1965-03-08 - History Cannot Repeat Itself
Summary: Kurt and Dizzy end up talking politics at the Eight Ball. History Cannot Repeat Itself
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Julie is just getting out of a blue station wagon, parking near the Eight Ball and glancing about for who's there on the street, glancing up at the sky, and musing, "Think I'm about ready for some spring, here," she smirks, and starts meandering that way.

Nightcrawler has been making his way around Mutant Town, checking to see if anyone needs any help that he can give. Sadly, he isn't able to distribute money, but he made a bunch of sandwiches earlier and has distributed most of them as best as he could. It's the least he can do. The random comment to no one in particular has him turning his head, "It was not a large storm…und most of it will be gone by the end of the day. It is too warm for it to stay long."

Dizzy gives a smile when she sees the blue guy. Nods. "Guess I better just keep an eye on it while I'm out. Heya, Kurt, seems like it's been ages since I saw you out. How you been keeping yourself, and all?" Glances up and down. "Just came around for some lunch, had a few things to drop off at the guys' new garage over there. Why don't you come on in and join me or something?"

"Oh, I have been out und about," Kurt offers with a grin. "I have been fine, und you?" The invitation has him looking a little embarassed, "Danke, but…I have no money for eating out und it would not be right for you to pay." Even though his stomach gives a little murmur at the thought of lunch.

Julie smirks, with a little Italian hand-talk for emphasis, "Says who, it's not right, I got nothing but jobs, right now, and what else is that for but parts and gas," she winks. "Don't worry about it, ain't like this is the Ritz or something."

Nightcrawler still looks hesitant, but in the end hunger wins out. "Ok, but another time, I will give you something back." Because that makes it fair! He still has a couple more sandwiches, but he'll dole those out later. It never occured to him to eat one himself. "Danke."

Julie nods. "Well, that way we'll hang out more, so sounds good." She gestures the way in. "Maybe you got some news from town, too, been spending a lotta time on this upstate gig and a couple other things."

.~{:-:[ Eight Ball — New York City ]:------—:}~.
The pool hall has a bouncer standing outside who is taller and bigger
than any normal human could be. People probably play it off as him just being
a big guy but he's also got extra muscle groups to top off his mutation. Only
mutants, and friends vouched for by said mutants, get past his careful eye.
Inside, the place is so filled with smoke it's hard to see features or any
garish mutations people might carry. There's a long bar with two dozen solid,
metal bar-stools lining the front. They are made to hold up to a ton. The
main space of the room, however, is cover with a dozen pool tables in
alternating red and yellow felt. Green shaded lights hang low across each
table, meant to illuminate the game and nothing else. There is a small area
in the back corner with low sitting couches gathered around a single black
and white television. Not only is this a pool hall, it's an oasis of safety
for mutants and their friends, where they can get news updates, good food,
and fellow mutated company.

Nightcrawler shakes his head as he follows Dizzy into the bar, "Nein, no news from town. I have been keeping to myself und our neighborhood for most of the time. It is best for all that way, I think. It is good that you have been busy though!"

Julie ahs, "Well, sounds like you oughtta get out more, even if it's in safer places. Probably make it easier to get by, too, people gotta look out for each other, and all." She waves to the barkeep as they approach. "Ah, I guess how bout a burger, fries, and a Pepsi for me, and…" She just gestures to Kurt, there, and adds, "You ever think about maybe going to school or something?"

"I will have the same thing," is offered as the order is taken. Seems easy enough and a burger sounds delicious! "I am fine getting by…people have their thoughts on other things now than seeing me walk about. But just going out with no purpose seems odd when I have a purpose in our neighborhood." There's a tilt of his head and his brows draw down, "School? I am a little old for that."

Julie smiles. "Well, more thinking college type stuff, but always good to be useful in your neighborhood. What you do there, then, just help people out?"

Nightcrawler just sort of blinks at Julie, "Do you not need to finish Primary schooling before you go to University? I thought that was how it worked? I did not go to any school growing up. Can you imagine me sitting in a classroom with others?"

Julie laughs. "Kinda could, actually," she says, fishing out a smoke while they wait for burgers. "You seem like a smart guy, and, well, not all of us exactly had ordinary childhoods, maybe there's someplace that understands that," she hints, lighting up that smoke. "Maybe think about it, could be I kinda know of a scholarship program."

"If you are talking about that institute," Kurt gives a sigh, "They were very kind, but…there is no reason for me to be there. It would feel like I am…what is the word? Taking advantage of their kindness."

