1965-03-25 - A crime that really doesn't pay.
Summary: The worlds most poorly timed car theft takes place. Right under the noise of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and world famous billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.
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It's a chilly day in Greenwich Village, even if the sun is out. A cold, clear day. On the rooftops of one of the former factories turned into an apartment building, Spider-Man sits, his face-mask partially pulled up as he tears a piece off of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and as he holds it out towards a squirrel that is chittering nearby. The red and blue clad hero shakes it again, and the squirrel comes forward and snags the piece, but not before biting his finger in the process. "Ow!" he yelps, shaking his hand. "You better not be radioactive, I heard that's how Squirrel Girl came to be!" he calls out after the finger sandwiching rodent.

A baby-blue-and-white 50's T-Bird rumbles up to a parking spot on a Village backstreet, apparently Dizzy's been putting something called a 'Posi' in it for a special friend over the weekend up in Westchester. Piotr's been treated to a bit of spirited testing on the thing on the way down. "Kind a birthday surprise," the girl says, "Only, well, not so much a surprise cause I been looking for these parts a while," she says, in her rather blue-collar New York Italian accent.

"It seems like a very good vehicle," Piotr says with a nod towards Julie. He's wearing a brown coat over a simple plaid shirt and dark brown pants. "I am sure you will be happy to have these parts. They do not have cars like this where I come from."

Even when she makes the effort to not fly and dress in typical human clothing, in this case a brightly coloured summer dress, Starfire tends to stand out. So it's no surprise when little crowds of people form every time she stops her errands to window shop. Admittedly that does happen just about every store she passes. Earth culture is filled with strange things after all!

After Julie and Piotr leave the T-bird behind, a couple of teenagers standing nearby take a look over at it.

"See, there it is! Like I told you. She's been showing up the last few days!"

"Oh man, look at the size of that guy with her…"

"Don't worry, I gots experiencing at hotwiring those older rides, we'll be out of there before they realize it's gone.."

"You sure?"

"Trust me.."

They wait for the pair to enter the building, before they make their move! Approaching the sweet looking ride, one of them starts to stand lookout while his friend moves to jimmy the lock and get into the car itself.

That is until the lookout is completely distracted by the unearthly beauty in the bright colors on the other side of the street. He blinks. Rubs at his eyes. And his jaw goes slack. "Homminah."

The roar of a jet engine hurtles on in the distance rumbling and roaring along. It's a unique sound that one wouldn't ever expect to find on the city streets of New York. The sound belongs to a bright turbine bronze Chrysler Turbine Car rattling along at a decent clip with the top down. It speeds into view before coasting to a stop right beside the T-Bird.

The driver is a man with salt and pepper black hair, pitch black sunglasses covering his eyes. He has one arm hung out the side of the car and the other is right on the steering wheel as it pulls up beside the group trying to hot-wire the car. He slides the glasses down the bridge of his nose, the solid 10/10 blonde in the seat beside him looking concerned even as he speaks up over to them. "You know, personally I don't think blue's your color."

Julie ahs, glancing up to Piotr as she spins some keys in hand and pockets them. "Yeah, I kinda heard they let you down over there, that way, no offense or nothing. Kinda musical chairs this weekend, with the car-shuffling, we'll be going back in what usedta be my old Studey." She starts walking along, spotting the alien lady, and gives a wave. "Hey, Kori! Howya doin! Meet Piotr, he's kindof a friend of ours!" As for the young miscreants, they may find a few extra toggle switches frustrating or confusing the issue. Just occasionally, Dizzy's girlfriend used to race, too, after all. The turbine engine, however, further distracts Dizzy before it even comes into view. Those kinds of RPMs on city streets stand out a mile to her mutant senses.

Piotr's head turns toward the direction of the girl who oddly wears a summer dress at the tail end of winter He almost doesn't notice as the car with the loud engine pulls up next to Julie's vehicle, which seems to be getting gawked at by some young men. Piotr peers at them and begins to head back, sensing something might be going wrong.

