1965-04-03 - A meeting over Bacon Wrapped Dogs
Summary: In which the TCP gathers, eats, and inquisits Noh-Varr, the alien.
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Once he got dressed, Noh-Varr stayed downstairs to give the others the opportunity to talk about him and decide what they were going to do. He's a very polite Kree. Not to mention he can hear every word they say. At the moment, he's sitting on the couch eating a couple hot dogs as he eavesdrops.

Vic was on his way out to meet Kellan, but as he heads for the portal that will take him to Narnia and then home, he pauses and offers Noh-Varr a friendly smile. "How are you doing?" he asks. "It must be rough with everything being so different."

After some time, Teddy descends into the apartment holding two glasses of daquiri, one half-full and the other freshly-poured. "Hope those clothes fit well enough," Teddy says to Noh-Varr, eyeing the Kree who's now wearing a set of his own clothes. He hands off the full glass to him and eyes Vic, letting his question hang there for now, also interested in how the displaced alien wil answer.

"Not that different." Noh-Varr answers, taking the glass and giving it a curious look. Taking a small sip, he gives it another look then drinks down half the glass. "That's good. I was on the last Earth for over a year. This one is much better." A second drink finishes the glass and he sets it down. "They're large and not very flattering but are good enough until mine dry. I washed them in the shower and they're hanging over the rail."

Kellan was on his way out to meet Vic in a littel bit, and so he swings by the apartment, looking for Billy to talk to him about a project they are working on. He knocks on the front door and stands outside, waiting idly and whistling to himself, looking for all the world like a prep school kid with messy hair. He'd be easily mistakable for his twin except for the fact that he smiles.

"We could put them in a real washer and dryer," Vic says. At the knock on the door, he says, "I'll get it. It's not his house, but it's his brother's house, so what's a little familiarity amidst family? He opens the door and beams. "Kellan! Come in. I was just on my way to see you."

Teddy grins when he sees Noh-Varr empty his glass, then does the same with what's left of his. When Vic heads off to answer the knock at the door, he inclines his head to the Kree and sticks his thumb out to the bathroom. "Do you want me to do that? Dry them in the machine?" The door opens behind him and he tosses a look over his shoulder, waving to Kellan.

Washer and dryer are quite descriptive so Noh-Varr doesn't need to ask what they are. "If you have them, sure, you can do that. They'll dry quicker that way I assume. Who's that?" he asks as the door opens. "And is there more of this drink? What's it called?"

When Vic opens the door, Kellan grins and says, "Hey. Fancy meeting you here. I was just stopping by to see if Billy was around before heading out to see you." He waves to Teddy with a grin and says "Heya Teddy. How's it going?" When he hears someone ask who he is, he says "I'm Kellan, friend of Billy, Ted, and Vic." He gives Vic a little shoulder bump and a smile before coming inside. "Billy out?"

Vic grins at the shoulder bump and says, "He was on the roof, but I think he had to take off. You want a hot dog? They've got bacon wrapped around them. But they're kosher, so it cancels out." He ushers Kellan in and closes the door behind him. "This is Noh-Varr. He's…" Vic hesitates. Noh-Varr's origin is a story that's not his to tell, so he says instead, "He's new here. Not from around these parts."

"Things are good!" Teddy says to Kellan, offering a wide smile. "Billy had to step out, but there's food and drinks up on the roof. Daquiris," he offers, shaking his empty glass to Noh-Varr, indicating that's the name of the drinik he seems to like so much. "Help yourself. It's a nice night for bacon dogs." He sets his empty glass down then and crosses the room for the bathroom, where he aims to collect Noh-Varr's damp outfit.

"Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt." he tells Kellan as he stands up. Daquiris. There must be more up on the roof. "Should I bring them down or are we going up?" Doesn't seem to matter much to him. Though as Teddy moves toward the bathroom, he heads in that direction as well. "I'll get my boots, gauntlets, and stuff out of there."

Kellan glances up toward the roof and says, "Daquiris and bacon-wrapped hot dogs, yeah, sounds about right." He grins and says, "Alright. I'm going to grab some if we're hanging out." He then looks over toward Noh-Varr and says, "I… don't know…" He then looks after Teddy and then shrugs, "We could go up. If it's nice out, may as well?" Then he says, "Nice to meet you, Noh-Varr. Welcome to New York." Sure, he noticed that little hesitation from Vic, but he just lets it go until Noh-Varr introduces himself and both brows go up. "Wow, that's a mouthfull."

