1965-05-01 - Steak and Mescal
Summary: Anya and Roberto go on a date.
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It was about a few days after Roberto and Anya had met, the two having had long talks on the phone and a few meet and greets at coffee shops. Just getting to know one another as you do. Though eventually…the evening came when it was time to go out on that date! Roberto was going to take her out to a -very- nice restaurant, so he wanted to look his best! his beard was trimmed, his hair was styled, and he wore more business casual clothing.

He arrived at Anya's place to pick her up and drive her on down to the Stonewall Inn, the location of choice for their date. Walking anya in arm in arm like a gentleman (or even hand in hand!) he smiles warmly to her, speaking in Spanish. "You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Anya." he compliments her.

Soon after, they are seated in a more…romantic corner booth by a waitress where it was quiet and they were alone. Candlelit dinner? Faaaancy.

Roberto lets Anya sit down first, before he sits down after her, sitting close.

Its admittedly been a long time since Anya has gone on a proper date, but she's never experienced anything like this. She's dressed up, at least by her standards. The dress is a tube design in crimson, with darker lines running laterally in a space of inches each, cut to fall just against her bicep and mid-thigh. The tights are a matching crimson with vertical lines in darker red, and the jacket is a deep blue simply designed to ward off any cold air. Crimson heels give her another three inches, and she wears a slightly larger purse to hold… well, more than just a billfold, keys and cigarettes.

Shes done her hair up so that it's curled but leaves it to fall against her shoulders, and as they enter the destination, she begins to blush fiercely. "Am I overdressed? Underdressed?" she asks in Spanish, clearly feeling a bit nervous about all this. The compliment darkens her cheeks a bit more, and she pulls Roberto's arm a bit closer to hers as they follow the waitress. "Thanks, you as well," she answers, more than comfortable to keep using Spanish for the time being.

Once they're seated, Anya looks around with wide eyes. "This place looks so expensive!" she exclaims in a quiet whisper.

Roberto gives a kind smile then to Anya as he takes note of her beautiful dress. The way she holds her purse and hwo she wears her jacket, even though she's not trying, is like the epitome of beauty to Roberto. He does smile to her warmly with that beautiful smile, as she said he has. Continuing in Spanish, he simply shakes his head at her. "no no no, you look perfect." and he moves his arm happily closer to her own.

When all is said and done? and they end up sitting, he bows his head to ANya at her compliment. "Gracias, senorita." he looks through the menu then before he can't help but chuckle at Anya's words.

"Oh, this is one of the most expensive places in New York actually." offering her that smile again so she can think about the gravity of the date itself. Thankfully, Bobby here hasn't told anya that he has some pretty deep pockets yet.

The menu had things like steak, Shrimp Cargot with herb garlic butter and haviarti cheese, pasta…it had all the -delicious- stuff.

All stuff Anya has never tried before. The blush leaves her face a bit, in place of something more pale. "Really, Roberto, we could have gone somewhere for tacos," she says, clearly feeling bad that he's about to go broke buying her dinner. She's not sure if she should feel charmed or otherwise. "I mean, I know this great place in Spanish Harlem, it isn't too far from Abuela's house." Which is exactly where Roberto had picked her up from.

Anya is a clever girl, but she's clearly out of her depth here. It hasn't crossed her mind just who Roberto might be, for she's always lived a simple life. Well, outside of the fashion, and, the web slinging.

She reaches over to take a menu, looking through it for a few moments. "Oh, are you sure?" she whispers. There aren't prices on the menu, and she knows what that means. "Really, it isn't too late to go, I have no idea what to order!"

Roberto looks through the menu, as this is stuff he has like everyday, and -boy- does he not regret it. He could probably eat her everyday for 20 years and his bank account wouldn't even take a noticeable hit. That said? he simply smiles softly to her. "Oh no, I thought here was the perfect place. I wanted to spoil you tonight." and he'll actually reach out as if to claim her hand in his own, offering Anya the warmest of smiles.

"I'm sure, chica. Please, order -whatever- you want. It's all on me." He gives her a big, reassuring smile. He doesn't even look nervous! because he eats here all the time!

In fact, when the waiter who's going to be serving them tonight arrives, she smiles softly to Roberto. "Oh! Mr. Da Costa! It's good to see you here again so soon. I hope you're having a nice night so far?" and Roberto seemlessly reverts to English. "Oh, I'm having a wonderful time so far thank you. I would like a red wine and some sprite please, and whatever the lady would want." and he smiles to her.

it might click to Anya now. speaking spanish now, he smiles. "Order whatever you want."

