1965-05-01 - There and Back Again
Summary: FItz is out of quarrentine, Flash is out of his depths, Billy is out of his time, Thea is out of patience, and Coulson…is kinda having a banner day.
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Fitz was enjoying day 2 outside of containment. How did he celebrate? Yeah he was still in the lab. He was busy at work today designing what looked like… well weaponry today. Sometimes it's about the find details, sometimes it's about brute force. Today it looked… like he was building something small with electronics. Huh.

Billy's a trainee-field-agent with Special Circumstances, but that doesn't mean he's not interested in science. He has, for a freshmen in college, a surprisingly broad understanding of science, too. Not anything that would match Fitz's, but still. In his workout uniform, he wanders into the lab, "Fitz!" He dimple-grins, coming over, "What's that?" he asks with keen interest.

There's the sound of heels, a stride Fitz may be able to identify by the sound alone. Blonde hair is held back from her face with a barrette, the rest cascading down over the soft coral blouse paired with deeper hued slacks. It shows off the tan Thea had recently acquired in Greece, that makes her smile flash whiter. "Fitz. Nice to see they let you out of the cage." Brown eyes sweep over the doctor, even as she smiles again. "Billy, nice to see you."

An overwhelming nod of agreement met Thea in greeting. "I can't tell you how nice it is to not have Bucky and Barton call me a zoo exhibit or make fish jokes anymore." Said the cientist withthe heavy brogue. "This, Billy, is effectivly something I'm working on based on some of the Kree tech we salvaged. I'm looking at making an EMP device roughly the size of a bullet. The problem there withstanding is you attach it to a small explosive device, such as the internal reaction on teh inside of a pistol, the damage to i t is exceptional and won't work. So it's more like a small data warhead for Barton to deliver out via stick. Still, it'll buy entry or short out computer systems, surveilance, etc. for a short period of time." He paused looking a little frightened of Billy and Thea like maybe they were looking for the short answer. He had no idea how to do those.

"Hi, Thea." Billy flashes his easy dimpled smile over to share it with Thea too, before looking curiously back at Fitz, tilting his head thoughtfully, "Huh. What's the radius on the EMP pulse?" He asks, pursing his lips, "It seems like it'd be useful for missions when I'm not around, yeah. Cool, Fitz." He grins.

"Via Stick." There's a snort there, before the blonde nurse smirks. She'll wander closer, looking curiously at the electronics she would never dare actually touch. "Where is Barton? I figured he'd still be sticking close and teasing you." Flash of a grin. "So, if you need more rubbing alcohol or anything, I need to know now." She'll tease him, that gaze warm as she looks at his face. "I actually have to wander away from the medlab. Use my powers for good, all of that." There's humor under the straight delivery of the words. "I get to go looking for our irradiated..guests."

Fitz blinked and had to agree with Billy's assessment, though teh serious, focused expression wore into a grin and a snicker at Thea reiteraing his delivery assessment. "Well High-velocity range stabbings would be the other way to put it I guess. And yes, Thea, you do. Whiiiich… thank you. I really appreciate not glowing or itching." Still he thought about Billy's question rubbing at the stubble growth on his cheek. "Ummm haven't gone into field testing but I'm projecting maybe only a couple hundred feet? And yes it's fantastic for when you or Kath-…Kitty aren't available."

"Glowing and itching and having all your skin fall off are bad." agrees Billy with a nod, though he's not entirely clear on how someone got irradiated. It might be above his clearance, so he doesn't ask. He looks between the pair of them before his attention settles on Fitz again, "Hmm, that's actually pretty big. Would it be possible to have a variable payload? I mean, in case you want a more — focused or precise burst."

Fitz considered this and wobbled his head, "Well right now I can either short 'a' thing, or like about 60 meters, or possibly all of Barton's gear. Kinda… working on making it more user safe, but… ya know I think overall he'll be fine." He shook his head. Close enough right? Looking to Billy he asked, "How small or localized you think would be useful to you? and… Thea, you going out to Ghana or are they in quarrentine here?"

"Well, a couple hundred feet could hit collateral machines that might give away the operation. I mean sometimes you might want that, but othertimes it seems to me if you could just take out something like ten feet? Thus variable payloads." explains Billy with a nod to Fitz, though he then glances back over to Thea to see what she thinks.

"They're here, and we don't know exactly where. So.. time to do some detective work, I guess." Thea shrugs, hands sliding into her pockets. "Literally use my powers for good. Talk to non-Shieldies, try to network and manage to find them.

