1965-04-03 - Kree Code Breaking and Crumbly Cookies
Summary: FItz, Kitty, and Carol start rolling up their sleeves to poke at some of the salvage found in inventory trying to discern if it is Kree or not and what they might be able to learn about it. In comes the field team
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Fitz had been practically living in his lab, that was save for the last evening where one EZ bake oven started a chemical fire that nearly wipes out everything from teh ballistics chamber back. It still smelled like burnt nutmeg in here, htough, really? From all teh things historically that have gone wrong it did actually smell… pretty nice. Burnity but like a grandmother's house… if that grandmother had mutant magma properties. Fitz, nefariously rocking his cardigan and a lab coat spun on heel looking quite irritated, "Barton I told you for the last bloody time the specimin lab isn't for keeping… lunch…es… Oh… Agent Danvers I am terribly sorry. For what it's worth I appreciate you could make time to help us test athing." Sigh.

Carol chuckles, "S'alright Fitz, I can't imagine Barton breaking anything." She grins wryly over at the scientist, wearing her standard SHIELD-issue jumpsuit. "So what did you have for me?" Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail for now, keeping it out of the way as she walks over towards Fitz.

Kitty could smell it before she could see it. Cautiously she poked her head around the corner (sans powers) wondering just what had happened while she had been gone. She can see Fitz, looking not a whole lot more rested than he had been when she had left the other night, and another agent she didn't recognize standing in the lab. The smell was definitly coming from the lab. It smelled like Thanksgiving gone wrong. Kitty entered the lab, "I leave for 12 hours and come back to the lab smelling like I missed a holiday celebration?" She adjusted the stack of papers she held in her arm. "Don't tell me you were having fun without me."

Fitz lookedup to Kitty in defense of having fun without her and responded to assure her, "I catalyzed absolutely no protiens or polymers while you were out… unless you cound the almond paste, which… may or may not have actually been almond paste." Okay for that he looked mildly guilty. He was still puzzling out that conundrum. Ignore the slag plastic that was the EZ-bake oven once… once. "Agent Danvers, this is Shield Agent Kitty Pryde. She's been brought in as a field and research technical asset. And Agent Danvers… is hopefully going to help us test this device we recovered from the Kree." He turned waving his hand vaguely in teh air trying to elaborate. "At first I thought it was a matter duplicator, but it wasn't duplicating as much as it was projecting a duplicate I think. I tmay be some nature of communication device." Pausing he looked wistful for a moment. "Of aaaal the ways I'd love to be able to project a hologram to jsut slap the stupid out of certain people on occasion… " He sighed bringing himself back around to the now, "I love science."

Carol Danvers hrms, "well, it might be… I mean, what the Psyche-Magnetron did gave me an operating knowledge of things, but not exactly why it works the way it does." She grins at Fitz, "So I could fly one of their space cruisers, but I couldn't disassemble it. But anyway, glad to meet you, Agent Pryde… but please, call me Carol, both of you." She chuckles, "At least you aren't calling me the Cavalry, so there's that, I guess." With that, she goes over to the device, glancing sidelong at Fitz as she adds, "By the way, I prefer chocolate cake, if you're going to be bribing fellow agents with desserts."

Kitty frowns at the indicated device, "So are you thinking hard-light projection or some kind of partial matter projection? Are you thinking it transmits sound as well as form?" She then looked past Carol and saw the remains of the EZ Bake. Suddenly the pervasive smell of baked goods past made a whole lot more sense. "Hold on a sec," She said pointing to the slagged remains, "Is that the EZ Bake?" Kitty walked over to the sad remains of the device that had provided such tasty sustenance during over-nighters past. She set her stack of paper down and leaned in to inspect the melted husk more closely. "How did *this* happen?"