It does take a moment, but when the waiter knows Bobby by name, she begins to smirk. While she does give him a suspicious look, Anya does allow Bobby to take her hand and squeezes it for a moment, before taking up the menu again. She flips to the back, looking over a few things. "Choose a nice tequila for me?" she asks of the waiter, switching as well to English, before gasping and holding up a hand. "Wait. Mi gusta, you actually have mescal?"

"Only the finest, miss," smiles the waiter.

Anya runs a red painted fingernail down the menu, then chooses one and turns it over to show the waiter. "As for my dinner, I will have Mister Da Costa choose for me." She turns to look at Roberto with a sly smile. "He's clearly more familiar with it than I am."

The waiter turns then to Bobby with an eyebrow lifted.

Bobby keeps his attention now on Anya and the waitress, a big smile present for the both of them. Though as Anya decides that she will let Roberto order for her, he smiles softly then. "hmm….." then his eyes are on the waiter. "For an appetizer, we will take the shrimp cargot, mhm, everything on it." and he'll let her write down what she needs to before he continues.

"and then…two steaks, tender, cooked medium-rare." and when the waitress finishes with that? he smiles then. "and I think we will decide on dessert after we eat." and the waitress nods to the both of them.

"Excellent, I'll ring those up for you." and they bow their head before they walk off to do just that.

a smile for Anya then.

Points. You can't go wrong with a good steak. Anya smiles brightly at that, before reaching for her glass of water to have a drink. "So, Roberto," she asks, suddenly switching back to Spanish. "What exactly do you do for Da Costa Enterprises?"

Absolutely nothing wrong with a fantastic steak. Fastest way to Roberto's heart is actually through food, fullly in line with the proper stereotype. That said? When she speaks spanish again, if only to ask him what he does at Da Costa International, he grins at her softly. "Well, I do very few things since I happen to be very hands off, but I'm there for business meetings and trade deals and grand openings, and making sure everyone's doing their job."

"I'm the CEO." he smiles to her warmly. "Roberto Da Costa, at your service, Anya Corazon." he winks at her softly as he reaches for her hand.

Well, that makes a great deal of sense. Anya does in fact blink, but then secretly chides herself for now figuring it out sooner. "Okay, well. I guess I won't feel too bad about this fancy dinner." She does allow him to take her hand for a moment, but finds herself chewing on her lip then. She only lets go so that she might reach into her purse for the cigarettes. "You don't mind, I hope?" she asks, giving him the option to refrain… though that would likely mean taking a step to the ladies room.

"When did you know?" she asks quietly. "Not… about the company, but, about… what you can do?"

Roberto gives her a big smile then. "No, you should not." he teases her about her not feeling bad about him paying for this fancy dinner for the two of them. The hands touch and squeeze each other, which makes Roberto just smile for her, until she pulls out that cigarrette. "I don't mind it." he smiles, though he'll actually extend his hand as if to quietly ask for a cigarette. might as well smoke with her right?

Plus he might be one of the few people on the planet that a cigarrette might not do much to. Either way, when she asks about when he found out what he can do, he nods softly to her.

"I first found out about my powrs when I was very young…uh..back in Brazil, I was about in my first year of early high school, I think, and we were playing a soccer game. Kid tackled me to the ground because you know, he was white and I was not, so it was a urge to express supremacy most likely…until I ended up catching on fire and burning the three boys who decided to pick a fight so…since then? I've just been me." he smiles to her.

"What about you? When did you find it out?"

Anya certainly holds the pack out for Roberto, though after he takes the cigarette, she grins. "Light it with your finger and you're getting kicked in the shin," she quips, before offering a lighter for him to use.

She listens to the story, feeling a bit jealous that his seemed so… simple. "Oh, it was… high school," she agrees. "But, I can't say mine is nearly as, well, believable." She looks away for a moment, considering just what to tell him, before looking back with raised eyebrows. "A sorcerer did it, by accident." She takes a drag from the cigarette before gesturing with it before Roberto can react. "What did you think, alien spider bite?"

Roberto takes the cigarette pack to pull out a cigarette, as you do, only to hear Anya call him out on how he normally lights his cigars with his finger, yes it's true, and he gives her a little wink -right- as he's about to do it. "Right…right…" he winks at her.