Getting the lock jimmmied to open the door was the easy part. Now that the door's open and the young man is standing there looking at all the switches, mordibly confused comes to mind. All those switches and such. "…what the." That is when the roar of a turbine coming down the street catches his attention and the billionaire playboy pulls up. "'ey, I won't doin' nothin! Just admirin'!" he tries to offer.

The lookout, that was so suddenly distracted by Kori, now finds himself distracted by the rather large man coming back towards them. He gulps. "Fr-Frankie.. he's a'comin back!" The two young men seem to be stuck between the Bat and a Hard Man.

But their day gets even worse. Up on the rooftop, Spidey's been caught up in the roar of the engine. "Sorry, Tippy Toe. Seems I have work to do." Tossing the rest of his pb & j towards the squirrel, he finishes his cola, and then slips on his mask, setting the bottle on the rooftop as he leaps from the side, and a webline thwips out to grab a hold of the building as he bobs upside down. "There's noise ordanances in residential neighbor" Record needle scratch noise in head. "you're millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne! Owner of Wayne Enterprises. Love your work on the Mariner 4 Launch vehicle. Big fan. Borrow a rocket engine for that car?"

The roar of the jet engine catches Starfires attention and, just like people stare at her, she turns to gawk at the rocket powered car. A large pink lawn flamingo added to her collection of groceries thanks to the last store she ducked into. For a moment social convention is forgotten as she lifts into the air and drifts across the road, high enough to avoid troubling the traffic, to get a better look.

Julie does follow the *very* interesting engine right back to her girlfriend's car. She starts reaching into a pocket for… Well, she opts for a yo-yo, made of machined steel, …She ambles on back toward the T-bird in Piotr's shadow, since big guys get that kind of attention. Yo-yo goes up, yo-yo goes down. She sizes up faces. Looks around at the young lads. Memorizing faces Shrugs up her jacket, and just clicks her tongue as the "Jet turbine, keen," she clarifies. Then tilts her head to the teens. "You kids like cars, do ya? First thing to learn about this scene is whose not to mess with. And that's everyone's. Does this look like nobody's car to youse?" Yoyo goes down and up again.

"Don't think I'm the guy you need to convince on that one buddy." Bruce chuckles as he throws an arm around the girl next to him in order to calm her down a bit motioning with his head over towards big metal and Russian making his way over. Then Spiderman makes his appearance and it causes Bruce's face to light up. "Well well officer Spider-man, glad you're a fan of my work." He seems perfectly calm in spite of the situation. "My good friend E.C. Quinn" Casually name dropped in the middle of the conversation "over at Chrysler set me up with this beauty" He taps the side of the car before offering a kiss to the woman beside him. "Well these beauties." A knowing smile and a wink given towards the web slinger.

A moment later he kills the engine allowing the world to fall back to silence, stepping out of the car with a hand going into his pocket. "You know I'd say you should run." He starts to the car thieves. "But we all know you wouldn't get far so I'd just start the whole pleading and begging not to be arrested thing."

"And by people not to mess with, she means me." Piotr gives a mean look to the young men before his body begins to undergo a horrific or terrific metamorphosis, depending on your perspective on human rights. His light skin begins to thin out and turn silver, then chrome. His brown jacket and the plaid shirt underneath tear away, leaving his large muscled body, all in chromium, as he glares down at the boys with dead silver eyes.

"Oh. Are you Miss Quinn, his daughter, then?" Spider-Man asks. Though at the idea of him being an 'officer' causes the webhead to laugh. "Don't let the local precinct here you say that Mister Wayne! They might think you like me." There might have been a smile up under his mask. As he starts to turn his attention to the two hoodlums.. Piotr undergoes that staggering transformation. "Talk about your growth spurts! I think you just outshredded the Hulk!"

The boys weren't already terrified enough right? Between Yo-Yo the Terrible, Bruce Wayne and Supercar, Super Hot Alien Model and your friendly neighborhood dweeb, here comes the pain train - all in steel. One of them gives a small yelp. Did he just pee himself? A little. Okay, perhaps more than that. And Bruce says 'not to run'. So of course, what else do they do?

