1965-04-27 - Change of Heart: Informing Nate about Peter
Summary: Lorna updates Nate on the upcoming attempt to derail Senator Williams' plans against mutants.
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Polaris has asked Nate for a brief meeting at the Brotherhood hideout to bring him up to date on their current plot. One that has to do with a certain hateful Senator. "Nate," she calls out, "I never asked…is there a codename you go by? We like to use those on missions, makes it simpler for everyone."

Nate arrived at the hideout, landing at the entry way clearly from flight and he enters in. He'd been meaning to speak with her about her current plan anyhow. When asked about a nickname? He tilts his head and he shrugs. "Lorna. codename? well…in the future, I went by X-Man, because, well…." he points to the X-brand on his chest.

"That might be awkward…" Lorna mutters, "there's a group calling themselves X-Men going out and about, but I guess if it works for you, it works for me. I go by Polaris," she introduces her own codename, before veering to the topic at hand, "I managed to get an asset from the Bugle…he will help us get legit journalist id, so we'll be able to book that interview with the good Senator. You've got telepathic skills…would you be able to make his hate of mutants turn into love?"

Nate tilts his head then. "huh….interesting." he says mainly in regards to the group calling themselves the X-Men. "Polaris? Pretty. The North Star I think right? closest to the poles?" he asks curiously. "Witty." seems he's not all good looks. Either way, he hears that she did manage to get access for an interview with the Senator. "Good job." he compliments. Then he's asked with what he can do. "Of course. Especially if he happens to be weak willed. I can easily shift his opinion."

"You know your constellations," Lorna notes with a slight smile on her lips, apparently not often running by people who are aware of that trivia tidbit. "Good, then we won't need to kill him, and the person I used for this won't be disappointed, he requested to join us for the interview in return for the press credentials."

Nate smiles to her. "That I do. I followed them when I was lost and I happen to have a natural love for the stars." he offers a little smile for her, looking her in the eyes as his hands fell to his side and he moved next to her. "Well, that's good. I don't like spilling blood unless I have to. Who's this person? A bugle reporter, right?"

"Indeed," Lorna notes, gesturing around, as if to suggest the very Brotherhood, "look to the north star for guidance, isn't that what navigators used to say?" She nods her head, "you'll get to meet him sooner rather than later, his name is Peter."

Nate almost laughs a little bit as she says 'look to the north star for guidance', and he nods to her. "Exactly..though I'm beginning to think you took the name to try and make further claim to leaderhsip." he's teasing, and his tone reflects that. "Peter…duly noted. Well, now I know the first name. When is this going down?"

"I know I'm still young, but I've seen my kind, I've seen the suffering, I've seen the bullying, and I decided to be a beacon to show it doesn't have to be like that," Polaris sounds quite adamant as she asserts her drive to Nate. "When he can join us, his condition was to be part of the interview to get us the passes…I'm sure he won't be any trouble."

Nate lifts a hand then as he smiles to her. "I know, I know…relax, not questioning your drive or your devotedness. Though…it's good that someone here has seen something..but compared to this period and the time where I am from? what happens here would be considered a mercy…but a deed most foul nonetheless." he stands up then, crossing his arms as he hears that Peter shouldn't be any trouble. "Good. I'd hate to erase his memories."

He can do that? scary.

Anyway, he seems to look at Lorna. "By the way…I appreciate what you do. Not many are bold enough to do shit like this. So…top marks."

Lorna snorts, "forgot you're the guy from the future," she winks playfully and continues to the exit, "I appreciate the input nevertheless, we'll do some good things around here…you'll see."

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