1965-03-21 - Meanwhile in Russia
Summary: Fury and the Green Arrow run into a KGB member.
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Southern Volograd: 3/21/1964

Somewhere near the river: 14:27 hours

The thrum of a helicopter could be heard by any near by, though it is likely that none would. Shield knows there stuff and they no doubtedly found the means to sneak in the agents that are now called for. With the Black widow having not responded and Cap and Bucky out there somewhere Fury has taken it on himself to get to the bottom of things. He's brought Green Arrow, a non super powered individual and it was assuredly a calculated move. Hitting the ground Fury and agent Queen quickly depart from the scene. Making way to a nearby safe house it only takes moments for them to be dressed in clothing that gives them the look of civilians and hauling away in a japenese made auto.

Now sitting next to each other and tooling down the road Fury finally says after a long time with naught but silence, "This aint gonna be no walk in the park." A billow of smoke escapes his nostrils as the city nears in the distance and he turns, making eye contact. "Under no circumstances do you trust this ex- red room operative. She's most likely most our problem." His voice leaves no room for interpretation. "She's dangerous and the winter soldier may be comnpromised." He doesn't say anything about Rogers.

After some timne they near the outskirts and the car is ditched. Just the two of them now making their way thru the old city, sight of one of the bloodiest battles humankind has ever seen.

When Oliver realized that Bucky, Cap, and Nat were all apparently unresponsive, given the nature of their mission, once he was askd? He didn't hesitate to gear up with what he needed. He sits in the helicopter across from Fury wearing his combat gear. Bow waiting to be deployed on his hip and extendable arrows tucked neatly away in a fast acting quiver. But then they eventually land, and Oliver follows Fury, an uncharacteristic seriousness on his face.

That said, He looks around, as if getting a read on the place. They were among the elite after all. Unwise to let your guard down for even a single second. "I know." is all Queen says to Agent Fury, eyes looking at the one-eyed man. "Ain't my first walk in the park, Fury. I know. Best not to say anything about Rogers either." he says in a much softer tone of voice that only the two of them could hear.

Alas, he exits the vehicle with fury after they ditch the vehicle…juuust in case anyone caught wind of what they were doing and were following them. Regardless, He makes sure he pulls out his bow, a single gesture casues it to fully extend into a heavily modified bow. Quiver slung over a shoulder fulled with green-feathered arrows. Hood lifted over his head. "Alright…let's get this done."

Back in the USSR. Which is unfortunately where Katyusha finds herself, after having been wounded in Vietnam and brought back. It's cold and she's rugged up the best her KGB uniform will allow her. Nope, she has no idea about the American agents sneaking around, and if she did, she most likely end up going the other way. She trudges through the streets, no doubt complaining to herself about having to check on things in the city.

She pauses for a moment to fish a packet of cigarettes out of her pocket, so she can light herself a smoke. She gives a soft sigh, and continues on her way, accidentally approaching a corner ahead of where Fury and Ollie are. With no one around, she's actually humming some American pop music that she's heard somewhere.

Nick nods to him, "Put that away!" Fury exclaims, his tone much more imposing then his volume. He puffs his cigar again and throws it in the street. A heavy black boot stomps it out and they continue along their way. And then, Bam! Fury almost slams into, Yu. <My apologises> He says in his best russian, it's good but not quite amazing. So many dialects and accents like anywhere else. He pulls out a cigar and lights as his lone eye takes in her uniform. Taking a step back it's time for Ollie to speak as well, the Kgb notorious for ball busting. Fury is ever on the ready but very compliant it would seem for now.

Ollie sighs a bit then and puts away his deployable gear. Not a huge issue but one that's wise, he supposes. "Ugh, fine." he says then, looking at Yu as Fury bumps into her. "Your Russian needs work." he says almost comically to the far more serious fellow. <Apologies for my friend. one eye gone, one left, messes with his peripheral vision, as it were.> he smiles to the KGB operative kindly and apologetically to attempt to avoid the ball busting!