They run.

"Oh! Is that friend Julie I see?" Starfire calls, floating over the traffic and waving the flamingo in greeting. "Are you perhaps having car trouble? If so I hope they are not running away with your tools…"

Julie smiles to Kori, "Think someone got a bit more trouble with my friend's car than they was counting on." She eyes any damage the kids might have done, peering inside. Sighs. "Nothing like doing freaking wiring jobs on the street on a Saturday night," then looking over to Bruce and his ladyfriend. And… Hi, Spiderman. "Thanks for dropping in on this, this coulda been a real drag." For her part, she's acting as if everything's totally normal, here. Eyes the Chrysler. "One of them jet turbines," she says to Piotr. "Car of the future, right here. Runs on everything but actual leaded gas."

Bruce steps out of their way the moment they start to run, he even offers a slight bow to allow them passed him. "Ever wonder if they even listen?" He asks the group with a smile. Of course there's also the small fact he puts his leg out just right so the running goons can trip over his perfectly polished shoe. A bit of light legwork to help stop the situation before it really gets started. "Anyone who keeps my investments safe isn't half bad by my standards." Spoken with a charming smile and a light wink in Spider-mans direction

Then he spots the growing grey Giant, and just shakes his head a bit. "No idea what they're feeding you kids these days." As he lets out a bit of a laugh and a smile.

Ms.Quinn gives a bit of a smile and wave to Spider-man as she steps out of the car herself. She's clearly dressed up in her absolute best for the evening even though the date has recently come to an end. "That's right." She speaks up in exactly the kind of voice one would expect from a highly attractive supermodel trying to get with a millionaire to speak. "And I've been having just the best time." Bubbly adorable and innocent with her fox skin scarf and very expensive jacket and jewelry given to her by who else but Bruce Wayne. She's fairly soft spoken and lets out a bit of an "Eeep" of surprise at the growing colossus taken aback quite a bit more then Bruce was.

Gradually, Piotr returns back to normal. Albeit, his shirt has totally been shredded and he stands there without a shirt. If he hadn't been satisfied to scare away those punks, he'd be more embarrassed as he leans down to pick up the shredded shirt and coat, which he drapes over his shoulders.

Piotr says, "Pizza."

"Well, hate to greet and run, but it seems like.. someone has to clean up after this mess." So Spider-Man is gonna go wrap up the punks with some webbing and give them a stern lecture. Staying around for chit chat and tea just doesn't seem to be his thing.

"You put lead in your chemical fuels?" Starfire remarks with distaste. "That would explain the unpleasant air quality in this city… Perhaps you could find something more pleasant to add?" Her head tilts at the metal form of Piotr. "Is your friend okay? He seems to have turned into a large statue. Is that something people normally do in America?"

Julie clicks her tongue approvingly to Piotr, "Thanks, big guy. You didn't even have to do that. you're plenty big enough as it is. Kids gotta learn, is all." She fishes around in a pocket for the tail end of a roll of electrical tape. Peers at it under the streetlight for what's left. Cause of course she has that in her pocket. Smirks to Kori, "Turned into a what? I didn't see nothing, did you?" Yes, a hint. " …Lemme just put these back where they's supposed to be for now." She ducks under the dashboard where the would-be-thieves were.

The back of her jacket is emblazoned with worn paint, a logo of a cartoonish old Sikorsky helicopter with smoking dragster wheels and a funny grin, along with angel wings. "Angelo's Speed And Aviation" says what's left of the lettering. Expounds to Starfire while she's down there. "Well, if you don't wanna put lead in there, you harden your valve seals, keep compression down if you don't wanna tune certain ways or run higher-test gas, kinda complicated stuff. "

"Engineering always is." Bruce adds, before circling round the car to give Ms.Quinn one last goodbye kiss, before she heads off back towards her apartment. He waves her on with a charming smile seemingly not too disappointed his little trip trick didn't work out. Then again he wasn't exactly giving it his all. If he had been they'd be on the ground in cuffs and people would be looking at him funny.