Fitz pulled up a poss of paper and jotted a memo with his blue .05 Pentel pencil. "Billy, that's…. doable. just…Thea…" He paused, "I was on that op. be careful and let me lend you the BF-reader."

"Do you need any help?" Billy asks of Thea, "With the detective work, I mean? I could scry, getting better at that." He then nods over to Fitz with a quick grin, "Variable yield just makes it more flexible, I figure. Sounds good."

"I've been assigned Agent Thompson as my.. whatever he is." Thea offers a smile to Billy, before she offers Fitz a strange look. "Boyfriend reader? Where was that when I needed it?" She's kidding, guys.

Fitz looked possibly alarmed and confused not sure how top anger that. "nooooum, beepy-findy reader? beeps. gonna things. has a Geiger counted and infrared and heat imager." pausing he laughed with an easy grin, "I'm not sour it's wise to trust a tech on dating advise."

"As your..whatever he is?" Billy looks with some confusion in Thea's direction, tilting his head to the side to try to work it out, but he looks back to Fitz and chuckles, "That device has the best name. And hey, I'd trust your advice anytime. Sorta. Maybe. Okay probably not, I'm in a committed relationship already so clearly I'm the expert." he grins more at that.

"Agent Thompson has been assigned to work with me on this." Thea tries to clarify. Then there's a laugh at Fitz, one brown eye winking. "I'm not dating, so I don't need a device, but thanks. But I'll take a Geiger counter, of course. Even though.. well, it will be obvious."

Fitz boggled to Thea and said, "Well it wasn't obvi- oh. OOOOOh." Yes now it dawns on him. The tech preened under the compliment, "Thank you. I do like practical names for my toys. Still, Thea, Isn't not dating someone the best reason to have advice? I mean why would someone who's done looking need…help?" He paused and squinted to Billy, "Ya know I think I'm just going to quit here while I'm ahead."

As if on cue, said Agent Thompson comes in and bee-lines directly for Thea and the others gathered. Seemingly dressed to impress, in a crisp suit and jacket, complete with Stratoliner fedora. "You need dating advice, sweetheart?" There's a glint in his eye and a quirk in his smile that can only mean he doesn't have what most people would call *good* advice in that department, but Flash no doubt thinks is solid gold. He looks around the group and gives a nod to the other men in the room, and removes his hat, because that's what you do when there's a lady in the room. "What are the eggheads up to today?" What. A. Charmer.

Billy laughs softly, dimples showing, as he nods to Fitz, "I think that would be wise." His attention flickers over to Flash and he arches a brow before crossing his arms over his chest, "Dude, did you just 'eggheads' Fitz? The Fitz? Genius extraordinaire who makes all the cool toys that keep us alive and going?" Billy Kaplan is an agent-in-training with special circumstances, which means he goes on missions even though he's still in training. Mostly because of the teleportation power being faster then planes.

"I think I'll manage without advice or a device, gents, thank you." Thea's tone is dry, but she doesn't roll her eyes. There's a withering look at Thompson. "Do I strike you as a woman who really needs dating advice, Thompson? And I am not your sweetheart, so please refrain from that usage. I prefer people to not get the wrong idea." It's hard enough sometimes, being a woman in the working world, even SHIELD. She does smirk when Billy goes on a tear to defend Fitz. "The beepy thing would be most helpful, Fitz. Even if I can't get eyes on them, chances are it might help us find a hiding place."

Fitz sighed and admitted to Flash, "Likely I probably could use it and-" He pinched the bridge of his nose with a grin, "BF Reader. And we 'eggheads' are trying to come up with an e-lectronics scrambling device to have Barton stick-poke at sensitife machinery to shut down a communications relay. What're you up to?"

Flash puts his hand up in front of him at Billy and Thea's admonishment. "Whoa, I surrender" he says taking a step back for effect. "Term of endearment for people who are smarter than me," he says. "Didn't mean anything by it. See, Agent Fitz doesn't mind, right?" He smiles at Fitz, reaching out to give him a firm clap on the shoulder like they're old buddies. When he looks to Thea, his smile fades a bit into a more serious expression. "You know, you're right. We hate being friendly with our co-workers too. We'll try to keep it to a minimum." Flash eases into a somewhat more assertive stance, crossing his arms overhis chest like Billy had, and straightening up to his full height. He cuts an impressively large figure, even moreso thanks to the added bulk of the alien organism he hosts. "We're just checking in before going out to make the rounds, so to speak. Thought maybe we should coordinate our plans? Happy to go solo on this though," he says, a pointed look at Thea with that.