"Yeah, let's head up to the roof," Vic says. The roof is where hot dogs live. He calls toward the bathroom, "Teddy, we're going up to the roof." He lingers close to Kellan, though he's on public behavior in front of Noh-Varr, trying not to send mixed signals. He nudges him with his shoulder though to indicate he's heading up.

Teddy lifts a finger to indicate the general direction of Up. "Go, go, go," he says, grinning. "I'll be there in a minute." Then he slips slips into the bathroom and takes hold of the Kree outfit, studying it both visually and tactilely. "So, all of this stuff is some kind of uniform then?" he asks Noh-Varr, not wanting to presume, because for all he knows it could be aline eveningwear.

"No more than the designation of most military units, no matter what race they belong to." Noh-Varr says, shrugging lightly. "Though the Shi'ar like to try to impress everyone." Following Teddy into the bathroom, he starts collecting the other pieces he was wearing that don't get washed. "Standard uniform for the Marvel." he agrees. "Lightly armored for defense."

Kellan seems all for going where the hot dogs are. He grins over at Teddy and says, "Alright, see you up there." Then he follows Vic on up toward the booze and dogs are. Soon he has a dog in a bun with some mustard in one hand, and a daquiri in the other, and is chillin' on the roof, having found himself a seat settled next to Vic.

Billy stepped out, since this has been turning into more of a party then he expected, and not everyone might like his only drink of choice. So as people arrive upstairs, suddenly reality rips open and deposits a Billy. He's carrying a 24 pack of imported german beer, and atop that is a bottle of whiskey. This he deposits on the table, "Some choices in case someone wants to drink something that's not you know, a little froofy." He flashes a dimpled smile. Running out to the store when you can teleport is not that much of a chore.

"Hey, big brother," Vic says, pleased to see Billy has returned. "Look, I don't have to leave after all." He gestures to Kellan. Then he gets himself one of those German beers, TKing it to him. "Kellan, do you want a beer, a daiquiri, or some whiskey?" he asks as he settles down in a comfy spot and eyes those hot dogs.

Down in the apartment, Teddy turns to Noh-Varr and asks, "What's a Shi'ar?" He nods to the open bathroom door and makes to leave, carrying the outfit with him to the big, blocky machines that will render it warm and wearable. "I hope this won't ruin it. Then again, if it does, I think we've just found your weakness." He chuckles and tosses it in, then works the dials on the machine.

"What's froofy mean?" Noh-Varr asks Teddy, carrying his stuff out to the living room and dumping it into a corner. "The Shi'ar are one of Empires closest to your planet. The Shi'ar, Skrull, Xandar, and of course, the Kree. Unless things are differentin this reality but I doubt it. Something really major would have had to have happened to make that big a change in galactic politics."

Kellan waves at Billy when he returns with a grin, "I was actually coming over to look for you. I wrote up some stuff.. you know, for that project we were working on, if you want to take a look at some point." He then wiggles his daquiri in Vic's general direction with a grin, to indicate he's got one already. "I'm fine with froofy for now."

Billy focuses his attention upon the grill, floating some hot dogs up, wrapping them in bacon, then setting them down on the grill, all with his mind. "Oh, sure, do you have it with you? I can look at it now. I can multitask." He flashes a dimpled grin, then reaches over to pour himself the froofy.

Vic TKs himself another bacon dog. This is still him being polite. After all, he isn't shoveling them in two or three at a time. "Froofy is good," he tells Kellan with a grin. With beer in one hand and dog in the other, he's quite the content cool cat. He steals glances at Kellan to grin at him. He's trying to be subtle, but he just isn't.

"It's, uh, something that's fancy-looking, but maybe not actually?" Teddy says, tentatively. He doesn't have super hearing so it's a bit out of left field. "You know, I think I'd like to talk to you more about all that," he says of the galactic politics, seeming very interested in the subject. "You know, when there's not a party. You want to head up?"

"Sure, let's go." Noh-Varr agrees. He didn't seem reluctant to talk galactic politics in his reaction to the request. Taking his glass, he heads up to the roof and looks around, before pouring himself another daquiri.

