1965-03-26 - Hopping Horses and Pasta Portions
Summary: Danielle treats Amanda to a nice day out and about. Horses are leaped, pasta is shared.
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Having watched a couple of the equine acrobats from the show, Danielle has taken an interest in learning a handful of their moves. Her jeans are comfortable but snug, her upper half covered only by a leather vest. To avoid snags, see. Brightwind is off over yonder, munching on bushes and pretending not to be huffy as Dani figures out the partial dismount, with the help of a normal horse that knows what's going on, and a trainer who knows even more.

"No, no, it's got to be a fluid motion. Roll your hips, don't kick your feet," barks the trainer as Dani grimaces and hauls herself back onto the light saddle.

"I thought I /did/ roll my hips. How swishy do you think I get?"

"I think he thinks you're made of rubber," Amanda offers. Since everyone's practicing, she's not done up in her 'gypsy fortune teller' getup. Just jeans and a shirt. And her jacket, because it's still cold outside, even as it's warming up. "I promise you, she's not rubber," she tells the guy, shrugging. "And I'm not sure we can make her rubber."

"Rubber, I do not need! Grace! Elegance! Fluid!" The trainer gesticulates meaningfully, before planting his fists on his hips to scowl at Dani's latest effort. Which seems to involve getting the horse up to a canter, then swinging out of the saddle, tapping both toes on the ground, then springing up and over to tap them on the other side. Danielle seems to have the first two motions in hand, but getting up and over at speed is trickier than it sounds. This time, she overcompensates, and ends up vaulting over the bemused horse and landing in a tumble on the ground. "Oof."

"You see? You don't roll!" The trainer calls sternly. As Dani grunts and picks herself up, the trainer quietly leans towards Amanda to admit, "She's a stubborn one, your girl. But she's getting the hang of it. If you tell her, I deny, though."

Amanda Sefton smiles more than a little. "That's why she's my girl," Amanda replies. She makes the 'my lips are sealed' motion and then wanders over to Dani's side, offering a hand. "I think you need a break," she murmurs. "I haven't seen you all day."

Dani doesn't glower at the horse. It's not the animal's fault she can't master in a couple of sessions what those nimbler acrobats have spent their lives practicing. She puts her hand in Amanda's, accepting the help up. She slaps her other hand against her thighs and hips, dusting herself off. "If I keep going, I might end up with something broken," she concedes ruefully. "A break sounds good." As the trainer trundles off to gather and groom the horse, the Cheyenne bends slightly to peck a soft kiss to Amanda's lips.

Amanda Sefton doesn't swoon, exactly, but she does make a happy little noise, leaning into Dani's side. "Mm. So. Food? Or…?" Because she has no idea if Dani's eaten at all, or doesn't need to eat, or just wants to sprawl out somewhere, or or or…. "I don't have a preference for what we do."

Danielle loops her arm comfortably around Amanda's hips and considers. "Food would be good. What about that little Italian place? The one with the handmade pasta." As she muses on the options, she strolls out of the practice ring, keeping Amanda hugged close to her side. "I should put a shirt on before we go, I suppose." Not that she's exactly indecent, but the vest is.. rather form-hugging.

Amanda Sefton isn't exactly upset about the vest. She's rather fond of Dani's looks, after all. Making sure nobody's about, Amanda gestures a little and teleports the duo directly back to the inside of the vardo. "Sorry. Impatient to spend time with you," she admits sheepishly.

Danielle laughs lightly. It's amazing how easy it is to get used to such quick teleport tricks. She tugs Amanda closer and gives her a longer, deeper kiss. Then smiles as she draws back, "Such a greedy wench," she teases lightly. Then she turns and tugs her vest open, then simply peels it off. Topless for a moment, she rummages, then tugs on one of her comfortably loose peasant blouses. The sort that somehow covers her properly, while also flattering her curves. A quick adjustment, and a check of her hair, then she pads back over. "That's better."

Amanda Sefton leans heavily into Dani to return the kiss. She doesn't flinch, to her credit, when Dani removes her vest and fetches a blouse. "We can do the Italian place," she agrees. "Or eat here. Or… " She shrugs. "Like I said… I just want to spend time." It helps that she's been very busy when working. So little time to sneak away and see Dani.

