1965-04-17 - Drinks at the Quiet Room
Summary: Longshot, Dazzler, and Black Bolt meet at the Quiet Room.
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The last time that they had met, Black Bolt had invited Longshot to visit the Quiet Room at some point and to bring Dazzler along if he could convince her to come. Tonight, there are people throughout, holding quiet conversation that is a soft murmur over the sound of the music in the background. The staff moves through the lounge, not a one of them speaking, but taking orders and delivering them to those who are enjoying the atmosphere. In one of the private alcoves, Blackagar sits with a glass of wine, watching people come and go. He had been working on some paperwork, but that seems set aside for the time being.

Having passed off the card to Dazzler before leaving the restaurant when last they saw each other, Longshot left a date and time with a note for her to come out and see him. There early, he's dressed in a simple black suit and tie over a white shirt with polished leather shoes. He's dressed up for the club like Blackagar told him he should be and on arriving he gets himself a whiskey first before roaming the establishment. Those first moments within the club are used to get a lay of the land, to find the exits and the various ingress and egress points just in case. As he moves through the club he spots Blackagar in the corner and makes his way over, lifting his glass in salute and pointing to a chair to ask if he can join the man.

There was quite a bit of debate on if she was, or wasn't, going to come. But she eventually decides to come along despite things. She's wearing a fitted ruby red dress, heels, and her hair is perfectly styled. She steps through the door, tucking her purse beneath her arm before she begins to tug her gloves off her hands.

Blackagar is dressed in a charcoal grey suit with a silver tie and white shirt, comfortably settled in at his table. He watches as Longshot approaches, and when a gesture is made toward the table, he nods his head and gestures to one of the empty seats. There's a glance toward the door, and he makes a small motion to one of the staff, who approaches Dazzler and murmurs to her, gesturing toward the table where they are sitting, offering the invitation. The staff largely doesn't speak, but every so often, if a question is asked or necessity dictates, their voices barely raise above a whisper.

Unbuttoning the single button that holds his jacket closed, Longshot takes the offered seat with a smile. A look is given to the paperwork that was pushed aside and then to the wine. Lifting his own whiskey in salute he seems ready to say something but stops as his gaze follows Blackagar's to the entrance. There is a strange mix of expressions that cross Longshot's face that range from shock to fear to something of a relieved expression. Standing he buttons his jacket once more and tries to look calm and collected. A smile is given to Dazzler as she arrives, a soft thank you passed to her for coming and then quiet introductions are done.

The sheer quiet of the place is enough to actually unnerve her just a little, and she gives the staff strange looks as they gesture her towards the table. When she moves towards the table, folding her gloves to tuck them into her purse. "Good evening." Quiet? Not really. She's not overly loud, but she's not putting in the same effort as some to whisper, either.

Blackagar rises to his feet as well when Dazzler approaches the table and allows Longshot to do the introductions since, well, it's simply easier that way. He gives a warm smile of greeting and then, if Longshot doesn't, he pulls out a chair for her to take a seat if she'd like, before retaking his own. He has the familiar pad with him that he jotted on when they had lunch at the cafe. On it, he writes, "It is a pleasure to meet you. Anything you'd care to try is on the house." There is an extensive menu of options to choose from. "Art tells me that he is in the movie business. Are you also in the movies?" He writes in a swift, neatly printed script.

For Longshot he's a little bit off around Dazzler and it shows. He forgets about the chair but luckily Blackagar has him covered. Once she's seated he unbuttons his jacket once more and sits, nodding in thanks to the silent man. "Blackagar doesn't talk so he writes. Its actually kind of nice in a different sort of way…" Looking to Dazzler he smiles and then looks back over the room around them.

"Thank you." Dazzler says when Blackagar pulls her chair out, settling herself in it before she sets her purse down on the table. There's a moments surprise when he writes to her, but she leans forward to read it, nodding, "Oh, yes….although I would say that my claim to fame was more in music then in movies, but I have done some." She tilts her head towards Longshot, "He knows more about it than I do, though."

