1965-04-07 - Member Of The Press
Summary: Polaris stalks by the Bugle to look on a potentially sympathetic target to help the Brotherhood get an in with Senator Ted Williams.
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"25 lousy bucks. Ten rolls of film and that's the best he can do. Psht." Peter Parker, freelance photographer, is leaving the Daily Bugle, after tucking the five bills into his wallet and stops at the hot dog cart that's usually right outside. "Gimmie the works. I'll splurge." he manages, as he pays a dollar for the meal and a drink, and leaves a quarter tip as he starts on the path towards Queens, unwrapping the foil from around the dog to take a healthy bite of nitrates, chili, cheese, onion, and mustard.

Lorna has been sitting in a small bench meant mostly for employees on their lunch break, not far from the bugle. The way she's dressed, most grown ups would consider her a trouble maker, very much in the rocker side of fashion trends, leathers, her biker jacket covered with pins and badges, the back of it featuring spiked studs that form the greek 'Omega' character. Her eyes are covered with sunglasses, she looks occasionally in the direction of the Bugle's entrance, but seems to mostly just be chilling there.

That is until Peter Parker walks out, he doesn't look all that old compared to other employees of the Bugle, which means an increased chance he'll be sympathetic to what she has to ask of him. She lets him buy his hot dog, but when he turns to walk about his way, she motions a 'come hither' gesture with her index finger. Curiously, Peter will feel an odd force pulling on him in Lorna's direction, not enough to outright drag him against his will, but enough to make him turn her way and notice her motioning him over. The draw seems to be centered on his watch, belt, and even his glasses' frame.

Just before Lorna pulls on him, Peter gets that strange sensation in the back of his neck, that rising of hairs there to warn him of impending danger - and it remains that way as she pulls and coerces him over. "As far as first moves for asking a guy out go, that was an interesting start." At least he's not fleeing in terror from what he assumes is a powered being.

"So, hi. I'm Peter. Don't think I caught your name?" he asks with a lift of his brow as he finds himself subconsciously rubbing at his 'watch', which is actually one of the two web shooters. But she doesn't need to know that.

"Do I look like I'm hunting for a date…?" Lorna asks in a rather serious, no time to play, kind of voice. Whoever she is, seems like she means business.

She doesn't extend a hand in a casual introduction kind of way, instead she just gets to business, patting the empty space next to her on the bench, "I'm Lorna, why don't you join me for a moment…you're eating anyway, better to do it sitting down."

"Sure, there's nothing like being dragged onto a date with a cute girl that's just pulling me along." Peter offers as he moves to take a seat next to her, and takes another bite from his hot dog as he considers her for a moment, taking her in. "So, not looking for a date - would do better than me anyway - so what brings you to tug me over to make your acquaintance?"

"Please…don't call me cute, I know I'm not," Lorna seems rather adamant about herself not being cute. While it's not easy to tell just where her gaze lies behind those dark shades she's wearing, the feeling is certainly that she's staring straight at Peter. Oh, there's also the matter of her hair, vivid green hair, very unique and unlikely in this time period. Though once the punks go out in full force, they might dig her style. "I don't know how well I do, mindless romantics doesn't interest me," she cuts the entire conversation line at the stalk. "Tell me, Peter, are you aware of the mutant plight…?" She still doesn't provide an answer to his question, not yet.

"Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, or something like that." Truth be told, he's preparing his webshooter just in case, as he considers the vivid woman. He's seen enough strange things that Lorna doesn't entirely freak him out. "Yeah. I'm more than aware of the concerns in Mutant Town. I've covered more than one story as a photographer for the Bugle."

"You think I'm beautiful…?" Lorna asks, sounding a bit disbeliving, clearly she never honestly felt she was beautiful. Might be the hair, might be something else. Either way, she doesn't sound like she lacks for confidence.

"And that is precisely why I got your attention…how do you feel like being a hero and helping the cause…?" While she doesn't state what cause, Peter wouldn't be wrong to assume she just might have something to do with those Brotherhood posters that been popping up about Mutant Town lately.

"Yeah. I mean, I can't see your eyes, but your hair's amazing, and you cut a pretty figure." Peter offers up as the spider within is feeling the whole threat of that 'being a hero' bit. "Dunno, I was told by someone once, that sacrifice isn't what makes a hero." he manages with a little croak in his voice. "So what are we talking about here? You need pictures or something?"

"Well, don't know if you're being genuine or not, but thanks, I'll take it," Lorna certainly will take that, after all the harsh words she had to endure. School was hell. "No, but I do need credentials…you're a Bugle employee, you can get me a reporter's badge. I need that. Are you man enough to do that for me…?"

"What do you need credentials for?" Peter asks, a lift of his brow as he studies the woman more curiously now, considering her. He can easily pick up on the threat to his maleness - but really, he was bullied so much in school that the threat just goes right over his head. But he also doesn't rise to the bait to ask her how to prove he's a man to her.

"Does it really matter…?" Lorna answers the ever suspicious 'what could little old me even do with such a thing' type of answer, which probably doesn't bode well what with Peter's spider sense and all. "I need that to help mutantkind against one very evil bastard who wields a lot of power to ruin many lives…"

"This person have a name?" Peter asks, "I mean, if you want a credential, I usually have to have an event for it." he points out to her as he finishes off his hot dog and considers the green-haired woman again. "So this totally sounds like it matters."

