1965-03-24 - I'm SHORT you guys!
Summary: Safe Heist Shenanigans for the X-Ternals team.
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It'll be quick, Severin had said. It'd be an in-and-out sort of job. He already had the information on the building, the safe, from Vitale. He had information on the number of guys they could expect to find within. They even had the combination for the safe. It would be an easy pay day. And at first it had seemed that way. With Severin sneaking in and letting them into the building, and Elmo and JP manipulating electricity and machines, and Bobby using that crazy energy of his to lift some things out of the way and block some doorways, it was all going according to plan.

How, exactly, things went south is anyone's guess. But soon there was shouting, and there were sparks flying. There were contents of the safe all over the room that were being gathered back together and shoved into a bag. There were dogs. Where the hell did those come from? There were guards, both with guns that weren't working all that well, and a couple with guns that were working fine, and they were on the fourth floor.

Operation — let's get the hell out of here was in full swing.

JP had the bag and was slinging it over his shoulder with a wince. Why one had was dyed blue he never actually got into but that actually wasn't actually from the chaos. He peeled the save door open and used it for cover looking across the room taking a deep breath, "Soooo usin th' fron' door is taboo. I also don' think they be invitin us fo' dinner anytime soon. SO anyone got ideas how to get us all outta here, an' mo impor'ntly… idea f'food. Takes yous like 80 years to decide so best we star' now so we don' starve t'death. Or, ya know, jes' die." Always withthe food, but the familiar helped keep his head calm in this situation.

"Bengal Tiger. I want some a that butter chicken," Elmo says, rapidly applying clips and extra wires to the exposed wires of the security system. He's knocked a hole in the wall to get to them. His hands are steady but the rest of him is starting to shake with adrenaline and hyperawareness. "I can cut the power from here, turn on the fire sprinklers, run some juice through 'em maybe. Need some time."

Bobby was in his normal clothes, fully flamed though as he moved a great many things to help bar the doors from..you know, people coming in and shooting them all to death. That said, Sunspot looks to Elmo and JP. "Hey..uh…can you all move a little bit faster? Elmo, I just bought you all the time I can give without melting the building." he says in complete and utter honesty. He was flat out rich….so he's just here with his pals.


Meanwhile, Severin, in doberman form, was busy chasing the other doberman which belonged to one of the guards, a guard dog for the building, around and around in an effort to keep it from going after someone else. The real doberman was downright terrified at this point, trying to find someplace to hide from the larger and more agressive shapeshifter. On the upside, the guards were too busy trying to shoot at Severin to shoot the others. Shots went off and papers flew into the air. A filing cabinet nearly exploded as drawers jostled outward and it tipped over, more paperwork spilling into the area between cubicles and showering the area.

JP yelled down the hall in French so it was perfectly clear (?!) «"You shoot my dog you will wish your mama never had you!"» Well done JP. Thiiiinkthinkthinkthink. Well… shit. Kinda made him with he stayed in school. (Kids, stay in school) He puzzled things out and ah! fun stuff. There we go. Looking to Elmo he nodded, "Any chance you can get something to go behind them and make them think we over there too? Bobby, how's just making a hole in the wall look? I mean… suuuure it's a long way down an insurance don' cover it, but they shoulda bought premium."

"I'm WORKING on it, Bobby," Elmo says through gritted teeth. Wirecutters and spools of copper wire and alligator clips keep getting pulled out of his satchel and going into the wall. Finally he pinches a bare wire between thumb and forefinger, shudders, and closes his eyes. "…Not at the same time," he replies to JP. Everything in the building suddenly goes quiet, in a way that makes you realize it wasn't really quiet before, just full of air conditioning and the hum of mechanical and electronic things. Then—FSSSSSHT as the sprinkler system lets loose. Water everywhere. Including on the team. "…Okay I tried not to do that," Elmo mutters.

