1965-04-14 - Coffee Encounters
Summary: Oliver Queen meets Jennifer Walters. Almost impossible flirting ensues, but new friends are made.
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Even metahumans are not immune to caffeine, though someone with Jen Walters' metabolism probably has more of a psychological addiction than a physical one. Still, there's no better way to start a day of depositions than with a tall cup of strong black coffee.

Also, this is one of the few coffee shops with old-world style benches and tables, perfectly sized for the green giantess. She sits in a heavy oak chair with her legs crossed under the table, wearing a pinstripe skirt-suit combination with a muted lilac-colored blouse underneath. Her coffee is on the edge of the table, waiting to be warmed up, and she taps a pencil in a rhythm against the table as she reviews over pages of legal documents in close, blotty typewriter print in front of her.

"Fresh cup, thanks," she murmurs, not glancing up as a shadow passes by her— assuming the person in proximity is one of the waitresses.

Shulkie wasn't exactly the only one who was looking to get a bit of a caffeine intake.

Oliver Queen, the Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist of Queen Industires, arrives at the coffe shop with a smile on his face. He looks like his bank account, dressed in a two-piece black suit with an emerald green tie (of course) with excellent oxfords on his feet. After straightening out his tie, he simply walks up to the lineless waitress, a smile on his face as he orders a small cup of black coffee.

Then he sees Jennifer, sitting casually in a table perfectly made for her, and he approaches her with a big smile on his face. "Why hello. Mind if I sit with you?" he asks her then.

Jen glances up at a man's voice, and blinks once at Oliver. She gives him a somewhat pointed head to toe, then flickers a smile with one corner of her mouth. Her pencil spins on the back of her thumb and lands on the table, and she upturns a palm slightly. "Nice shoes. Be my guest," she remarks, in a cool and utterly self-possesed contralto. Smoothly, too, with her other hand she flips over the papers in front of her before Ollie can read too much off of them. It doesn't look like she's hiding what she's working on, but she is totally hiding what she's working on.

Oliver gives Jen a fairly happy smile then, joining her at the table as he looks at her. "Why thank you, I like to look my best." he smiles warmly then. "But hey, I'm Oliver. Oliver Queen." he extends his hand to her in greeting. Though he easily catches that she's hiding things from him right off the bat. Red flags?! Alas, he smilesm warmly to her. "It's nice to meet you. and thanks for letting me sit with ya."

Jen extends her hand, fingers downwards and curling— a polite handshake for a man greeting an unfamiliar woman, and she lets Ollie grip her fingers for a moment. Her own return squeeze is extremely light and careful, but the ironlike tendons under her green skin suggest she probably never goes looking for a walnut cracker.

"It's a free country, I suppose," she tells Ollie. "I'm Jen Walters."

She considers him, eyes narrowing. "Oliver Queen— not of Queen Industries? The shipping magnate?" she inquires. She whistles through her teeth, a low and unladylike expression. "I wouldn't have expected billionaires go get their own coffee," she says, amused. "I figure you'd have someone who hauls it from the field on the back of an alpaca and brews it right in front of you?"

Ollie smiles big and wide then, shaking her hand as they hold that grip for a little bit, though the way his hand touches hers, she can tell it's -definitely- flirtatious in the smooth criminal kind of way. Someone who's well versed in being a flirt. Either way, he smiles. "A pleasure to meet you, Jen." and he'll actually -keep- her hand in his if she allows him, moving to kiss her knuckles in that old chivalric way.

and if she doesn't pull her hand away? he'll actually HOLD it! He's impossible, clearly.

"Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries I am. and sadly, I never did like going with that kind of flow. I like getting my own stuff." he grins at her then. "I mean…I did pay a guy like 100 dollars to do that for me once. That coffee was awesome."

Jen's smile is polite and friendly, but she does withdraw her fingers before Oliver can favor her with a courtly kiss to her knuckles. She sets her hands neatly in front of her, politel demurring as if it was happenstance that she broke their handshake while it was still a professionally friendly one.

"There's something to be said for being a self-starter," she remarks. "You probably don't make it past a million bucks if you aren't the kind of person willing to put in the work to get there, right?"

She reaches for her coffee and, finding it empty, frowns and waves at the waitress for a top-off. It seems Jen's a regular in there, enough that no one is balking at the giant green mutant in their coffee house.

"So what brings you down from the ivory towers, Mr. Queen? Is it Senior Executive Skip Day?" she inquires, her tone a little on the teasing side.

Oliver notices that Jen pulls her hand away, and he simply chuckles softly. "Fair enough, fair enough." and he finishes being fully seated. That said, he nods a few times. "Oh, indeed. The company was long started before me, but I was somehow able to make it great again, as they say." he shrugs a moment.

"Oh, I simply came down here to get some coffee and enjoy conversation with an outstandingly beautiful woman." oooohhh yes, he was a flirt. "and this shop happened to be the closest place…but in all honesty, I'm justh ere for coffee." he chuckles then, showcasing his more not-so-lenient sense of humor.

"and since I'm the CEO, I'm actually pretty hands off with a majority of what goes on in the company, so it never hurts for me to be absent or just take a small break." he shrugs then.