Then he hears about how she got her powers, and he blinks for a moment as he takes a puff. "…by a sorcerer?" he asks once again before he looks around then for a moment, but then again he's friends with Magik, so….

"Eh, not really…makes sense." he laughs a big then. "Though an alien spider bite sounds exotic." he teases her. "No, I'm just a random mutant." he says in a softer tone.

As promised, Anya makes a face and kicks Bobby right in the shin. She most certainly holds back; it's supposed to be playful, not a bone cracker! Of course, she stows the lighter in her purse and shakes her head, laughing a little. "I should've let you light mine."

Still, she retains a straight face during the explanation. "Swear on Abuela's grave," she confirms. "It's a… long story, but… spiders." She nods her head in earnest. "I tried to go by Arana, you know? But these Americans. They assume I'm Spider-Man's little sister or something. They don't even pay attention to my accent!"

She looks up as their drinks arrive, and gives the waitress a big smile. "Gracias."

Roberto laughs to her a little bit before he feels her foot ram into his shin! It's not painful, but it is noticeable from how much force was delivered. But, he smiles softly to her then. "Hey, I would have if you asked." he winks at her then as he takes a moment to take another breath of smoke as he listens, though he does chuckle softly to her.

"Okay, true it is, Anya." he surrenders that fight pretty quickly, though when he hears that she tried to go by a different name, but was mistaken for apparently being Spiderman's sibling or something. "It's alright..people make so many assumptions. I was called sunny for the longest time." he smiles to her. then the drinks arrive!

"Muchas Gracias." and he'll sip on his wine first as he looks at her. "See, I went superheroing, and I still do sometimes, and they call me Sunspot now, which is I guess a better name." he grins at her then.

"Sunny!" Anya exclaims, before reaching for the glass of mescal with a grin. "No, I agree, Sunspot is a much better name." She lifts the glass in a toast before taking a sip, her eyes widening. "Oh…. oh that is good. So good. Want to try it?" She offers the glass willingly. "It is like tequila, but made differently. Papa once told me, but honestly I cannot remember now."

Roberto just grins at Anya as she exclaims his name, which is no doubt going to become her pet name for him, but he just shakes his head then. Though his smile returns when she admits that Sunspot is a -much- better name. Then suddenly he's being offered alcohol! "Oh? is it really? I'd love to, thank you." he says as he accepts the glass gently from Anya, sipping on it and his eyes go wide.

"Wow…you weren't kidding." he smiles softly to her then before handing back the glass. "Next time I'll have to order that."

"Don't order too much," Anya warns. "I mean, I don't want to come off as immodest here, but I can drink most men under the table." She takes the glass back after ashing her cigarette. "And no, it's not a problem or anything. I heal pretty fast, which I'm guessing has something to do with altered genetics. It takes a lot to do me in." Now she's smirking. "And I promise I've never used that to my advantage."

Roberto luahgs a little bit to Anya. "Oh can you now? Well I will have you know that I happen to drink pretty much everyone I meet under the table. That, chica, is a challenge I would gladly accept." he gives her a little grin then as he sips his drink, watching her. "I just burn through it. Has very little effect, as you know." anotehr little playful wink then. and he smirks right back at her. His hand -does- reach for her own though to hold.

"Literally," Anya answers, before bursting out with laughter that she's suddenly catching, not wanting to be that one person in the fancy restaurant acting like it's her favorite hole in the wall. "God the bartenders must love you," she says. The cigarette is easily shifted to her other hand, and she doesn't stop Roberto from taking her hand. For a moment she doesn't even think anything of it, instead looking his way with a daring expression before downing the mescal like it was a shot of water.

Roberto laughs with her, though unlike her, he's not one to catch himself mid laugh. He's the richest person in there, so he gets perks, dammit! He holds her hand then, though he's daring and flirtatious with a genuine like of Anya. He'll try to intertwine his fingers with her own…before he downs his own alcoholic beverage! letting out an 'ahhh' with a grin as he looked into her eyes.

Anya's lips twist into a wry grin when Roberto makes his move. "Be careful. If you squeeze my fingers the right way, it'll activate the acid web gland and splat all over your face." She does go ahead and let him mingle fingers with hers, though now she's practically dying to keep giving him a hard time. Instead, she looks toward the server and lifts the glass with a free hand, then nods both to herself and to Roberto. That'll be two more mescal, gracias!

