1965-04-15 - Human Volcano
Summary: A nice studying session is interrupted by a random act of violence!
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Day has gone, and night has fallen. Anya and Roberto are still studying, sharing notes as they need. Anya's classmates left some time ago, likely out for partying. It's the village, after all. Eventually, after a few coffees and half a pack of cigarettes, Anya checks her watch and blinks. "Jesus," she exclaims in Spanish. "Do you see the time? Grandmother is going to have my neck!" She begins collecting her books up, cheeks flushed by embarrassment. "Roberto, I'm sorry to be off in such a rush, but I…"

She turns toward the window by which they're seated, her face suddenly lit up by some kind of bright light. Two of them. Headlamps.

"ROBERTO!" she cries, and reaches over to bodily shove him out of the way. She's impossibly strong, and isn't about to let him get creamed.

Glass shatters. The cry of an engine roars, and Anya has literally put herself against it. The impact is heavy, but the car, impossibly, begins to slow. This is no time to be concerned with keeping secrets, not anymore. There weren't many left in the cafe, aside from two patrons and the second shift clerk, but with Roberto, it makes four too many.

Webs shoot forth from her wrists, attaching themselves to the wall, and she pulls until the car comes to a halt.

MAN time flies when you're having fun. Roberto and Anya really -spoke- to each other…perhaps one of the rare times you see a guy and a gal actually speaking on the terms of them being -qual- as they run through these studies like no tomorrow. Likely completeing about 2 weeks worth of homework in the process. Though it all comes to a close when Anya notices how late it is, and Roberto smiles softly to her. "No worries, Anya." he says in native spanish as they both rise to their feet….only for a car engine to catch his attention.

But before he could melt that thing to scrap metal, he's shoved harshly aside out of the way! causing him to roll along the ground until he's back on his feet. "ow…" but then he sees it. He sees that Anya was special, just like he thought. is…she spewing webbing out of herself? that's cool and creepy at the exact same time, but his money is on cool.

He stays there for a moment, getting back up to his feet surprisingly quickly. "Perra estan loco!" he says to whoever is in the car…if anyone was in the car.

"You okay Anya?!" he calls out to her in English.

When it's all said and done, Anya's beautiful dress is stained beyond repair. Her shoes are literally smoking, and there's a fresh rip in her brand new tights. It's like he icing on the crap cake. "Si," she calls back, keeping her head dipped low, hoping that no one else can identify her that way.

The driver had hit his head on the dashboard. There's blood, he's winded, but still with it enough to look at Roberto, raise a shaky hand, and point a finger back out the window.

There, on the other side of the street, there is a large man whose skin seems to be made out of charcoal-colored shells. He's got another car by the bumper and is hefting it up, the rear wheels spinning aimlessly as the driver desperately tries to get away.

Sunspot wtaches and looks to be happy as Anya looks to be alright, but as he starts to approach her, he turns his head to the driver who had almost run the pair over. "What? Que?" he asks the fellow, before he follows his finger to the monster with charcoal skin. "What the hell?" he says then before he sees the beast about to bench up a car. "Right then…" it was one ientity already revealed, so what's another?

Sunspot makes himself known, extending a hand that seems to look like his limb had become the sun, literally burning with fire. and with a throw, he tosses a fireball at the back of the charcoal monster man! "Put 'em down vendejo!" he calls out then, his jacket arm was completely bare now due to the literally sunlike heat radiating off of it.

"We might be in trouble." he says to Anya. Saving questions for later.

The fireball melts pavement behind the fellow, and he turns to look at the cafe with a growl. Anya nearly shrieks at this, and stares wide eyed at Roberto. "… whoa!!"

Charcoal Man drops the car with a smirk. Once the tires it pavement, they scream. The car careens out of control, bashing into a parked car before the driver regains control and gets the hell out of dodge.

"… Okay." Anya points at Roberto. "You distract him." She then snatches up her backpack. "Be back in a hurry!" And then she's scampering off to the ladies room, kicking her useless Mary Janes off as she goes.

