1965-05-02 - A Visit Long-Due
Summary: The eldest Prince of Asgard drops by after some time away to visit the Strange household. Strange offers tea. It is, of course, rejected.
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It's one of those rare spring days that tastes of summer; only the cool of the shade keeps people wearing longer sleeves and pants rather than the skirts and shorts of the hotter season. The sprawl of the shadow of the Sanctum covers a good portion of the sidewalk below, given its general size, and Strange nurses a cup of dark tea even as he leans against the concrete wall lining each side of the steps. His long legs, in business-black slacks, sprawl out along the step itself, effectively barring the way up to the double front doors. His lighter jacket, a deep brown nearing black, is unzipped to reveal a simple button-down in cobalt-blue.

On his lap, an older book, though not nearly as venerable as some of the tomes squirreled away upstairs. It has the look of something from around the early 1800s, more modern and block-typed rather than hand-written. He flips a page and continues reading, his expression a frown of concentration, and he pauses with a fingertip in the middle of a line. A sip of his tea and a soft 'hmm' is contemplation in action. He's aware of passersby, but no one seems inclined to bother him. It's the way of the native New Yorker; unless you're yelled at, you ignore the others around you.

Thor had returned to Midgard a day or two ago.

Nonetheless, one of the first things he's decided to do is visit the Strange household. Take that as you will. He's dressed in casual clothes today. Blue jean jacket with a grey sweater peaking out of it. Blue jeans, boots, and strangely enough? an umbrella in his left hand. Why on earth in this beautiful day would anyone need an umbrella?

Though…Thor also now had short hair, thoug hhis beard was slightly trimmed as well. Honestly? He looked better with short hair. He offers a smile to Strange.

"Doctor Strange."

Upon hearing his name, Strange glances up from his book. At first, he seems irritated at being interrupted in his studies, but a familiar face from another world is cause for the immediate shift towards polite formality — perhaps even the hint of a smile.

"Thor." He sets aside his steaming cup of tea as well as the book before getting to his feet. A slap-brush off of his hands, one and two, before his chest and he then walks down the steps, to the sidewalk proper and Thor's level. He even offers a handshake. "New haircut, I see. Very modern. You'll fit right in now." As much as the broad-shouldered Asgardian can, of course, given his build and general air. "What brings you to my stoop?"

Thor smiles to Stephen as he shakes the man's hand…by gripping his forearm. Because this is a -WARRIOR- greeting, fit for the finest halls of Asgard!


Thor nods then. "Thank you, it wasn't exactly willingly, but I hear it looks better." big cheeky smile then. "as for why I am here, well, what's better than coming back to see old friends?" a kindness in his voice before he looks around.

"Did you renovate? The Sanctum looks better."

Strange returns that militaristic greeting with a flash of teeth and then nods, his hands returning to the pockets of his jacket.

"Renovate? Not lately, no — at least not externally. I'm considering adding another study room off the second floor hallway, but we'll see. There's a cuprugeist that needs removal first." A glance over at the mansion, at one window in particular, and he squints even as the interior lights seem to flicker haphazardly. "It's a spirit that lives in the copper wiring. You'd think the original architects would have considered this when laying the electrical system out, but alas. It falls to me." Leaning over, he retrieves his cup of tea as well as book from the steps. The hardcover gets tucked beneath an arm while he sips at the dark brew briefly. "Old friend, though? You flatter me. Tea?" And he tilts his head towards the front doors, his lips slowly rising into a sly grin. Of course the offer is tea.

Thor 'ahhhhs' a moment with a shrug. "ahhh I see I see. So it just looks a little old. Nevermind then." he throws his old jabs as per the usual and he gives Strange a little grin. "Well, no one's perfect." he speaks about the wiring of the building before apparently Strange is offering him tea! "Well, of course. Though…if I may, I don't drink tea."

Somethign strange knows rather well most likely.