Bobby looks at Severin as he plays the dog game with the other dogs to get them off of their tails, Sunspot having his hands now only engulfed in his fiery form. "Okay, so then what else do we got?' he asks then, looking to Elmo. "Work on it -faster-!" he says then, looking at JP now. "Hm..one sec." he punches a hole through the wall with his bare hand and proceeds to light off what looks like just harmless flash bangs into the room. "JUST BOUGHT US SOME TIME"

There's a hole in the wall where the outside can be seen but it's a little small for the whole team to try and squeeze through. Severin could probably wriggle through in some animal form, but it wasn't going to get them to the ground. And then there were sprinklers. Water starts coming down over everything and Severin and the dogs start skidding across furniture, crashing into things, as the whole world suddenly becomes a whole lot more slippery, and dangerous. Did we mention there were sparks? Sparks and water? Lots of electrical sparks, and water. Two of the guards get electrocuted and go down when an open wire touches the puddle they were standing in.

JP waited for the next guy to get close and momentarily the door FLEW open and smacked him in the head twice like a haunted house getting revenge. "Aaaaaah Sparkplug! Laundered money is a totally separate crime. Stop makin this complicate'" "Okay we can' go down, can we go up? Get to teh roof, get down some fire escape? Or go below us but I think they might be there." He looked around "Bobby, can you move hte save to where the door is cause they can' come through that."

The sprinklers tweak themselves closed. Now everything is soaked and dripping. Elmo startles as he feels the electricity leap to ground itself in those guards. "Oh-KAY that wasn't what I meant to do either." But since it happened… He raises his voice to yell at the guards. "Ya better back out! There's a lot more where that came from!" Scaring people with electricity is fun and easy. "Up?" he confers with JP and Bobby. "Works for me!"

Bobby looks then to Elmo as the electricity starts to wreac havoc on those guards, his eyes looking then to JP as he talks in strategy as if to speak with him, before he speaks. "Alright…up? Yeah, I can do that." he lifts his hand in the air and he blasts a straight beam of of sunfire towards the sealing. releasing solar energy. They now have a great way up. "Alright, there's your out!" he reaches to grab the vault then, entering his solar form as he easily hulks that thing onto his shoulder. "Me first or last?" he asks then.

Several guards move away from the arcing electricity and the water. The risk of electrocution does seem to be enough to save some of them off. But Elmo does manage to get the sprinklers to stop and Severin leaps into the air once Sunspot has hopened up a hole straight up through the roof and out of the building, transforming mid leap into a bird. The question of who is getting out first is answered as he flaps his way up through the hole and out. It's just a matter of the others following suit.

JP wasn't one to waste time but also knew Bobby and Sev had the best of upward mobility on their side. "Hemp me up, we pull Sparkplug and ou up. I think… I got the door a bit longer but there ain' much door to go aroun." The electrisity was keeping them away from the door though. He scribbled a note which looked more like the drawing of a penis and a helpful memo that read 'Choose better business partners" and put it in the safe. He threw the door closed and spun the dial and waited for Bobby to make a stirrup with his hands and climbed up with the aid and thre a hand back down to help them out. "THere a service door up here, don' hit it up. Need that one in tact. I'll leggo of tha' one door and we get us up onto the roof. FIgure it out from there. SParkplug, mooooove."

Elmo's still got his eyes closed. A surge of electricity races through the water towards the guards. It's not much, a mere 200V or so, enough to cause a whole lot of pain and loss of body function for half a second. Then he yanks his hand out of the wires, leaving all the clips and extra wiring behind, and nimbly jumps up. Grabbing JP's hand, he swears virulently in Yiddish as he frantically tries to get through the hole. "I'm SHORT, you guys!"

Bobby looks as Severin and JP seem to get up there easily enough, but he helps the latter get up there with one hand, because SUPAH strength. though he looks to Elmo as he is apparently struggling getting up there as the mad scientist curses in a string of words that Bobby does -not- understand! that said, he puts a hand under his foot and gives him a boost to get up there! Bobby easily gets up there by simply flying up there! landing right next to Severin. "Alrighty, next plan! Through the wall?" he asks then, he can just blast through after all.

All three manage to get up through the floor and up onto the roof. There's no need for any further wall blowing or destruction to get down. It only takes a bit of time to find a fire escape for those who can't fly that leads straight down either side of the building. And since no one is aware they're up there, no one is currently looking for them on the fire escape. Free of the disaster inside, the heroes manage to get away, mission accomplished, and plenty of time to get butter chicken before the restaurant closes.

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