Kellan nods to Billy and reaches into his back pocket to pull out what looks like a whole lot of scribbling on one side of the pages, and then some boxes with stick figures in them on the other side. Look, drawing is not his talent. He hands them over to Billy and says, "You can keep them. I made a copy so I can keep working on them." He then polishes off the remainder of his hot dog. He can't help but laugh though with Vic continuously looking at him like that. Finally he leans over and pulls him in to place a kiss firmly on his lips, swift and brief before taking a sip from his drink.

Keeping the dogs grilling, Billy takes Kellan's notes and starts going through them, looking curious as he reads the lines. "Hey, this is good writing." he compliments, then carefully setting the pages aside because a hot dog floats over to him and demands his attention briefly. He flashes a grin to Kel, "We should get together and plan some plot and look and feel. I'll sketch some initial ideas, then get it back to you?"

Vic laughs quietly and returns the kiss. Well, if Kellan is going to be that way, he tugs Kellan closer so he can provide a shoulder to lean on. "Billy and I were talking," he says, "and he might be able to open us a portal to school, but it'll take some finagling, since technically he's not supposed to know it exists."

Teddy heads up to the roof with Noh-Varr, having scooped up his empty glass along the way. "Ooh, what do we have here?" he asks, referring to the new booze Billy picked up. He sets his glass down near these, but doesn't pick out anything new just yet. Instead, he walks over to Billy to give the young man a quick peck on the forehead. "Welcome back."

Noh-Varr watches Kellan and Vic kiss which is then followed by Teddy and Billy. "Is everyone on this Earth in a relationship with someone of the same sex?" he asks, sounding puzzled. "But you're not allowed to talk about it in public? Maybe I passed through more realities than planned."

Kellan nods to Vic in regard to the portal but doesn't say anything more about it when Teddy and Noh-Varr join them up on the roof. He lifts his glass to the others in greeting when they make it up. Then he nods to Billy and says, "Yeah, definitely. These were just some random ideas that kind of came to me. I figure you can look at them and let me know what you think." He leans against the shoulder that Vic offers though, comfortably. He chuckles a little bit at Noh-Varr's question and then says, "No.. not really. It's not really .. accepted in our local culture, either. There's a lot of .. hate, out there. But, we're here among friends.. and.. new friends." Who are from another planet or galaxy or something, and so he doesn't seem too worried about.

Billy leans into Teddy, flashing him a dimpled grin, "I thought you might prefer the beer." he offers, before glancing over at Noh-Varr, and shaking his head, "No, if so, that would make breeding problematic. Generally we need dudes and gals to make the little ones. But this is private." He nods over to Kellan, "Sure. I'll work on this and get back to you. It'll take me a bit." He asides to Teddy with a quick smile, "Kel and I are going to make a comic together. He writes, I draw."

"Yeah," Vic says, "we're anomalies in a few different ways. Don't take us as a typical sampling of human culture. It's actually illegal to be with someone of your own gender. It's just that sometimes love's stronger than obedience." Not that that stops him from giving Kellan a squeeze around the shoulders. He perks up at what Billy says. "You are? What's it going to be about?"

Teddy just nods over to Noh-Varr in agreement with the rest of the guys on the roof. They are an atypical group, for sure. To Billy, he arches his brows. "Oh? Then I will read." And this he looks happy to do. Since the beer was brought for him, and rightly so, he walks over to grab a bottle, skimming the label before popping the cap off with his thumb.

"Well, it's not like you can't just engineer your children in the lab and grow them there." Noh-Varr points out but he's trailing off toward the end. "Unless you can't. You don't have that technology here?" Shaking his head, he drains his glass and then refills it, a fan of froofy. "This is a very strange world. Much more primitive than I'd have thought from looking at it."

"Not sure yet, I mean, what it's going to be about yet. Right now I just started with a little short thing about a kid who dreams that he can travel to other places in his dreams, but it turns out that he actually is in other places. His mind jumps from one body to the next, with only one being awake at any given time," Kellan says. Sure, it's heavily borrowed from his own ability to create his reflections. But it's a start, and it's starting with something that he knows. He shakes his head at Noh-Varr, "No, no growing people here. Gotta make them the old fashioned messy way."

"Yeah, see, we're all… atypical. We're not just friends, we're all… special." Billy explains with a nod towards Noh-Varr, "I'm a mage; I do magic, though my dad says its not really magic, but reality warping or manipulation." He blinks at Noh-Varr, "Yeah, we can't do that." Nodding to Kellan as he lays out the story for Vic, "I like the dream angle; it'll be fun to draw." He smiles to Teddy, "You, sir, shall by beta-reader to test if the drawing mixes well with Kellan's writing or not."