"And here I thought you might have developed a sense of taste." The friendly barb flies back at Thor even as the Sorcerer walks up the steps and into the Sanctum proper. Once inside, he gestures towards the sitting room, off to one side of the entryway, and continues speaking as he enters it.

"The Sanctum's been long-held as a repository for relics. We've no need to change its exterior or interior look…at least, not at this time," he amends, taking another huge mouthful of tea before setting the cup as well as book on the side-table next to his personal wing-backed chair. Another chair is available for seating, in case the Asgardian Prince wishes to settle in, and both stand before the hearth of a fireplace, its logs burning low. "It's withstood the test of time and society's…reprehensible expectations." Ew, the general public.

Strange, with a lazy gesture, then conjures up a stein of mead. It appears on the other side table, bubbling and foaming as more golden liquor does. "There you are. No tea."

Thor looks at Strange then and he just shakes his head with that deep chuckle of his. "Not quite." Then they enter the Sanctum. It all doesn't look -too- different aside from maybe what Strange or his loved ones have moved around. Regardless of that fact, he does in fact set his 'umbrella' against the chair and he sits down, taking the mead in hand as he gulps all of it down in one go!


Thoug his eyes are now on Strange. "So then, how is earth's primary wizard?"

A soft snort preceeds Strange's quiet reply. "Sorcerer, please — or Master of the Mystic Arts." A matter of pride on his part, one not easily set aside. "I'd say well enough, given the current circumstances." He lingers by the fireplace, its mild light cast over half of his body as he considers Thor. "There's no date set yet for the wedding, but as I mentioned last we spoke, you're welcome to attend if you can make it."

Another fluid gesture on his part, as if he were lightly shooing away a fly before himself, and the stein refills with mead once more. "I expect the boys will be interested to put it on their calendars. As of Midgard itself? Calm. Nothing appears to be clawing at the veils between dimensions and I'm deeply appreciative of this peace. Long may it last. More than four hours of sleep at a time is a wondrous thing." He smirks to himself. "How fares Asgard then?"

Thor looks at Doctor Strange. "Okay wizard…" he says with a little bit of a grin on his face. THis bantering will probably last all day or until Thor leaves. Either way, he does nod a few times as he tilts his mead glass to realize that it's refilled himself!

Now -THAT- is magic!

Though as he hears of the wedding, Thor nods. "Ahh…I see. So long as you name one of your children after me I believe I can attend." he gives a little wink to Strange, a sign that it's meant to be a joke before he sets the mug of mead aside to speak of home.

"Asgard fares well. Ordin still rules with a wise hand and Heimdall sees all. My question is, how fares my mischievous brother, Loki? Assuming you are wise and you keep tabs on him."

"Ah yes, your brother." A knowing smile comes and goes even as he reaches out a hand. Curling fingers beckon at the demi-tasse and it floats of its own accord into his grasp. "My tabs are many. Last I saw him, he was attending a celebration of spring at a local restaurant here, Saganaki. His current lover, the Alfheimian Kai, was in attendance. I presume nothing badly came of them drinking Satyr-wine."

Pouring himself another cup of the dark tea, a blend of Chai and something else entirely, Strange then meanders over to his own chair and sits down. "In regards to naming the children, they're already named. And already grown. It's fantastic, in a way, skipping the entire child-rearing process. Magic is useful at times," he muses, his tone mocking only in the way someone deeply familiar with the Arts can. "I'll drink to that." Lifting his cup in a salute, he drinks indeed.

Thor listens to the state of his brother and he seems to nod a few times. "So that's what my brother's been up to? Eh, makes sense." he shrugs then. "Though I am sad to hear that I did also not partake in the Satyr wine. I hear it's rather delicious." kind smile then before he and Strange are drinking together! "Gladly."

He lifts his giant mead glass in toast before he downs it again. "I can only hope the Nine realms remain in balance. It is my sole duty, along with the primary defense of Midgard and Asgard alike. So…how -is- the family, with all that said?"

