1965-04-19 - I Love You Man: Home Decor Edition
Summary: Elmo and Vitale reveal that they've updated the garage with an actual bed.
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Vitale was probably more excited than he had any right to be about revealing JP's new bedroom to JP, honestly, JP should be the one just about vibrating out of his skin about it if anyone had the right to be, but there was something that was so thrilling to Vitale to give people a gift, anyone really and any gift. He could suprise Elmo with a screwdriver and have the same heart paliptations about it. He hands JP a scarf. "Okay, can we put this over your eyes so you can't see until we get there? It adds another level of surprise to it. I won't let you fall and I mean, even if you did, I'm right here to heal it." He says, bouncing on his heels a little. Clearly this is very thrilling to Vitale.

Elmo is laughing at Vitale. Hardened mobster, or adorable kid who loves to give his friends presents? Why not both? "V, that's a little much, don't ya think?" Rhetorical question; V clearly does not think anything about this is extra at all.

JP took the scarf and commented glibly, "Ya know if you throw me into a trunk nex' I'm still gon' drive. So ya know." Because he would get kidnapped and stuffed into a trunk… and take his abdustors on a joy ride. Crazy ass. Still he had no real idea other than they were in teh garage and therefore it was likely that they contributed something to the place even if he didn't know what. He thought about tagging a door or something to 'peek' as they passed, but in teh end he just let the surprise be fun and not be a spoil sport. A wry grin. And with that, because he was the clown and jackass he was he did a reverse strip-tease and went about adding his coat *back* on and then blindfolded himself humming the theme to the Gong Show. Because it's JP and of course he did.

"No, it's absolutely not too much. And I'm not going to throw you in a trunk, I'm taking you upstairs but thank you for telling me that, in the future when I get sick of your rules, I'll remember not to put you in the trunk of a car." Vitale teases and rolls his eyes at how ridiculous JP was being, it really just added to the goofiness of tying a blindfolding around him. He takes JP's arm then to guide him forward. "Alright, this wasn't all me, Elmo and I picked it out together." He beckons Elmo forward to take JP's other arm.

Elmo sighs, admitting, "Yeah, I helped. He made me," he adds, playfully abdictating responsibility. He tucks his hand around JP's other elbow, because like he's going to turn down a chance to do that.

JP held that lopsided grin with that bullshit bayou charm of his, "Naaaw you ain' gettin tired of the rules. You miss out on the fun an' y'all know it." He wasn't wrong. Still up they were going and he knew the stairs well enough to navigate. To prove he wasn't cheating he touched nothing so there. "Smells like sawdust." Smart ass. the loft was apt to smell like a construction zone well into forever at this rate.

"I don't know what kind of fun you think requires rules, JP." Vitale teases as he starts guiding JP up the stairs with Elmo. Vitale would have fussed him to death in Italian, no matter, if he had tried to cheat, so it's a good thing he didn't. "The whole place does, you trying to cheat with your nose, now?" He teases as they stop at the top of the stairs, where the bed lay. It was enormous thing, looking like it had been just cut from the trees, no rough edges, or canopy for JP to hit his head on. It was rustic, but Vitale hoped that it would feel a lot like the bayou to JP, that's what the pair of them had been going for. "Alright, you can take it off. And, don't listen to Elmo, he's the one who found this."

"Yeah, you shoulda seen the one he wanted to get you," Elmo says, grinning now. Just grinning. "Like somethin' the princess in a fairy tale sleeps on." Sure, they're all homos, but there's lines Elmo has drawn in the proverbial sand. "Um, I hope ya like it," he adds, a little anxiously.

JP stopped protesting to …vaguely where Vitale was standing. "My rules is always fun, V. Always." He paused and slid the blindfold off with a smug smirk. He stared at the singular piece of furniture that resembled a planed, felled tree than anyhting one would buy in some fancy store. Yeah… yeah it really did remind him of the fishin shack floating 'treehouse' he usually slept in back home. He walked up here prepared to have both guns a blazin firin off comments but his eyes were too big and somehow this cut off sound in his throat. His hand slowly covered his mouth with amurmur that wasn't English, before rubbing his jaw. "Awwwww this' damn groovy. Yous guys go alla way out t'buy me furniture? You serious?" He ran his hand alone the finished 'raw wood' and looked to Vitale with a wry grin, "Which one yo' brothers this one belong t'?"

