1965-04-17 - Alien Introductions
Summary: Johnny now has two alien friends, so he introduces them.
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When Noh-Varr checked in a couple days after the initial meeting, Johnny indicated that Reed was interested in principle, and that they should meet up and discuss matters over drinks. Johnny gives Noh-Varr directions to Stonewall Inn and says to meet him there. And there we find Johnny at the bar, idly chit-chatting with Mike. Johnny's dressed in his usual fare: tight jeans, a t-shirt that hides very little, and a leather jacket over the top of that.

Mike Matthews is dressed for work, a pair of black slacks and shoes with a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a black vest. There are a few people who are seated up at the bar, but it's mainly a restaurant with a bar as more of a kind of afterthought that provides drinks to the diners than a really full blown sort of thing. Mike likes it there, though, the relaxed atomsphere and chatting with the regulars. He leans up against the bar, grinning as he talks to Johnny and slices up some limes.

Given that Noh-Varr's currently staying just above the restaurant, he finds it quite easily. He's dressed very similarly to Johnny, except in a tank top instead of a tee. Pausing to look around, he spots Johnny and walks over, leaning against the bar next to him. "Evening."

Johnny slips over to the end of the bar, away from the other patrons, and urges the pair to join him. With his voice lowered a bit, he offers introductions, "Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, may I introduce you to Prince Mon-El of Daxam. Though he goes by Mike around here, he's blending." Johnny grins, "He's also the best bartender on the planet. Mike, you should make him something special. Anyways, since you're both alien refugees, I thought I'd make introductions. Noh-Varr here may be going into business with the Four."

Mike Matthews makes sure that those who need drinks have them before he makes his way down toward the end of the bar where they can talk. He glances from Johnny over to Noh-Varr and then raises a brow a bit at the introduction, a smile touching his expression then growing to a full-blown grin. "Hey, nice to meet you," he says offering a hand. "What do you like to drink?" He'll use that to decide what to make for Noh-Varr. Then he looks over to Johnny and says, "Oh yeah? That's cool. What sort of business?"

Noh-Varr moves with Johnny to the end of the bar, looking over Mike as he's introduced. "Something froofy." he answers as he clasps MIke's hand. "I don't know the name of it." He didn't get around to asking yet. "I'm going to be selling Reed Richards advanced technology since I have no Earth money."

"There's two ways that might go." Johnny notes to Noh-Varr, "Either we buy an advance outright in a one-time payment, or the Future Foundation will patent some advances and license them out to other parties for development, and we'll pay you a portion of the licensing fees over time. Since you don't have any money to start with we can give an advance in the latter case." He looks over to Mike, "Apparently we are very primitive. I'm sure you noticed." He grins.

"You are very primitive, at least, technologically speaking," Mike says in agreement, flashing a grin at Johnny. He takes down a glass and chuckles when Noh-Varr asks for something froofy. "Alright, I think I can manage froofy." He steps away then for a moment while they talk business and begins to make a frozen drink that resembles a tequila sunrise in appearance that has a decidedly citrus and sweet flavor to it, complete with a little plastic sword with a wedge of orange, a cherry, and a bit of pineapple on it, and topped off with an umbrella. Froofy, it definitely is.

Noh-Varr nods. "The latter is the better long term investment but that assumes I'm going to be here long term. Still, it's always wise to plan for the worst case scenario even if the odds are against it happening." Noh-Varr muses then nods. "Very much so. Even compared to Earth fifty years from now. I've been thinking that miniaturization and wireless technology will do you the most good. Both will continue to be advanced for decades to come."

"Let me tell you, my ego is powerful enough to have two handsome aliens talk about how primitive I am and I don't even mind." Johnny snorts and shakes his head, amused. He arches a brow at the drink, and can't help but laugh softly, "Now I'm afraid of what you'll make me if you make a surprise. That looks like one would go into diabetic shock from drinking it." He looks to Noh-Varr, "We've been working on miniaturization; computers even five years ago were the size of warehouses and rooms, now they fit in closets."