As he walks back over to the group he reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out a well worn very expensive looking pipe and a small bag from his jacket. He begins stuffing tobacco from the bag into the end of the pipe. "I find that once you dig deeper into the problems you begin to realize the solution is never quite so simple as it looks on the surface." He lifts up his shoe striking a match against it so he can light his pipe and begin puffing away. "If you do come to an obvious conclusion it's usually wrong."

"The situation is solved," Piotr replies simply with a shrug. "Far better to ruin a shirt than the upholstery." He chuckles a bit and even gives Julie a wink. "The cold notwithstanding."

"It's not really very complicated friend Julie," Starfire points out with a grin. "Barely a childrens science fair project! I was more concerned with the potentially toxic nature of the lead compounds. I hope your biochemistry is at least immune to the negative effects." She glances between Piotr and Bruce. "I do not believe I have met either of you before. Greetings new friends my name is Koriand'r it is a pleasure to meet you. Would you perhaps care for the traditional shaking of the hands?"

Julie wags a finger up, amid tearing off electrical tape with her teeth and tucking the abortive hot-wiring attempt and her fix away. "Well, that's the fun part," she says, perhaps about both engineering and other matters. "Usually more than one way to solve a problem." She hauls herself back up by the steering wheel. Glances up again. "Cept where we gonna find you a shirt this time of night," she smirks to Piotr. And nods to Kori, "Sounds like a great idea. She offers hers to Bruce. "Dizzy Bottero, howya doing, and, thanks again. A lotta people wouldn't do that."

"Let's be fair." Bruce says with a light puff of his pipe. "Not everyone has the same insurance plan as me, so I try to help out where I can. He reaches a hand out to do the typical handshakes all round. "Bruce Wayne, pleasure to meet each of you." Spoken with a kindhearted smile before he returns his hands to the pockets of his jacket. "What size are you?" Bruce comments out of the blue already walking back towards the trunk of his car.

He can't possibly have the right shirt just to hand. "Think I got a few left over from the company picnic last week." The key goes in and he flips the trunk open already digging through boxes. "You don't mind a Wayne Enterprises logo do you?" He pauses a brief second. "Of course you don't." Soon after pulling out a shirt and tossing it over to Piotr. The shirt has been hand stitched with the logo for Wayne Enterprises and the words Company Picnic: 1965. "Keep it, don't need anyone else going shirtless round town except for me."

"My name is Piotr Rasputin," the large Russian says, smiling to Kori. He looks ridiculous, of course, standing now, partially clad in a torn coat and shredded plaid shirt. He reaches his hand out to her politely, not seeming to give the clothes any heed. Just then, Bruce's words hit him and the large man looks ridiculously thankful. "Mr. Wayne, I cannot thank you enough. In this form, extra large." He catches the shirt out of the air and begins to change, fitting into the shirt well enough, if a bit tight. That's usually how his clothing fits, though.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," Starfire assures, adjusting her eclectic and excessive pile of shopping and then sort of sitting in mid-air. Hovering effortlessly. "Do you work with friend Julie new friend Piotr?" Her attention flicks to Bruce when the selection of shirts is produced. "Hmm.. Forgive my asking, but does this slogan mean the company produces picnics?"

Julie just smiles a bit. "This is Mr. Bruce Wayne, he's pretty famous for our, ah, science projects, then the people that do that have picnics. While I guess someone figures out how to make some better gas and stuff." She presses a hand to her breastbone, then the T-bird, and back. "Besides, something like this… Think of it more like art. Or music." She winks to Piotr. "Kori's kinda from… Another country." She pauses. Adds. "Piotr, too. He teaches art, I teach, other kinds of art, whatdya want?" She does eye the turbine car like she'd love to get her hands on the inside. Wheels turning behind her eyes, perhaps. Unusual for a girl in these times.

