1965-03-30 - Kaleb, what is the MET?
Summary: After explaining what the Met is to his fellow artist Kaleb tries (desperatly) to instil some culture into Jeb
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SO the discussion came up 'Kaleb, what is the MET?' Oh… OH! Kaleb couldn't let that one slide. How they didn't teach people these things everywhere he didn't even fathom. THen again, Kaleb Marshall Miller also didn't understand why one would ever do their own laundry either so there was that.

Impressivly enough teh Miller namegenerally got he and Kellan into everywhere one might not normally see. Kaleb was, as was he always, dressed in a custom tailored three piece suit befitting his station in the city. Driver dropping them off they were directed to the visitor's entrance and greeted by one of teh administrators who was thirty-eight years their senior but seemed to regard the particular Miller like he owed the Mutant a favour. He addressed then offering a hand to Kaleb whiwas stared at for a moment long enough to make the administrator a tad uncomfortable. Kaleb shook it, with that cold and detached observational manner he reserved for business and the outside world. "Mr. Miller we are again sorry for the trouble last month."

Kaleb paused. He could have words; so-so -so many words. Today he did not but nodded in the miniscule. "Well, thankfully the consulate is…forgiving. Still, You have an exhibit on Baziotes and Warhol. We've come to view the gallery." The faintly apologetic administrator looking to put the destruction of the India cultural exhibit disaster behind them. Kaleb was like ice. Public there was no emotion, no give, but he was looking forward to getting on with business. Looking to Jeb he asked as a matter of update, "You ok?"

Jebediah was not dressed as impressively as Kaleb, but was there ever anyone dressed as impressively as Kaleb? Maybe Max. Max was maybe the only person ever dressed as impressively as Kaleb. Jeb was wearing a pair of black dress pants that didn't look a size too big on him as most of his clothes do, which meant he must have done some shopping for this occasion. Some. The dress shirt he has on is a deep red in color, and also… slightly too big and faded but it had been ironed. Jeb's hair had been washed, and all the burns on his hands had been bandaged from view. He didn't smell like smoke and charcoal, but rather a light pine scent. He'd put a lot of effort into how he looked today. Clean shaven too. It would never be at the level of Kaleb, but he had /tried/ to look presentable to Kaleb standards today.

He watched the exchange between Kaleb and the adminstrator, baffled because Kaleb wasn't telling the other man to go fuck himself or just tearing his voice away. Kaleb was being cool but polite. Insane. "Me? Yeah, Ah.. Ah'm fine, Cabbage. Ah really wanna see the Warhol exhibit. Ah read a book about 'im recently. He's real groovy."

Kaleb was at least professional and he didn't hate the guy. He still treated the human laborer as human labour, but unlike some he didn't instinctivly call him 'peasant'. He actually had manners when he wanted to employ them. Kaleb turned and followed keeping his own abnormalities close to the cuff. The director was genuinly in love the the exhibit and seemed happy to show it off. As they walked with their personal excort they were taken through the museum of paintings, and mixed media installments. One was a park bench that one could sit on with a man reading a paper though the man was made from bronze and looked incredibly real. There were things from everywhere come to meet under one roof. THere was, though, a returned sense of wonder that seemed to chill Kaleb out almost as much as listening to Miles Davis at home in his room drawing out his own crazy ideas. "I kinda love Worhol. The subtle message in his work both celebrates and mocks us as a society for our consumption of entertainment and media."

Jebediah's eyes are as wide as saucers as soon as he's encountered with art work in any form. He practically vibrates with excitement next to Kaleb but he maintains his 'inside voice' that Kaleb often requested when he voices his excitement. "Yeah? Ah just like it because Ah like it. Ah didn't see what he meant until you said anythin'. Doug wants me to do that, to see the deeper meaning in the paintings, to find them in my own too. Ah don't know that Ah have a deeper meanin'.. except… Ah draw only.. people like us." He looks at the administrator, he isn't hiding what he is because he's scared, just doesn't want to start up hell by saying 'mutant' in public and then Kaleb will shatter everyone's left eardrum. "So maybe, Ah'm only drawing what Ah think is beautiful."

Kaleb was so very much keeping that conversation veeeeery quiet. There was a sliiiight shake of his head. Kaleb's mouth didn't move btu teh sound was quiet just inside Jeb's ears on both sides. Trippy. «"Not hte safest place to talk those things. But maybe. Deeper meaning comes from looking at something and understanding it's purpose. Point of fact, why did the artist create it and what message were they trying to make if any? What moved them?"

Jebediah startles at a voice in his head. "Don't do that." He grumbles at Kaleb as it sends a tremor down his spine in an unpleasant way. "It's really cool, Cabbage, it is, and Ah know why you did it, but please don't do that." He shakes his head like he'll be able to get Kaleb's voice to fall right out his ear. "Ain't the reason never 'because they could'. That's why Ah draw, because Ah'm good at it."

The voice continued though only on the one side. It almost pained Kaleb to use mundane method. Fine. He swallowed and murmured a thank you. To the administrator he was able to confirm htey can catch up later. Kaleb could explain the soup cna and Triple Elvis from here. Looking around the sound filled the space between the two of them and kaleb's lips moving started after catching up until he was speaking again. "We don't do something for nothing. Why we decide to do something, what we choose to express? That all tells a story. Except that white canvas withthe red stripe. That thing is total bull."

Jeb squints when the voice moves to the other side. "Sorry, man, it just sounds like a ghost in my head, Ah don't like it." He apologizes to Kaleb sincerely. "Ah know why you did it, so Ah wouldn't say nothing stupid in public but, still.. that's the stuff that happens in horror films. Or like yer my conscience, my.. really eloquent, fancy conscience." Eloquent. That's a new word coming off Jeb's tongue. He was really spending too much time with Kaleb. Kaleb and the library. "Do you have deeper meanings for the buildings you want to erect, Kale? When you design them, does the design mean something to you?" He asks, curious now, moving a little closer to Kaleb.

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