Noh-Varr lifts the drink and examines it before taking a sip. "This is good. But what's the sword for? It's not large enough to seriously disable anyone unless you stab them in an eye." As he takes a larger sip, he glances over at Johnny. "I thought it was against your cultural mores to declare another man to be attractive." He can't help but looked amused at the comment. A closet. "Your computers will eventually be the size of a book and each one will be more powerful than anything you have now."

"Well, it's hardly your fault that your planet is behind the times, so I wouldn't take it personally," Mike says with a teasing grin in Johnny's direction, knowing full well that there is no way that would happen. He glances at the drink and then says to Johnny, "Fortunately, we aliens have hearty constitutions, as well. I doubt it will have that effect," he says, studying Noh-Varr for a moment or two, "Unless Kree have some reaction that I haven't yet encountered." He chuckles, "The sword is for holding the fruit in place. However, should we ever discover a tiny delicate species on this planet, they will be very well armed." Leaning against the bar with one hip, Mike says, "In this, they are also strangely backward and self-limiting," he comments idly to Noh-Varr.

"It is." Johnny replies idly to Noh-Varr, "That sort of thing could get you in trouble. I'm Johnny Storm, though. I'm famous and infamous and the rules don't really apply to me the way they apply to everyone else. That said, even I keep that sort of thing quiet." He laughs softly at Mike's joke about the tiny well armed people, "So, surprise me with a drink, Mike. Let's see what you think I'd like." He looks to Noh-Varr, "The arc of technological progress is exponential, not linear. It wouldn't surprise me at all."

"No, the weakest Kree warrior could out drink any human on the planet." Noh-Varr tells Mike. "And I was designed to be the finest Kree warrior." Though that would undoubtedly cause a lot of arguments if not outright fights among the Kree. "Well, you are both very attractive and taking you to bed would be a lot of fun, I think."

Mike Matthews knows the sorts of things that Johnny likes at this point, and so the drink that he mixes is something dark and strong, though with a smooth finish. He sets the drink down. He nods to Noh-Varr and says, "Then I don't think you'll have any trouble with anything I can mix with what's available on this planet." He dumps the limes he was slicing into a container and takes out some lemons to continue the slicing while they talk. "Thanks," he says to Noh-Varr without missing a beat, flashing a grin in his direction.

"You don't know humans very well if you think that." Johnny replies to Noh-Varr with confidence, snorting, "There's more then a few humans who I'd put up against anything the Kree have to offer. Superhuman stamina and immunity to toxicity is not an uncommon trait to be produced here on Earth." At the mention of bed, like Mike, Johnny just grins and says, "Of course it would be." But he knows everyone wants him. He takes the drink from Mike, sips it, and then takes a longer drink with a nod for the bartender.

Noh-Varr just gives Johnny a grin and watches Mike fix the drink. "What do you call this one? So I know what to ask for next time. I want to try another few that are different too so I know which I like most."

Mike Matthews gives Noh-Varr the name of the drink so that he can order it again at some point if he wants to, and even writes down what is in it on a bar napkin before passing it over. He then says to Noh-Varr, "That is an excellent plan, and how I started figuring out how to mix drinks on this planet. I spent a very long time at a bar learning, and many nights drunk — which is impressive because it takes quite a bit to get me drunk."

Johnny inclines his head to Noh-Varr, "If you want 'froofy', try a mojito. Rum, lime, mint and sugar, mixed with some soda water." He turns an amused look over to Mike, "That sounds like very expensive research."

"Not that expensive," Mike says, "I was sleeping with the owner at the time, back when I was working at the lumber yard." Back before he came to the city, almost a year ago now. He gives a wave to Noh-Varr as his fellow crash-lander wanders off to attend to important Kree business. Hey, even Kree gotta take a leak sometimes. His attention then shifts back over toward Johnny and says, "I don't think I've ever met a Kree before. That was pretty cool."

