1965-03-26 - Puzzles, Poetry, and Potential Explorations
Summary: Triton and Black Bolt discuss exploring the city.
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Inside the private wing of The Quiet Room, Black Bolt sits at the large table in the center of the meeting area. In from to fhim is a puzzle that he is putting together slowly, one piece at a time, from over a thousand pieces. He seems to be concentrating on that, as he only somewhat notes when someone comes or goes around him.

Triton came in and looked around. It was… quiet. He nodded and took a seat opposite the puzzle; pausing first setting a small writing box on teh table and then sitting. "Cousin, my king." Not that Blackagar was seated but he was still there as figurehead and was, as a fact, king. He thought… life was so often complicated. A notebook was set down and the box topened with waterproof calligraphy pens. He was a fan of writing even though paper often didn't favour him.

There's a dip of Blackagar's head in greeting to Triton as the man comes and sits at the table with his caligraphy pens and paper. His gaze settles on the pens and the paper with some interest, and a brow raises quizzically, as though trying to guage exactly what it might be that the man intends to write. There's plenty of room at the table, even with the puzzle spread out on it.

Triton produced a journaland set it on the table, the large saucer eyes looked to Blackagar's curiosity and the fish considered this. Hmmm a tale perhaps. "Since I was able to serve, our people and you, I have been sent to places far from home to watch others and not be of them. When I return to Attilan, my home? It is as a guest as much as she welcomes me as her Child. The mountain is, simply, for those that fly, not swim. Still I would change nothing. I am happy to do this and we are all born to serve the needs ofour people in some capacity. Even us. Still," There was a still and the box opened and he chose his words carefully; judiciously. "Still ther eis always a lonliness that comes from being away from those things one cares about most. I have to pass the time delved into 15th - 17th ventury war Haikus."

Blackagar doesn't seem to mind listening. He does quite a lot of that. And so he listens as Triton speaks, studying him from across the table and abandoning the puzzle for the time being, the pieces remaining where they lay, with just a bit of the border laid in place. He gives a bit of a nod, and a quirk of a smile at the mention of fifteenth and seventeenth century war Haiku.

Webbed fingers rubbed at his jaw below the mask thoughtfully musing, "I find many interesting parallels sometimes between the Samurai and their Shogunate and our people and wonder, how much we brought to Japan in their early infancy. Sometimes I wish to know these anwers buuuuut getting anything out of the genetic council…" Yeah have fun with that. The smile was expressed in an ease of a shrug as his face was half hidden. "How're you adjusting, cousin?" If Triton and Blackagar shared anything in common it was patience first and the restrant from pushing Maximus off a mountain when he acted up.

Blackagar smiles a little amusedly when Triton mentions trying to get information out of the Genetic Counsel and it's clear from his own expression that he wishes the man much luck in doing so. Then he shrugs his shoulders just a little bit when asked how he is adjusting. He glances around the private wing an lifts his hands to sign, «Maximus did a good job. Safe. Comfortable.» It seems that he is settling in well enough.

Triton looked aorund and nodded in slow agreement. "He has. I will… say that your approach has been interesting." Sure that word will service. "I think leaving room at teh table for him has made a difference. Others have enjoyed making that difficult to do." While he doesn't care to speak out unprovoked he made a habit of being observant. Quiet for a while longer he looked up with pause from teh puzzle to Blackagar, "Are those mountains you're building? Because I will actually laugh if they are after the last talk we had as a family about them. If not we maybe should find one."

Blackagar smiles a little amusedly at the word choice but inclines his head in consent that it is indeed a different tack than most have taken, including himself in the past. He then glances toward the puzzle and shakes his head, lifting the box and showing Triton the image on it. It's a cartoon charicature of New York with various locations slightly more exaggerated than others to highlight the sights to be seen.

Triton looked at the box lidtapping one scaley finger against the side more grey picking up teh blacks and whites he was moslty adjacent to having that tendancy to adapt like chameleons do. "You know… Have you seen many of these places yet?" Triton's yeebrow ridge pushed up followed by just the internal eyelids blinking curiously. "I feel we could go. If Maximus wanted to join us any knowledge of our visit would likely remain unnoticed."

Blackagar considers the question and taps a few places on the box that stand out, indicating that he's been here and there, but most of the places o the map he hasn't visited yet. Perhaps only Maximus and Triton might notice the slight hesitation. He is good at wandering lonely mountaintops, but Blackagar Boltagon was never a particularly willing king, and he has a certain shyness about him, particularly when it comes to the idea of exploring a large city.

Triton regarded the box for a longer moment and nodded cautiously. He didn't walk among the people usually and didn't dwell surface side among norms. That was always the best way for him to blow his cover usually. Also? No water. "We could try it. COvert, but relaxed. Allows us to better understand how their society sees themself. Really I think it could be quite culturally stimulating and beneficial. And we can take a wager on how many blatently untrue facts Maximus will share with us as if they were historical fact." Those orbs squint in what might be some expression of a smile. There was a quiet muffled laugh though. "We should try I think." Triton was comfortable with who he was, but many others tended to get startled at being confronted by a 6' tall fishman.

To him, Triton was normal just the way that he was — not so much in that there were a plethora of fishmen about Attilan, but in that he only ever knew the man as a fishman and that didn't seem terribly out of the ordinary to him growing up. But Black Bolt had become more acutely aware of the differences between he and many of his fellow Inhumans over time. And this new city that they were to explore tended to highlight those differences. He nodded though, gesturing toward the puzzle with one hand and then glancing over to Triton, indicating that yes, perhaps they should do this exploring.

Triton drummed his webby fingers agains the edge of his mask and thought deep on that one. Standing he affirmed, "I'll do some recon. See what we want to see and get back to you." THe soggy Samurai seemed… pleased with this. Turning back to his book he picked up one of the puzzle pieces and snapped it into place. "Oh that is a dangerously satisfying hobby… I promise not to keep touching your pieces." And taht said proceeded to work on his journal and 300 year old dead poetry art forms.

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