1965-03-11 - Red, White, and Blue
Summary: Kevin and Daredevil meetup
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You can hear the heavy breathing and the frantic, racing footsteps first. A figure in black is running as if hi life depends on it. Perhaps it does. But, there are more than one set of thundering bangs on the rooftop. THe other figure, this one in red, is giving chase, and little by little is catching up to the marked man.

Three buildings later, the Daredevil has him, leaping onto his back with a raised knee. Blue Talon collapses in a huff, sliding a bit on his chin and shoulder before coming to a stop.

Daredevil approaches, assuming victory, but it's just a ruse as his enemy turns quickly and takes the legs out from under the vigilante. Both up to their feet, now as they battle using martial arts skills, trading blow for blow, parry for parry, and dodge for dodge.

Kevin was just walking from point A to point B. He could have taken the subway but the weather's starting to get nice and today was particularly sunny, if a bit cool. The sound of the chase is clear to his hearing and after a moment, he looks up toward the tops of the buildings. Chase. Impact. Fight. Some people would say it's not his business. He'd say they were wrong. Reaching behind his neck, his clothing transform into his costume as he pulls the hood up over his head. The bottom of the fire escape is easily attained with a simple leap and he climbs up the outside of it, being quicker and quieter than using the actual metal steps. Though once he's on the roof, he's presented with a problem: who's the bad guy?

Daredevil dips under a strike from Talon, whose metal bracers glisten in the sunlight as they streak over the head of the masquerading lawyer. Matt takes advantage of the miss to drive a fist deep into the ribs of Talon who lets out a yelp as one of the bones break.

Daredevil notices the newcomer and, with his ears and echolocation, keeps an "eye" out, but as of right now, too much attention will lead to certain decapitation.

Looking over the two guys, Kevin folds his arms across his chest. Obviously can't go by color of costume. T'Challa's all in black, of course. Truncheon verse 'claws' but, again, meaningless as his own costume has claws. And neither is saying a word. "Someone like to explain what's going on here?" he asks eventually.

Blue Talon's gaze turns towards Kevin, slowly, as he struggles to regain his composure. He begins to speak, but his words are in a different language, and Daredevil moves forward to strike once more, though this time the man in black is able to parry the shot. "This man is a murderer," says Daredevil through gritted teeth as the battle begins to ensue again more properly. "And he's going to be brought to justice."

And that was singularly unhelpful. Kevin can't understand the one and there's nothing to back up the story of the other. Even if he's not lying, it's only what he believes to be true. "Just what form is justice going to take?"

Daredevil's foot shoots up to catch Blue Talon under the chin, staggering the latter back a few paces. "Hopefully a jury trial and then a jail cell." He moves in to catch Talon a few times in the chest, working on that rib. But he makes an error and gets a face full of Talon's elbow. Yeouch!

Blood begins to stream down from the man in red's nose, but he doesn't seem to pay it any mind.

Good answer. Probably the perfect one to a former cop. "If you surrender now, this'll be over and we'll make sure to get you an interpreter." Kevin tells the one in black and blue. "If it's a mistake, you'll be free in a few hours or a day or two."

Blue Talon doesn't respond; for he knows if he's caught, he will be put behind bars for a very long time. Instead, he flings out some small metal balls from inside his cloak. For a moment there is nothing, but afterward there are loud bangs and pops. It seems this guy has met Daredevil before…

The loud explosions cause Kevin to flinch, though his costume provides some protection against the sound. Painful though, definitely. And he wasn't expecting it. "Son of a bitch." he curses.

Daredevil drops to his knees in pain and covers his ears as Blue Talon is making a final run for it. He leaps off the edge of the building, while all around White Tiger and Daredevil, pops and flashes continue to rain out. Once it's all stopped, Daredevil remains on his knees, trying to compose himself.

Once the bangs stop, Kevin moves over to the edge of the roof but, as expected, the guy's out of sight. "Damn it." Knowing it won't help, he reaches up to rub an ear as he turns. "You okay?"

Daredevil straightens, while still on his knees, wincing. His glove comes up to wipe at the blood on his face. "Yeah. Thanks." He's clearly frustrated, but he knows that Blue Talon will slip up sometime, and probably sooner than later.

"So who was that and what did he do?" Kevin asks. He's likely to run into him again if he stays in the city. Though if he's a hired killer, he's likely to leave once the job is done. "Paid assassin or was it personal?"

"First one," Daredevil replies, now getting up to his feet. "Killed a CEO of a shipping company a week ago. Not sure why someone wanted to pay a guy like him to do something like that. Haven't gotten that far."

"Follow the money." Kevin says. "Who profits with him dead? Or who's been profiting with him alive but now needed to get rid of him. The money trail always leads to the killer." Which is easier said than done. "Unless it's a jealous or angry lover." he adds. "But they don't usually hire professional assassins."

"Much less ones from Japan. That's a hell of a long way." Daredevil walks over to look at Kevin, now, the red lenses more or less meeting his gaze. "What about you. What's your story?"

"I'm not a paid assassin or from Japan." Kevin answers, sounding completely serious. "I'll assume you aren't either since you were trying to stop him. Why? Had nothing better to do today or did you know the victim?"

"Just sort of what I do," Daredevil responds as he sticks his head out over the edge of the building. "Compelled to," he adds as an afterthought.

Kevin can accept that answer; it's why some people become cops or firemen. "He's long gone. Clever trick, those explosions. I'll have to prepare against that kind of thing. So what do you call yourself?" he asks. "I'm the White Tiger."

"Daredevil," he replies with a nod. "He's a pretty resourceful guy. They call him the Blue Talon. Apparently 12 confirmed kills back in his home country."

"I'd start out looking at who that CEO did business with in Japan. Sounds like he was involved in organized crime." Kevin tells him. "Then became a liability. Or got greedy and double crossed his boss. Keep an eye on who takes over for him. Odds are good he'll be connected."

"Or the next target," Daredevil replies. "Haven't uncovered anything about the victim so far. Could be innocent."

"Possibly." Just doubtful. Innocent people are rarely targeted by professional hitmen. "But good luck finding out."

"Thanks," Daredevil replies. "How long have you been out here?" he asks. He didn't get a real answer at the last question, but the lawyer in him continues the questioning all the same.

"What day is it?" Kevin asks, his tone dryly amused. "I just got back to the country last week." From wherever that accent is from would be a logical assumption. "You been at this long?"

"Couple of years," Daredevil says with a nod. "Hopefully the next time something like this happens we'll be on the same side."

"Hard to tell who's who without a badge as a giveaway." Kevin notes. Not that a badge guarantees it being a good guy. "You must have started around the same time I left the city." Which explains why he doesn't recognize the costumed vigilante. "I'll be around though. Have some friends you might run into too. Call themselves the Defenders."

Daredevil chuckles, before nodding several times to Kevin. "Yeah, I think it's a good chance I'll run into them. I'm one of them."

"Oh? I'll be seeing you then as I was asked to join. Cleaning up the streets sounded like a good idea." One Kevin can definitely get behind.

For the first time, Daredevil actually smiles, though the blood has now reached into his lips, so it may not give the desired visual. "Glad to have you on board. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should figure out where the Blue Talon is headed."

"Good luck." Kevin's ears were ringing so he couldn't hear which way he went. "Seems like I'll see you later."

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