"Wow," Vic says. "That sounds groovy. I can't wait to read it." He flashes Teddy a grin. Their SOs are geniuses! He polishes off another dog, having lost count by this point, and he tells Nor-Varr, "I'm a magical force harnessed by a human body. I'm not even a year old yet." He beams. He'll be one soon. No more calling Kellan a cradle robber.

Teddy takes his beer over to Billy and smiles. "I would like nothing more than to beta-read your comic," he says, wagging his brows. Then, to Noh-Varr, he says, "And I'm a shapeshifter." He doesn't go into details, though, because those can be saved for another time. He drinks some beer instead, then eyes the grilled hot dogs. "I think I'll have another one," he considers, moving to assemble the next one by hand.

Noh-Varr takes his drink and walks over to flop down into a chair, the picture of a Kree at ease. "I suppose that accounts for why you got involved earlier. The average human probably wouldn't have invited me into their home." He looks with interest as they explain what they can do. "Interesting. My parents designed me to be superior to the average Kree warrior in every way."

Kellan grins at Vic and says, "I was going to surprise you with it, but I figure it doesn't hurt to tell you. I'll let you read the stuff I started to write when we get home." Then everyone seems to be sharing, so he says, "I'm a mutant because of a weird gene in my DNA. I can multitask, split myself into multiple reflections of myself, and can communicate telepathically." He smirks a little when Vic proudly declares he's almost one year old. Taking another sip from his daquiri, he studies Noh-Varr and says, "So you're like a super-soldier where you're from?"

"Man, I was expecting 'pff, magic does not exist' from the advanced space-faring species. You're mixing genre's, Just because Sci Fi and Fantasy are in the same isle doesn't mean the two *mix*." Billy nods his head then, "Yeah, most people would not have invited you up when you named yourself an alien— by the way, stop that— but we're used to some things others aren't." Billy does NOT look at his alien boyfriend, since that's a secret. "Kellan can fork himself." he future-nerds, but people are generally used to him saying odd things from time to time. "Do Kree parents usually… design their children?"

Vic grins at Kellan's smirk. What. He's proud. Stumbling around in a meat suit when one is a sentient mote of magic takes some getting used to, and he's only died once. To Noh-Varr, he says "You're just lucky today, I guess. We're nice people and we're not freaked out easily." He takes a swig of his beer and slouches comfortably, resting his head against Kellan's.

Teddy completes his hot dog, hefts it, and takes a big bite that's washed down by some beer. He's busy chewing and swallowing while the others talk about their powers and whatnot, focusing mostly on the food since it's all stuff he knows already. "Oh, and since we're such nice people, you can also have the couch tonight if you want. You know, until you figure out what you want to do." He glances to Billy then, hoping to find agreement in the reality-warper's expression.

Noh-Varr considers Kellan's questions then grins. "A super soldier. I like that. I suppose you could say so. Most do design them to a certain degree. We make sure no undesirable traits are present but those were generally removed from the population centuries ago. It's impossible to guard completely against mutation though." As far as what Billy said, he shakes his head. "Magic is just another way or harnessing the power that exists in the universe. It's all the same; it's just how you access and control it that's different. To quote a Kree you've never heard of, 'Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.'" Teddy gets a nod. "That'll be much more convenient than returning to my ship. Which reminds me, what do you use for the exchange of goods and services? Money of some sort still? Or have you progressed to credit transactions yet?" Given their lack of a global computer network, he's guessing the former. "I'll need some examples of the former so I can replicate them."

"Seriously? Are we going there again?" Kellan asks, turning a little red around the ears. Perhaps he misheard. Then he nods in agreement with Vic and says, "Yeah, we're kind of used to all kinds of craziness, so stuff that isn't normal in this world is.. a lot easier to assimilate." Stretching a bit, he begins to pull himself to his feet and says, "I told Kaleb that I would pick something up for him on the way back, and it's starting to get a bit late. I should be heading out. It was good to see you guys again. We need to hang more often." Then he says to Noh-Varr, "Nice to meet you, supersoldier. If you decide to hang around this planet for a while, we should hang out again." Then he says to Vic, "I can meet you at home in a bit if you want, so you can enjoy the party?"

