1965-03-09 - Brother and Sister
Summary: Josie and Lindon catch up.
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Lindon has, for the past couple weeks, been restricted mostly to the manor, sometimes coming here to the apartment to trade out books on his shelves. Lately he's been, ah, entertaining friends in the place. Thank goodness Josie has her room at the manor when she wants it. He left a note for her at the manor asking her to come to the apartment, where he sits on the floor, sorting through books. He's surrounded by books in stacks. There are a few boxes of, you guessed it, more books.

"My book sense is stating to go off. Are you dating your llibrary for real this time, Lin? Because I was kidding about that when we were in highschool, you dig me?" Josephine squints as she looks around the room and then carefully makes her way toward where Lindon is seated. How she got in isn't really much of a question. Keys or not, the door wasn't likely to stop her. "So. You wanted to see me for somethin'..?"

Lindon says, "I'm becoming my library. Small difference." That Josie has found her way inside doesn't surprise him. He smiles up at her, somewhat distracted but there's genuine pleasure in his countenance. "I just don't get to see you as much as I want to," he explains. "We're ships in the night. I miss my little sister. How have you been?"

"Ah. Well, that sounds more practical anyway." Josie briefly returns the smile and then nods as Lindon starts to speak. She moves ovr to where the man is seated with his books and sits down as well, looking over the stacks of volumes. "I'm here," she starts slowly. "I… Guess? All over, reallly. You're right. I should viist you more…" Now Josie's voice is quiet. "You look really good, you know."

"Thank you," Lindon says with a sheepish smile. "I've been taking care of myself." He slides the book in his hand onto the shelf. "I know you've got your own thing going, and that's all right. That's growing up. I just like it when you make time for your boring old brother." In the moment, it's almost easy to forget he's the Archive, and everything that's happened in and around that. "You look good, too. I mean, you're here, and you're in one piece."

"I'll make more time. If… You want," Josie begins slowly. "I dn't mind. Spending more time together, I mean. I'm glad you're doing well.. It seems like you've gotten over the whole… Upset over the library. starting to embrace it?"

"I'd like that," Lindon says. "Do you want some tea or something? There's a pot in the kitchen that should still be hot." He just doesn't have any drinks around the books. "I don't know if I'm embracing it, but I'm accepting it. It's just that it's so much trouble. People want the Archive. Thank God they don't know it's a person."

"…Sure. Thank you." Josie's declension is getting a little better. She draws herself to a proper posture and shifts slightly before reaching out to take a book. "People want the Archive," she echoes hollowly. "It's too bad they can track it whether they know it''s a person or not. To some extent, at least? Otherwise they wouldn't be bothering you anyway."

"Yeah," Lindon says. "Sometimes you get a wizard who crops up thinking he'll just abscond with me." He shakes his head. "Haven't gotten that lately, but…" He purses his lips. Gently, he says, "Look, Josie, there's a really bad guy looking for me. He thinks I'm a book, and that buys me a little safety. Lamont's got me warded to the hilt just to keep the scent off me. That's why I've been cooped up lately. I want you to be careful."

"Tell me more about this 'guy'," Josephine begins. She suddenly sounds entirely business-like.. Any affecctions or slang has disappeared from the woman's voice and she is watching Lindon with an intense stare. "Do you know any features or identifying marks? A wizard, is it? So I can figure out how best to stay safe, of course." It would not seem out of place for Josephine to be transcribing all of this into a notebook right now.

Lindon's brow knits. "Yes, you'd better stay safe. Don't get ambitious, Josie," he says. "Lamont is working on it. The Sorcerer Supreme is working on it, too. This guy's a heavy hitter. I don't want to see you get hurt." Always the big brother. He sighs quietly and admits, "The guy's got a relic that lets him hide even from me. He's got followers, though, and those are pretty bad, too. Blood magic, human sacrifice. Right now the most they know about me is I might know where the Archive is, but Lamont's got me layered in wards and no-see'em spells. And I don't go out."

"Ambitious, in my job?" Josie shook her head once and paused. "Wait, quiet for a second. I''m listening to see if I've still got a heartbeat. I'm not going to go leap at them and get myself killed trying to stab them in the face or anything remotely akin to that, Lindon, but I do have skills that could be considered useful for something like this. As well as protective…" Then Josie pauses for a couple beats. "Could you back up, though. The Sorcerer Supreme?"

Lindon replies, "Gosh, I'm sorry. I thought you knew. There's a very powerful wizard tasked with protecting the Earth. If something mystical threatens it, he responds. It's a lot of responsibility." He glances aside, sheepish as he admits, "I kind of know him."

"I mean, I'm familiar with the *concept*…" Josie pauses when Lindon makes his aside and then tilts her head slightly. "That's cool." She seems to be gauging his expression carefully but is otherwise not extremely concerned. The information is 'interesting' rather than vital, apparently. "Convenient that he's helping with this. Are you sure this guy does not also want the Archive?"

"He doesn't have to try to take me," Lindon says. "I tell him whatever he wants to know as a matter of professional courtesy. Besides, he's not like that. He treats me like a person." He smiles faintly. "Weird how that's not a given, huh?" His expression is a little shifty, worried more than he's trying to let on. He's trying to put up a brave front. But when he speaks of the Sorcerer Supreme, it's with genuine respect. "You know," he says, "I was in such denial about what you do now, I never asked what exactly it is you can do."