"It didn't belong to any of them, JP, I bought this fair and square from the store, it's brand new, even the mattress, even the pillows, all of it is brand new and all of it is yours." Vitale says while he watches emotions choke JP and watches him run his fingers around the smooth wood. "Elmo's right, the one I wanted to get you was way too fancy, this one we both thought might remind you of home. I don't want you to sleep in your car anymore, I want this to be a home for you. A bed is a good step in that direction." He smiles, almost shyly. "Do you like it?"

"It kinda reminded me of that fishing shack," Elmo says, also shy, and a little red. "Remembered how much we slept out, in the swamp. You don't hafta stop sleeping in Jeanne, but…now you got a choice." His eyes are on JP, taking in that great reaction. Yeah, he has it bad.

JP tried to ablate that wave of feelings and being overwhelmend withthe slight offhanded comment. He wasn't a man where few things could get to him like this, but it was for certain the things that mattered and it floored him every time. WHen that kiddo gave Vitale her doll Madeline as a present to look after them all, when he got to meet his kid… when he had to say good bye. Now? Well now when his team found and patched some holes that needed repair.

JP's fingers floated over the craftsmanship. At the agreement of the fishing shack he paused and turned a wry grin up to Elmo knowing it'd make that red vermillion. "First thing I thought of." Deep breath. He looked around. Yeah, this was happening. He murmured, "I…guess… I moved t'New York." It's different if one had their OWN furniture. Them's roots! His roughened hand rubbed at the back of his neck and he came out with an earnest, "Merci. Beaucoup." His eye sfloated for a moment to the window, teh floor, and the frame again.

Vitale's not good with emotions either, mostly because he doesn't know when it's okay to hug anyone, he doesn't know when it's okay to hold someone's hand, when it's okay to bump up against them, when it's okay to iniate anything beyond a handshake. Vitale doesn't know how to say that he cares about someone out loud because it's not like he's ever heard it himself from anyone before JP and Severin came along. This, this is how he told JP that he was loved, loudly and deeply, with money spent but not just given to him, spent on things that JP needed, that would make his life easier.

He moves though, hesitantly, but he pulls JP into a hug. "Prego, mio amico." He tells him as he does so. "We take care of each other right? We're a family, JP. No one sleeps in a car."

Elmo does exactly what JP expects and turns bright red. He shrugs a little, like it's no big deal, but he's watching JP adoringly and it's really obvious. "Glad ya like it." And when V hugs JP, that makes him grin again.

JP slung an arm around Vic's shoulders and hugged him. JP was not shy about shit really. He just didn't appreciate being shot at. It was terribly inconvenient to bleed, not die, and be yelled at by everyone for the aggressions of others. That aside? Totally not shy about these things. "Yeah. We family. An' we do… look out for one another. But… what funny t'me?" He grinned as Elmo turned lobster red, "No one ask ol' Jean-Pierre, why he sleep in his car. F'one I can get away faist. I mean, ya got me beat on two. I didn't really have another place. The chair good. Small but good. But really?" He snickered shaking his head, "It has a radio." Really. That was the lynchpin? Or really wans it?!

"I can get you a damn radio, ol' Jean-Pierre. And hopefully since you're running a garage, maybe you're not going to have to get away quickly anymore." Vitale grumbles at him, squeezing JP tight against him for a moment longer. "I just, I care about you, man. I want you to sleep on a soft bed, I want this place to feel like home to you, you deserve all of that. You're a good man, JP."

"Ya nudnik, I knew that," Elmo says, complaining about JP accusing him of not knowing why he sleeps in Jeanne d'Arc. "…Well. Maybe not the part about the radio," he admits, sheepishly. He's hanging back while Vitale gets his hug on, pleased as punch.

JP hugged VItale a extra moment there. Vitale really wans't good with the idea of people dropping and going which for JP was his normal MO. Only now he had ot real direction to run in anymore and too much to stay put for. Everything was so weird. To Elmo he scoffed back knowing they really did know the real honest to God reason he slept in his car. All of them. "Jeanne d'Arc always had a radio, Elmo. This is not new news." Looking back to Vitale he nodded with slow confidence, "Well I got a lotta good people here. It helps."


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