1965-03-12 - Ars Gratia Artis
Summary: When Modern art meets the real deal of Classic art people find interesting things
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Maximus escorts Kaleb through the beautiful section of classical art, seemingly appreciative. "Feeling well enough for the moment, Kaleb? Let me know if I need to take over. You know it is interesting that the styles of painting in here are unlike anything my people ever did…not even back in their history. Its all far more geometric."

Diana has learned of the Metropolitan and the unique art, sculptures and artifacts on display. Of particular interest is the Hellenistic wing, which she is currently observing, dressed fittingly in a cloak and hood wrapped tightly about her body. It got her no more than a few condescending remarks as she made her way in, but for the most part, none were too bothered. She's currently studying a depiction of hoplites in phalanx formation, taking the kind of interest that would suggest she was some art professor at the least. If not an outright history buff.

Kaleb tapped the back of Max's shoulder with a pat, brief, but it was a thank you in not so many words. He followed into the Greek Wing out of modern that, admittedly, he was growing more and more partial to. "I think I love your people's love for geomerty and finding symmetry in all things. Actually here we'll find the same concept. The concept of divitnity as portrayed in art was one to show balance in perfect alignment which, in nature, is almost never the case. I kinda… want… to redo a room that has a freize like this onely instead of the battle of Thermopole, something a little more Diego Rivera?"

"I trust you in all things where this is concerned. You know I will only stack things in front of it." Maximus smiles just a bit, not his usual crazy-broad one Then he notices the woman in the cloak. "Wellll…isn't she something. Its as if there is a sculpture come to life. Do you see the symmetry?" It'd sound creepy except that it actually sounds like he's making factual observations.

Diana overhears the most unlikely of terms when Kaleb approaches her as he takes into the Greek Wing, and she turns to look at him with a bemused expression on her visage, "you know of the Battle of Thermopylae?" She asks, studying Kaleb curiously. But then Maximus speaks, and Diana turns to look at him, her expression far more neutral this time. One may take it either way they wish, but the man had a good eye, she was divinely formed after all.

Kaleb found too much amusement in that rubbing a hand over his face to hide the snicker and maintain a more ahem stoic expression. It only sort of helped. "A frieze goes over the top of a door or arch. You stacking things in front of it we need to talk about your need to barricade yourself inside." Those glas sblue eyes drift to Diana at Max's obervation, paused and tilted his head up. He wasn't used to having a conversation with a gal at eye level. THis… this was admittedly new outside of Attilan. Huh! THe impeccably dressed young man answered her smoothly, "Well I wasn't there personally, but stories of tactical strategy of overcoming overwhelming odds ? Battle of Plataea not bad for that either." He glanced to Maximus and then to Diana wondering why more women couldn't start conversations like this. It would make life infiniately better. "SHould have been here when the Indian cultultural pieces were here. There was an actual battle over the art itself. Utterly terrible."

"Its true. These," Max gestures to the paintings with a casual flip of his hand, "seem to cause less discontent. But, perhaps its because they do not show all the rampantly gay sex that was happening at the time." NOW he grins wolfishly. "So I'm told. I wasn't there, of course. I half expect to see your portrait around in here though." He compliments as he reaches up Kaleb's back and brushes his hand down it.

"You surprise me," Diana remarks, amusement returning to her voice as Kaleb shows some understanding of it, at the very least, while also mentioning another battle. Something she hasn't quite encountered in Man's World before. "How do you know of these battles?" She asks curiously, before looking aside at Maximus' remark, looking utterly confused about the emphasize of gay sex of all things, as she quips, "sex is sex, what matters the genders involved…?" Some would have venomously outspoken opinion on such a matter, but she, seems genuinely confused that it should even be an issue to begin with.

Kaleb answered the last first and shook his head, "Who knows, but it seemed to matter a great deal to teh people that tore apart the doors to teh East wing and destroyed a lot of priceless art commemorating the birth and ascention of gods they cannot possibly begin to understand because it threatens what little they know." Brace thyselves, Kaleb has opinions on this stuff. He offered a hand, business ettiquite in tact, to greet the woman formally. "Kaleb Miller. Pleasure. Aaaaand that would be a combination of sterling education and weirdly, my family business. You," He paused dead in his sentence for the sum of a moment, recalibrated and tried that again, "You… know military history?" He looked to Maximus curious as if silently asking 'she one of yours?'.

Maximus shakes his head faintly to Kaleb's question. Then its as if the thought finally occurred to him to speak it. "You never know what my machines might block. But, for what its worth, I believe I confused that with a mural." He ran his free hand through his curls and smiles back to Diana. "I am Maximus Boltagon…a name that certain comes from those times, if I remember rightly." Its not subtle…for sure.

Diana extends her hand to take Kaleb's offered one, she has by now picked up on the art of shaking hands for greeting, "I applaud your parents for giving you such thorough education," she muses, "Diana Prince," she introduces herself. Nodding her head at the question, "one could say that I do." A rather unlikely field of expertise for women at this time frame, but nevertheless, she seems confident in her knowledge. "Maximus is a very familiar name, to be sure, there have been quite a few with fame of varying degrees bearing such a name. Some were rulers, some soliders, some historians, some philosophers, many indeed!"

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Kaleb let Max soak that one up and commented, "I think he passes as three out of four of those. In this case I'd say the history of the name holds." Still he was impressed as hell by the declaration which, truthfully didn't happen often. "Mty father designs military insillations around the globe. An emphasis on military history falls a bit naturally. Though honetly with the passing of Malcom X? We could very well be standing in the next one. It'll be interesting." he paused and was fighting saying… something… For all it was worth he gave Maximus a look and accepted that he would try not to just stack machinery in front of the important bits of the decor. "Thank you."

"If you'll excuse me, I should be going on my way now, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Kaleb, Maximus," Diana inclines her head at each, before proceeding further down the wing.

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