Billy squints at Flash for a moment, head cocked to the side, "Did you just adopt the royal we halfway through that there?" he asks, tone slightly incredulous, but with Flash rising up to his full height, Billy rises to match it. Its not on purpose, and involves him floating a good six inches up off the floor. Billy sometimes flies when he's not paying enough attention to concentrate on _not_ flying. "Hey, no offense, dude. Its just a thing."

"I barely know you, Thompson. Once we're actually friends? Go for it. " There's a sharpness to Thea's tone that usually isn't there. Eyes will slide over Thompson. "You wouldn't fit in where I'm going, dressed as you are currently. " That assertive stance doesn't seem to have any impression on Thea at all, for good or ill. "It's not the royal we. " Thea explains to Billy even as she doesn't, before eyes turn to Fitz. That chill in her eyes drains away to warmth again. "Speaking of dressed, I have to make sure there's enough bandages on hand before I head out. And change, myself. I'll swing back by after, to pick up your BF Reader?" There's a quick smile. "You're amazing as always, Fitz." She turns to head for the door. "Thompson, if you want to go with me..find something to wear that's more low-key. Jeans, even." She'll toss over her shoulder, before she's heading back to medlab.

Fitz blinked to Billy with a shrug, "Well, no, but I do recognize Thea's accomplishments in the medi- OH Thompson. Yeha… Yeah I think he did. That's not my doing." There rose a pause as Thea vented and he wisely (very wisely) stayed quiet. After he rocked back on his heels and nodded. "Right, I'll give you the quick tutpial when you get back." Looking to Thompson he shrugged, "Well it's not 'Mittens' so it's a step up from what I usually get. And I'm not glowing anymore, which… god never glow and expect to sleep."

Flash smirks at Billy, and taps the side of his head. "Shared thinking space can get muddled sometimes," he says. The floating trick gets an approving nod, though. "Nice." Thea's instructions bring another smirk to his face. He's always smirking, this one. Like he knows something everyone else doesn't. Trust me, he doesn't. There's a little ripple over the suit before it changes colour, first to inky black, and then it reforms into a much less business-like attire. Jeans, t-shirt, both with a few holes. All this in the space it takes Thea to leave the room. "Mittens, huh? We'll keep that in mind," he says to Fitz with a wider grin. Eyes follow Thea's departure, and he murmurs mostly this himself. "If we knew she liked her men a little rougher around the edges.." Flash gives a shrug, and offers both Fitz and Billy a less formal salute before turning to follow Thea's path of exit.

"Shared thinking space? Nice?" Billy is confused, but his clearance is actually not very high. Its then that he notices he's floating, so he flushes and sets himself back onto the ground. Then Flash's clothes… and Billy stares open-mouthed. He asks of Fitz, "Is he a shapeshifter like Teddy?" But he waves anyways.

Fitz was of no help here as both of his eyebrows were taking flight like a pair of puffins. "Ummmm, meeeeybbe? Ya know, after gettin an earful from Kitty I've stopped asking people about their physiology." It's no wonder why Fitz is single. "Hey, how is Teddy anyways? Or my field partner I should ask."

"Wait, why? If you don't know what people can do how can you rely on them in a fight?" Not that SHIELD really has a complete picture of what Billy can do. Telekinesis, electrokinesis, and weird wormholes are most of what they know. He then grins, "Teddy's good, he's around here somewhere." His expression becomes wistful.

Fitz nodded and pointed to the door, "Beeeecause I usually end up asking like that and getting the Thea reaction and I've had my share of things that have gone 'wrong' for the year, thanks." This let him go back to fixing the tiny EMP 'bullet'. "Sides, I have access to the dossiers I need when I need em and try not to spill about others. It's just… I dunno. Tacky

"The Thea Reaction?" wonders Billy, with a shake of his head, before he pauses, "What's in _my_ dossier? I don't actually have dossier access. Dunno, in my team the fii-" Pause, "nevermind." Team?

Fitz widened a grin and considered, "Well… we could… find out what's in it." He considered this and thought about it really hard. "Might need to fudge that but I think Coulson would be suuuuuper disappointed. I dunno what it's like t' have a dad but he's close enough for most of us and seein his upset isn't… fun."

"I have _two_ dads." Billy is slightly exasperated, "I can get the Dad Stare from two entirely different people! Two moms, too." He tilts his head, "Disappointed in what?" is asked though, with a hint of confusion."

Fitz as nosy. All engineers were really, "Divorced?" It was becoming more prevelent. Maybe in the future t was super common. At the question on Phil though FItzy shrugged, "Me. Us. I… dunno. I'm not saying it makes a lot of sense but… his respect means a lot to me and I'd feel more than a mite bad lettin him down."

