1965-04-14 - A Wonderful Arrow
Summary: Wonder Woman meets the Green Arrow and they bond over their love of archery. New allies are made.
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Diana has noticed in her relatively short time in Man's World, that Hell's Kitchen tended to be a neighborhood where crime was more rampant than others. It's the very reason to made sure to occasionally take a stroll in the rough neighborhood and see if she could land a hand to hapless victims of low lives.

Dressed in blue capri pants, and a white top, there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary about her as she was walking the street. Which is likely why a man who was forcing himself on a hapless woman, didn't expect the ferocity with which Diana had ripped him away from his victim, and slammed him on the ground, a foot pressing against his chest to keep him down. "That is not how a gentleman is ought to behave towards a lady," she remarks, glaring down at the culprit.

Oliver was in his garb as the Grene arrow. armored and with bow in hand, quiver on his back, He had heard the cries of the woman who was being forced upon, and he -very- quickly made his way there. But as he was aiming his shock arrow? Freaking Wonder Woman appeared on the scene and ripped the man right off of his would-be victim. Causing Arrow to lower his bow just a little bit, his eyes on Diana. First thought?

Holy Jesus she's beautiful.

Second thought?

Good God she's strong. Better play it careful.

But little did Diana know…that two men were approaching her from behind, likely the guy's backup for…more vile purposes with the woman and likely his help in case something went wrong. So off they approach, one with a gun, and one with a knife…until boht of them get a tazer arrow to the head from the Green Arrow, who hops down, doing a neat superhero landing as best as a guy with no superpowers can.

"Everyone okay here?"

Diana had a very commanding hold of the thug who dared attempt and force himself on a woman in her presence, it seems the only thing to be determined is what she does with him. Her line of thought, and his pleading for mercy, are broken by the voice of the Green Arrow. One of the heroes Diana has yet to meet, though she ever welcomes meeting each of those champions Man's World has to offer.

"Yes, I would say everything is handily under control," Diana replies, waving in the direction of Green Arrow, "only thing to be determined is his punishment…" she puts a little more pressure with her foot on his chest, causing the man to yelp in pain, while his wouldbe victim thanks Diana and hurries along on her way.

Green Arrow smiles softly to Diana then, bowing his head as he still has that hood over his face. "Yeah, I'd say that to. Nice job." he says then in compliment for her as he moves up beside her, bow still in hand as he looks at the fellow. "Now pal, it's generally a -very- bad idea to impose yourself on a lady. Very poor manners." he looks to the woman then. "You're safe now miss, We'll take care of this guy, but you go enjoy the rest of your night." he says with that beautiful smile and warm voice, before his attention falls on the crook.

"hmm…I have an idea. He pulls out a grappling hook arrow and he shoots it at a nearby lightpoke, wrapping around the very top. That was one hella tall light pole by the way.

He kneels down and starts wrapping the string around the crooks foot. "Now, m'lady, if you would kindly move your foot, I'm going to instruct this fellow why he should never impose on a lady."

Green Arrow gets his due gratitude before the woman the two spared hurries along her way, leaving himself and Diana looming over the thug. Diana turns to look at Green Arrow as he offers a solution, smiling as he shoots his grappling hook arrow, "that is a remarkable arrow, I haven't seen the likes of it…where did you get it?" She has to ask, an avid archer herself, it was only natural to take interest in such curious inventions.

She relieves the man from the pressure of her foot, as she steps aside to allow Green Arrow to tie the man up for the cops, "nicely done, I am Diana…" she introduces herself, "who might you be?"

Green Arrow offers the warmest smile then to the woman and Diana alike, before he clicks a simple object into place and the criminal zips off towards that light pole! hanging upside down until the cops decide to get him. "That takes care of that." before Diana asks him about his arrows. "Oh, these? Well, I make them myself." in honesty, he made his bow, his arrows, and much of his gear by himself, in cohesion with his resources.

That said, when she introduces herself to him, he nods softly then. "The Name's Green Arrow, but friends tend to call me Oliver." he extends his hand to her to greet, it's bare, but it carries the wounds of experience in what he's been doing: being a hero.

"Nice to meet you Diana. Haven't seen you around before. But hey…let's chat on that roof top up there just so cops don't think we're with these clowns."

"You do? That is impressive craftsmanship, have you any more like the one you just used?" Diana asks with fascination, "pleased to meet you, Green Arrow," she doesn't presume to be his friend upon having just met, "if you'd like, you seem an interesting man. Not many around here practice the fine art of archery," she admits, and further display her unnatural abilities, by making that rooftop in a single leap.