"Not magic, for starters," Josie begins rather seriously. She takes a deep breath and then holds it for a few moments before slowly shifting her weight from left to right. "I can recognize spells and go through a few of the motions sbut I don't have much magical potential that I really know of," she continues softly. "A few simple charms and wards that don't relly on personal power, maybe. But I can make- alchemical concoctions, they would call it? Bombs, things that waard off monsters… I have a way to negate powerful spells." Josie glances toward her duffel bag and then pauses for a second. "I can sense magic around me. Better than most wizards can, I've found." She pauses to let that sink n for about a second before adding, "I'm glad he''s so good to you. That's important. I know they call me a Witch Hunter, but the Sorcerer Supreme is… Not someone I'd ever dream of trying to take on. He's the Good Guy." Yes, capital Gs. Genuine respect abounds, it seems.

Lindon's brows lift in pleasant surprise. "You're an alchemist?" Then he smiles. "Of course you are. You're smart as a whip. Josie, that's great. I'm sorry I've had so much trouble wrapping my mind around all these changes. I just think of you and you're my little sister, and I want to look after you and make sure you're okay. But wow, you can sense magic? I bet I'm lit up like a Christmas tree." It's true. There are warding spells on him and the apartment, as well as 'you don't see me' enchantments. Apparently familiar people are exempt. "Lamont is a good guy, too. If you have any latent talent, I bet he could help you find it. It's a dangerous world, though."

"They looked pretty closely to find any, just in case. Apparently it's… Dangerous. Some of the things I do to ward against magic would probably backfire or- something." Josie gives a faint shrug at this point. "Yes, I'm an alchemist. All the booze? Doesn't hurt me at all. For starters. I''m really, truly okay, Lin.. I promise." Stating this firmly Josie reaches out to place a hand over Lindon's left and lets that settle in. "You're covered in magic. Wards make sense. I- would have to look closer to decipher it all, I guess? But I could probably remove them if I wanted to." There's a moment while Josie considers this, slowly swaying. "I believe you. About LaMont and the Sorcerer Supreme and… even Morbius. I guess. But yeah. I'm an alchemist. And a sword and pistol duelist… And a monster expert." A beat. "It's kind of a school intensive job now that I think about it. Should've paid better. Oh well."

Lindon lowers his gaze. "I never should have left you," he says quietly. Still, he mustters a small, wistful smile as he says, "But you grew into this strong and capable person. As long as you're okay, Josie. We're all the family we have left." His smile broadens as she declares even Morbius okay. "I'm proud of you," he says. "I don't know if I've said that enough, but the way you are now? I'm proud."

"What? You have to be joshing me," Josie replies, shaking her head."I mean. I'm basically everything you didn't want me to be, right?" She speaks slowly, blue eyes slightly hazy as they lock onto Lindon's own. "You don't need to reassure me. But… Thank you. For accepting me. And being here now, evne if it was- hard. Before." She takes a deep breath. "I know I never said this before but I forgivey ou.. For everything that went down. Seriously."

Lindon returns her gaze, and his big dark eyes are so gentle, like a doe or a puppy. "That's just it, though. It wasn't your job to grow up to be what I wanted. You're strong, your competent, and I'll love you no matter what, okay?" When she says she forgives him, he can't help himself. He pulls her into a hug. "Thank you," he says. "It was a mess. Neither of us should have had to go through it."

Josie nods slowly and sinks easily to the hug, almost disappearing like she would have when she was young. "No," she agrees quietly. "We shouldn't have." The girl squeezes her older brother tightly and buries her head against his shoulder, for once just alowing him to be her older brother. No spin or play, no vices affected or otherwise. Just the two of them, together.

Lindon savors the moment while he has it, giving her a big hug, the kind that means business. "But we got through it, and we came out stronger on the other side." He doesn't have the heart to tell her that, in a way, he's still going through it, that this 'Archive' gig doesn't have a happy ending. "I promise I'll be careful with this bad guy. I'm not looking for any trouble."

"He's just one of a lot of them, right?" Josie asks seriously. Lindon didn't need to tell her. Of course. She''s been looking into things involving the Archive for a long time, and even if the details aren't clear… "Give him hell, Lindon. Make him choke on this bullshit if he comes after you and yours. I'll stab this guy through the fucking chesst if i have to. And I don't know if I can handle him yet but you might be surprised what I *can*."

"You know I'd rather you stay safe," Lindon says. He purses his lips, then adds, "But that's not who you are. The major baddie is named Hargrove. He's dangerous. He consumes souls, so he can do worse than kill you. His followers can harvest the souls, so they're dangerous, too. I research them every day to see if they've figured out yet what the Archive is. If they ever do, I'm going to hole up at the manor. The wards there are pretty good, and I'm going to rally everyone." He can't fight, but damn it, he's surrounded by people who can.

"That's good for a start," Josie agrees. "I'm going to look into things and see if I know anything about this guy. And… Don't worry. I'll do my best to keep my soul safe. If I can't reincarnate to fuck around with you afgter I go what good is death, right?" Josie winks then and slowly releases Lindon. "we''ll fight. All of us. I'll keep mmy loose cannon tendencies firmly in check, I promise."

"Yes, no loose cannon tendencies," Lindon says. He wouldn't be Josie's brother if he didn't lecture at least a little bit. He's a fretter. He's gonna fret. He doesn't call her out on her language, though. "I'll get you a copy of whatever I can. Maybe we can get together with Lamont and strategize together. Someone with your talent could be useful."

"Okay. That sounds really good. I hope I can reallly help," Josie agrees in a very quiet voice, "Point me wherey ou need me and let's get this show on the road, right?"

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