Blackagar smiles a little in amusement at Longshot's comment about his writing rather than speaking. "I speak sign language, but most don't know it," he explains with a few quick strokes of his pen across the paper. He then gestures a little bit toward the place as a whole and back to himself. Apparently, this is his place. He smiles when she mentions music and writes, "I like some American music. I am trying to learn more."

Longshot leans back in his chair and let's Dazzler speak with Blackagar. Sipping on his drink he looks between the two and then smiles. He doesn't chime in on the topic of movies or music instead he says softly, "I'll take another whiskey and for her she'll have a martini…" Draining the last of his whiskey he pushes the glass aside and looks between the pair.

"Are you not from here, then?" Since the whole not being familiar with music just boggles her, but then again, she's so wrapped up in it that she lives and breathes it. When Longshot orders her drink she glances at him, the smile slow to appear, but it does, "Thank you. If you wish, I can make some recommendations."

Blackagar shakes his head to Dazzler's question when she asks if he's from here. He quickly doodles a cartoonish set of mountains with a little curly-horned sheep standing on the top of it, and some little flags with Tibetan writing on them, grinning a bit. Though when she suggests that she make recommendations, he nods enthusiastically and writes, "I would like that." Then he glances over toward Longshot and writes, "Did you ever meet with the studio people?"

There is a look between the pair as they talk but Longshot stays out of the conversation still for the most part. When Blackagar addresses him in his note though he gives a nod. "Yeah I was able to meet with them after all. Just at their office and not for lunch. More opportunities to be had." Smiling he looks back to the pair and then lifts one brow asking Dazzler, "What are you doing here, in New York?"

Not knowing Tibetan from Greek she just nods, "Ah." Dazzler reaches for her drink when it is brought over, lifting it for a careful sip before setting it carefully back down on the table. "I've decided to take some time off, a little alone time as it were." It's not exactly right, or how it came about, but it's far less complicated than what's really going on with her life.

Blackagar writes, "Himalayas," beneath the mountains. He then settles back a little to take up his glass of wine and sip from it, allowing the two of them to talk without interruption, his attention shifting from one to the other. He nods about meeting the studio people and lofts his glass in congratulations for more opportunities on the horizon. Then his gaze turns toward Dazzler, smiling a little bit at her explanation, a sympathetic expression touching his features. He knows quite well what it is to seek alone time. He's done that quite a bit.

A look is given to Blackagar as he talks about being from the Himalayas. Its an appraising look as if it seems to be totally unexpected as where he's from. Tilting his head slightly Longshot seems torn between asking Blackagar more of this and of asking more of Dazzler. Shaking his head he settles with lifting his new glass of whiskey back in salute to blackagar and then to Dazzler, "Well. Here's to you finding what you're looking for or whatever."

"Himalayas?" Dazzler bites on that piece of information, even if Longshot doesn't yet, "What brought you to New York?" That is a far more interesting question to her than why she's here. She reaches for her drink, lifting it in return to the salute, another sip taken from it.

Blackagar can't help but chuckle a little bit at Longshot, watching him debate, and finally settle on that statement. It's a funny sort of chuckle, just a shaking of his shoulders with no sound to accompany the smile. He lifts his glass and then takes a swallow from it before he sets it down and writes, "To meet people. To see the world."

"That's a good reason to come out of the Himalayas." Nodding his head he looks between the pair and then lifts his drink. "To meeting people and seeing the world then." Grinning he downs the second whiskey in one long gulp, waving for a server to fill him up the moment the glass is put back on the tabletop.

"To meeting people." Dazzler agrees, once more lifting her glass before she takes a large swallow off her drink, then she finishes it up before setting the empty glass down, "And you are here for a movie, Art?"

Blackagar lifts his glass of wine in toast along with Longshot and Dazzler, dipping his head in agreement before taking a swallow from its contents. He then looks over in Longshot's direction when Dazzler asks about his reasons for being in New York. While he'd already had that conversation, himself, he seems curious what more the man might have to say on the topic.

"Motion pictures. I've gotten a few good offers to work in a few as a stunt man. The money is ok and this one picture that brought me here is already getting me into a few more." Shrugging he pushes away from the table and stands. "You two get to know each other. I should go make a call to check if any word on one of the pictures has come back." A smile is given to Dazzler then Blackagar before Longshot gives a wave and heads for the door.

