1965-03-12 - Quiet Hunter
Summary: A little bit of TCP adventure where silence is in play
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Billy was scrying for trouble in Narnia; scrying involved a map of the city, and him spinning around in circles repeatedly with his eyes closed as he chanted, "Whereareweneededwhereareweneededwhereareweneededwhereareweneeded"— and then his finger coming down to land… at Central Park. Its entirely possible he's a little nuts and that skepticism was warrented, but Central Park is never a *bad* place to go look for trouble in the middle of the night. Anything that goes bump in the night has at one time or another showed up there.

Billy is dressed in his night-work uniform: a dark green jumpsuit with a cutout all along the side from heel wrist, and wrist to neck; in that space is a design that looks like space. Over this is his dark, red hooded cape which casts a shadow that maybe vaguely makes it less likely someone will spy him out. Right.

Billy connects their out-door to the side-door of a shop in a side street, so its through there that he leads The Team. Or, well, the other guy who was in the basecamp at the time. "I'm not entirely clear specifically where we should be going."

Kellan had been in Narnia looking for something he'd left there when he saw Billy spinning around, and then getting ready to go out. He wasn't dressed any particularly differently than usual. He had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a sweater over it as the evenings were still cool, but he wanders on along after Billy, since, why not? "Listen for the sounds of screaming, screeching tires, or look for smoke," he offers as potential signs of distress.

"You should keep some out-clothes in Narnia." remarks Billy as he leads the way, "At least some black jeans and a black hoodie and maybe a bandana. Or… just something different. You don't want regular-sorts of people knowing we are doing the heroing thing. Well, I don't. If someone knew that Billy Kaplan, of Queens, was reality-warping witch boy they could grab one of my little brothers…" He doesn't talk about those very much, "…or hell, my mom and dad." Pause, "Muggle-mom and muggle-dad. Not the powered ones. Hah. Good luck someone trying to use them against me."

"Mhmn," Kellan says. "I hadn't really planned on going anywhere tonight. Besides, they already kidnap and try to shoot at my brother or blow him up on the regular. I'm not really sure how much worse it could really get." Kellan's never so much as gotten a scratch. It's Kaleb who's been kidnapped, melted, and shot… among other things. But he strolls along toward the park. "If they want to take my parents, they're welcome to them."

"That's why I keep a change of superhero-attire in a cabinet. Sometimes we don't plan." But Billy laughs softly, shaking his head, his tone rueful, "See I happen to *like* both sets of my parents, though having *two* sets of people who can give you Dad Eye and Mom Stare seems wholly unfair, to me." As they reach Central Park itself, there's a still quietness to the air. In fact, it's a little bit too quiet. Its the kind of quiet that happens when nature collectively holds its breath and decides Not To Draw Attention To Itself.

"At least yours care enough to give a Dad Eye or a Mom Stare. I'm pretty sure mine don't know which of us is which or how many of us there actually are," Kellan says as he wanders toward the entrance to the park and then inside. The too quiet nature of the place has him looking around and falling silent, seeking out whatever it is that everything seems to be trying not to attract the attention of. What predator has stilled everything so completely?

"…" Of course, Billy did not say dot-dot-dot. But what he did do was open his mouth and say something, and then blink, and say some more, and then blink, and look— actually afraid. And worried. He looks to Kellan and makes a miming gesture to his mouth, to his ears, and waves at Kellan to clearly encourage him to see something. Did Billy just go mute or deaf and are they both?

Did Billy ever mention his magic doesn't magic when he can't hear his own words?

The Beast is seen soon enough, its monsterous nature obvious. … but its not really super on the whole impressive, size-wise. Its about four feet tall, vaguely humanoid, but with a lot of eyes and nasty teeth. Teeth that are eating a nice old lady. It looks up as it hears them, through its one major hunters advantage— a field of silence.

Kellan isn't really watching Billy so much as looking around him, so it takes him a moment to realize that Billy is making motions at him. He turns and looks and sees him waving. It becomes apparent what is going on rather quickly when he realizes that this is a lot like what Kaleb does when he's done listening to people around him making noise and just wants everyone to shut up. Then he turns and sees the monstrous creature devouring an old lady, and he looks momentarily ill, a little green around the gills. The good thing about having a brother who silences you regularly is that Kellan is kind of accustomed to operating in that state. Though he does note the fear in Billy's eyes. The first thing he does is motion to Billy, to his eyes, and then to the thing, trying to communicate to keep his eyes on it. Then suddenly there are two additional Kellan's dressed identically to the first, who begin to move away from them, as though testing this field of silence and how far it might reach.

It's not far; they happened past its boundary just as Billy was about to reply to the last thing Kellan said. But the Kellans that get out of it can talk to eachother, the Kellan within can't hear it.

Good thing someone is used to it because from the look on his face, Billy sure isn't. But he lifts a hand up, and electricity dances from one finger to another, which makes him look immediately relieved. He gives a thumbs up to Kellan Prime, gestures to the creature and then makes a big ol' circle, hopefully conveying cirlce-it to the Other Kellan's. At that, he moves away a bit, and promptly makes a big spectacle of himself. Two tiny, but bright, balls of lightning appear, one in the claw of each of his hands, and he waves them to try to get the thing's attention and distract *away* from the multitude that is Kellan. The creature doesn't look— teeth aside— too tough or strong, but neither of them are experts on the Monster Manual. Still, the thing watches Billy warily. Its not frightened off by the lightshow, but its wary anyways.