"Not a problem at all, would up with a few too many of them once things were said and done anyway." Then Bruce puffs away in silence for a moment clearly enjoying his smoke break. The smoke rolls out from the corners of his mouth like a great dragon as he enjoys the good stuff imported from overseas and aged to perfection. One hand reaches back up to shut the trunk lid of his car back into place.

Finally he speaks up again to answer Kori. "Well we also have our own sports leagues, and holiday parties." He stuffs a bit more of the tobacco into his pipe to top it off and smoke away enjoying the fresh air. "Sometimes we even actually do business." Added as a joke with a friendly smile. "We do a little bit of everything, chances are if you can think of a product that makes money we've got a division dedicated to monetizing it." He pauses for a moment leaning back on his car and relaxing. On his fingers he begins to list out the various divisions cycling back around. "Cars, houses, radios, medical equipment, films, music, shipping, rocketry, boats, food production, restaurants, general electronics, culinary equipment, paint, hardware." Just to confirm what Juli has already said.

"And helping out those in need," Piotr adds with a nod and a chuckle. He folds his arms over his chest, listening to the conversation without much to add at this point. Such as his normal way, of course.

"Your company even produces mustard?" Starfire asks hopefully. "If not you should branch out into that field. I think it is a vastly undervalued crop." She nods enthusiastically. "Are you perhaps looking to hire any translators? I am fluent in most major languages in the world."

Julie folds her arms a moment. Pinches her brow. Pauses. "Times like these, a gal with talents could probably use a gig where they got savvy people, I guess." Bruce gets another once-over, perhaps on that point. "Word gets around a lotta people end up in the wrong kinds of labs these days. No one would want to see that happen, right?"

Both hands are now deep inside of Bruce's pockets as he sets against his car puffing away. He looks first to Piotr. "When we can, you'd be surprised how many people the Wayne Foundation has helped save. I'd like to think it really honors my parents legacy." A firm nod before looking to Kori. "Well we hardly have a whole division dedicated to mustard alone but we do have our own line of condiments." A long pause to puff away as he raises a brow towards Julie's comment. "We can always use someone to translate instruction manuals." He watches the smoke rise slowly leaning back a bit for a nice big puff. "Decent enough money in it to, write up a resume and give it a shot."

Starfire blinks a few times. "What is a resume?" she wonders aloud. "And in which language? English? French? Ancient Enochian?"

Julie says, "Could be pig Latin for all's I know, don'worry about it, Kori." She raps the fender of the baby-blue T-bird. "My friend this is for's a legal clerk, she'll know all about it. You remember that place you brought a rock? Just meet us there later." Then she spits out in (not-perfect but familiar) Italian, <Tell the nice man with the car de la turbine I think pizza's a great idea and where does he get fuel for that thing, anyway?>"

<It runs on kerosene, and you'd be surprised how easy it is to find.> Wayne comments with a smile in absolutely flawless Italian, with all the markings of a native speaker. His pipe hangs from the corner of his mouth as he finally pushes himself back up off the back of the car and to a stand. He switches to Russian. <Now if you fine people will excuse me, I've business on the other side of town.> A tip of a hat that's not there as he moves back to the door of his car.

"I shall have to come visit some time in the future then friend Julie," Starfire assures. "And I will try and bring you some pizza. Although if I bring it from Italy it will have gone cold. For now I need to finish my grocery shopping." She nods to everyone in turn. "It has been a pleasure to meet you all." And casually floats up into the air, picking up speed as she gets higher, until she's vanished in the distance.

Julie wraps a hand around her forehead. "There's always the virtue of being forthright, but could we be less discreet tonight, anyhow? This is why they're trying to pass laws."

Bruce hops into the drivers seat without opening the doors pushes his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose and goes through the surprisingly complex process of actually turning the car on. Actually it's a lot more complicated then just putting the key into the ignition but soon the engine roars to life and the lights switch on allowing him to look back over to the group. "You all have a wonderful night." Before offering a wave and a smile. "And trust me, you'll get the job, just tell em Boxer sent you." The sunglasses lifted for just a moment so he can give her a wink before pulling off.

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