Charcoal man growls again, and beats at his chest while facing Roberto from across the street. "Come get it!" he shouts.

Bobby grins a little bit at Anya. "Whoa yourself, senorita." and he winks at her, he was feeling fired up! okay, fire puns are over. But he looks to the charcoal man who seems to be inaffected by the inferno that he just ate. "Well..shit." he says then as it didn't work, before Anya announces her arrival. "Huh what?" and he watches her run off! But hey..he saw her take off her mary janes. that's something right?

Okay, dirty jokes are done.

Then his eyes fall upon the charcoal guy. "Juust distract him. Course." and with the flames gathering about his legs, he leaps into the air, coming down on the charcoal man like a human fireball. "rrraaaaaahhhghghghghghh!" he roars out, attempting to smash the man into the ground!

Charcoal throws his hands up in an attempt at catching Sunspot, and it works! Whatever that scaley hide is made from, it's tough enough to survive such an onslaught. This one ain't gonna be easy. Of course, now there's a fresh hole in the avenue, as the two form a crater in the earth.

Charcoal growls into the fire, and his words… well, he doesn't know much English. "Fire man, eat dirt!" He's got a heavy accent; Africa perhaps.

Just about then, the ladies room door slams open. Anya's fast, and her transformation into Spider-Girl comes with the quick tugging of a mask over her head, hair now tucked up in a ponytail. She runs out into the street just about the time Charcoal is about to grapple with Sunspot, and whistles. "Whoo boy." Her head darts about, and with a quick motion, she fires a webline toward the building above them. It splatters onto contact, about four floors up, and then once again, Spider-Girl is pulling it down to create tension. "I call this one the slingshot," she quips to herself, before releasing the hold her feet are keeping on the sidewalk and vaulting into the air like a rubber band.

Roberto is caught in that glorius flaming fireball! but at least he put charcoal dude in his own little crater! so HAH! But alas, he doesn't notice Anya-spider-girl because he's a weee bit busy at the moment! he looks at Charcoal then, with Roberto in that burning inferno, he looks at him with that grimace. "You first ya freaking human volcano!" he says then before he watches Anya slingshot into the air!

"…heh, that was cheesy senorita." before he tries to headbut Charcoal into the dirt with that super strength of his!

Besides, he's still being the distraction ,right?

Spider-Girl plants herself on the wall, then cranes her head down to watch. "Please!" she shouts back. "Human volcano?" She then loosens her hands, now perched upon that wall it would seem by one foot and the opposite knee. "Heads up!"

She fires two weblines straight down. They connect with Charcoal Dude, and with a yank, she pulls him upright until he's dangling above the street. "Knock his lights out, Hot Stuff!"

Sunspot looks up to Spider-Girl as she calls out a human Volcano in likely small mockery of Sunspots words. "Gimme a break! I'm BUSY HERE!" before she fires the webbing to make charcoal dude dangle in the air. "With pleasure!" and he cracks his knuckles, which sounds like a firework, before he leaps at Charcoal, reeling his arm back…

Then lettin' her rip!

he punches Charcoal right in the mush, specifically between his jaw and his ear, clearly the sweet spot for knockout punches everywhere. Hopefully he actualy knocked him out, though with the way his arm was primed, it's likely he knocked Charcoal across the street.

Charcoal goes swinging like a pendulum, slumped down in his spiderweb trappings. Spider-Girl hoots loudly. "Woooo! And the champ regains his belt with a solid K.O.!" She spins a few more webs for solid measure, making sure he's bound up nice and tight for the fuzz, before dropping to the street in a graceful drop.

Dusting off her gloved hands, she trots over to Sunspot with a smirk on the exposed part of her face. "Nice work," she tells him, before turning to look at the defeated criminal. "Think it'll hold, compadre?"

