1965-04-26 - Riot in Mutant Town
Summary: A child's death leads to a riot
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It's afternoon in Mutant Town, and right away its obvious that there's trouble afoot.

A mutant child accidentally killed another child, an occurance that is sadly not entirely unheard of. The victim's parents were approached by the Friends of Humanity, and then things ballooned.

And now there's what is almost a riot of humans in Mutant Town, armed with baseball bats and hammers and iron bars, breaking cars, windows, beating people. Some residents are injured. Some are surely dead or dying.

A man in black with a black mask falls out of the sky and lands deftly in front of one human that is marching on an old lady, in his hand a long black spear with a twelve inch blade out the end. It slashes out and the man's intestines fall to the ground, and then the masked man— Freefall— is leaping impossibly high and flipping over to come down in the midst of a small group, swinging his spear in a wide circle.

Noh-Varr has the absolute best timing. Or maybe the worst, depending on one's point of view. He happened to be nearby and stopped in Mutant Town to see Josh. Who wasn't home. But hey, a riot started outside as a consolation prize. Of sorts. Walking toward one of the ones with a baseball bat, his wristband morphs into his knife slash short sword and parries it away from the person 's back it was aimed at. "Don't do that, human." he warns and grabbing him by the shirt, throws him into a group of other humans.

Robbie Reyes, perhaps a familiar face for Chance, was driving through the neighborhood as he does, when apparently a big riot starts to breakout. With a sigh, his eyes glow a hellfire-like red, and he exits his '63 Dodge charger, heavily modified, and starts to make way to the action.

He wars his signature black jacket with the upside down white 'U' Decal on the front, a silver bladed chain wrapped across his torso diagonally. Black jeans and combat boots for lower attire and black full gloves for his hands. cracking his neck. He catches a baseball bat before it hits the head of a random lady.

"Bad move, asshole."

and with a single punch, he sends him through a car. He draws out his chain and he swings it, knocking down five more with relative ease.

While Noh-Varr and Robbie Reyes are clearly creatures of strength, Freefall is a figure of grace. He moves with a speed that is almost superhuman, helped in every movement by subtle shifts of gravity that he manipulates around him almost as instinct. He leaps into the air and spins, to land coming down near another. This time the blade in his spear slides back into it, and he twists it and it splits in half to become a pair of batons. He proceeds to lay out into the man before him, who goes down bloodied soon after. It's then that he notices there's more people helping; one … he recognizes grimly, and one who is hard not to notice. "Just a little more and the riot will break!" And flee.

Noh-Varr is graceful too! He just doesn't need to bother with any fancy moves with normal human opponents who are untrained and clumsy. A little more? He can do that. The knife shifts into one of his blasters and he powers it down enough so it'll hurt but not seriously injure anyone. And then in rapid succession, shoots a handful of humans wielding weapons. Head, back, arm, another head, leg. They cry out in pain, some falling to the ground, most dropping their weapons. "I brought a gun to a knife fight!" he calls. He's seen that movie.

Thea is one of the weird people that head /towards/ a fight, rather than run from one. Blonde hair is pulled back into a braid, away from a face with a rather early tan, her lightweight coat open over her pale blue sweater and charcoal slacks. Back in country a handful of days, and she's already coming across gunfire. This didn't happen the entire time she was in Greece! Heels click on pavement as she rushes, her bag full of supplies bouncing against her hip. She'll pause, close to the side of a building, to try and grasp the entirety of what's happening.

Robbie Reyes is cleaning house. Though one guy apparently did bring a gun to the melee and shoots Robbie Right in the chest…and all it does is put another hole in his jacket. "Bad move, Hijo de Perra." he curses in Spanish as he keeps walking, until eventually the gunshot blasts against Robbie's face….also doing nothing. Instead just leaving embers and flame where the bullets hit.

"Time to pay."

and it happens, the flesh melts off his face until it reveals a bare skull, wreathed in Hellfire flame…and with a single motion, he throws the man about several feet in the air where he will probably violently clash against three more rioters.