"It's… complicated. I was sort of given up for adoption, and have met my adoptive parents." That glosses over the whole time travelling thing entirely. Billy shakes his head then, "No I mean, what would disappoint him? I'm not clear what it is you think would disappoint him."

Fitz considered this and wrinkled his nose, "Dishonesty. Breaking into SHIELD data storage and digging up your file. Lying to get it. Potentially gasing a room of administrative personnel to break in… Not bringing him back a falafel."

"Oh, that." Billy wrinkles his nose, crossing his arms over his chest, "See I don't like the idea of government files on me that I can't read. It makes me nervous. The Sentinel Program might end up getting hold of it and I won't be prepared for what it says. But fiiiine. I'll ask the Director."

Fitz headtilts, "What's… what is the Sentinel Program? I'm unfamiliar with this. I mean American legislation wasn't ever my field of study past general arms and regulaion so we know how to classify my projects. Something happen that I was unaware of? Everything alright?"

"I don't remember what it is, only that its going to be bad when it happens. It hasn't happened yet." There, Billy's timetraveler thing had to come out eventually. Peggy knows. He slips his hands into his pockets, looking a little bit worried.

Fitz stood looking mighty in his labcoat (mighty skinny, but mighty smart and rather chock full of ideas right now). His arms folded trying to figure out how events add together. "This um…. You can or have seen the or 'a' future?" Sure he'll humor that. His brow furrowed finally asking, "This have something to do withthe Mutant Registration Act or Fury's project?"

"Oh, right." Ahem. Billy rubs at the back of his neck, "I'm actually from the future; from a technical metaphysical standpoint, likely 'a' future which has now collapsed by the act of time travelling out of it. Or at least there's no way to get back. Not that I want to, anymore. The act of transitioning screwed up my memories so they're not useful for predicting when or where something will happen, but I know some facts. I knew JFK was going to be assassinated before he was, for example. I just didn't know when, where, or by whom. On this? I don't have any specifics but the name and that its used against us— mutants and people with powers. Granted, yes, its possible it'll never happen in this timeline."

Mundane can describe about 50% of Agent Coulson's activities, and he does not mind it at all. It comes with the territory, after all. He doesn't come into the science lab for any reason other than to file some classified reports and pick up other classified reporters that his assistants simply don't have the clearance to handle.

Fitz looked up, stunned in fact, like he got caught doing something other than just standing there. Aaaawkward. He stammer-started, "Aaaagent COulson. It's … hw long have you- …your sleep dart pen is ready. I added a small laser in the back end of it in case you need to mark a long distance target…or amuse cats. For wahtever reason it is super good for this."

Billy follows Fitz look, and nods over to Coulson, not at all as intimidated as Fitz is. Hey, his dad is the Sorcerer Supreme, bosses are just bosses after you get the Dad Stare of Doom. Not that Billy is at all disrespectful. "Sir." he greets, standing straighter.

Coulson turns to look at Fitz, and the stare he gives is neither conciliatory nor convicting. He just listens, patiently, briefcase in hand, and only starts to grin near the end of Leo's ramble. "Sounds groovy. Where is it?" He then turns toward Billy, smiling a bit brighter. "Agent Kaplan, nice to see you again. I trust Fitz has gotten you up to something that doesn't break protocol but comes close to it."

Poker face is secure. He turns back to Fitz and says, "I've been here long enough to learn that you've finally cracked the space time continuum and have learned how to open a trans dimensional portal to Middle Earth."

He sounds dead serious.

|ROLL| Fitz +rolls 1d20 for: 4

Fitz immediately moved to where there was a locked secure drawer thin enough for small things or blueprints. Sliding it open there was a pen in a clear stabilizing case usually for syringe transport. It was presented to Phil. "Sir, if you twist it to the right it's a pen. Left once it's off. Left two more times from 'off' position you can use the clip on it to fire a single dart. If it is in off mode and you press the clip? Little red dot. Doooo not shine it in your eyes."

There was a pause and his ears went red. RIght. See Billy? HE KNOWS!!! WHat the response was though was a scoff, "The travel is imperfect and we haven't actually resolved the issue witht he Nazghul infestation, not to mention, Khamul and the Witch King of Angmar are totally unaccounted for. Nooooot reccommended for holiday yeet." So sayeth the Scotsman.