"I have the suspicion that you would know if something were amiss," Strange agrees on that point. "It's good to know that someone else also has an eye on things beyond Earth proper. The family is…normal." He then laughs, a warm and briefly loud sound in the cozy room. "'Normal'," and he raises a hand to interject quotation marks, one-two. "With my last name, I should know better than to use that word."

Stretching his legs briefly, he then settles back into the chair more. "Everyone is fine. Wanda is content, which is a state of things I prefer over all else. The boys…I don't think you've met them." The Sorcerer peers briefly at his guest as he flickers through memories. "Billy and Tommy — Vic as well, the most recent addition. Victor," he clarifies, eyes sliding away briefly before flickering back. "They keep out of trouble for the most part, but…hmph. I haven't had to step in yet for them, for which I am most grateful. Their abilities grow daily. Who knows? You may cross paths with them yet, if you spend more time on Midgard proper. You could even go to Saganaki's and try the Satyr-wine," he adds with a little grin.

Thor looks then to Strange with a bit of a smile then. "That I would. He is my brother and Asgard is my home. Besides, an earth wizard can't do all the lifting. I was watching it first." he winks at Strange. Given, the Ancient One was watching it before either of them, but hey.

"Only content? Have you not given her proper flowers today? Come now man." he chuckles then a bit. "Three children that quickly? Hm. I suppose I'll have to meet them now." a small smile then. "aaahhh so they always have satyr wine? I think I will."

"The children were a surprise, I'll admit that, but…a pleasant one." Who would've figured? Fatherhood to…adult children doesn't seem to sit half-badly with Strange, given the faint pride about his air. "And content is never something to be dismissed, in her case. It's far better than discontent, and better even moreso than simply 'okay'. Flowers, however…hmm. I suppose she's due for a bouquet, true. Maybe some of the celestial roses again. Or I could try a hybrid," he thinks aloud, eyes gone distant over Thor's shoulder. His attention returns quickly enough. "Unless you have a suggestion for a novel flower? She's seen a good number of species, both of Midgard and beyond. Does Asgard grow a singular species of rose?"

Thor gives a little bit of a surprised smile to Stephen then. He wasn't exactly expecting this as it were…for Stephen to be pleasantly happy with the children that he's come to have. Either way, it is what it is. When Doctor Strange speaks of flowers? Thor smiles happily, liking to see this side of Stephen. So what does he do? He stands right up to his feet and he stretches a little bit, approaching Doctor Strange as he makes a small gesture and the 'umbrella' flies right to his hand.

patting the good Doctor on the shoulder, he smiles. "I do. On Asgard there grows a beautiful flower, unlike anything the Nine Realms has to offer. How about, as a wedding gift, I claim one for you to give to your beloved, hm?"

Always the proper host, Strange rises to his feet when his guest does. The friendly clap on his shoulder is a familiar motion by the Asgardian and, thus, the warding spells of the mansion don't swirl out, eternally on-guard for the Sorcerer.

"I'd — we'd be honored, Thor," he amends, giving the Prince the first true smile since he arrived. "I'm sure I'll be able to get it to grow, between a touch of the Arts and Wanda's own green thumb."

Thor smiles then big and wide to Strange and he gives the Sorcerer's shoulder a friendly squeeze, before he removes his hand. "Oh I'm sure you will. The flower gives benefits too. Some say it helps provide an increased life span and smoother skin." he winks lightly as he downs the self-refilling mead once more and sets it down on the table.

"It was good to see you doctor, but I believe I will be going."

"Good to see you as well, Thor. Knock on the door as you will," Strange says as he escorts the taller Asgardian to the front door. "As always, the lines of communication are open between us. You know how to contact me if anything should arise and you need my assistance. I shall do the same." With hands in his pockets, sans Cloak, he looks decidedly mundane…at least, until the faint twinkle of the Arts glows about the centers of his irises.

"I'll be interested to see if these floral benefits carry through here, upon Midgard. But…that's a conversation for another time. Fare thee well, your highness." And with that, the Sorcerer leaves the Asgardian to depart from the Sanctum.

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