More and more of the riot are starting to get the idea that this here is a rather bad idea, especially when the Ghost Rider comes out of his shell. There's a lot of running and fleeing, though many wounded— human and mutant alike— remain.

Someone comes up and swings at Freefall, and as the bat approaches his head it just *veers* away and yanks the guy off his feet. He reaches out to touch another attacker, and the man falls — straight up. Screaming.

There are only a few of the rioters left.

Noh-Varr starts picking off the ones left one at a time. "Run vermin. You face a Kree warrior now, not a helpless woman." Scanning the battlefield, such as it is, he makes note of the ones helping him route the attackers. Gravity controller. Check. And a… "Now that's interesting." he says, looking more closely at Robbie. "Illusion?"

Thea starts to move when she sees a man get shot, only to pause and blink.. when he's perfectly unharmed. What in the.. But it's when the flesh melts away that her eyebrows arch and lift upwards. "Well then." There are other wounded to help, and she'll just look around, letting her powers help her prioritize who needs help the most, and doing some minor healing even as she looks. "Do I even want to know what the hell is going on? "

Ghost Rider gives an ungodly howl at the remaining rioters as if to scare them all away by inducing sheer terror in their hearts. That said? The Rider growls and starts to move forward, daring anyone with any level of courage to try…-try- to fight. But it's mostly just giving their opponents an excuse to get the hell out of dodge. The Rider simply turns to Noh-Varr. Nope…that was a full, wicked, Hellfirey demon.

"Careful." Freefall says to Noh-Varr as he indicates Ghost Rider, "Guy has a tendency to turn on the good guys after he's done with the bad guys." He, masked, looks over to Thea and says, "Kid came into his power and accidentally killed another kid. Parents got riled up by the Friends of Humanity." He holds his batons at the ready, still, keeping a careful watch on Robbie.

"That wouldn't be wise." Noh-Varr responds, still examining the strangely powered human. Until Freefall mentions the "Friends of Humanity? They are not truly friends, I assume?" With the last of them gone, his blaster shifts back into a golden band around his wrist.

Thea turns to look at Freefall. "Jesus. It's never going to end, is it." She says softly, walking to find the worst wounded, until she sees the skull-man thing on fire charging someone who /appears/ to be a good guy. "No, the Idiots of supposed Humanity are anything but friends. To anyone but themselves." There's a bitter snarl in those words, as she hesitates on trying to do anything other than heal the man hurting at her feet.

Ghost Rider seems to be completely ignorant of Freefall's words, watching as the enemies run off….before the flames die down around the skull, and everything regrows over it almost instantly. Muscles…bone marrow…flesh, hair..everything. Until it looks like Robbie never melted his face off at all.

With a flick of the wrist the chain is wrapped diagonally over his own chest, eyes moving to Freefall. "I'm not after you. In fact, that was more of a mistake on my part." He tells him then.

Then he looks to Thea as she takes care of the wounded…though what's the most curious out of everyone here is the Kree warrior, and Robbie looks at him, eye to eye.

"They don't consider mutants to be members of their species." Freefall nods over to Thea, "Until the system not only accepts but sets up systems to support the reality of what it means for mutants to come into their powers and not be able to control them immediately… there's going to be more innocent kids dying by accident, which will lead to this, in a cycle to never end." When Robbie says it was a mistake, there's some hesitation, and then Freefall takes off his mask and becomes Chance. His batons are fitted into straps on the back of his armored suit. "Thanks for the assist." He looks to Thea again, seeing her heal, his eyes widening, "Okay, wow. That's useful."

"No, we aren't all blue." Noh-Varr says, recognizing the look. Or what he assumes to be the look. "What's useful?" he asks Chance, looking from him to Thea and back. Moving over to a car that got flipped into its side, he grabs the edge in one hand and pulls it back over, keeping hold as he lowers it to the ground. "So they're racists then, concerned only with the purity of their species." Sounds familiar. And they arent' even blue.

