1965-03-20 - Can't Sleep?
Summary: Sunspot and Sage can't sleep. so they both run into each other in the gym at the Institute.
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Sitting idle is not something that Tessa Valentine enjoys doing. So at this time of night, finding herself not sleepy, she's come to the gym. She changed into something more appropriate, and now finds herself in front of a punching bag, going through the warming up motions of simple punches. She's not going through anything terribly complicated just yet.

Roberto was feeling a bit restless. That said, he decided to shift into some gym clothes…just some black boxers and a white T-shirt, bag with all of his gear slung over a shoulder as he made his way down to the gymnasium. However, he sees arguably the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and he just gives her a smile in greeting. "Oh, hello there. Mind if I join you? Or would you prefer to be alone?" he says with his exotic accent.

"It is a big gym," Tessa says in her crisp Received Pronunciation English accent. "I'm not worried about someone else being here." She's used to people being constantly around here. She doesn't seem particularly phased by Roberto's appearance, tilting her head just a bit to look him over as he came in. Of course, her powers told her someone was coming. Handy, that. "Can't sleep either?"

Roberto nods softly then to Tessa, looking rather happy that she is willing to share the gym with him. He approaches her with a smile as she questions his ability to sleep. "Sadly, no. Nightmares and tossing and turning does that to you. So I figured I'd work out until I grew tired enough to go back to sleep or something like that." he admits then with a smile even still.

It can be a bit eerie, watching Tessa move. She turns her head slightly, keeping her gaze on Roberto. Or, at least, most of it. The rest of her keeps moving as though she kept her attention on the punching bag. She keeps up her punches without fail. And then, as though realizing that perhaps the portrait she presents is unsettling, she turns back fully to the punching bag. "Nightmares?" she asks. "What kind of nightmares?" For a moment the flicker of a frown can be seen on her face - maybe? "Forgive me, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Tessa Valentine. I teach… many things."

Roberto isn't too bothered by how Sage moves about, keeping her eyes on him but keeping her focus on the punching bag simultaneously. However way you look at it, he shrugs as he sets the bag down when she asks him what kind of nightmares he was having. "Ah, just times of when I got my powers and all that. Wasn't a happy memory…burned about three kids who were bullying me at the time. Over soccer, but you know how Brazilians are." he winks at her softly. "Nice to meet you, Tessa. I'm Roberto da Costa. Friends call me Bobby. I don't teach here, but I'd like to someday."

Eyebrows raise. Give it another year, someone will copy the motion for a fledgling science fiction show… "I don't know any Brazilians," she says, pausing only to shrug slightly. "Not the most represented group of people in London, I'm afraid." And, on further thought, likely the reason Tessa never learned Portuguese. "I can understand nightmares related to your powers manifesting. I heard voices for a long time." Her right hand lifts and she taps her head as she says, "Telepath."

Bobby cracks his neck a little bit as he looks at Sage tehn, nodding a few times. "Yeah, I understand that. Sorry for using that." he says regarding his comment on Brazilians. But they are incredibly passionate about soccer. That said, he looks at her as she tells him about her ability. "I cna only imagine." he snaps his fingers and upon his index finger is bathed completely in flame. "Fire guy." he says then. "I just dream about myself exploding..hurting innocent people unintentionally..that kind of thing.

Sage shakes her head. "No need to apologize. I'm not offended, and I doubt you are." Finally, she comes to the end of the series of punches, stepping forward and grabbing the punching bag to end its back and forth motion. Only then does she turn back to Roberto, nodding at the fire display. "Likewise," she says, gesturing to the small flame. "Do you mind if I ask a related question?" Another motion to the fire. "What does it feel like?"

Roberto stands up then to look at Sage as she asks him if she can ask him a question, which he agrees to. "Of course." he says then, then he's asked a question he's not asked often. "What does it feel like? Hm…I don't know really. Soothing, almost. invigorating, in a sense….it's not something easily describable, that's for certain." he admits then. "I guess…it feels like you're in the sunlight…all the time. a perfect summer day." he says then, before he asks her a question. "What about you?" he asks then. "What does Telepathy feel like?"

Sage wasn't kidding when she said she taught a great many subjects.. and though she understands how genetics comes into play for mutants, she's far more interested in something like the question she asked. Being clinical and logical might be her comfort zone, but it doesn't mark the end of her interests. She considers the question for a moment. "Like being on a beach on a windy day," she says. She's been down to Brighton, she can draw on that experience. And though she's making the assumption that Roberto lived or visited a beach, she feels it's a safe one to make. "You're standing on the shore and the waves come crashing in. Perhaps gentle at first, but the windier it gets, the stronger the waves are… and unless your gird yourself against the waves, you risk being knocked over."

Bobby listened closely to her words. He always wondered what it would be like to be a telepath…but it would be so much noise, he figures that it would likely be so much noise that it would be unbearable. But her words give him a new perspective that he hadn't quite come across before based only on the way she words how exactly it feels. "It sounds beautiful and dangerous at the same time…but that is always true when it comes to the mind." he stands then, approaching just a single step closer, but maintaining appropriate distance for friends and acquaintances. "Thank you. Never thought of it like that."

Sage bows her head slightly. "My pleasure," she replies. She's had a long time to consider a way to describe it. Because she's been asked often enough. "Anything can become dangerous, given the right or wrong influences. It is funny how the mind seems to be that one thing that people point out as dangerous before many other things." Or so that's been her experience. "Was it your ability with fire that brought you here?"

Sunspot smiles then a moment to her as she explains her point of view on this particular matter. Regardless, He simply sits back and watches events as they unfold. "Very true, very true." he shrugs then before he nods. "Yeah…glad I did too, otherwise I probably never would have learned what I could do with my powers." he shrugs then a moment. "What about you?"

"I met Charles Xavier when I was very young, in London," she explains. "He helped me when I didn't know how to shut out the minds of others. Last year, my conract with my employer ended, and Charles offered me a position here, teaching whatever I like." Which might seem odd, but she has an eclectic list of specialities. She heads to the side, scooping a gym bag and a water bottle within. "I thought what I needed was exercise, but it seems I'm more in a mood to talk. I don't suppose you'd continue upstairs? I'm sure the sitting room is a more comfortable place to hold a conversation at this time of night."

Roberto smiles warmly to her then. "I'm glad you two found each other. Happy to see you here." his smile is almost as bright as the sun. He picks up his bag then as she invites him to speak with her upstairs, which he happily accepts. and the two spoke all night long, sharing their stories and quickly passing the line of acquaintance.

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