"Hmmm, well, I tell you what we should do," Danielle tugs Amanda back into her arms, holding her comfortably close. "First, we should go have a nice lunch at that Italian place. Then we should come back home, get comfortable, and spend the rest of the day together. Just you and me."

Amanda Sefton tilts her head slightly, putting her head against Dani's shoulder. "That sounds very nice," she agrees. "Teleport down there again?"

Danielle tightens her embrace a bit. "That alleyway should work just fine again, yeah," she agrees. After her workout, there's a warm scent clinging to her skin and hair. A bit of horse, a bit of earth. Mostly 'warm Cheyenne'. And warm enough to not need her own coat for a short jaunt. "I wonder if the lady might" She pauses for Amanda to teleport them, then finishes, " put together a sampler plate for us to share."

"You think?" Amanda cranes her neck to look around. It's clear, and she tugs Dani out of the alley with her and over to the restaurant. "I guess we can always ask, right?"

As the pair stroll across the street, Dani doesn't even notice herself positioning between cars and Amanda. It's just reflexive, really, to be protective of her girlfriend. They head into the small restaurant, immediately assaulted with the fragrance of classic Italian cuisine. As they're shown to a small table, Dani asks the waitress for such a sampler, and a couple of cokes. "She's gonna check. I just couldn't decide last time we were here, so.."

Amanda Sefton settles into the booth at Dani's side. "Sounds good." She's silent a moment, then, "What inspired the horse acrobatics?" She doesn't really recall Dani ever mentioning she wanted to be part of the show… Wait, did Amanda forget a mention? Did she accidentally ignore it?

When the drinks arrive, Dani takes a long gulp of hers, then exhales slowly. "Mmm. Well, you know I'm a pretty fair rider. And in a fight, Brightwind and I are damn near unstoppable." A little boasting, but not a lot. "But some of the moves those girls can do with their horses are…." She gestures a little, searching for the word. ".. Dazzling. If I could learn some of their tricks, adapt them to work with Brightwind… we'd be even more nimble in a fight."

Amanda laughs softly. "My girlfriend the valkyrie, bragging she's unstoppable," she murmurs. "That's adorable." She grins wide and pecks Dani's cheek. "I'll turn you into a newt," she teases.

Danielle humfs primly, but grins anyway. "Wellllll, maybe not /totally/ unstoppable," she concedes. "And if you turn me into a newt, you /know/ I'll just crawl up your pants leg an—" She cuts off abruptly, feinting a bit of a cough. Why? Because a few moments later, the waitress returns with a large plate, filled with about a half dozen different types of pastas and whatnots.

Amanda Sefton smiles brightly at the waitres, thanks her politely… and then swats Dani's thigh, leaning into her. "You are terrible," she murmurs. "Absolutely awful." She grabs a set of cutlery and passes it off to Dani before snagging her own. "I hope you know that."

Danielle manages not to giggle too much, instead taking her fork and skewering a tangle of linguini and clams. "Of course I know it. Just like I know you love it," she teases back, then mmmps. "Wow, that's spicy.. try this.."

Amanda Sefton grins. "I love it," she agrees. And at Dani's suggestion, she skewers the same tangle of linguini. "Spicy? Oh Dani, you don't have the tolerance…" Bite. "….. this is really spicy!"

Danielle does laugh at Amanda's reaction, and makes her point with a light nudge of the elbow. "Now who's bragging?" The pasta is perfectly cooked, the sauces and toppings balanced just so. It is a comfortable and companionable lunch. More than plenty for one, just right for two. And not so heavy as to require napping upon return to the vardo.

Amanda Sefton harrumphs. Loudly. Exaggeratedly, even! "Wasn't bragging," she mock-grumbles, taking another bite. Though she's happy to be out and about with Dani, going back home will be nice, too. Hm. "Maybe we should look into a movie," she suggests. "Unless going home is the number one priority."

"No priorities today, just taking it easy together. But we can swing over to the cinema, see if anything's showing that looks good." Danielle agrees as she munches her lunches. "If so, groovy. If not, we can take a stroll before heading home." There are days where she likes to be scheduled and organized and know what's what. There are other days, like this one, where it's much more satisfying to simply go with the flow, as long as she's with Amanda.

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