1965-03-24 - Getting To Know You
Summary: Lorna has a chat with her newest recruit, Nate Grey.
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With Nate Grey joining the Brotherhood, Polaris took the time to show him their secret hideout. After all, he should know where it is if he is to become a member of the team. "So…not sure where you come from, or what's your life story, but this is our humble base of operations." She turns to cast a dangerous feeling glower at Nate, before adding in what sounds like a fully serious tone, "of course if you share it with non sympathizers, I may well have to kill you."

She gestures at the couch, which she moves to slips into, resting her side against the back support, "so tell me more about yourself, Nate."

Nate was walking with Polaris as she showed him the hideout, his eyes making sure to remember multiple things, what's on the wall, ways to get out if need be…the usual things that a mutant in a doomsday scenario of a future normally does. But, then Lorna is talking to him. So he should probably give his attention, right? While he doesn't feel intimidated by her death glare, he shrugs. "Relax, I have no reason to tell anyone about this place..I barely know anything of the world now as it is." he mubmles that latter bit to himself mostly.

At the gesture to the couch, he sits down next to Polaris in a disciplined fashion. Back straight, hands on lap, feet on floor. "What do you want to know? Where I'm from? I'm uncertain you would believe much of my story even if I told it to you."

"That part…" Lorna cuts into Nate's words, "about you not knowing anything of the world, is quite alarming. Do you even know why the Brotherhood is needed?" She asks a sporting question, if only to relief some of the doubt she's starting to feel about Nate thanks to his very odd behaviour.

Crossing her hands, Polaris looks at Nate somewhat skeptically, before insisting, "humor me."

Nathaniel then looks back to Polaris and he answers cleanly. "Because mutants are being persecuted and, like me, you have no desire to sit on the sidelines to watch it happen. 'Mutant and proud'." he recites then. "Mutants should be free from all of this, like their fellow man." he chuckles though as she asks him to humor her, and he looks forward a moment, before his eyes fall back on Polaris.

"I'm from an apocalyptic Future where one mutant who called himself Apocalypse pretty much destroyed the world..then ruled it. Sentinels were always on the prowel, mutants were fighting against mutants and our species was almost rendered extinct. Humans too." he answers then, looking at Polaris right in the eyes as if he can see the disbelief.

"Of course, if I'm right and you have no belief in what I'm saying whatsoever, I'd be happy to show you."

"Yes, Mutant and Proud," Polaris smiles, eased somewhat that at least Nathaniel got the slogan right. At least he knows enough to know what the Brotherhood is, and why he sought to join. Even if he claims to know nothing else of the world, that at least should be enough.

Then he starts sharing and Lorna's eyes glaze a bit. His story was far fetched, fantastical, even. "Are you telling me I failed? This entire Brotherhood endeavor doesn't matter…?" She's humoring him now, making clear that his story tells her she shouldn't even try, and she's not happy to take such news.

Nate Grey then looks to Polaris as she smiles at him. She -did- have a beautiful smile, despite her often passive-aggressive nature. Either way, Nathaniel doesn't seem bothered that Lorna seems to be humoring him. Either way, he shakes his head. "No. All I know is this: There's no Brotherhood where I'm from. That can mean any number of things…sadly, I didn't exactly get a full recount of human history. Far as I could know, you succeed, you become a hero, and live until 95. The Future is never set in stone."

A small breath then. "Frankly, you're taking the 'I'm from the future' news far better than I thought…I read the minds of the people in this neighborhood and apparently it's extremely far fetched."

"It's far fetched, it's downright ludicrous, but there are plenty of crazy people out there and the craziest are the one making tremors in the world. You can't make changes if you don't shake things up, and if you can come up with such a story, you can help me shake things up…" Polaris explains her take of this story to Nate, before adding, "one thing I don't like is the thought of failure, so I hope whatever future it is you might be from, doesn't ever happen. Because we need to stop it from happening, even in theory. Our kind must live, and live free!"