Fitz held up a finger and noted, "I'm calling no one the calvary until I get my own pony. Then I'll call then whatever they want." He looked back to Kitty. "Because standards." Seemed reasonable. Space ship piloting had his full attention of interest. "ooooh really now? The Quinjt project let us really do some fun things but I would loooove love love to get a chance to look at one of those. I-" he paused and hung his head with a rueful expresstion asnswering Kitty, "Was. It… was the EZ-bake oven. And do I absolutely have to answer that question?" Oh look at his ears turn red on that one. In the meanwhile there was a large cylindrical device that had Kree squiggles on it, though faded, on a rolling cart he pulled out.

Carol Danvers hmmms and looks at the device, then picks it up rather easily, examining the script as she mmms, seeming to be lost in thought for the moment. She does say absently, "Yeah, haven't really done it myself, but I have that knowledge burned in… besides, I can outpace just about anything in the skies." She grins a little at that, then traces a finger along the script, "Just… need a moment here."

Kitty thought Fitz looked more than a little chagrinned at her last question. As much as she wants an answer, she figures it can wait until they don't have company. She sighs, "Not right now," she conceeds, "But eventually yes." She takes one last whistful look at the lump of melted plastic before picking up her papers again and heading toward her work station. "It's just, I had started to think the dang thing was industructable. Whatever happened had to have taken talent." She set her noted down on her workstation, placing a random component on top of them to act as a paperweight. Once her notes were secured and out of the way she headed over to examine the Kree device more closely. "It sure doesn't look like much." she says as she looks at it

Fitz murmured, "Or nutmeg." Seriously!? "Something off about it but honestly… I miss it. I was… I thought with as hard as we been pushing ourselves I'd have, ya know tiny cookies soooo it didn't smell so much like magnesiumoxide in here and you…well it doesn't matter. No one's getting anything but it doesn't smell so bad. And it doesn't have rice in it." WOrking under the Wing Sing pushed his limits on exactly how much Chinese food he could eat in one week. "So this device, hopefully won't conflegrate like the tiny oven that's intended for /./children//. Seriously what bloody fool minded- ya know what. let's … just talk Kree. So It has similar markings that were found in some of the sites we were looking into specifically the stolen recon surveilence we got from the Penglai digsite."

Carol hmmms, looking at it, "Well, I could bake something in my copious spare ti… oh, wait, I don't have any." She gives Fitz a wry look, "For the record, Kree don't have EZ Bakes. Though they really should… would probably mellow them out a bit." She traces a finger along the script, murmuring something in presumably Kree under her breath as she studies the device.

Kitty squints at the device. The script means nothing to her, and the array of what she would guess to be controls doesn't seem to fit any pattern that make sense to her. Except… as Agent Danvers traces one of the markings Kitty notices a second, smaller control array. "Oh!" she motions to the device, "Fitz, did you see this?" she glances at Carol "pardon me," she says before reaching out to carefully rotate the device in the agents hands, fully exposing the second control array. "I don't know what they do, but I think there are two sets of buttons here." She points, "And is that an inset panel?"

Fitz folded his arms nodded in tired agreement with Carol, "Yeah they really seem to have some room to calm down a wee bit don't they? Now as far as I can figure out it's possibly one sort of rosetta index or numerical. A data respoitory even perhaps. i'm going off cached data from another project but that didn't have a definitive gloss attached to it soooo any insights would be suuuuper helpful." He was glad to have respected minds in parallel fields here to decipher any sort of brainstorming rather than the peanut gallery jsut wnating to test it with fire because that seemed to be everyone's favourite go to lately. "Button panel? " Both hands rubbed his face and a deep breath followed. "T'be honest I compleeeetely mised that. Maybe some sort of control or BIOS mechanism?" His head tilted to see what Kitty was looking at as he murmured "Gooood find. The trouble is now we made progress which means no one's sleeping. TOo interesting. Bravo us."

Carol nods, "Coordinate system. Just… oh, yes, there it is. Basically it looks like this is where you'd enter in coordinates for…" She frowns, "Well, on the bright side it's not a weapon, otherwise I'd know. But maybe it's a communication system or something. The script is… well, sorry to say it's fairly inconclusive." She looks apologetically at the other two agents, "So while it might not explode, I'm not sure how helpful I can be with it, though if it has some sort of data inside, I could translate it if we get it out…"

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