1965-04-19 - Diamond Heist
Summary: The Leader is in town, what is he up to? Diamonds and robots, that's what.
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Narnia. The Contingency Plan's home base has been steadily built up, with a small kitchen and a much larger work out area now established. There's also a table with a huge map on it, and before that table is Billy. Billy who is dressed in his dark green outfit with panels along the sides that look like galaxies, and deep red cloak. Billy who has his hand over the map and is murmuring a spell over and over again, "Track the crisis, track the crisis."

Billy who put out a call to the team that he got pinged by an early-warning spell that something was going down.

The map ripples and… changes. Its a world map, and now its a united states map. And now its a New York State map. "Track the crisis, track the crisis, trackthecrisistrackthecrisistrackthecrisis…"

Kaleb stepped out of wardrobe #2. He was… still in a three piece suit? THe dark slate slacks withthe crease pressed into them, and the matching waistcoat that, unlike his daywear, came high up to cover the sternum. Hooray for tactical linings. He was fitting the gifted armoured long coat on that had distinct Attilan influence in design. Really even when in a pending possible combat situation the imperious property procurer found a way to overdress. Kaleb M. Miller, gentlemen. His voice preceeded him and he made no effort to actually use his mouth as any sort of vox speaker when he didn't have to 'pass' in human public. Brow furrowed with a faint nod to Teddy and Noh-Varr, 'He find anything concrete?'

Noh-Varr took the time to change into his uniform since it's so much harder to destroy than the clothes Billy made for him. His first mission on this Earth! "I'm ready to defend the planet." he says as he steps into Narnia. "What is it that I'll be defending it from?" With a little help from his friends, of course.

It's into Narnia that Teddy now walks, having taken the time to throw on his sleeveless black superhero getup with the yellow-patterned fabric on his shoulders and down the sides. He moves straight to the table where Billy muses over the magical maps, eyeing Kaleb on the way. "Billy, what's up?" he asks, taking a stance next to the cloaked young man. He peeks over his shoulder at the changing landscape, furrowing his brow at the always-impressive tracking skills Billy employs. "No clue," he says, lifting his gaze to Kaleb and shrugging.

Kellan doesn't have a superhero get-up. Someday he might, maybe, but really he just shows up in his usual jeans and a t-shirt which is likely to get wrecked, as these things do. He is easily distinguishable from Kaleb by the distinct lack of a three piece suit. He wanders over toward the map and leans over it to take a look and see whether anything is being revealed by Billy's chanting.

Vic hurries in through Wardrobe #2, closing the door behind him. He catches his breath. God knows how fast he had to run to get here. He still has his backpack full of school books hitched over one shoulder. He lets it slide slowly to the floor, and he rakes a hand through his hair. "Hi, guys," he says. He's in jeans and a t-shirt with a leather biker's jacket over it. The leather might provide a little armor, but it's hardly remarkable.

"Trackthecrisis…" The map changes a final time, to show a particular set of streets. The map also says: New York Diamond District. There's two bodies depicted in one building, but other information is not forthcoming. "I don't know but I don't like the look of bodies showing up on my crisis map." He looks to Noh-Varr, "Follow Teddy's lead when it comes to picking targets? You might not know who is bad guy and who isn't. NOt that he might but he will likely have better idea."

With that, Billy takes a deep breath and gestures everyone closer, "Planners away, planners away, plannersAWAY." Around them the room spins as reality is twisted to connect to somewhere else and deposit them all on the street indicated.

There's jewelers and diamond trader shops in every direction, and in every direction there's mayhem. Directly ahead are two dead security guards, and a group of four identical looking roughians standing by the door, and from within the diamond exchange there are screams and chaos.

"Or it might be really obvious who the bad guys are." he quips.

Kaleb slid a side-glance to Noh-Varr answering him with his usual layer of salt, "Likely protecting it from its inhabitants." He sighed not needing to look to note the arrival of Vic and Kellan behind him. His hands flipped into his pockets planting his feet "Gentemen." Awww a whole greeting from him. "Billy, what've we got?"

Noh-Varr looks Kellan over then Kaleb and the others in civvies. "You're going into battle wearing that? I'll bring uniforms for you from my ship like the one I'm wearing. They offer protection you need." As for who the bad guys are, "If they're firing at us, they're the bad guys," And then they're on at the scene of the crime. "Or if they're standing over the bodies of dead people. You!" he calls to the thugs. "Surrender now and save yourselves pain."