Billy furrows his brows, looking at Kellan and shaking his head, "Forking… its a computer term. A program duplicates itself to do a different task then the original process. Highly efficient. Fork in the road is where the metaphor came from? One becomes two, each going different directions after and accomplishing different things. Isn't that a perfect metaphor of what you do?" He sounds a little puzzled. Billy gives a quick, clear nod in Teddy's direction, ratifying his treaty offer with a quick dimpled smile. "Yup." He blinks over at Noh-Varr, "A human author said: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." He pauses, frowns, and shakes his head, "No, he didn't, but he *will*." Useless future knowledge strikes again. He rises, pulls his wallet out of his pocket, and from it takes a tenner to show Noh-Varr, "Money. This is a tenner."

"It sounds like a different word," Vic tells Billy solemnly. He gets to his feet as well so he can give Kellan a proper hug, and he kisses his forehead. "I'm going to hang out a little longer, but I'll be home soon. Tell Kaleb I said hello." He's reluctant to let Kellan go, but he does, and he returns to his seat and starts TKing himself another dog. The man's a bottomless pit.

Teddy finishes off his food and walks over to give Billy a goofy look, despite his strange future-words and quotes being familiar to him. "So you're going to replicate cash, then?" He gives that some consideration, then watches as Kellan moves to leave. "I'll walk you out," he offers, taking another swig of his beer. "Be right back, guys," he says to those on the roof, as he makes his move at being the polite host.

Noh-Varr takes the bill and examines it, front and back. "I'll need to take a few examples back to my ship so I can scan them but can return them after. I'll need to learn how much things cost here so I know how much I need to have." But he can worry about that later.

With Noh heading off to claim a couch, and Teddy walking Kellan out, that leaves Billy and Vic. Billy glances at the grill and makes himself another hot dog again; he's not quite bottomless, Vic will win out, but magic burns calories! ANd he's been using his telekinesis almost continually throughout this meal. He looks to Vic and blinks, "Oh, but I don't say that word." he exclaims, cheek flushing a bit red.

Vic grins. "Neither do I. Not usually. Don't worry, what you said made sense to me. I'm not sure what you mean by routines and subroutines, but I think I can guess. I mean a routine is just something you do regularly, and a subroutine is… something you do while you're doing your routine? So you're just telling the computer to do that." He grimaces, meek as he asks, "Is that anywhere close to right?"

"That's not bad, actually." Billy compliments, grinning, and when his new hot dog floats over, he snags it and bites into it. "Computers _now_ might make such a distinction but computers that I got raised on, they're really synonyms. A 'subroutine' may arguably be something called by the main routine. So yeah, you're close." He tilts his daiquiri back for a long drink, snickering briefly, "You understand a lot more then you give yourself credit for, bro."

"I'm an abstract thinker," Vic says. "Sometimes things just come to me." He grins, ducking his head, clearly pleased by the praise. "I'm doing really well in all my subjects in school, but I can't always show my work. Something just is because it is, and I have to kind of retro-fit the hows and whys." He gestures to Billy with his beer. "We come from smart people."

"For me, some stuff I know I learned then, and they know more, but I can't entirely explain the why here and now, which is annoying, but… similar?" Billy suggests, shrugging one shoulder, "I can't always show my work either." He nods and grins then, "We do, at that. Though that doesn't explain Tommy, but its not that he's not smart, its just that, you know. Fearless to an unhealthy degree." he sighs, long-sufferingly.

"He thinks he can outrun everything," Vic says. "To be fair, he's not far from right. But still, you have to have some sense of self-preservation. I can't even stay dead and I don't like going out into the street unless it's a cross-walk and all the cars are stopped." He pats Billy on the shoulder. "Maybe he'll wise up with age. Sometimes that happens."

"The moon's as likely to turn to cheese." Billy offers with a grin and a shake of his head, "Tommy is just… Tommy. You know we didn't know we were brothers, in the future? Just best friends. Team-mates. Speed and Wiccan." He looks around, and sort of leans, sprawling in his own way there, "Let's not test this cannont stay dead thing, though. Almost everyone has a weakness. And experimenting on your healing to see what you don't heal from is … not high on my todo list."

Vic laughs quietly and says, "Yeah, you're right. That's kind of cool, though, that you found each other and were friends. It's like you knew you were supposed to be together." He nods then and says, "Yeah, I'm not eager to go through that again. If you've ever been awake while your broken body reassembles itself, you'll know why not. I'd just as soon stay alive, thanks."