"Well, that might lead to cheaper drinks." observes Johnny with an amused grin. He lifts a hand to wave as Noh-Varr leaves, and leans back against the bar, "He's a character. Showed up at Baxter wanting to see Reed about business. 'I am Captain etcera of the Kree etcetera'. He managed to effectively jump up several layers of protocol meant ot keep people away with that. Also, who knew? Not all Kree are blue."

"Kree are not a species that I'm familiar with," Mike admits, having only recently heard of them here on Earth. "I wasn't aware that they were also blue, but good to know." He chuckles and then says, "Well, it sounds like he has some interesting things to offer that might be useful. I hope that the business works out in everyone's favor. Crash landing here without any manner of funds or income or.. anything, really, was very uncomfortable at first." Though he settled in well enough in time.

"Oh, you didn't hear about the blue one that showed up at the UN?" Johnny tilts his drink back and finishes it off, flashing a questioning grin at Mike, "I admit every answer coming down to 'oh and the weakest Kree is the best at everything over a human' is a little bit tiring, and I've only known the guy like two days. I feel like introducing him to Ben and seeing who survives a punch to the face contest, him or Ben. My money's on Ben."

"I remember hearing that one showed up at the U.N. but I don't recall hearing about it's skin tone at the time. It could be that I did and forgot," Mike admits as he wipes down the bar in front of him and then tosses the dish cloth to the side. He can't help but chuckle as he says, "He does seem very confident in his own abilities. I mean, I will admit that I'm pretty confident, but even I know that I have limitations." And he can take a punch. He takes a few minutes to finish checking on everything around the bar, and confident that he's taken care of everything he has to, he comes back over to Johnny and leans on the bar, studying him.

"I admit, the average human seems to be inferior to all things alien." concedes Johnny with a half shrug, but waits for Mike to finish rounds before continuing. "But the metahumans are another matter. You're stronger then I am, but I wouldn't want to test out what would happen if I nova'd you. I'm assuming the Kree are some mix of super-strong-super-durable that seems to be the standard, but there's a lot of humans with pretty frightening powers."

"That's not true. There are species which are so fragile that they have to remain completely encased and can't even breathe their own atmosphere," Mike points out with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "You just seem to have been blessed with an abundance of heartier species. Or, you never know, a weaker one might have crashed into the planet and died before ever meeting anyone for you to know." But he nods about the metahumans and all the various powers. He chuckles, "I'd rather not test that out either. I like it when you are hot, but not quite that hot."

"Fair enough." Johnny chuckles softly, "It's just the idle arrogance is a little bit tiring, and believe me, I am completely aware of the irony of _me_ saying that." He lifts his drink up and tilts back a long swig, "I appreciate your appreciation of nuance, in that regard. Though I do actually need to do more testing with the novas. Its just hard to do, there's no containment facility we have that can contain the full force of my stored energy."

Mike Matthews can't help but laugh just a little bit, "There is a certain degree of irony there, not going to lie." But it's a good-natured teasing. As his shift comes to an end, though, he begins to collect things together and begins to clean up. "No facility on earth can contain you!" Mike says with a grin, but then a little more seriously, "I'm not sure exactly how to solve that particular problem without getting you offworld which.. isn't a thing easily done here."

Casually, Johnny rises, and goes about… helping Mike clean up. He does it as if its nothing, a thing he does every day, though he's never cleaned up in years. "Oh, don't get me wrong, we have tested it. There's some patches of desert out in Nevada which are all glass. I'm just not the best on controlling it. How about you? Have you noticed an increase in your abilities the longer you've been under our hotter sun?"

Mike Matthews notices that Johnny is helping. He always notices, but he doesn't comment on it — just letting it happen with an amused little grin over his shoulder. It doesn't take too long. The place is closing down, and people are clearing out, and only the manager is left to lock up by the time that things are all said and done. "That must be kind of cool.. the glass, that is." He then says, "Yeah, there's definitely a difference after having been here almost a year now, than when I first landed. I haven't really tested it to figure out just how much of a difference, but I can feel that there is one."

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