She stares a moment at the facial reformation, before she crouches to lay hands on to heal. She doesn't seem to notice being noticed, but it's hard when your vision is being overlapped by .. she doesn't know what to call the sensing her power does. She blinks, a glance up at the man now without a mask. "It can be." A hand will smooth down along an arm, before the man that had been laying there sits up and tries to start heading away. "People are stupid. Mutants are human, at the base of it all." She'd know after all, right?

Robbie nods then to Chance as he takes off that mask and reveals his face, with Robbie crossing his arms as he looks at Noh Var, tilting his head at the fellow but eventually he takes a small breath. He looks at Thea as she seems to show a passion for what she's saying. "No kidding…" he cracks his neck then. "Well, anyone hurt?" he asks the question more to his situational teammates than anything.

"Healing." Chance explains to Noh-Varr, "It isn't a common ability to manifest." He might be willing to show his face, but he introduces himself as, "I'm called Freefall. For possibly obvious reasons. I control gravity." But he nods to Noh, "Racists, sure. Though…" He glances at Thea, "Some of us don't agree with that sentiment. I don't know, myself." He looks to Robbie, "No, I'm fine. I recently learned to keep a steady outward push of gravity going *away* from me at all times. It makes me awful hard to hit." Not that he was easy to hit before. He blinks as Noh-Varr casually flips a car, "So super strength is your mutation?" He actually hadn't worked out the alien thing yet.

"Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt." he replies to the introduction. Really, he just doesn't do anonymous no matter how many times someone suggests it. "I am a Kree warrior, not a mutant. And believe me, you are just as human as the ones who fled. A minor addition to your DNA didn't change your race any more than the color of your hair does."

Thea laughs. "Well, I'm not here handing out party favors." There's maybe some good humored sass, before she's shrugging. There's a hand placed, patting a moment. She'll murmur to the young woman, before she'll help her up. "No, you did right, staying down. Not everyone is meant to fight. " She glances over at Chance. "I.. never thought about if it is, or not." It just was her thing. Brown eyes shift to Noh-Varr, and her jaw tightens, before she'll move on to the next.

Robbie nods to chance. "Fair enough." he says with a bit of indifference to his face. Though his eyes fall upon Noh-Varr and he grins softly. "I like this guy." and he'll cracks his neck a bit before his eyes fall upon Thea. Well, at least she has a sense of humor about her. Though it's the Kree thing that still has his gears turning…so he's just more in the sense of 'ok' than anything else.

He takes a breath a moment, and he looks around, his eyes eventually falling on Chance as he leans against his parked car, arms crossed and his eyes watching everyone.

Above, a man continues falling.. up.

Chance eyes Noh-Varr with a little bit of skepticism. Of course he's heard of the Kree, but Noh-Varr …. "You look human." he notes, nodding over to Robbie, "More then he does… sometimes." That said, he gives a slight shrug, "As I understand it, we're still trying to figure out DNA, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of differences between species. Whose to say mutation isn't a speciesization event? I have a hard time believing a 'minor addition' is enough to allow someone to control gravity with their mind."

"Many races throughout the galaxy appear similar to each other to one degree or another." Noh-Varr informs Chance. "By no coincidence. Environmental conditions being similar enough to spawn life produce similar results, especially when a race of god-like beings travel through the universe and tamper with the natural evolution of species'. They seemed to be fond of mammals." he adds, musingly then shrugs. "They're also the ones responsible for altering your DNA enough to produce mutations."

Her eyes will lift to Chance, looking vaguely unfocused until she blinks. "I can seperate blood from platelet, and there's nothing down to that level, at least, that's different between me and Friend of Humanity. Not to mention most mutants are born to completely human seeming parents, and we don't all get powers, even from the same set of parents." She will stretch, and turn to look around, stealing a look that is both curious and suspicious at Noh-Varr.

Robbie looks up at the guy who apparently…keeps on going.

and going.

and going.

"So, you gonna bring him back down anytime soon or are you going to wait for space to pop him like a balloon?" he asks Chance then, looking him in the eyes before he looks to Noh-Varr, a tilt of his head at the fellow.. "….ah huh."