Roberto smiles warmly then to Anya as she lets him claim her hands, and he grins at her at her little quip about her acide webs. "Well, that would be unpleasant wouldn't it?" as she makes the order for two more Mescals, He gives her a little wink. "Planning to drink the night away?" he asks her then. "Sign me up, chica." though then he'll pause and just look into her eyes.

Uh oh, he's gonna try it isn't he? Oh yes he will!

He starts to lean in…

Laughter erupts at first, then she shakes her head. "Could you imagine? As if shooting spiderwebs wasn't gross enough."

Anya does meet Roberto's eyes, and her laughter dies down a little. There is a touch of discomfort that lingers behind conflict, which sits even further still behind that sort of twinkle one gets when they find something they like. It catches her off guard for just a moment, but when Roberto leans in, he'll suddenly find a finger pressed up against his lips. "Easy there, Speedy Gonzales," she quietly croons. "We haven't even had dinner yet." The discomfort behind conflict behind twinkle is now firmly hidden by mirth.

Roberto chuckle sthen at her words…only for her finger to be pressed into his lips as she shows him mirth, but he can tell he probably crossed a line somewhere that she wasn't entirely comfortable with. With that in mind, he does end up leaning back, a soft smile to his face. "Heh…alright, alright." he gives her a playful wink and a silent apology, and he waits for their drinks to arrive.

Admittedly, it is kinda cute. Anya pulls Roberto's hand up so she can kiss it, which of course had absolutely nothing at all to do with marking him with her own lipstick. Just ignore the mirth. Their drinks arrive quickly, along with dinner, to which she smiles coyly and leans over a bit, saying, "I'll either need my hand back, or for you to cut my steak."

She does stomp out her cigarette, giving her at least one hand to work with.

Roberto easily lets his hand be kissed by Anya, her mark on him quite possibly just her staking her claim to him, which he really didn't mind at all. Either way, he smiles to her warmly. "hmm..one second." and he'll kiss Anya's hand in return before he releases her from his grasp, his smile being warm and bright.

The steak arrives and does their drinks, and Roberto looks -happy-

Anya can't help feeling charmed, and she pulls her hand in close for a moment before finally turning to look at the steak, with all of its fine yet simple garnishments. "It smells delicious, and looks much juicier than when Abuela tries to make it." She takes knife and fork in hand, carving out a first bite before pausing to enjoy it, and really enjoy it. Painted eyelids close and she sits back, relishing it for a moment before swallowing. "Skin me alive," she curses in Spanish, "that is delicious!"

Roberto smiles to her warmly as he sees her almost hold her hand close to herself before the meal arrives, a grin on his face as he cuts into it with fork and knife, tasting it..and almost at the same time as his date, Roberto seems to melt from the taste. "oh dio es mio…" he takes a moment and he smiles widely. "Woo! Buena Fortuna!" he seems to beleive them to be extremely lucky, as it were! "I told yoU! best stake in the whole city!"

"I think you're right!" Anya exclaims.

Some time later, after steaks and their accompanying sides are devoured, Anya is on her sixth glass of mescal and easily being paced by her date. She takes the glass in full, then sets it down harshly. "I think it's starting to affect me," she nearly sings. "If we aren't careful, they're just going to bring the whole bottle and your bill is gonna get bigger, Sunny."

Roberto looks at Anya then with a small smile, after everything had been devoured. Roberto was on his seventh glass of Mescal and he seems to sing a moment to Anya in return. "aye aye aye..chica…I can pass this no problemo." he winks at her then, looking her in the eyes. "did you enjoy iiiit?"

With a laugh, Anya leans forward, mischief written upon her face. Her legs crossed, one foot ends up touching Roberto's leg, and her eyes sparkle. "Immensely," she answers, before pulling away and reaching for her pack of cigarettes. "What now, corona-boy?" she asks. "The night is young."

Roberto leans forwards then to Anya, their faces almost touching as he feels her foot touching his leg. "Magnifico!" he says happily. "mm..depends on what you wiiisshhhh to dooo."

"Take me dancing," Anya answers, before pulling away and further teasing the poor fellow. She lights the cigarette with a grin, then reaches for her bag and jacket, clearly ready to be out of this stuffy place and somewhere a bit more lively.