<Cyka blyat!> Yuliya cries out in surprise when she almost collides with Fury, causing her to jump back. She coughs a couple of times, before she considers the two men, and she tilts her head to the side. Did they hear her humming? She doesn't know, and while she was humming banned music, she isn't going to bring it up. <You are forgiven, no harm done, yes?> she replies in an accent straight from Moscow itself. <Where are you two going?> she then asks curiously.

Ollie's next to get a curious look from Yuliya/Katyusha. <I am not blind,> she replies. <I can see that he only has one eye.> She might of heard the English being used, and she smiles faintly. <His Russian is as good as my English.>

She then sighs, and takes a drag from her cigarette before tossing it into the street, most likely getting ready to defend herself if needed. "Look, I do not want problems," she states in fluent English, but in a soft voice. "Why are you both here?"

Fury just scowls and smokes as Olliver criticises his Russian. "Uhh." He just grunts with dissaproval, but this is a team effort and there is no pulling rank in front of the KGB. He squints that eye now at his comment to her but it /was/ on point so, good work! The ever slightest amount of relief can be seen at her acceptance of forgiveness but he then takes cue again, "<My thanks.>" His eyes go to the cigarette and her body language. His head inclines softly, "<We've an uncle here.>" Despite her comment he stays with Russian, "<He is dying. We've only the wish to see him one last time. IF you like." He would slowly reach to his inside pocket, "Identification if you like.>" He motions to Olliver, "<Show her brother.>" He turns just a bit to hide his coat but the cloud of smoke he exhales most of one would see.

Ollie chuckles faintly then to Fury, but hey, he was trying here! Though as the KGB agent starts to get suspicious and uppity, Fury does a good enough job of taking the lead. Score one for Fury! one for Ollie. IT'S A TIED SCORE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Either way, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out their identification. <We were heartbroken to hear the news, so we decided to come on down to see the family. We were all very close.> He says then to really push the cover home!

But alas, he doesn't make any funny moves, but he's prepared to knock shit out if the need arises.

Yuliya listens as Fury and Ollie tell her about their dying uncle, still considering them both curiously. She reaches out to inspect the identification that are offered to her. It takes her a while to scrutinize the ID, which means she considers them both closely. <I am sorry to hear about your uncle,> she offers, still smiling. <One thing that's strange about these, is why is your brother carrying your ID?> she asks Fury as she passes them back to Ollie. <What would have happened if you became seperated from each other? Or do you both simply go everywhere togethever?>

The young KGB agent then offers a bright smile, and seems to relax. It seems that she's just going through the motions and making it look all official. <As I said, I do not want problems. I have got better things coming than doing this.>

Fury looks sidelong to Ollie as he pulls for his id. Seeming satisified he pulls his own non-chalantly without revealing the inside of his coat and produces them with ease. Seeming his rouse to conceal did not go unnoticed but surely misuderstood. For his are in his hand. He fakes a quick cough and shows the cigar, "<I wished not to make you sick. *cough cough*>" A quick glance to Queen and he adds, "We are sorry for slowing you down." His eye goes down and he nods apologetically.

Ollie looks at Fury then as he attempts to fake cough. Either way, he can't help but chuckle. on the inside. ANYWAY he nods in agreement to Fury. "English it is. Yes, deep apologies. and sorry for my brother almost running into you. He's becoming more clumsy as he grows older." he smiles to her then as he pats Fury on the shoulder. "But, if you'll excuse us, we'll be on our way." a kindness on his features.

Yuliya offers a nod to Fury, and she continues to smile. <It is good that you do not wish to make others sick, though it might be a good idea not to smoke if you are coughing,> she then helpfully provides. She just stares for a few moments when English is used, and then shakes her head. <Stick to Russian, it'll get you further than English,> she then helpfully provides to them both. She takes a deep breath and she looks amused. <As I said, I don't want trouble. I have got to get myself ready for something.> With that said, it seems that she's letting them get on their way without hounding them further.

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