X-Man would chuckle faintly then to Polaris, though he didn't 'come up' with it, but he knew she would likely never believe him. Who would? Aside from someone else who was also from the future. That said, Nathaniel simply grins at Polaris as she starts getting passionate about their mission, a kindness then. "Why do you think I'm here?" he says then in a friendly manner, not meant to be insulting. "So then…we've discussed me. What about you? Tell me more about our fearless leader." he says then.

Asked about herself, Lorna reclines on the couch, taking a breather as she's clearly not too comfortable talking about herself at all. But seeing as she asked as much of Nate, it was a fair exchange, "my stupid parents hated mutants, they forced me to dye my hair a boring normal brown, and made me swear I was no mutant." She then quickly shifts her gaze to Nate, "my parents were pathetic losers who didn't love me. When my powers erupted, I became a victim for bullies in my school, so I said to hell with school and ran away….been out on my own sense, but I've never dyed my hair again, and I will tell people right in their ugly faces, I am a mutant. You can go sleep with a monkey if you have a problem with it."

Nathaniel looks at her then, and it's not hard at -all- for him to notice that this was an incredibly sensitive topic. That said, he listens to what she had to do in order to hide herself as a mutant, or so she was told to do, rather. He hmms for a few moments before she eventually finishes with a rather harsh term of phrase, then he speaks. "Least you -had- parents. Seems they loved you enough that they didn't want you to be treated like a freak. But hey, I probably don't know a thing." But he could certainly find out…BUT thankfully, he actually enjoys Lorna's company. That said, he crosses his legs. "I was born in a vat with the mixed DNA of two mutant individuals, created for the soul purpose to help one evil bastard kill another evil bastard and take his stuff."

Sitting up straight again, Polaris snorts, "loved me enough to teach me how to hide and be a coward." She arches a brow as Nate's far fetched story veers into more elaborate sci-fi, and she nods, "uh huh…so what happened? Did any evil bastard win in the end?"

Nathaniel shrugs then. "However way it is." he says then, giving her a fairly understanding look. Truth and perception can sometimes be different…but more than likely, it's one and the same, so he leaves the topic alone. But then he's asked who won…in the end, who -did- win in all that death and madness? Nathaniel speaks then. "Well…I killed the son of the mutant who pretty much destroyed the world. Then, the compound I was in was gonna explode…I tried to shield myself from the blast, blacked out….woke up here. In this time period. week ago, actually."

"No winners then…instead you rewind back here, to rewrite the future, is that it…?" Lorna asks, her approach is almost as if she was listening to a sci-fi skit on the radio.

Nate shrugs then. "Who knows? Time could just be like a river. You could skip a rock across it, but it'll still keep going. I could have just unintentionally abandoned everything I ever knew there." he shrugs then. "But to my knowledge…nobody won. It's still going. Somehow I need to get back….but I could be stuck here." he shrugs then.

"You know, it's very depressing to think of it that way…" Lorna notes, "well, you're with us now, just put your eyes and ears on alert around mutant town…we need to protect our own."

Nate hmms a moment and nods. "That is is….sorry I didn't come bringing gifts of joy." he says apologetically, truly. Either way, he nods though. "Definitely. Thanks for opening the door for me. Not many would, especially since you think I'm crazy." he smiles softly to her. Telepathy.

Lorna looks at Nate with eyes wide open, the insinuation he used his powers on her not taken lightly, than again, it was also further prove that he had the telepathic powers he claimed. Nevermind that she already tested him on that. "Don't bother none, many think I'm crazy for reviving the Brotherhood…so what. I can't live lies anymore." But as she gets up she adds, "please don't look in my mind without permission again, or I will give you a taste of what I can do…"

Nathaniel nods a few times then, lifting his hands defensively. "Relax, I don't read peoples minds unless it's necessary or it's certain I need the information. That said…I don't need Telepathy to find out what you think. Your facial expressions give yourself away." he says more playfully. "But the warning is taken. Don't worry."

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