Longshot goes home.

There's a moment of silence that follows his exit, then Dazzler clears her throat before offering Blackagar a smile, "So have you met many people since arriving here?" She doesn't seem to realize how silly the question might be, it's a good first step in sending the conversation back to the right place.

Blackagar watches Longshot as he gets up and moves off to make his call. There's a small room with phone booths over near the restrooms where one might make and take calls if needed. His attention then shifts back to Dazzler and he smiles, taking up the pen again to write, "Remarkably few. I am trying to fix that by getting out more."

"There are a number of good clubs in the city, if you are wanting exposure to music and to meet people, that is certainly a good way to accomplish both." Dazzler suggests, a hand lifting to catch the attention of one of the staff, pointing to her empty glass to order herself another one.

Blackagar writes on the slip of paper, "Perhaps you can recommend some." The truth is that most of Black Bolt's time in the city had been dealing with his family business, Kree business, undersea station business, diplomatic necessities and the like; he'd spent little to no time actually experiencing New York or anyone in it for that matter — until very recently.

"I could certainly make a few suggestions." Dazzler agrees, leaning forward some, legs crossing, "I do want to caution you, though, that some might not be in what is considered the best parts of the city."

Blackagar smiles curiously as Dazzler leans in, folding his arms on the table as he regards her across the short distance with interest. There's a slight raise of his eyebrows when she mentions the parts of the city. He shrugs his shoulders slightly and writes, "I have protection."

Dazzler laughs at that, shaking her head, "You shouldn't really need protection, but I wouldn't go flashing large sums of money, or…well, maybe protection wouldn't be that unwise." She points towards his notebook, "May I? I'll write the names down for you."

Blackagar seems to agree, nodding at not flashing large sums of money. That is apparently a bad idea in a number of places. When she asks for the notebook and pen, he nods and he pushes both in her direction, letting her use both to write down whatever she wants.

Dazzler picks up the pen and flips to a clean page. There are several addresses that she writes down, in various places around the city. Her handwriting is nice, neat, and avoids being overly flowery somehow.

Blackagar watches her hand as she writes, reading the words upside-down as they appear on the page. He takes a swallow or two from his glass of wine while she writes. He doesn't interrupt her, of course, because she has his pad, and so he is once more muted — not that he would have interrupted her if he wasn't.

After the addresses are written down she sets the pen down, then pushes it towards him with a smile, "Those should expose you to a good variety of the current musical trends around the city."

Blackagar takes the pad back once she is finished writing and he looks over the names of the places as well as the addresses. He flips that page over so as not to add more to it, instead going to a new one and then writes, "Thank you. I look forward to listening." His smile is warm and sincere. "It was nice of you to come."

"I certainly hope that you enjoy the experiences." Dazzler replies, smiling at him before she reaches a hand out, "I'm not sure if Art ever gave my name, but I'm Alison Blair, and I appreciate your invitation, or Art's. Both."

Blackagar reaches out to take her hand and gives it a gentle but friendly shake before releasing it. "I am sure that I will," he pens onto the paper, and then after a moment or two he says — "Both. I suggested he invite you. It was clear that he wanted to talk to you." His lips twitch a little with a bit of mischief, blue eyes sparkling. He writes then on the paper, "Blackagar Boltagon," his full and terrible name. Below that, he just writes, "Bolt," giving a little handwobble gesture. It's not great as nicknames go, but look at what he has to work with.

"Very well…Bolt." It's probably better than whatever else he might peel out of his name, right? "You can call me Alison." She reaches for her purse, picking it up off the table to start pulling her gloves out, "I really do appreciate the invitation, and I'd love to sit down and talk again, but I had another engagement tonight after this that I should be getting to."

Blackagar rises from his seat when she prepares to depart, dipping his head to her respectfully in farewell and in acceptance that she has other commitments. After he writest briefly, "It was nice to meet you, Alison. Have a good evening." He then waits until after she departs to reclaim his seat, once more left to his wine and his papers.

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