"I can't really manipulate gravity remotely, only by touch." explains Chance to Robbie, shrugging, "The binding will stay on him, and all I can do is take it off. At which point normal gravity re-asserts itself and he starts falling down until… splat. Either way, falling up or down, he's already dead, he just doesn't know it. This way there's no chance of him falling on someone and killing someone else. He almost got me in my back, didn't leave me an option." He eyes Noh-Varr, "There's god-like beings who .. you know what, I don't need this information in my head." Then he looks to Thea, "I defer to your more expert opinion on the nature of life."

Noh-Varr just shrugs. Ignorance, in his experience, is not bliss. But to each their own. "Well, my help is no longer needed here. Good luck in avoiding more of these 'friends'." Giving them all a smile, he turns and starts walking away.

Thea laughs at Chance, her eyes amused as lips curve. "That may the first time anyone has said anything so nicely to me about my powers." Eyes will shift, watching Noh-Varr with a wariness. "I know.. flaming skull man there is okay. That's a a hell of a party trick." There's a quick flash of a smile at Robbie, before she'll let her powers roll down over Chance. "At least no one tried to shoot /me/ this time."

Robbie simply sighs at Chance before he turns his head to Noh-Varr. "Sadly, I'm with him on that one…too much information that my human brain doesn't like to comprehend." a small chuckle. Though he gives a little glance to Thea, a small smile on her face. "The name's Robbie." he gives a little nod.

"Thanks." Chance nods over to Noh-Varr, "For a non mutant to save mutants is… something rare. Thanks." He looks to Robbie, "I suppose I could say the same for you, I don't think glowing skulls are mutations." As for the guy falling to his death in space? Chance shrugs, "Sorry. I only kill when its strictly needed." He doesn't introduce himself, not yet. He glances over at Thea, "YOu get shot often, healer?"

There's a smile for Robbie. "Thea." She digs in her bag a moment, a glance up before she looks at Chance. "I have been shot at or threatened before in such situations, yes." She seems pretty calm about the whole thing. "Not my first rodeo, cowboy."

Robbie gives a look to Chance. "It's sure as hell not a mutation. I wasn't exactly born with DNA for powers or any of that weird shit that I barely understand." he shrugs then, before he looks to Thea. "Nice to meet you." he says short and sweet, before he takes off his chain, tossing it in his beast of a car, before opening the door and getting in.

"Well, while you guys are doing that, I need to get going. There's always anotehr mess somewhere."

"Mutants are rarely born with their powers; that would be disastrous. We usually develop them sometime in puberty, which is sometimes as tonight has shown us, also disastrous." Chance nods over to Robbie though, before his attention goes to Thea, "Shooting a person with a power which is one of the rare overwhelmingly positive for mankind, proves these people are nuts, not that it needed much in the way of proof. The world isn't especially improved by my being able to control gravity; everyone you heal makes the world better."

There's a shrug, a salute to Robbie as he gets into his car. Then there's a solid gaze at Chance. "You're assuming they knew I'm a healer, and a nurse. There's no way to know that by looking at me." Brows arch and lift slightly. "You assume that all I do is heal, as well."

And with a simple nod, Robbie drives off into the (not) sunset!

"Actually, I made no such assumption to that latter part. I'd be shocked if you couldn't kill, as well. You spoke of separating blood from platelet. If you can do that fine a degree of control of someone's body, I can think of a thousand ways to kill someone and I've got no medical education, only a criminology one. Burst one little vessel in the brain, dead. Mess with the sodium-potassium channels that fuel the heart, dead. And so on." Chance shakes his head, "Still doesn't change my evaluation of your ability verses mine."

Robbie goes home.

There's another shrug. "Most people seem to think a woman with a power like mine is only good for being a good little healer." There's a trace of bitterness in the words. "Many ways, yes. Stroke, suffocation, shove someone's blood pressure high enough and they'll have a stroke. It's so much harder to prove someone did it, than shooting someone. " There's a glance upwards. "Of course, no one will find your victims at all."

"Except those." Chance points over to a man in particular who has his guts hanging out, "I don't kill by up-dropping only." He nods to Thea, "And I don't make a habit of underestimating someone just because they're a lady. I should go, though."

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