As the rest of the crew filter in, Teddy nods to each and then focuses his sights on Noh-Varr, since they've been tasked to run together on this one. He smiles, and then the world around him begins to swirl. As it does, he changes, too, taking on the larger, greener version of himself that his other teammates have come to know. By the time he's done, they're on the street and faced with bad dudes. "You pick things up quick," he tells Noh-Varr, before running for the four roughians up ahead. He doesn't think much about it, just moves to intercept so that they can get to the source of the screams.

Kellan glances over at Noh-Varr and says, "I wasn't aware I was going into ba…" and then they're on the street in the Diamond District and he's like, "So much for prep.. or.. sure.. something from your ship would be cool." He looks around at the chaos for a moment and then just hangs back, letting the larger, greener, and more suited people run head first into the chaos, where he instead studies the scene as a whole, weighing some probabilities, considering potential outcomes.

Vic doesn't get a quip in, and that's on him for arriving almost late. He takes a defensive position when he finds himself on location. He's been practicing martial arts with his dad, and it shows in his poise and readiness. Noh-Varr has said what he's thinking, though the mention of uniforms gets a perky look from him. Uniforms? Neat! It's a short-lived look, though. There are bad guys to give a hard look to.

"Not clear, Kaleb. I don't have intel except location, the tracking spell is limited. I can only tell where trouble is, not what trouble is. But… Those quadruplets are clearly the bad guys." With his hood up the shadows partially conceal his face, and with that, Billy rises into the air and moves in after Teddy and Noh-Varr, electricity arcing between his fingers. He doesn't immediately do anything, however.

The Goons do not surrendor at Noh-Varr's order; in fact, as one they lift their hands and points their hands at the oncoming. Three point at Teddy as his big green-ness draws most of the attention, but one points at Noh-Varr… and suddenly their fingers shoot out, bullet fast and bullet hard, to strike into the front line. New fingers slide out a moment later.

Kaleb actually cracked a half grin to Noh-Varr, "I'm pretty bullet proof in this. Also impact resistant." THen… the teleporting. Whatever it was about it always made him a bit green for a bit. Blue eyes looked around to assess where they were. Bodies. Ugh. His nose wrinkled faintly. His eyes shift to teh ruffian clones and then tot eh Diamond Exchange. "Is this place federal regulated?"

"I'm Kree." Noh-Varr answers matter of factly. Picking things up quickly is to be expected. Raising an arm, he points at the thugs and is holding a blaster, the wristband on that hand having shifted into the weapon: a wonder of thought controlled microelectronics. "Does your planet frown on capital justice?" he asks. He doesn't bother dodging the projectile; it's just a finger, right? Though he does glance down at his chest as it hits him and ricochets off. "You humans do have some very interesting abilities." he notes. "Now it's my turn." Keeping the blaster's power low enough so it's unlikely to do more than break some bones though not concrete, he fires a wide beam centered on the one that attacked him.

The first of the finger-bullets strike Teddy's front with enough force to redirect his attention from a full-on assault to the something more defensive. He lifts his burly arms to cover his face and chest, catching the rest of the attack along his forearms and shoulders. "What the — Gah!" Each little finger bangs and batters him, but does not pierce through his super-dense flesh. In response, his green skin undulates and shifts as super-hard plates of spiked armor form there. "Don't kill anyone!" he shouts over to Noh-Varr, since who knows, right? Then, he's moving in to attack two of the clones, swatting at them with enough strength to - hopefully - just knock the guys out.

"Generally speaking," Kellan says when Noh-Varr asks about capital justice. And bullet-fingers. He hangs back, letting the others who are more bullet-resistant be closer to the front. He, instead, continues to evaluate the situation. There are bodies outside but there are also screams coming from inside. He looks to see if he can find another entrance in.

Vic surges forward, keeping himself between the bullet fingers and Kellan. "That'll be enough of that." Okay, so maybe he needs to work on his battle cry. Once Kellan is behind him, he skims the area for something he can use, something heavy that he can use to TK the clones into submission. "Stay behind me," he tells Kellan and flashes him a quick grin over his shoulder.

As the beam strikes the Goon, it tears a hole through him. Not completely, but it breaks the skin and… metal and plastic. There's some tubes and circuitry visible. It's a robot.

New fingers sliding out, one of the Goons aims and shoots at Teddy again, while the other two are hit with enough force to knock them out. Only they don't get knocked out: what does happen is one's head becomes dented, and a flap of skin peels away to reveal the metal beneath the face of the other. They look so completely human before they're damaged.

Billy has seen enough. He lifts a hand that is crackling with electricity, and a bolt shoots out to strike the one that was firing on Teddy. Electricity arcs up and down it and it collapses into a sizzling heap.