Julie tilts her head, and smiles. "I was kinda wondering. I know you met some of the others, but maybe the kindness don't all go one way, there's always someone had it harder than us, and it seems you got some kindness of your own and all. Sometimes folks need… Well, kinda more help, that's where some of us kinda pay it back. The Prof's got this vision, and all. Means we ought to use what we got to help others out, especially how crazy the world's been getting about more than folks like us, you know what I mean?"

"Ja, I know Herr Xavier." They're kind of related…sort of? It's complicated. "He has made the invitation. I know where it is. But…forgive me, but I have seen no real reason to be there. I would rather those who need the help go there. I do not need comfort in knowing there are others like me."

Julie nods. "Fair enough, no one's twisting your arm or nothing, …I guess just don't sell yourself short about it in the process, and I guess you got our number if you need help with the neighborhood, and all." She grumbles a bit under her breath, "Besides, could be need for more than comforting each other if this Senator WIlliams gets his way. Ain't no good could come of that."

"Sell myself short?" It might not be a phrase he's familiar with. "I am not following what is going on in the news." It's not like he can hide what he is, nor does he seem interested in doing so. "I do not live here in Mutant Town, you know. I live in Hell's Kitchen. There are others besides Mutants who need help."

Julie ohs, "Oh, yeah. Pretty heavy." She draws on her smoke. "Some folks in the goverment want to make all mutants register, catalog what everyone can do, …like people don't gotta work jobs or something. Way to turn everyone that don't into a criminal, if not just lock up whoever they find, …or send everyone to slums when they lose their jobs and homes and all. Pretty big trouble just there."

Nightcrawler's eyes widen and fill with fear…before getting an overlay of anger upon hearing the news. "Will they make people wear something on their clothes that will tell the world that they are mutants? Will they then take them to execution camps? We have seen this before. It cannot happen again!"

Julie nods, there, but shrugs, something spinning in her pocket. "Yeah, who knows what next, if they do that, …I mean, you're easy to spot, but whatever they say they're afraid of, just registering ain't gonna do anything for all the fear they got, so you can count on those MacCarthy types to keep pushing for more and more fear and more restrictions, then who knows. Guess it could be why that Brotherhood's recruiting, but there'll be more than crazy Bible-thumpers to worry about this time if people don't see sense."

Nightcrawler blinks, "I am not talking of the Bible. The bible says nothing about any of this. I am talking about the millions of people who were killed in Europe twenty years ago…because they were different. Because they were not what others defined as 'normal' or 'right'."
Julie ahs. "Oh, I was talking about some crazy church that was the last guys came through here playing Nazi, like we didn't just fight a huge war to put a stop to that kind of nonsense. Kind of part of the problem, though, when you got people being taught you're evil every Sunday, then they want to know just where you live and all."

"That is not fair," Kurt points out. "I go to Church und I am a Catholic. But it does not mean that I…or everyone who goes to Church, believes that those who are different are wrong. Many preach kindness to all."

Julie ohs, "Come from a a Catholic family, myself, …anyway, it don't take *everyone* to start in with the witch hunts or pogroms, or hauling people off in Paddy wagons just on what they figure's general principle. Some being nice sure don't make it safe to put your name on some list. Even if they tried keeping it confidential, that wouldn't last nine minutes in the real world."

"There cannot be a list. That is how it starts. People cannot allow this to happen," Kurt offers emphatically. "They will not listen to me, but this needs to be fought. They need to learn from history!"

Julie nods, crushing out her smoke with a little smile as burgers and fries arrive. "Well, I guess they got some of the present to learn from, too. Guess we at least really look like something new in the world, and all. Kinda hoping to show it ain't some *bad* new thing, just cause some folks think everything new's probably bad, you know what I mean?"

"People who are different are not new. Whether it is by race or religion or merely appearance…we are not new. Und…discrimination is not new. They are just changing their targets. It is all the same und we must fight it all." The food arrives and Kurt just looks at it for a moment before asking the server if he can get it to go. "I am sorry…I…If you would like to take this home, you may. I would not like to have you pay for it und just take it. Or…I can find you und pay you back. But I find I am not hungry now." The topic seems to have upset him too much.

Julie nods, glancing over. "Ah, yeah. I get it. Anyhow, take care of yourself, maybe come hang out some Thursday night, I tend to drop in here, help some kids with their homework in the afternoons and all."

Nightcrawler isn't sure if he should leave the boxed meal or take it. His stomach decides for him as it growls and he reaches for the to-go bag with a three-fingered hand. "I will bring you the money for the lunch on Thursday evening. Danke."

Julie just waves a hand that it's not necessary, "Like I said, don't worry about it, some other time, then."

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