks around then for a moment until he finds himself at the bar right next to Kevin. "Vodka please." says the Hellhunter who just finished bringing vengeance on an entire building of gangbangers, drug dealers, and murderers.

It's been a good night.

While he doesn't turn at the sound of the engine, Kevin's head does lift as Robbie walks in. Inhaling, his nose wrinkles at the odor that just entered and he looks over as Robbie comes up to the bar. "You were there that night." Whichever night in the recent past it was. "You know Reno. And Danny."

Robbie turns his head to Kevin. "Mhm. That I was." the Ghost Rider says then as he receives his drink, a bottle of Vodka that he sips and sets down after a hefty slug. "That said, I saw you there to. So answer me this…" he looks then to Kevin, speaking softer. "How do you know 'em? aaand are you from the same place as T'Challa?"

"Sort of. I spent the last couple years in Wakanda." Kevin answers. "My grandfather was Wakandan. As for the others, I ran into them at a barber shop and we got to talking. They were telling me about their hobby of cleaning up the neighborhood."

Robbie goes home.

Robbie nods a few times then as he looks Kevin in the eyes, as if looking into his very souls. "that explains that" he says then for a moment. "those two always tellin' everyone our hobby…well, you express an interest in joining our little crusade?"

"What makes you think I'm qualified?" Kevin asks, not at all hesitant to meet Robbie's eyes. "I might just be an accountant, sitting on my ass all day." Which is highly unlikely since he's dressed casually enough to fit right in with the Harlem streets. "I'm a killer at addition."

Robbie just…looks at Kevin then for a moment. "hm…well, firstly, you spent the last two years in Wakanda, an -extremely- secluded spot that's likely filled iwth warriors, aaand while you are likely a kilelr at math, Danny and Reno likely wouldn't mention that they have a habit of cleaning up the city if they new you were 'just an accountant'." he smiles then softly.

Kevin snorts softly and his smile is dry. "Actually, they never asked. I don't know if they just assumed or didn't really care. But while you're right Wakanda is filled with warriors, there's also a lot of non-warriors as well. Scientists, farmers, etc. It's self sufficient."

Robbie shrugs then. "Well, I've never been there, only what I've heard from T'Challa, so I'm already at a disadvantage compared to you." he teases then softly. Alas, he offers a small smile to the man before him with a small scratch of his head. "Hm, alrighty then. Strange…Reno has an asty habit of running his mouth."

Kevin lifts his bottle and takes a swig. "Well, to be fair, it's an accurate assumption. I hadn't really thought about it but now you mention it, it could be interesting. I hadn't really thought about what I'd be doing beyond renewing my PI license."

Robbie Reyes shrugs then a moment to Kevin. "Hm, well, we usually meet up here anyways, so if you feel like hearing them talk away about it, might as wel come here more often." he says softly with a smile. sipping at his drink just a little bit more. "Well, what are you good at?"

"I'm pretty sure Reno could talk away about it in more detail than I need. Or want." Kevin says with a quick grin. "Why don't you give me the short version." he suggests then pauses to take another swig. "Have you seen T'Challa fight? He's better than me."

Robbie laughs then. "Yeah, Reno doesn't know how to can it, it's one of his charms though. yeah, I've seen T'Challa fight…he's better than really anyone I've ever seen in terms of pure martial might." a shrug then. "But, that's just me."

"No, you're right." Kevin agrees. "He's been training since he was born. Plus he's the panther god's chosen. I doubt anyone could beat him if it's a question of just fighting skill. He's the king. So, you were saying about the team…"

Robbie looks at Kevin then with a small shrug. "Now I don't know any of that shit, but if you say so." a small smile then before he speaks. "Well, we call ourselves the Defenders now apparently. We just keep the scum off the streets and make sure the city doesn't destroy itself. We're all special in some way."

"That's the impression I got from talking to them." Kevin agrees. "Pretty much the same job I did when I was a cop." He still holds himself that way even without a uniform. "Just with less bullshit. Well, like I said to Reno and Kai, ever need a hand, just send a message to the embassy and I'll get it. I never mind cleaning up the city."

Robbie smiles softly to the man then. "Consider that your official invitation then. Like I said, we usually meet here when we want to plot stuff, so we'll give you a call. Or Danny will. He's the rich kid anyway." he shrugs then with a smile. "Heh, knew they chatted with you about it." he winks softly. "Either way, glad to have you on board." he offers a clink of his bottle to his.

Kevin nods and stands up, setting his bottle down on the bar. "Sounds good. Though I wish they'd get some decent beer." Decent being better than what's probably the best bran they actually sell here. "Talk to you later then." Giving the man a nod, he heads out.

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