"So…are you a lawyer? you got quite a few file folders there."

Jen pouts at Ollie, and fetches at the side of her lower lip with her teeth. It'd be a fetching sort of melancholy, but there's a sharp glint to her eyes that belies the expression. "So you're the CEO, which means you don't have to punch a clock," she says, counting on her fingers. "I'm guessing from your suit you had… one meeting today? And it was earlier in the day, or you wouldn't be down here risking dust on your trousers. You're wearing a very modern cut, so I don't think you were wooing anyone on your Board of Directors. You don't have a role that requires any supervision of subordinates, so you don't need to be on the factory floor, and it's—" she glances at her watch, "a little late in the day to hop in a plane. You /are/ fairly wealthy, which goes nicely with being handsome, but that would mean you have personal assistants to do something as meaningless as fetching coffee."

"So I'm guessing you're bored, at loose ends with what to do with yourself, and figured it was better to get out of the office rather than flirt overmuch with your secretary— or get caught sleeping at your desk?"

She gives Ollie a wide smile, chin resting on her cupped hand and elbow on the table. "Am I in the ballpark? I feel like I'm pretty close— and I /am/ a pretty good lawyer," she says. She makes a business card appear and hands it to him with her other hand. Jen Walters, JD, Attorney at Law— and it's all embossed in fine gold leaf.

Oliver laughs a little bit then, nodding a bit as he looks at her as she bites her lower lip. WOW she was gorgeous. Alas, he watches as she starts to read him like book…or rather, as she -tries- to read him like a book. He simply clasps his hands together in front of him as he hmms a moment, nodding at each bit of information she decides to give to him. Though eventually, he does smile at her.

"ooooo….you're pretty close actually. I had three business meetings today, all of them were impossibly boring, so you're right on the bored part. Though now I'm talking to you, which is a -real- joy." he winks at her then. oh yeah.

Then he smiles as he correctly deduces that she's a lawyer. accepting the business card and pcoketing it. "Thanks for your number. Between tonight and tomorrow I'll call you to ask you out to dinner." he grins.

"Mm, sorry sugar, that's a /business/ number," Jen tells Oliver, feigning sympathy and a little west-coast Hollywood drawl. Even propping her cheek against her palm, she's slightly taller than Oliver, and her eyes dance mischeviously. "And I know I'm fun to talk with, but at my hourly rate you'd be better off hiring the Beatles to come by and keep you company," she suggests.

"Besides, it can't be all that boring," she says, sitting upright and thanking her waitress with a smile as the woman arrives with a carafe of hot coffee. Jen takes cup and saucer with both hands and holds them well away from her paperwork before taking a sip. "Didn't I see something about you in the Times last week? It was really catchy— 'Queen steps out with Duchess'," she says. "That lovely young socialite, she was from… Monaco? Greece? I can't remember."

Ollie grins at Jen as she feigns symapthy and even speaks with that - admittedly sexy - Hollywood styled drawl that makes her sound like quite the bell. But alas, he grins at her. If anything, she's a cm or two taller than Oliver. Plus Jen is just tall. Either way, she earns a grin from Oliver as he shrugs. "mmm…sorry baby, but that's the point." he gives her a wink then. WHAT A FLIRT. anyway, he eventually chuckles and he smiles that bright smile. "Ah, I'm sorry. that one sounded really pervy." he laughs a little bit more then before she speaks about his past week.

"Oh…heh, yeah, she's from Monaco I think. But man, she was innitially helping me out with Yoga then..uh…we got drinks, and the rest is history. Turns out she invited me to meet the family for being such a gentleman, then we just decided it wasn't gonna work out." hey, if it was offered, he was gonna -roll- with it.

"Sounds like you're pretty well set for company then," Jen remarks, with a wry smile. She sweeps up her documentats and drops it into an accordian style folder, then that is put into her leather satchel. It's large, clearly handmade, and strikes a balance between a purse and a briefcase. A perfect accessory for a lady lawyer.

"Unfortunately, I do have to get back to punching a clock. I just punch a lot harder than some," she says, and gets to her feet. Jen's tall sitting down, but she's most of a full head over six feet, and smiles down at Oliver. She offers him another polite handshake. "But it was nice to meet you, Mister Queen. You ever find yourself on the wrong end of a criminal charge, lemme know. I'm sure you've got your own lawyers, but I'm not being immodest when I say I'm the best defense attorney on the eastern seaboard."

Ollie ends up laughing then. "Oh no, she was a nutjob. But, I hear ya loud and clear." he winks at her softly though, but…alas, she starts to clean up her stuff and gets back to her feet, guess she has to run off, huh? Oh well! Thus, Ollie also stands up just to be polite. He was 6'2" himself, so she was just a -little- bit taller than him. She was tall for a lady…geez. at least in his experience. That said, he nods a few times then. "Nice to meet you too, Jen. Though please, call me Ollie."

He hears her 'boast' a little bit and he just grins beautifully at her, nodding a few times. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Jen. Thankya." and he bows his head softly in gratitude before he'll pass her his card. "In the event that you would like a good conversation like this one, gimme a call." he smiles to her then, though it's up to her to take it or not.

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