There is indeed a side entrance which Kellan could use.

Just then, more of the identical looking Goons surge out of the building, two carrying bags who immediately try to flee, the other ten having hands transforming into bladed weapons.

Billy suddenly freezes in mid-air and says, "We can't move… we can't move…"

Kaleb slid between the goones with the guns and Kellanhoping the coat was all it was advertised as. "Noooooh, we're Earthlings-" He flinched as the shot went off, "Not humans." Looking to his shoulder at Vic there allowing Kellan more mobility the sonic spun on heel and gets stuck looking at the robt? His eyes went wider and sisn't use his face to talk but frowned, "Billy, don't get us stuck…" Those robots though or… shit did Kaleb know they were robots too or just firing at his brother and his friends? THere was, from him, a multi-octave piercing tone that pushed out from him destined to break glass, gauge, and everything inbetween noting his team off to either side. This was going to leave that horrible rining in most ears like being near a detonation at close range. OH tinitus was a fun consolationprize wasn't it?

"This is beyond your current technology level." Noh-Varr says as he sees that they're not living beings. "They're much too advanced." Still, it means he doesn't have to worry about killing them. Switching his aim to the ones running away, he ups the power level and flinches away from Kaleb at the sudden overpowering noise. "A little warning next time!"

The fingers ping-ping-ping against Teddy's newly-morphed armor and flick away harmlessly. When he sees that the two he slapped are robots, he grins at the opportunity to hit without holding back. Which he does, leaping to the robot who just shot at him to deliver a full-fisted smash against its techno-skull. "Don't let them get away!" he shouts as he considers the damage he's done to the baddie. If it's sufficient, he'll turn to face the group of bladed goons, ready for a fight.

With a side entrance accessible, Kellan suddenly splits and where there was one Kellan, there are now three, two of whom take off toward the side entrance to head inside and take a look at what chaos is going on inside while one remains outside to relay messages as needed. He isn't too proud to stay behind Vic, either, as directed.

Vic trusts Kellan not to forego his protection, so he focuses on the robots. There's a mailbox nearby, and he holds out an arm to it, making a lifting motion with his hand. It creaks and groans as it struggles against its bolts, and it eventually gives way, providing Vic with a heavy projectile, which he hurls at one of the robots with his mind. Smack! Letters escape and flutter about. Vic winces. Vandalism in the line of duty is still vandalism, but needs must.

"… wecantmove …" says Billy, and suddenly, none of the good guys can actually move. Stepping out of a minivan nearby is a man dressed in a suit, with a head a bit too large, and skin tinted green. "How remarkable an abiliy you have there, Mr. Kaplan." That he knows Billy's name is a problem.

The Leader calmly waits for the two Goons with the bags to step into the minivan, and then he gets in, revs up the vehicle, and speeds off. The rest of the robots lift their bladed hands, ready to strike some people down,…

And just then, the spell breaks and everyone can move again.

The bots are no match for the likes of anyone present.

Kaleb managed to budge a couple of them! Hey, he was working on getting more accurate with berrating things. Who knew that was an asset. THe problem was the earplugs weren't holding and he had to stop. Then Blades? Ack! Taking a deep breatha he even stepped back leaving Vic forward from where he was. "Tell them we like the cuts of our suits as is and that we're… good…" Kellan in the clear and Noh-Varr, Teddy, and Vic relativly indestructable, Kaleb ducked his head and fell back to where Billy was from his midfield position. "Wic', How's that asshole know your name?" Yeah that part he did pick up on.

"I knew I should I should have punched you in the throat." Noh-Varr tells Billy with a bit of a glare. Sure, he can figure out what happened but it's still annoying. Fortunately, there are ones he can take his annoyance out on. "You call that a knife?" he tells the nearest robot. "This is a knife!" The blaster in his hand turns into what's closer to a short sword and in a moment he has one in his other hand as well. Stepping forward, he parries the hand blade of a robot and decapitates it with his other knife. Turn, twist, and repeat, sending a second head flying.

Teddy stands in front of the bladed horde, hands held in tight fists, arms at his side, with what he hopes to be an intimidating grimace across his face. Just as he's about to lay into them, though, he feels his body tighten and…stop. He can hear the van behind him, the voice, but is powerless to stop them from getting away. When they do, and he's free to move again, he turns to cast a glance up to Billy, frowning. No time to discuss now, though, because there are robots to pummel. So, he turns and grabs the arm of the nearst one, tearing it off with a sharp sound of twisting metal. This arm is then used skewer the robot as he charges the group.

