1965-05-01 - Lightning Striking Twice
Summary: Thor's back, and Carol's here to greet him!
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It was a cool Tuesday afternoon in New York City. People still hustled and bustled, either getting off work or getting things -for- work or even getting -to- work. Either way, it was loud, it was wild, and it was crazy, as per the usual. Regardless, the city would soon find new weather approaching over it's head…

A thunderstorm?

and where there's a thunderstorm…the God of Thunder is never far behind.

Arriving with a flash of lightning towards the ground is one Thor Odinson. But one would notice that he's…changed a bit. His armor was pitch black and his cape was crimson red. His hair's been cut short to a more handsome and wild look. In his hand is also…a new weapon?

It looks like a maul. hammer on one side, axe-blade on the other. This was the mighty Stormbreaker.

Carol has been out of town for a few weeks, taking care of some family matters in Boston, but now, well, she was just flying back when she saw the thunder. Grinning to herself a bit, Captain Marvel angled over towards the sight, flying down to land not too far from Thor's arrival. She looks about to say something, then blinks as she sees the new attire and weapon, "Well… that's a new look for you, isn't it?" One brow arches behind the domino mask, as she looks more curious than anything else.

Thor then stands up, looking at Carol with a bit of a smile. "Carol, well met." he approaches her then, looking her over. "As beautiful as ever, as well." okay, he's -gonna- flirt. He's always thought Carol was one rad gal. "Though is the…" he makes a finger waggling motion around his face like he's asking about her domino mask.

"Is that new? Looks nice." he compliments her. "New enough. Does it look bad? It's been…quite some time."

Captain Marvel actually blushes a bit, "Er, um, well, no not really, the identity is mostly secret still, I mean…" Okay, Carol is pretty unflappable, but flirting from Thor wasn't something she was expecting.

Not that she's complaining mind you, as she grins a little, "No, it looks pretty good. On you, anyway. Though what happened with Mjolnir? Because that is one wicked looking axe." She pauses, then adds, "Nice haircut, by the way, though now we won't have competitions as to who has the best hair."

Okay, Thor has a thing for Carol okay? happy? cool. Thor smiles at Carol as she seems to be flabberghasted that Thor just flirted with her. Either way, when she asks him what happened to Mjolnir, he nods a moment. "Oh, well, you see…I may or may not have fought Hela, the Goddess of Death at some point within the past few months and unfortunately Mjolnir shattered. This is Stormbreaker." he lifts the axe to show her.

"Oh, well..the haircut wasn't exactly voluntary. I becamse engrossed in gladitorial combat looking for some objects or another. Anyway." he shrugs then.

Now it's his turn to blush. "Oh, well thank you." he smiles then, taking a single step closer to her. Oh yes, he was gonna flirt.

Carol laughs a little, "Well, that's too bad. I mean, Hela seemed like a… decent enough sort the one time I met her, but death goddesses just seem like bad news." She grins at Thor, arching a brow, "Stormbreaker, huh? Well, that seems like a good name for you, big guy. But… wait, gladiatorial combat? Now this I want to hear about." She takes a step towards Thor as well, looking up at him.

Thor gives a bit of a eeeehhhh kind of sound when he hears that Hela is a decent gal. "Not so much. Most times she's fairly neutral. Fairly." he smiles to her when she compliments him about the naming of the weapon. Though the credit belongs to the forgers, Thor can take this one, surely. When she steps forward and asks him about the gladitorial combat? His smiles grows a little wider. "Well if you must know…"

He takes another step closer to her then, the two almost being chest to chest. Well…almost. Thor was taller.

"See, I was looking for something called a specific gem and I ended up in the hands of someone called the Collector. Yes, yes..I got captured. ended up with a thing on my neck that paralyzed me if a button was pressed. Damned things." he shrugs then. "But, I escaped, broke everything, burned it to the ground with lightning and brimstone and managed to save the day." he gives her a little wink then. Clearly that was the short story.

Captain Marvel rolls her eyes a bit, "Well, and here I was thinking the worst I had to deal with was paperwork the past few weeks…" She chuckles, "A 'specific gem'? Well, as long as it isn't the One Ring that you had to cast into Mordor or whatever." She hmms, "So, you back to stay this time, or are you going ot have to become a space pirate or something? Because I can probably help out with that."

Thor tilts his head at Carol. "What is this One Ring? and what is Mordor? It sounds like a place in Musphelheim that I would very mcuh so prefer not to visit." though he does smile softly to her. "No, no..I'm here to stay this time. I am needed here. Do you wish me to stay?"

Carol blinks, and blushes a little more, "Well, I… of course you should stay, you're one of the Avengers and you definitely help out around here and such especially when I need a power boost with the lightning and um…" She coughs into her hand, then grins wryly at Thor, "Oh, the One Ring is from a book, not real… at least, I don't think it is, but lately I'm wondering." Subject change, yes, that's it. That's a safe bet.

Thor smiles to Carol then, nodding a moment as he seems to ponder her for a moment. "Ahhh so you need me to aid you in your powers, is that it?" he's just being a tease now. Though when he hears more about the One Ring? he 'aaahhhs' a moment. "Very curious. But nay, I've heard nothing of this small object. assuming it's like an actual ring sized object."

Though as she blushes, he does look at her. "Carol…while I was away, I realized something. In this trade, I may not be around forever and uh…I was thinking…maybe we could.." and his free hand starts to reach for her own hand to hold it.

Carol pauses, and blinks, but she doesn't pull her hand away, "Thor, I…" Well, sure, they've fought villains together, journeyed through Hel (literally) together, but this is remarkably different. So she smiles a little, "What, precisely, are you asking?"

Thor holds her hand then, his were large and muscular, and hers were nice and soft, slender…but with the power of a literal bazooka behind them. Regardless, they ahd been throug ha great many things together, and Thor looks at her.

"It's really not easy to say is it? No wonder Midgardians are so slow with admitting things." he says in more mumbling to himself. "I…have strong feelings, for you Carol. and maybe…I could have permission to court you?" and by court he means date. Have a romantic relation with.

Carol blinks, and gives Thor a warm smile, even as she blushes a bit more, "Well, I definitely have some feelings for you, Thor, so… yes, yes you may." She chuckles, "Since you just got back into town, maybe we could get dinner?" Her head tilts slightly, as she looks at the God of Thunder, "I know a great little place that's out of the way."

Thor smiles warmly then to Carol, letting his fingers intertwine with her own as he looks at her. "My heart bursts for joy." he smiles warmly at her, his forehead touching her own. "I would like that. I have not had a Midgard dinner in quite some time. Do they still make the dogs of hot?" he asks Carol curiously.

Some things never change.

Carol laughs, "Yes, yes they do, but it's best to get those in the morning, when they're still fresh." She grins, giving his fingers a squeeze with her own, "But I think we can probably manage something in Times Square, I doubt we'd attract too much attention there."

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