She is asultry seductress now isn't she?! Either way, Roberto pays the place for the meal before he takes Anya's hand. "I know just the place." and a grin forks on his face. yes….he was definitely checking her out and yes, he wanted to dance.

Hours later, the pair are in a taxi cab headed back for Spanish Harlem. Anya's hair is a mess that's been done back up in a rough manner, and she's tired from the dancing, the drinking, the smiling. In the back seat of the cab, she's got both arms wrapped around Roberto's nearest arm and her head is rested upon his shoulder. "Do you still do the heroing?" she is asking, having switched back to Spanish to keep their conversation secret from the driver. "I mean, are you able to fit it in with all of the business stuff? I do admit, I'm glad I didn't have to bust this out." She nudges the oversized purse at her feet, where black and white spandex is just barely visible inside. "For once."

Honestly…talk about a wild date. either way, Roberto has an arm completely captured by Anya, and when talk of superheroes starts to come up, he smiles. "of course, of course. Though…it can get pretty lonely sometimes." he looks at her suit, then back to her…and he leans in to press his forehead against her own. "thank you for coming out with me."

Talk of the loneliness brings a certain heaviness to Anya, to which she merely answers with a simple, "Si…" She's happy to let the conversation go for another time, instead closing her eyes and pulling Roberto a bit closer. "De nada, Senior," she answers. "I did have a splendid time." She opens her eyes again, smiling. It's a good thing her family has become accustomed to her late night antics, though they have no idea it has to do with being Spider-Girl. "I hope I haven't worn you out," she whispers while looking up and into his eyes. "I can go all night, but this all took even some of the wind out of my sails. I haven't danced like that in a long time."

The cab begins pulling over, as the small flat where Anya and her family live has been reached. "Yo, love birds," the driver says. "Time to go, yeah?"

Roberto did not shy away from Anya, and he's easily pulled that much closer, his eyes never leaving her. "not even a little bit….all night long chica." a smile touches his features then before the guys yells at them to get a move on. "come…I will walk you back."

Anya chuckles at Roberto's response, but nasty cab drivers are a thing you get accustomed to. Sure, they could have used one of his drivers, but she had insisted on paying for the ride home, and she does so before grabbing her purse and stepping out of the car, allowing Roberto to lead the way.

Roberto walks with Anya hand in hand until they arrive at her home, and Roberto giver her a little twirl before trying to hold her close. "When can I see you again?" he asks her.

One final twirl! Anya laughs quietly but with true joy, and does not fight against being held close. She even wraps her arms around his back, and one painted nail runs along the back seam of his shirt collar. Her left foot gets propped up on its toe, and she smiles up at Roberto. "I'll call you, corona-boy," she answers, a commitment paired with yet another tease.

Her arms around him, her propped up on her toe. Roberto smiles to Anya as he nods. "si senorita, I would like that very much." and because of everything that happened today? Roberto leans in to kiss her goodnight! will she tease him again?

Now that would just be cruel.

Anya tilts her head and kisses Roberto, her hand upon the back of his neck just to make sure he doesn't pull away too quickly. After that, she lets go with a touch of hesitation, her hand on his arm for a moment before a voice, muffled, calls from inside.

"Anya! Anya es ese to?"

Anya rolls her eyes. "Si, abuela! Solo por un momento!" She looks back to Roberto with a grin. "Go on, before that cabbie starts punching his horn."

Roberto isn't pulling away for anything.

He kisses Anya warmly, a hand caressing the back of her neck while the other wraps around her waist. the kiss eventually ends however, and they both pull away. "I'll see you soon." and he kisses her again before he walks backwards away so he can look at Anya and Ella Abuela doesn't kill him


Anya rolls her eyes again and spins around to yell back at the door. "I'm coming!" The use of English is admittedly a bit passive aggressive, and she'll regret it later, but that's that. She turns back around to watch Roberto walking backwards, and that brings a giggle to her lips that she partly covers with her hand. She waves goodbye before unlocking the door and disappearing inside.

There, with the door closed, she flattens her back against the door, kicks off her heels, and closes her eyes for a moment. Her hand goes back to touch the door behind her, and she breathes out a nervous sigh. "… Oh boy," she whispers to herself. "I am in trouble now."

Roberto enters the cab and he just takes that breath like he was smitten. "oh boy…..I'm screwed…" then he starts smiling, resting his head against the back seat. "buena fortuna."

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