Sunspot watches Charcoal just go saaaaaiiilliinnn back and forth with that hard knockout punch. "Woo! still got it." he smiles softly then to himself before his eyes fall upon Spider Girl, giving her a big bright smile. "so…guess we have a conversation we get to have, huh?" he asks her curiously.

Nevertheless, he nods at her handywork. "oh, muy bueno, amiga." he gives her a playful little nudge.

Spider-Girl looks away from the swinging brute when she's nudged, her smirk broadening just a bit. "Hey, gracias." As for that conversation… it hits her just then, and her expression suddenly changes. She looks around with concern on her mouth and in her body language. There aren't many people around, but now that things have calmed down, onlookers have poked their heads out.

Anya reaches over and grabs Bobby by the elbow, dragging him off to the side of the road. "Hey, you can't tell anyone, okay?" she demands in Spanish, pointing a finger at him for emphasis. "I don't put on this ridiculous costume for nothing. Okay?"

Roberto gives a small nod then to Spider-Girl, smiling to her warmly. "De Nada." he says to her as they were close for a moment…just by themselves, in the pristine moment of safety and security….then she hooks her arm around his and drags him into some place where they wouldn't be spotted after that fiasco. "Relax, chica. Secrets safe with me…at least so long as mine is safe with yours." he smiles softly to her.

"We gotta stick together eh?" he smiles warmly to her. Kinda wishing he brought his outfit with him too in some small bag. His X-Men uniform. Either way, he smiles softly to her. "Though I wonder if we could go grab something to eat or something? Go on a date with me?" he smiles to herthen.

There comes immediate relief, and it shows. Spider-Girl breathes a sigh and turns away, leaning up against the wall. "Of course it is," she answers. "I mean, it would be a real drag if I exposed you too, ya know?"

She looks to the swinging fellow, then with a grin, flings her hand out and shoots another wad of webbing right into the back of Charcoal's head. "Idiot," she quips about the villain. "I wonder what his deal is?"

And then… Roberto is asking her on a date. Behind the mask, she blinks twice, then turns back to face the fellow. "Dinner, huh?" she answers. "Or are you more of a breakfast guy?" She seems to consider this for a moment, before jerking her head back to the cafe. You know, the one with a car and some very disoriented people inside. "C'mere."

Once inside, she quickly gathers up her belongings, makes for the ladies room, and stuffs them all in her backpack. Once that item is slung over her shoulder, she comes at Roberto brandishing a pen. "Hold out your hand, Little Boy."

Yeah, she definitely just referred to him as a nuclear bomb.

Roberto smiles warmly then to Anya as she seems to agree with him, bringing in an equal informative secret. With that in mind, he seems to be rather happy with this decision. Though when she seems to finally understand that he asked her out on a date, and she asks him what he prefers. "Dinner would likely be more romantic, unless you prefer pancakes." he winks at her softly, before he smiles. "On your lead."

He'll tail her until they get inside the restaurant, and yes, he keeps back while she goes into the ladies room.

Because it'd be weird if he followed.


Though as soon as she comes out, she has a pen in her hand and he smiles to her. "Well okay." and that he does! holding out his hand for her to do her thing.

Spider-Girl grabs the fellow's hand and proceeds to write her number down, before shoving the pen back into her backpack and adjusting it over her costumed shoulders. "Dinner," she confirms. "Don't burn it off, now, okay? I really don't want you stalking me on campus."

With that, she blows a kiss before slipping through the front door. A heavy leap brings her to the top of a covered bus stop, then she spins about and leaps up onto the wall of the building outside. Should he come out to see, he'll see her scampering up the wall like a spider, before firing a line across the street to get right on with swinging off into the night.

Roberto seems to smile as Anya re-emerges from the ladies room and takes his hand in hers! If to write down her phone number on it. "Gladly and gladly. But hey, worse case scenario, I?ll find ya."

A pause.

"that sounded less creepy in my head." He laughs then before she blows him a kiss as she leaves! And it takes all of his strength not to swoon. But what he does do is write down the number on paper, because he does not want to forget it. He then starts the long drive back home.

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