1965-03-15 - Recruiting Nate Grey
Summary: Lorna and Manuel were discussing the good Senator Williams over a game of pool, when Nate walked into the Eight Ball with a Brotherhood recruitment poster.
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Ever since the recruitment posters for the Brotherhood surfaced a couple of months ago, there has been some talk about whether the Brotherhood actually returned from a year of inactivity, or someone was playing a prank. It didn't help that it was likely one of the driving forces behind Senator Williams' new anti-mutant initiative.

But even people who took real interest in the recruitment posters, had the problem that neither of those contained any contact information. Just a call to action, to stand up for mutant rights and join the good fight.

Utterly unrelated is a pair of a green haired girl in a rugged biker jacket covered in badges and pins, featuring a greek Omega character across the back in spiked studs, and a far more elegantly dressed young man, are by a pool table having a bit of a discussion of current events.

"So Manuel…" Lorna starts as she takes aim at the cue ball, "did you hear what Senator Deathwish got planned for us?" She muses, before sinking a striped red ball.

"Only what makes the papers, I'm afraid," Manuel says, making little effort to hide his light Spanish accent. If you can't be yourself at the Eight Ball, no-where is safe, right? He was leaning against the table, but when Lorna sinks the ball he moves away to give her space to maneuver for her next shot; it's only polite, after all. "I can imagine quite a bit though. Have us drawn and quartered? Hung from the Empire State Building? Flayed alive for all to see, as a warning to those who would follow in our footsteps?" He suppresses a bit of a chuckle, because dark humour is best humour. "All talk, I'm sure. At least, it will be."

Nathaniel Grey arrived in this time period four days ago….and already, he had a fairly solid idea what the situation was from reading the minds of others en-masse. Thankfully retaining a great many of his mutant powers, his telepathy was a -great- help at this point in time. After finding one of the Brotherhood posters? Nathaniel decided his best bet would likely be with them. Helping out humans was one thing…but he wanted the mutant race to survive. He was in the past now!

he had a chance to change the future.

That said, it doesn't take him very long to figure out where Polaris and Empath are.

Arriving at the entrance and making sure it wasnt booby trapped, Nathaniel's left eye glows with powerful Psionic energy…so strong that even non-psionics can see it. Before it flickers out when Nate stops using his powers. He wears a black leather jacket and black leather pants with combat boots. a torn grey shirt covering his torso, but it easily reveals the X-brand on his right pectoral…and shows off his -very- well cut muscles.


Crystal blue eyes watch Polaris and Empath as he approaches, though he makes no present moves to read their minds or use any of his other powers. "Hello." he lifts a poster that he -definitely- stole off a wall and shows it to them. "Am I in the right place?" because it's polite to ask, right?

"One…all mutants must make themselves and their abilities known to the government, groovy, isn't it?" Lorna snorts with disdain, walking around the table as she looks for her next shot. Looks like she's aiming for the blue next, "two, make Mutant Town a quarantine zone for public safety, force all mutants to live in respective mutant towns in designated cities…" looks like she's getting angry just from describing what she found to Manuel, as she misses the pocket by inches. "There are 3 and 4 in the works, but I didn't bother, we're going to stop him…" she levels her gaze with Manuel as she steps away from the table, "using that wonderful gift of yours…we'll pay him a visit. In person."

Then they are approached quite dramatically by Nathaniel, whom Lorna has no clue about, but the way he flaunts his power with that visible aura of power, certainly draws attention. But not nearly as much as he poster in his hand, "well, you'r a bold one," she remarks at the opennes of his at displaying ability, "it's a popular hangout in Mutant Town," she notes, before exchanging a brief glance with Manuel, and asking Nathaniel, "why are you taking interest in the Brotherhood?"

Manuel can't help but roll his eyes at Lorna's listing of the good Senator's intentions. He actually lets out a small bit of a laugh again. "Yes, sounds like a /wonderful/ idea. Gather up all the people with superhuman abilities and put them all in one place and tell them they can't leave.. that is bound to end well for everyone." When Polaris misses her shot, he moves to take one of his own, leaning over the table as he evaluates the playing field. When Nathaniel makes his presence known, he quickly glances up at the man before refocusing on the game in front of him. "Almost certainly," he says, spotting the poster, the X-brand, and the flicker of light from Nate's eye with that brief glance. "Do you have a tee shirt that also declares proudly what you are?" That's sarcasm, in case it wasn't clear.