"How is it that I am not the biggest nerd in the room? That has happened maybe once in my entire life." Billy says with a tone of awe. He looks between the two of them, then adds, "Actually, I was trying to get him to break protocol a bit, and he refused. I sorta want to see my SHIELD file-slash-dossier. As I told the Director when she recruited me, I have a mild bit of paranoia about government agencies and files on me."

There isn't much change to Phil's expression, but he certainly appreciates (and is not surprised) that Fitz has read Tolkien. "Frodo lives. I have one of the buttons, you know. I was a true believer."

Billy then receives an expression of appreciation. "A little paranoia will keep you alive in this profession. Plus, we've had leaks before, and we will again. I can tell you, your file is squeaky clean, but that'll take a bit of faith on your part."

Fitz grinned to Billy and asked curiously, "You into Crad? heinlein? Ginsberg? There's a lot of far out stuff. I'd be happy to trade books with you sometime. I can read them once nad usualy retain damn near all of it." He grinned and watched Coulson play withthe pen. He loved people who loved their toys and Coulson and Clint never disappointed him there. "I… might have told Billy that disappointing you was quite likely worse than being fired. I mean I'm smart. I can get another job. Respect is… fragile."

"I'm more sorta wondering what SHIELD knows about me." admits Billy to Coulson, "So if the file gets into anyone elses hands I can take precautions." He looks over to Fitz, "All of the above; if its sci-fi or fantasy, I'm into it. My favorite book is Stranger in a Strange Land, though. Thou art god, I am god, all that groks is god." He grins, dimples flashing.

Oh, Coulson is certainly grinning about the pen. "I really need you to install an ejector seat on Lola. But that can wait until you've done the oil slick and tail fin machine guns."

The pen is promptly placed into the breast pocket of his suit coat. To Billy, he shrugs. "All you have to do is ask. I'll have a copy of it delivered to your inbox."

Phil then looks back to Fitz. "I have broken a rule or two in my time here. You can ask Peggy, she'll tell you all about it. It always depends on what rule you're breaking, and why." A pause. "Do you think it's a bad thing that Merry and Pippin refused to be kept out of the Council of Elrond?"

Fitz considered this and tilted his head. The man had a point. "Well considering we both break physics to better define it, I'd say the man has a point there, Billy. Also…" He went and pulled out piecemeal blueprintage. "I was thinking about the Trunk. If you don't mind the car sitting a couple inches higher than intended and losing some trunk space? We might be able to let Lola fly low altitude." Now he was messing with people, right…? Then again he DID build the jet and all their cloaking tech.

"Thanks, sir." Billy nods respectfully to Coulson, "Without Merry and Pippin, the Ents wouldn't have defeated Saruman, and who knows how things would have gone if there was a horde of uruk-hai? So no, its good they refused. Besides, they had as much right to be there as anyone." Billy can tolkein nerd with the rest of SHIELD, apparently. But talk of Lola goes over his head somewhat.

"The 'why' matters a lot more than the 'what'," Coulson agrees. Of course, the proposition put forth by Fitz is more than intriguing. Coulson lifts an eyebrow and asks, "Modifications could be made to the interior to preserve a level seating arrangement. I suppose you could raise the front end as well, but wouldn't that have a significantly negative impact on both suspension and maneuverability?"

Fitz grinned to Billy. "WE can totally be hobbits. Shield Hobbits. We can revolutionize Brie next it'll be rgeat." Seeing Billy go a little blank he offered, "Coulson's got this beautiful car. he's not advertised it but we're modding it out like a tactical vehicle…for funsies. Also o one touches Lola without permission. That much is a given. As her doctor there's accepted necessities and even I ask." He considered though and offered, "I'll be happy to tackle the ejection seat next. Clint will help me. We won't tell him." The grin was slooooow and mischevous.

Billy can't help but laugh softly, "Oh, that's cool. Need any help? Well, actually, scratch that. The kind of engineering I'm into is chemical, not mechanical." He shakes his head, "Anyways, I gotta go practice my lock-picking."

"Don't practice on Lola," Coulson offers. He's being serious, or is he joking? Probably both. As for Clint's involvement, he looks toward Fitz dubiously. "You're not gonna test it on him, are you?" A pause. "On second thought, don't answer that."

Fitz said very officially, "Plausible deniability sir. Consider it a double blind test for the sake of accuracy, buuuut I won't be encouraging Clint near your car… or public… or any fancy dress parties just in case.

Coulson actually grimaces at the last part. "Yes, please keep him away from anything with the word 'ball' attached to it." He changes the briefcase from one hand to the other and says, "I gotta go, for now. I'd say there's work to do, but really, I need to find a cat to play with."

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