Ollie smiles softly then to Diana as she compliments his arrow craftsmanship! It feels good to be appreciated, but he nods softly to her. "Oh, see my quiver? it's full of 'em." he says with that soft smile, before she just -jumps- right up there. Man….she complimented him and -she is drop dead gorgeous-. Did Ollie die and go to heaven? Huh, never meet too many people with a heavy interest in archery. But alas, he fires another grappling hook arrow, coming up there about right after Diana landed, not keeping her waiting at all. "And you seem an interesting woman, Diana." he says with that beautiful smile, the two close enough that Diana could see how crystal blue his eyes were.

Diana does look at Ollie's quiver, nodding solemnly, "have you crafted other types of arrows as well?" She wonders. "Some would say so," Diana agrees with Ollie, though in a non-commited manner, winking playfully at him. "So…Green Arrow…unless you'd allow me Oliver? How did you come to hone archery skills of all things? I understand archery is considered quite archiac…"

Ollie smiles warmly to Diana then, nodding to her. "Oh, trust me when I say I have an arrow for -everything-." he grins at her then a moment before she winks at him! He tries so hard not to turn into a blubbering mess because beautiful woman=Ollie being flabberghasted by beauty. and she was kind…it was strange how almost perfect she seemed to be. But he does smile. "You can call me Oliver, I don't mind…and well…it was a hobby of mine as a kid. I wasn't allowed to shoot guns with my dad, and I'm glad I didn't, but I took up archery. Been holding thebow ever since."

"I would like to learn of your methods…archery is close to my heart," Diana admits with a warm smile of praise at Ollie's exhibited craftsmanship. "You took a childhood hobby into adulthood? That is admirable persistance and steadfast quality you don't often see in youth. Allow me to congratulate you for such a success." She extends her arm again towards Oliver, this time reaching to grasp him in a tighter hold. An acknowledgement of a fellow warrior, "I take it you use your abilities to support those who cannot defend themselves, admirable as well. Do you mostly operate in these parts?"

Oliver does offer Diana a big smile. "As it is close to my own." he remains physically close to her, and when that arm is extended? he takes it in that warrior kind of way…but he also touches her hand with his own, being flirtatious. "It's not often I meet anotehr who is a lover of archery. I thank you for the compliments. and yeah, I operate usually in Hell's Kitchen…it's the worst here. I go through harlem to, but all in all, I cover New York. It's a tough job, but I do my best."

Diana tilts her head at the more personal touch Oliver's hand offers beyond her intended gesture, but she says nothing of it. "It is a practical art of percision, practice of archery can improve many aspect in a warrior." She nods and finally lets go, as she states, "thank you for the good work you do, Green Arrow."

Ollie smiles softly then to her, nodding once in repsonse of her gratitude. "Thank you, Diana. Though I imagine you do more good than I do. Even just looking at you I can tell that you're pretty much a cut above the rest." a warm smile for her then. "So then, Diana…I haven't seen you around. and not so often I see a lover of archery. Who are you exactly?" he asks then, before he releases her hand. Stranger to romance perhaps?

"I do what I can…" Diana says non-commitally, "that's all you can ever ask out of anyone. Do the best one can." She takes a moment to consider the question, tilting her head slightly to the left, before offering, "a warrior, first and foremost, but also someone who is sympathetic to the plight of the suffering. Whoever they may be. Diana Prince, if you must have a full name, I understand that is customary…?"

Ollie smiles at her warmly then, as if she secretly understood the whole point in doing all of this. Most heroes will do it for money or for the adoration of the public…but it's about doing good for the -sake- of doing good. and she'll see a respect in his eyes. "The same can be said for me. It truly is a pleasure, Diana Prince." he looks around then, making sure the position isn't compramised. "Keep it secret but…" he lowers his hood, revealing his face to her. "Oliver Queen." he smiles softly to her then, moving just an inch closer to her.

"If you will share with me, than I shall feel free to share with you, I have at times been heard of under the codename Wonder Woman," Diana states, before adding, "that is a name that was attributed to me by others, but it stuck. I'll be seeing you around, Oliver Queen."

Oliver smiles warmly then to Diana as she speaks to him, and he nods softly to her, reaching out with his hand to give her own a tight squeeze. "Wonder Woman…yeah, it fits." he offers her a playful wink then, before he nods. "Gladly, Diana Prince." says the Green Arrow before he eventually lifts her hand up to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly. Whether it was chaste or flirtatious is up to her. He releases her hand then unless she pulls him back in. "I'll definitely be seeing you around."

"Thank you," Diana says softly, nodding her head towards his quiver, "I can see why they call you Green Arrow." Her brow arches at the gallant gesture of kissing her knuckles, before giggling with amusement, "I must inform you, I am not a typical lady. Farewell!" At that she walks towards the edge of the roof, before dropping down to street level below, before going about her way.

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