"My god, Peter, I thought you'd sympathize with the plight of mutants, it's all the rage helping the downtrodden…" she looks like she honestly didn't anticipate Peter to be objectionable, or difficult about this. "If you must know, it's about a Senator William…you may have heard of him? Curb down mutants rights, treat them like the criminals they are…? Lock'em up in blocked ghettos…somewhat reminiscent of WWII solutions in Nazi Germany…" she starts drumming her fingers impatiently over her knee, as she keeps her legs crossed one over the other. "Are you going to help or not?"

"You barely know me, what made you think I'd be agreeable. I mean, at least buy a guy dinner first before you ask him a favor." Peter responds with a smirk as he considers her for a moment. "Take off your glasses." he finally says. "I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you have no ill intent for Senator William Stryker." Yes, he knows the name, very well.

"Because unlike any of those sell out schmucks in fancy suits, you seemed like you'd give a damn about other people," Lorna answers rather sharply, as if she thought it was rather obvious why she talked to him, and not to Mr. Smith next to JJ's office. She takes a deep breath at Peter's request, and then sighs, before lowering the shades on the bridge of her nose, looking directly at Peter. Turns out her eyes are a perfect match of her hair, a vibrant, nearly radiant green. "I cross my heart and hope to die, if the Senator dies, no harm will come to him…I just need to have a 'talk' with him. An interview if you will, won't hurt him one bit, I'll just convince him to have a change of heart about us mutants."

"While I give a damn about other people, I am not about to give a means to someone as angry as you seem… wow you have really gorgeous eyes." Peter blinks his brown eyes a few times before he meets her eyes evenly, lowering his glasses to hold her gaze. This is two fold - while he may look like he can't read a person or have any form of telepathy, he can feel the rise of adrenaline from her into his danger sense about the relevance of this idea of hers.

"Me…?" Lorna takes the sunglasses off complete, folding them, and putting them in an inner pocket of her rugged biker's jacket, "you think I'm angry?" She asks, looking well on the verge of laughter, "please, you haven't seen me angry. That asshole is just trying to pass some laws that are pretty terrible by any standard. I just want to dissuade him." But then the comment about her eyes throws her off a little, as she looks momentarily confused, "what?" She arches a brow, looking a bit puzzled, before muttering, "thanks, I guess…so, are you going to help or what? I promise not to hurt him."

"I guess I'm going to have to come with you then as the photographer, if you plan on doing this. I don't even have your name yet." he points out to her. "Even though you're going to be in my dreams tonight." Sure, it's lame. Peter knows it, but he's also realizing it keeps her off-guard and he finds out a little more about the truth of all of this in the process.

Lorna looks quite irate that Peter keeps putting conditions to her, she should have just gone the harsh way and really ended the Senator's anti-mutant ambition in the most direct of methods. This is all proving too much of a hussle. She reaches to press a thumb and index finger against the bridge of her nose, squinting, "if you want to do that…you'll have to make me a promise of your own. Promise me you'll do what you can do stop anti-mutant legislation, and stand up for mutants in need…" at least that explains her green hair and vibrant eyes. "I already gave you my name, listen, Lorna…" she doesn't say anything to the 'being in my dreams' comment, she's not quite sure what one is supposed to say to that. It's certainly a first she ever heard this line, which seems better belonging in a romantic movie.

Oh, Lorna, if you only knew. You are totally asking the wrong person to support you. If JJJ got wind that Spidey was supporting mutants - good lord the headlines. SPIDER-MAN - MUTANT MENANCE. "Right, Lorna. But I'm going to need your last name if you want me to get your pass." he points out to her.

"Really…? Name and everything…? Cool," Lorna apparently was meaning to use whatever name he could get her, heck, she'd probably settle for 'John Smith' if she had to. "Fine, Lorna Dane, what's your last name, Peter?" She asks, as if to suggest fair is fair.

"Parker. You may have seen my picture once or twice." Peter is mainly on the page for his Spider-Man pictures. He takes out a small notebook and jots down the name. "It's going to take me a few days. Especially for a Senator. Communism and all that." he comments to her before taking down the information.

"Right, right, you're the kid with the nose for the Spider-Man," Lorna recalls know, before furrowing her brow and immediately having her enthusiasm rekindled, "you happen to know the guy? Any chance he's a mutant?" If she could recruit Spider-Man to the Brotherhood, he may be of much more help than Peter Parker. Heck, he could probably easily sneak into places with his abilities. "It's just an interview, I bet the Bugle loves Senator Ted Williams for his views on blacks, mutants and homosexuals."

"Personally, nope. He just leaves me notes on where he's going to be, and I show up to take pictures. Bit of a glory hog, if you ask me. But his pictures pay well, and he's trying to put a positive spin on heroes.. as for being a mutant? Not sure - I mean, he wears that whole body suit - no telling what he looks like under it." there's a little chuckle at that. "But yes, I'll see what I can do to help you get your interview."

"You get me that press credentials, and we're groovy," Lorna notes before taking her sunglasses and putting them back over her eyes. "And if that spider cat not too shy, maybe arrange a meeting with him for me? I have a proposition for him…thanks for being attentive to the cause." With that she gets up, but before she starts walking away, she looks back at Peter, and with a playful smirk notes, "I'll say hello if I do see you in your dream," she winks, and starts walking away as if nothing ever happened, headed towards the subway.

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