Fortunately, Kellan is also a telepath, and so after the initial testing of the edge of the boundary, he says in Billy's head «It's not big. If you back up about ten steps, you can hear yourself if you need range.» All three of him move strangely in unison. While they're all very capable of very separate and distinct motion, for the moment they spiral around the creature, somewhat equidistant, surrounding it. He makes no real sudden movements, nothing to particularly draw its attention.

The voice in his mind relaxes Billy somewhat, but he shakes his head a bit at the range issue. «My non-spell powers work fine if I can't hear them, they'll be okay. Uh, god, Billy, stop looking at grandmaburger, that's so gross.» He didn't really intend to share that second half of his thought, but he is in no way used to or expert at surface-thought-control to communicate telepathically in anything but a stream of consciousness. «I should probably not electrocute it in case Grandma is still save-able, it might arc into her, so uhhh. Let's all pinch it a lot? Oh hey, I can try to TK its mouth closed and then the Kellans can jump on it I should tell him that oh wait I just did."

Kellan would laugh if the scene in front of him wasn't so gruesome. He's a lot more used to communicating back and forth with Kaleb, who is good at only projecting what he intends to, so the stream of conscious from Billy is a little bit funny. But he seems more focused on the creature in front of them. «If you can keep its mouth under control.. then I can jump it.» He narrows the spiral as he continues to close in on the creature from three directions, slowly.

Letting the electricity fade, Billy reaches out with his mind and suddenly the creature is hissing and shaking its head, but Billy is focused. The precision of the telekinesis is actually quite intense, but through the link, Kellan can't really hear Billy even thinking about it really. This power comes to him almost entirely through instinct, control isn't a function of concentration or training. It just is. He's not even aware of the fact that the same power lifts him and he begins floating a foot or so up off the ground. «Get it! Crap I should have a knife why don't I have a knife who leaves the house without a knife? I don't mean a big knife but its not a big thing who needs a big knife to stab it wait are you listening to this Kellan?»

As soon as the thing's mouth seems to be under control, all three Kelllans simultaneously bum rush the thing, toppling it over by sheer numbers alone and making it release grandma. One of the Kellans makes sure that grandma reaches the ground as gently as possible while the other two wrest it to the ground and then all three pull the Kellan Maneuver (Patent Pending) and sit on it. It's worked for several other creatures so far. «Find a rock to hit it with or something.. I'll hold it down.»

Billy looks around, hand held up and out towards the thing to maintain the telekinesis, and he finds a rock as is suggested. He's quickly over there then, and he proceeds to bash the thing's brains out. It isn't fast. It takes in fact quite a lot of rocks-to-the-skull, and there's black blood splattered over everyone involved by the time its done, before the creature stills. Billy is not, precisely, strong. The most obvious thing that demonstrates the moment of its death is Billy's voice, "… ERFUCKER." He hears this, he pauses, he blinks, and flushes immediately. Billy does not cuss. Ahem.

Kellan, all three of him, is sprayed with black blood and manages to keep the thing still until it fully stills on its own and Billy's voice breaks through. It's in that instant that he really does laugh. Covered in goop, he falls back on the pavement. Meanwhile the other two reflections go to check on grandma, checking to see if she neds medical attention or whether the thing killed her before they were able to get it off.

Billy blushes more when One of the Three laughs so much, but he goes with the other Two to check on Grandma. She's alive. with a deep breath, Billy reaches down to touch her shoulder and is all totally: "Don't die. Don't die. Don't DIE. Don'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdie." This actually takes awhile, if they had gotten there any later, she might have died before the spell actually came into effect. When it does, the healing is a blur and then there's whole flesh, and Grandma blinks.

"What happened? It all went silent." she asks.

And then there's just one Kellan, no more reflections as Billy's spell takes hold so that by the time grandma stirs, there are only the two boys there. He pulls himself up to his feet once he's done laughing and then looks down at the critter, giving it a kick. "I swear, this park is like a magnet for weird shit." He moves over toward the older woman then and asks, "Can we help you home ma'am? Can you stand?"

"Weird crap." corrects Billy, and he doesn't usuaully impose his own sense of not-cussing on others; but old ladies are special that way. He helps Kellan help the lady to rise, and rise she does, though a little bit shakily. "Someone tried to mug you, but we chased him off." He urges her with a hand on an elbow to look not at the monster. That he is splattered with black blood doesn't immediately occur to him. He casts a sidelong look at Kellan, «Are you still listening to my thinking? Can you hear me? Is this thing on?"

There's a slight eyeroll from Kellan as Billy actually calls out his language, but he does have the grace to look somewhat apologetically at grandma for his cussing. Then he helps to lead the woman away from the corpse of the creature. Let's not talk about the black blood all over all of their clothes. He hopes the shock is enough that she's not paying too much attention. «Yes, I can still hear you.»

"Oh, did you chase him off? You're such nice boys." Granny says softly, her voice a bit shaky.

Billy considers briefly teleporting the lady home, his surface thoughts swimming with his understanding of magic briefly, which is a commplicated mess for anyone listening on. When Billy thinks 'magic', its a mix of math, science, sci-fi, and fantasy, all cobbled together with glue and gum and somehow this all lets him warp reality to his will. There should be a licensing board for mages, and they'd never give Billy a Magician License, for sure. "I'm Billy, this is Kellan, we'll help you home, okay?"

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