1965-04-12 - Super Secret Plans
Summary: Doug and Cal meet up and plan a getaway for their feathered friend to get him out of the city and breathing fresh mountain air.
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It's been a minute since Mimic has been able to come to the club, part of that is work, Biochemistry required a far more sound mind than he could achieve while drinking to be able to be handled accurately, there were life threatening situation one could get oneself into altering chemicals while under the influence. And he can't just show up at the club without buying something, that just doesn't seem fair. He can't just come and flirt with the owner and his fine feathered boyfriend without at least putting some money down, that was only right, right? So it's been awhile since Mimic's come to see Doug or Jay, something that the man does feel bad about as he arrives at the club today, seeking out the pretty linguist now as he places himself at the bar, wondering what language he was going to order his beer in today. The counter top heats up beneath his fingers and he clenches them into a fist. Pyrokinesis was one he'd learned to control early, luckily.

Douglas has been busy — doing some traveling, as is his wont to do sometimes for work, but the place praaaaaaaactically runs itself. But today he's back in town, and it just so happens that he's come in from the back, after making a few phone calls, to get a coke from the bartender. "Hey." He says to Cal, "Looking well tonight, Calvin." He perches on a stool, and puts the straw between his lips to take a sip.

He thinks it's German, with how viciously his order of a whisky leaves his throat and he smiles when Doug joins him at the bar, taking a seat on the stool next to him. "You think so? Everybody else has been telling me I just look tired." He chuckles. "I could say the same about you, though, that you look well, fine even, would be the term I'd choose." He turns to face Doug now. "How have you been? What have you been up to?"

"Traveling for work." Doug shrugs, "It's my translator job, it takes me far afield. This time it took me to California. Who knows where I'll go next? That's what happens when you're literally the best in the business." Then he rests his hand on his temple. "Actually I have to pad it out and make it look like I'm working harder than I am, so people don't get wise. So there's a lot of downtime. But the pay's good."

"Ah, California, quite foreign and far away." Calvin teases him lightly with a little wink. "Listen to you, you haven't got a single doubt in yourself do you. All that confidence is attractive you know, and you're just oozing it. I suppose it's rightfully earned, given that's your mutation." He smiles a little as Doug leans forward, putting his hand against his temple and describes his woes.

"Ha. Now you're just flirting. I'm not that confident." Doug says, "It's just that I have a really convenient cheat." He raises his eyebrows, and then quirks his mouth, and says, "But if you're trying to sweet-talk me… keep at it."

"Was it any question since that first night I came here whether or not I was flirting with you? I think the question was just what language you had me speaking in to do so." Cal teases again, taking his cup and tilting it and taking a sip from it while he studies the man across from him. "Always trying to sweet talk you, problem is you've got all the sugar over there in your sweet lips, so I say you're cheating again, right here."

Cypher raises his eyebrows at that, and then puts a finger on his straw, moving it from side to side, as he gives a little smirk. "Oh, that is cute. So, I'll tell you what. I already talked to Jay about it, so…" He thinks, and says, "What the heck, I'll jump. Dinner, sometime? A movie?"

It's Calvin's turn to raise his eyebrows in surprise. "You talked to him about it, huh? I can take you out? Hell, I'm underprepared for that. I thought it was going to take me another month or two before I'd ever convince someone quite so gorgeous to come out with me. We could make the best of both worlds, do both."

Doug gestures. "Well, you know." He says, "As long as I keep him in the loop, and as long as he's confident he's my main squeeze — which he is — things should be okay. But, y'know…" He grins, "You could always take him out, too. He IS a good time."

"Now where did all that confidence go, why are you trying to sell me on him when I'm clearly more than a little interested in you, huh?" He asks, curiously. "I'll bet you're a great time, Doug. We could all go out, you know. All three of us."

That makes Doug raise his eyebrows. He raises his drink. "…Deal." He says. "Someplace in the country, where Jay can stretch his wings."

"I was gonna suggest a park, or something like it, somewhere he doesn't have to keep them tucked close to his back, that's got to be uncomfortable. Somewhere he could teach me to fly. We could take you too." He says, leaning back and imagining it. "Could pick you up, would be some romantic movie type stuff. Have a picnic or something."

"Up into the mountains, into the Adirondacks." Doug says, his grin widening, just a touch. Then he shrugs his shoulders, and says, "Could be fun, a warm spring day in the mountains, out of this smoggy city." He finishes his coke, and then winks.

"You know, that'd be fun. I've never been to them. We could take you up real high. We should plan that out. Surprise him with it. Just kidnap him and take him to the mountains, not tell him where we're going. I bet he'd like that, how long has he been stuck in the city? His pretty accent tells me he wasn't born here." Calvin asks curiously.

Doug quirks his mouth and says, "I can't talk TOO much about another person, but he was born in Eastern Kentucky," Doug says, "Thus the accent. He can sing and play anything."

"That part I could tell, that man has the sweetest voice." Cal admits with a smile. "I think he'd really like that, after we made him good and nervous by not telling him where we were going. We could pack up a lunch, some drinks. I could even bring my tent, we could camp there for the night, if you'd like. I know he would like that, like it even more when he finds out it was your idea."

"I'll tell him I want to get him out of the city, let him sit and play guitar for awhile." Doug says, "All right… now we're getting somewhere." He snaps his fingers and points to Calvin. "It's a date."

"A camping trip is a real different first date, I like it. I can borrow a second tent off a coworker of mine too, if you'd prefer one for just the pair of you. We could bring plenty of firewood too, roast everything over an open fire. I'll bet he misses that too. There's nothing that a campfire can't fix." Calvin says, rubbing his hands together like they were making some evil plan. "Think you could leave the Club for a weekend?"

"Ha." Doug says, "I'll tell Jebediah to run it. Tell him to make sure the place gets cleaned up, the bartenders get what they need, and to take my messages — I'll throw him a little extra money. The kid's super responsible, when you put a little faith in him — just young. Really the small stuff takes care of itself if everybody does their jobs." Then he shrugs. "Well, we'll bring the second tent as a backup—and see what he says."

"Jebediah? Another country boy? You only hire country boys here? Is he the little brunet? Always cleaning up the tables? He's real young isn't he? You sure it'll be alright?" Cal asks and then nods. "Alright, two tents, firewood, plenty of food to roast over it, he can bring his guitar. I can get us all set up for the perfect weekend. I think it'll be good for you both, to get away."

DOug raises an eyebrow, and then he pushes himself up, and leans in, to whisper something in Calvin's ear, before he turns to head upstairs.

A little tremor sets itslef right into Cal's spine at those words so close to his ear, a feeling that Calvin certainly hasn't had in years. He moves his hand to give Doug's wrist a squeeze in passing as he turns to head back upstairs.

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