1965-04-30 - Surprising Jay
Summary: Doug and Cal alert Jay to the trip they've been planning for him much to the excitement of the birb.
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Calvin has the map, Calvin has the list of supplies he's gotten in preparation for this trip. Calvin has a smile on his face. Calvin's in a great mood. So Calvin comes to the club, hoping that they can reveal their big plan to the winged man tonight. He's certain Jay is going to love this, love it even more when he hears that Doug was the one that came up with it. Cal just agreed to it and decided they should make it a reality. Jay and Doug had a real good thing going, you couldn't help but smile around the pair of them.

He presses the door to the club open and raps on it lightly with his knuckles. "Anyone in?"

Doug is ticking down a checklist of what's at the bar, seeing what they need to reorder. "Christ we go through a lot of curacao, what kind of bar is this?" He finishes ticking stuff off, and then tilts his head, before he calls out, "It's open!"

"The kind where Jeb and Sam are pourin', an' half our regulars are queer," Jay answers as he brings up paper products for restocking, taking care of the lifting part because it just makes sense. "Ah think Sam and Jeb have been gettin' experiment-y with a few things lately. Sprout's really takin' the place seriously since ya let him be behind the bar. He showed up with this book of drink recipes one day and a bunch of bookmarks shoved everywhere." The red-headed brother smiles warmly at Doug over his brother's excitement, dropping the boxes of napkins, straws, etc. down on the bartop.

Jay looks up as he goes about refilling things, tossing a smile up when he sees Mimic. "Hey, Cal. How ya doin', man?"

"Well, hey there, handsome!" Calvin greets and he could really be referring to either of them. He's got a notebook and a map in his hands as he approaches the bar. He moves to Doug first, smiling affectionately at the linguist but he hesitates just outside of the ten foot range of Jay. "It's going to be a little scary, alright? They're just going to bust out of my back, but it's okay, I'm going to be okay, Feathers." He's concerned that he's going to frighten Jay as he moves closer and as he warns, red wings bust out of the back of his shirt, ripping it from his chest in tatters. All which Calvin handles with a grimace.

Doug thinks about that and says "…Fair enough." Then Doug raises his eyebrows, "What, you didn't think I didn't spot him as the family creative a mile away? Just give him something to do, don't tell him how to do it, and let him surprise you. Well, maybe tell him a few ways you don't want him to do it." He looks up, and winces. "I keep forgetting that that happens," He says, shaking his head, before he pours Cal a glass of water.

Jay arches an eyebrow at Douglas when he calls Jeb the family's creative, staring him down with lingering amusement hovering all around his edges. "The family creative, huh? Maybe I'll let him take some of mah nights on stage, an' use 'em t'take El out, then." Mock-offended without a thread's width of truth therein.

Jay watches after Calvin carefully. Doug may forget, but Jay remembers vividly and hedges away to give the man a wide berth. "Or Ah could keep mah distance or you could at least—!" /RRRRIP!!/

Jay sighs and finishes his sentence lamely, with an apologetic look that ripples through his wings. "—take yer shirt off. Ah'm sorry, Cal."

"It's not as if anyone here is complainin' about it. I kind of love having wings and I've come to share something with you. I don't want to shout it across the bar, Doug and I have a surprise for you." Calvin pulls off the tattered remains of his shirt with a wink at Jay as he moves closer and hands the map and the list of acquired things to Doug. "Would you like to do the honors? It was your idea after all."

Doug rolls his eyes. "Jay works with his hands, you sing, and Sam has beautiful handwriting."

Doug tilts his chin up at Jay, and says, "Well, Cal said he'd like to get to know you — and I figured… maybe it'd do you some good to get out of the city for awhile. So I thought maybe, if you wanted, we could go up into the adirondacks and go camping. You know… take a weekend and get out of the city."

Teasing Doug, Jay flashes a wink at him as he lines up another bunch of straws into their containers.

Turning his attention back between the two, curious if a little suspicious because he is just /waiting/ for the day Doug proposes dragging Cal into bed with them, the young man smiles softly anyway, brows lofted up slightly. "Surprise?" A glance at the map, he turns to Doug for answers.

Adiron—what? But /camping/ he understands. Surprised right out of his socks, Jay's lips part, silently, looking over to Calvin as well. "…you two are jerkin' my chain, right?" But his smile is already growing, excitedly.

"No, we ain't jerking your chain. We really want to take you camping. It was Doug here's idea, I just funded it. I got us two tents, figured you two wouldn't mind sharing one. I've got all the food, the firewood and I've found us a place to camp. I think it would be good for you too, to be able to stretch your wings a little." He smiles, reaching over for Jay's hand to give it a quick squeeze, careful not to be more affectionate than that.

"If you wanted," Doug says, "We could bring Sam and Jeb along. But only if you want. You've got control of the guest-list, wings…" Doug says, with a light shrug, "Just that this is a chance to — get to know one another." Since, you know, Cal is interested in stepping out with him, and what's good for the goose is good for the gander. "No ulterior motives or anything."

Out of the way affection like that from Calvin is still weird for Jay. Bold flirtation is something he's used to from, say, Vitale, which he can blow off as a joke. He's not used to ardent flirtation from someone being serious. He holds up under it anyway, distracted thinking about the camping trip. "Y'all did all that? Just for me? An', well, Ah mean fer us, but with me in mind."