Teddy climbs back up to the roof, this time without a drink in his hand. He stretches his arms wide to his sides, then lifts them up to the sky. "Man, I'm clanked," he says, looking for a place to sit, preferably alongside a Billy-shaped person. "What are you all talking about?"

There's ample room to sit next to Billy, but Billy does one better; when Teddy settles in, he shifts up to plop himself in Teddy's lap. Here, have a Billy. "The plight that is the life of one Billy Kaplan; he has one brother who thinks he can't die and one brother who probably can't die, and man, do I feel suddenly mortal for all of that." Billy laughs softly, dimples bright, "Life is so dangerous, and here look, we now have an alien sleeping on our couch. No, no, I'm not complaining for the offer." Of course, he shares a bedroom with an at least half-alien and doesn't blink about it. "I want to start beefing up Narnia." he blurts out suddenly.

Vic smiles at Teddy as he returns and raises his beer to him before he takes a drink. He's sitting up, bright-eyed and alert and bristling with energy. He is energy, after all. "We were talking about the time I got killed by that truck," he tells Teddy, "and how we've both agreed not dying is the best way to go." He tells Billy, "I think you're so powerful, you'll probably be okay." At the announcement Billy wants to start beefing up Narnia, Vic says easily, "Sure. Let me know what I can do."

Teddy settles into his spot and wraps his arms around Billy, giving the dimpled man a tight squeeze. "I try not to die every day," Teddy says, smiling. "It's absolutely the right way to live. Especially for infants." He winks Vic's way, then rests his chin on Billy's shoulder from behind. "What are you thinking?" he wonders, considering Narnia as it is, which admittedly is more than he can probably fully-comprehend.

"I'm powerful, but — Kaleb could neutralized the majority of my power." Kaleb, Kellen's twin, has the ability to control sound— notably here, mute it. "Heck, a really loud speaker blaring rock might be able to neutralized me. Dad and I tested it: if I can't hear my own words, my spells have no power." Billy is serious in tone there, even as he leans back against Teddy's comfortable strength. To both of them he responds, "It just needs… more. There's some exercise equipment, a kitchen corner. It doesn't live up to Secret Base material at all. It needs… stuff. I just don't know what stuff. Don't worry about money, if push comes to shove I can conjure something, but what does a secret base need?" Billy nibbles on his lower lip, thoughtfully.

Vic laughs at what Teddy says. Yeah, he gives 'baby of the family' a whole new meaning. He winces then at Billy. "That's rough," he says. "I won't let that get out, don't worry." He considers over a drink of beer, then says, "We could get some comfortable couches," he says. "For meetings." Vic is all about the comfortable couches. "What if we havd to detain a bad guy. Do we have somewhere to put them? If anything needs installed, I can help. I'm always installing stuff for Lambert at Saganaki."

Nobody will let that secret out if Teddy has anything to say about it. "Comfortable couches? I mean, yeah, we should probably get that. And a library? Oh, A butler!" He may not be taking this as seriously as Billy wants, but he hopes a kiss against the young man's neck will keep him from noticing. "Honestly? We can probably look to SHIELD for any idea of what we need."

Billy was gonna glare, but then there's a kiss at the neck, so, forgiven. He tilts his head over the other way to make neck more vulnerable, instead. "I don't know if we want to detain a bad guy in Narnia itself, that might compromise the site if they escape. But a holding facility with its own wardrobe-access could be doable. Some cave under a mountain or something." He then peers over at Teddy for a moment, "Well, the Planners don't exactly have the resources of a secret spy agency, but we do have some things they can't do, too."

"I got some hidey holes in town," Vic says. "We could turn one of them into a holding cell, I bet. There's this one warehouse no one goes to. You can't even open the door from the outside unless you know how to jimmy it. It would need some work, but it's closer than a mountain." He pauses, then adds, "Distances aren't a big deal for you. I keep forgetting. But! It could be a backup in case we can't get to you and need to stash someone."

Teddy shrugs and settles in to listening, allowing the brothers to hash out their plan for a holding facility. That seems like one way to go, and it's a project they may definitely put to use in the future. "Or some/thing/," Teddy suggests. At this rate, it's not unlikely that they'll come across something like a spaceship or a…dangerous stone that needs to stay out of the wrong hands.

"Right, distance isn't a big deal, not with standing spells." Billy says, but tentatively, "But it doesn't mean one of our hidey-holes couldn't be a part of our security precautions. I dunno!"

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