1965-03-30 - Feliz cumpleanos
Summary: Reno and Kai salute the late Mr. Cordova, and also plan on doing something to help Lambert out
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Reno had been laying low and cleaning up show at the end of the day. Tonight it was Reno and his radio and an extra shot poured. "Harlem, what happened to ya, bonita?" he poured himself a drink but left the extra shot perking up when the Shirelles came on.

Kai peeks in, and upon spying Reno, he helps himself inside. "Hey there," he says. Like an alley cat, he makes his rounds. He's pleased to see Reno, though, perking up to find him here. He's traded his usual colorful mod clothes for jeans and a t-shirt. The right clothes for the right neighborhood.

Reno rustled up an eazy grin for the hippie elf. "Heeeey Kai. How is the traveller of the Vanilla abstract who grooves to that existential bop a-doing, amigo? You wanna drink? Was just gettin one for me and ma dad. His birthday but like, nothin fancy. What'chu been up to, dude?"

Kai pivot spins and shoots 'the guns' at Reno. "Groovy as ever, mi amigo. I'd love a drink." He saunters up to Reno, easygoing as can be. His good cheer dims a little as he says, "Oh, dear. My condolences." Still, a kind of warm energy radiates off him. He clasps Reno's shoulder for a gentle squeeze. Then he says, "I kind of started waiting tables at Saganaki. I don't know if Lambert wants me doing it or if I'm going to get paid, but I like to talk to people."

Reno shrugged and encouraged, "Heeeey he passed when, like, I was only 7. Just a kid ya know> Is fine. I just like to keep up his day. THinka botu the things he give me, an like the stuff he didn' get a chance to. Loved baseball though. Season starts soon. I should take you to a Mets game sometime." He moved and poured Kai a drink and arched one dark eyebrow, "Oh no way? I like that dude. He a real sweetheart and I'm sure he appreciat the effrot. Just like careful you ain' takin tips away from the waiters and stuff if you ain' workin there. Food service is a hard business ya know?"

"Still, he's your father. He does deserve a drink in his honor." Kai approves. He takes the offered drink and says, "The Mets? Hmm, I haven't seen them play." He doesn't call himself a Yankee's fan — he doesn't want to cause a rift — but it might be implied. "I used to be a waiter at another place before I died and came back," he says. "I kind of miss it, but no, I don't even get paid because I don't want to take money away from them. I give them my tips. Mostly I just like having something to do."

Reno warmed a smile and poured a shot for Kai and another for himself. He clicked the 'empty' glass. "OOOoh cool cool. YEha one of those crazy like people things I didn' t know you knew about or not. NOthin worse than goin hey i'm gonna help, throw wrench into things, then the drapes is on fire and we standing there in our shorts putting the house out with a garden hose wonderin why no one said anyhting. Is cool. How Bert doin anyways?"

Kai taps the glass as well, with unusually deep respect, and he takes the shot. Mmm, tasty. "Yeah, if you're going to help, know how to do it, man. Bert's good. His restaurant his hopping. That's why I helped out.. They were swamped because one of their people were out and the line was out the door. Can't complain for the money it brings in though. I think he loves the crowd."

Reno furrowed his brow and had sympathy for the guy, "Mna if I had an extra set of hands I'd pitch in man. I got my wings clipped on this one ooh! but maybe we cna bring him somethin-" He paused and turned heading towards the back, "wWe gonna make him somehting t'cheer him up. Stressed out people love that shit. It'll be great! Soooo" He paused coming to a halt and turning on heel smoothly as a dancer does, "What sorta things you think he into that he likes?"

"You've got a lot on your plate, amigo," Kai says. Then he perks up. Making something! "He likes romancing all the sweet honies," he says. "Maybe something for his bachelor pad. I don't think he has electricity in it, but we can work around that. I know he's into food, naturally. He likes Greek things."

Reno rubbed his chin and considered, "You and I have a project ahead of us I'm thinkin." Kai was goot at this stuff; feeding into the indulgences of others. It was admirable really. "Hey after this you wanna go grab a bite oto eat and ya know if you got people you wanna bring go for it."

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