Kellan checks in on the people inside the building while the others take out the robots, making sure that if there are any injured civilians inside, that they are prepared to get some help, making a phone call for an ambulance if need be. But mostly, he's careful to avoid the remaining robots, staying out of sight of them as much as he can until everyone is safe.

Vic, frozen mid-wince, stands positioned in the worst photo-op yet. When he can move again, he takes a deep breath and shakes his head as if to clear it. Since he's already defiled the mailbox, he decides to trash it further, lifting it again with a gesture aned hurling it at another robot. He turns then to the man in the suit with the greenish skin. There's no way he can get there in time to stop the guy from getting into the minivan, but he takes a look at the plates.

"He was _in_my_head_. He could read my mind and control me." Billy floats back down to the ground in response to Kaleb, "He forced me to cast the spell. I couldn't do anything about it. I'm… surprised it lasted as short a time as it did. He intended it to last long enough for the bots to kill everyone who was incapacitated." He shakes his head, "And he knows who I am, if he knows that, he might know who all of you are, too."

Fortunately with Kellan thinking of the injured civilians, none will die. They speak of a LOT of diamonds being stolen.

Kaleb took a deep breath. "Fantastic." Their identities being known? Oh, unhappy day. He looked to the more combat durable of the team and back to Billy brushing invisible lint off his shoulder and pausing before getting the lay of the land, "You alright?" Only after the bots are blown to bionic bits does he ask, "Vic?" Because if there's anyone that might check for peripheral damages to him it was likely him unless Noh-Varr was packing some sort of kree magic-fix-it wand, and if so? Well, holiday shopping was just made easy for Echo.

Teddy does away with his robot and surveys the scene. Despite the interference, he figures the did a pretty good job of cleaning. Well, there's a mess, but at least the danger is done. He turns to meet up with the rest and walks over to Billy. "Are you OK? IS whoever-that-was totally out of your head?" He looks more concerned about the other man's well-being than the fact that they could be compromised in a major way.

Vic just outright punches the last of his robot foes, and as it topples over and goes on the fritz, Vic heads toward Billy and Teddy. "What happened?" he asks, with concern and care. "It tried to get him but…" But the minivan was faster than his reflexes this time. He glances around looking for any other threats that might descend on them.

Billy is about to answer Teddy, but he is then uncertain so he closes his eyes, "Warded mind, warded mind, wardedmindwardedmind." Nothing seems to happen, but Billy opens his eyes and shakes his head then, "If he was still there, he's not anymore." He nods to Kaleb, "I'm okay, I mean that was frightening. The idea that someone can hijack _reality_warping_ and use it without the moral restraints I operate in…" He winces at Vic, "The guy took me over, used me against you."

Kaleb set his jaw narrowing his eyes at Billy. It was assholes like that that gave he and MAx a bad name truthfully… they really dug their own hole well enough on their own. Echo's eyes closed his eyes. He let sound well up and start and die as the ghost of a whisper in Billy's ear «Stand on one foot». There was one ugly way to test how pliable Billy's mind was and that… might be something they had to work on. His eyes opened and he let the questions from Vic and Teddy go on uninterrupted. Quietly he voiced honestly, "Yeah. been there. That ain't no good." He didn't say what side of 'there' he was on, but substantially he could agree that billy was a dangrous soft target in this manner.

Teddy places a hand on Billy's shoulder and says, "Don't worry, we'll figure this one out together." Then, he glances past them and over to the ruins of the robo-brigade. "Should we take one of those back with us?" Certainly someone would want to have a look at all that tech. Not him, but someone else.

Even as Teddy says it, there's a sizziling in the components as an acid is released in each part, severely damaging the bots themselves. "..apparently not." Billy says idly, from where he stands on one foot, for reasons unknown to him. He's not even aware he's doing it.

Vic nods to Teddy and tells Billy, "We'll figure it out." He smiles at Billy, putting on his bravest face, though there's worry in his eyes. "I'll go check on Kellan," he says after giving Teddy a glance. Teddy's here with Billy, big brother is safe. He gives Billy's shoulder a squeeze before he backs off to give him and Teddy some room.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow. There was a ton he and Noh-…varr…could do with… well there goes the robot rescue idea. He turned his attention abck to Billy and paused as he stood there like a flamingo, "Well we sh-" The sonic pinched the bridge of his nose taking a sooooooow deep breath. "God… dammit…" this was going to need to be part of a much bigger fix. "Can we jsut get the Kellans and go home and discuss why this all went wrong?"

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