Nathaniel looks first to Polaris as she comments first that he's a bold one. "Well….if you knew where I was from, you'd know why. But, to answer your question, Let's just say the situation's not going to get better for mutants by sitting quietly." and that was as nice as he was going t put that. "My task is to protect mutantkind as best as I can. For their freedom and for their safety." he says then. "I don't like seeing our kind oppressed…not one bit." His eyes fall then to Manuel. "Everything else blew up. Sadly, I have no other shirts than what I presently wear…something that will have to change soon if I'm going to even try to be covert." Either way, his mannerisms and the way he talks and even his style of wear doesn't exactly scream 60's.

Regardless, he looks to the both of them. "That said, I'd like to join you. Unless it's mildly true what the others say and this is more of a rumor than an actual thing." he says only mildly. Alas, those eyes do show a certain intensity…like he wasn't really here to mess around or dance around the subject.

Lorna looks quite amused by Manuel's sarcasm, she likes how abrasive he could get, and the gentle manner in which he does it. Far more refined than how blunt she tends to get, slightly more direct. It was refreshing.

But she keeps her attention on Nathaniel, curious as to how he'll respond, both to her question, and Manuel's remark.

"Really…? What? Are you from fancy Europe or something?" Lorna tries to fish to why someone would be so uppity while in New York City, one of the most celebrated cities in the world. She does arch a brow when he gives a very good reason to take interest in the Brotherhood, heck, it's the very reason she took the mantle. "Correct observation," she notes flatly.

"At least you look like a Rocker, I dig the style myself," Lorna notes, "I can work with said…so you want to join the Brotherhood? Tell us what you can do." She does like his certainty, "has to do with seeing the truth or something? You sound very certain, when many don't believe, I'm impressed."

To be honest…Nate was a bit amused by Manuel's sarcasm too. It's been so long since he's heard it, and since it's New York, he'll never get enough of it! Alas, when she asks him where he's from, he answers her pretty easily. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But lets just say I'm from Switzerland." because that's here he landed after his apparent time jump. Alas, he does seem to -actually- smile when Polaris seems to approve of his words, hitting more close to home than he thought.

The first thought that came into his mind was 'what's a rocker?' but hey, new time, go with the flow. SO he rolls with it. "Correct." on the assertion that he wants to join the Brotherhood. Though when asked what his powers are, he nods softly then. "Telepathy and Telekinesis with a penchant for Psionic energy." of course he can do much more than that…and he's omega-level at that.

"Shall I demonstrate?"

"Stuck up country, huh? Well, Manuel is a bit stuck up to be fair, but he's got style…," Lorna points out, not minding personalities too much. It's colorful, and it's a higher likelihood these people truly care for the cause. "Go ahead…what number am I thinking of?" She goes for the obvious, thinking of infinity. Trick question!

Manuel offers a smirk at that, but doesn't argue. Because he /is/ rather arrogant, and he knows it. In fact, he embraces it. And Lorna's right; he has style, which offsets a lot of his flaws, of which there are blessedly few. He watches Nate with interest, but says nothing, merely waiting for him to pass Lorna's 'test'.

Nathaniel looks directly then at Lorna, letting her think what she will. Though when she asks quite possibly the most simplistic guess-question in the book, Nathaniel makes no facial expression. "The question is not 'number', but 'numbers'. You think of infinity." he says then with a soft smile. "What else must I do to past this test?" he asks then with a small tilt of his head.

Lorna doesn't even look in Manuel's way, not even a minute concern over whether she offended him or not. It seems she's confident it wouldn't matter. He came to her to join the Brotherhood, she knows he's made of sterner stuff than he seems to be. She wonders how many made the mistake of picking on the preppy looking young man, only to find it to be a grave mistake.

Lorna looks rather devoid of expression as Nathaniel looks directly at her as she issues the challenge, his answer draws a nod of approval out of her, "the limitless potential of mutants working together. Of a Brotherhood. "The rest will come as we work together…we have a complex challenge before us. It will only get harder as we amass success and followers. I trust times will come where our very lives are on the line. I expect Brotherhood members to stand up for one another, for our kind. Do what we want to do, say what we want to say, and never bow to fear. Follow those principals, and all will be well."

Extending her hand to Nathaniel, she says a very barely audible, "welcome to the Brotherhood. You can use your gift to get our location from Manuel or myself. We will be more open once there…"

She finally casts a glance at Manuel, "we'll need to talk more about our friend soon," and then she looks at Nathaniel as well, "if either of you can get reporter credentials, that would be terrific. If you'll excuse me, I need to go to a meeting now…" weird…wasn't she in the middle of a game with Manuel? Either way, it seems this meeting with Nathaniel made her reconsider her immediate priority list.

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