The youthful red head is touched. Genuinely and sincerely, and the next look he slides in Doug's direction is laced with passionate urges, restraining the sudden inclination to pull him into the back office and do fantastic things to him with his mouth. Whiiiich Calvin is all privy to as well piggybacking off Doug's power.

"Well, if this is sort of a 'get to know ya' trip, maybe we don't bring mah brothers along this time," Jay decides, looking at a spot on Doug's neck he wants to suck on before breaking off and smiling easily to Calvin. "If we have fun, maybe we can plan another some time as it warms up."

Calvin actually feels out of place there for a moment while he watches the sexual tension unfold between the pair of them. He swallows hard and resists clearing his throat to ruin the moment, especially when he's able to read it all more vividly than usual by borrowing Doug's powers. He looks down and finds himself flushing. "Doug had said that he was thinking about letting your little brother run the bar, he sounds like a real good kid, eager to please, I'm sure they'll survive without the pair of you for just a weekend."

Doug actually flushes a bit when he picks up on Jay's amorous response — but he puts his hand over Jay's, and then says, simply, "Okay. This weekend, then. Just the three of us, a couple of days up in the mountains." Because there *are* mountains in New York, gorgeous ones, just a few hours to the North. "I'll leave Jeb in charge of the bar… bring your guitar," Doug says, to Jay.

Jay smiles at Doug's flushed response, rather pleased with himself until he notices that Calvin, too, is rather colorful. Jay gapes, and realizes, "Oh my lord, Calvin. Ah'm so sorry. You saw that, huh?" wincing, Jay's wings fwip as he reaches out to pat Calin's shoulder with his free hand. "Ah'm sorry about that. Ah fergot that you get Dougie's, too. Shoot. Ah'll try to remember. Ah didn't mean t'make things weird."

Full of apologies after such a thoughtful gift, Jay feels awful and looks back to Doug with a nod. "Yeah. Absolutely. Uh. Ah'm gonna go call Elmo from the office an' let him know that we're gone this weekend, okay?" stepping back slowly, trying to make amends and give them a second.

"I can read you like he can as long as I'm close enough to him, can also borrow his ability to whisper to you in any language I'd like. It's really alright, you didn't make things weird, I knew that you and he were.. you know, so it's not weird, I just got the entirety of it in that look. It was.. strong. Did you.. uh.. want me to go? You could.. tend to that if you.." He stammers as Jay mentions he's going to step away. "Oh, you didn't.."

He bites his lower lip and looks up at Doug, raising his eyebrows, "I'd say from that look, this trip was a success."

Doug raises his eyebrows, and blows out a breath. "He feels emotions really strongly." Doug admits. "When he's up, he's up. When he's down, he's down. It's why he's such a great songwriter." He looks bakc toward Calvin, and says, "But he's shy. It's the shy part I'm working on."

"Yeah, Ah jus' forgot. Not used to anyone but Doug catching those, uh, nuances." Jay swallows and smiles gently, a tinge of guilt still there. "Ah'll be right back. Gonna let El know." A swathe of 'twitterpated' affection, as Doug put it, cast over him in an aura over the other mutant.

Jay excuses himself to the office to call Elmo up and let him know he'll be out, because it seems polite and all. Also giving Cal and Doug a few minutes alone, since Doug was so kind when Elmo came over.

Calvin smiles. "It's alright. He's sweet, and I really will let you two have all the time alone that you want on the trip. More than anything, I just want to get to know him, and well, I would really like to fly with him a little." Calvin admits, reaching for Doug's hand this time to give it a squeeze as well, just as he had done with Jay. "He's thrilled though, about this trip, you know him well."

"Yeah." Doug says, rubbing the back of his neck. "There's a part of him that'd rather be in Cumberland, even now. It was his brother who was always the adventurer… in a lot of ways I feel like Jay kind of had adventure thrust upon him. But he's trying to make the most of it." He looks toward the door, and then back at Calvin, before he leans up to kiss him on the cheek. "Thanks for being a sport."

"Isn't there a quote like that about greatness too? Is it the little one or the older one that's the adventurer?" He smiles widely when Doug leans up to kiss his cheek. "Well, since we can't bring him all the way to Cumberland, we'll try to get him close. We'll make him a campfire every night. We'll go fishing. All of that, bring as much of the country to him as we can. It's really no problem, I am no stranger to homesickness."

Jay murmurs into the reciever quietly in the direction of the door when Doug glances back at it. He's pacing slowly on the end of the corkscrew cord, smiling like a dummy while he talks.

Douglas looks back and forth between the two, and then he says, "His older brother. We went to school together; I worry about him, but it's not my place to say." Then he shakes his head, and sits up on the bar. "I think he'll appreciate it. The Adirondacks are really beautiful, a whole different world from the city. You can get lost there, nobody around for miles and miles."

"When you get serious about someone, you get serious about their family too and clearly you care about them if you hired both of them. You can be worried about whoever you want, you can't stop caring about someone that easy. What worries you about the older one?" He asks, sitting down at the bar. "He'll really like it, feeling the wind in his feathers, without the sounds of the city. Might bring him some peace, make him feel centered again."

"It's not important." Doug says, shaking his head. "Not right now, anyway." He looks up at Mimic, and then says, "It might. I don't know — he'll feel how he feels, but thinking about it's made him happy, so I'm glad."

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