1965-05-02 - Cinderblock, Really?
Summary: Spider-Girl and Thor meet under crazy circumstances, in taking down the threat known as 'Cinderblock'.
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It was a cool Wednesday afternoon in New York City….ESPECIALLY in it's arguably most popular area, Times Square. People still hustled and bustled, either getting off work or getting things -for- work or even getting -to- work. Either way, it was loud, it was wild, and it was crazy, as per the usual. But…something was 'off' in the Square.

For soon enough, a rampaging monster of a man would start barreling through the city! It looked like it was made of hard stone..yet it was alive.

The villain in question was Cinderblock. He was kicking over cars, tossing them at buildings, no apparent reason for it aside from to create mass havoc.

Regardless, the city would soon find new weather approaching over it's head…

A thunderstorm?

and where there's a thunderstorm…the God of Thunder is never far behind.

Arriving with a flash of lightning towards the ground is one Thor Odinson. But one would notice that he's…changed a bit. His armor was pitch black and his cape was crimson red. His hair's been cut short to a more handsome and wild look. In his hand is also…a new weapon?

It looks like a maul. hammer on one side, axe-blade on the other. This was the mighty Stormbreaker. Thor would stand up straight as he approached this creature. a look of threat on his face.

"Cease your actions now or face the wrath of the mighty Thor."

"What is it -" *thwip* "- with a perfectly nice day -" *thwip* "- that makes people like this -" *thwip* "- decide to go LOCO?!"

Cinderblock is being pursued by the white and black figure of Spider-Girl, who barrels between buildings exchanging webs to swing on with webs thrown at airborne cars. With each car she catches, they're tugged back to land ingloriously on the street.

"Whoa! Sorry about your BMW, maybe you should buy domestic!!"

The trouble with taking time to, you know, catch airborne cars… she's losing ground on Cinderblock. "Esto se esta volviendo molesto," she mutters.

The weather certainly doesn't make sense. It's an errant thought that flicks through Spider-Girl's mind, but the flash of lighting has her quickly throwing a web sideways, to avoid swinging right into doomsday. "Whoa!! What the hell??"

Spider-Girl ends up planted on a wall right above Times Square, complete with James Dean smoking a cigarette next to her but approximately five times her size.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the God of Thunder does pull Cinderblock up short, and he turns to face the Asgardian, laughing. "NO ONE stands in the way of the toughest man in Manhattan, Cinderblock!"

Anya… shakes her head. "These names get worse every day." She flings a hand forward, and a glob of stuff shoots out with hairpin accuracy, shutting Cinderblock's mouth for him.

"Mrrrph!" Cinderblock looks around to try and find the source of this attack, but his attention span is pretty short. He grabs a Buick from the lane of traffic and flings it at Thor, caring not for the businessman driving it!

Thor sees the black and white clad Spider Girl pursuing Cinderblock! but with all the cars that the big guy is throwing at her, she's losing ground pretty consistantly but she remains pretty close behind him. However, the massive stone man's big mistake? He threw something at the God of Thunder.

With someone still inside! How careless.

However, Thor is fast, and he's unbelievably strong. He catches the car -gently- with one hand and he proceeds to let his feet slide with the momentum so the car and the one inside are just fine. he sets the car down, and proceeds to kick it by the bumper down the street so it harmlessly slides away.

Then his attention is back on Cinderblock. "So be it. Have at thee!" and he swings the mighty Stormbreaker right for Cinderblock's chest to try and send him flying!

There are few things that can stand up to the mighty Stormbreaker. Cinderblock is not one of them. He lets loose a heavy grunt and goes flying, only to be caught midair by three webs fired by the wall-borne Spider-Girl.

"It's a pop fly!" With a fast dash of her arm, another web is thrown to the creature's back, and yet another is thrown at the wall above James Dean.

"Only to be caught by left fielder -" Anya grunts, pulling with all of her surprisingly significant might to keep Cinderblock from bashing (and likely through) the building. "… mrrph… Spider-Girl."

Flexing, she pulls the two webs together, leaving Cinderblock dangling for a moment before he starts growling and trying to wrestle out of the trap. One of the webs snaps, proving that yeah… the guy may be big, stone, and dumb, but he's pretty damn strong.

Thor grins to himself as he sends Cinderblock -flying- thanks to the might of his weapon, Stormbreaker. Given, Thor could do the same thing with just his hands, being as strong as he is. Though what's more curious is the strange woman who…creates webbing out of arms?


Regardless, Thor gives Stormbreaker a few spins, holding onto the leather thong at the end of it's pommel, before he finally ends up pointing it at Cinderblock! using the conductivity of the webbing to help further it's effectiveness, but he blasts Cinderblock with a powerful lightning to try and give him reason not to fight back here.

"Not so fast, gran chico." Spider-Girl scrambles about until she's upside down, and begins crawling down the wall quicker than should be possible, using her knees and hands as she goes. It looks altogether unnatural, especially with how her masked head is craned upward and the ponytail that binds her hair dangles down below her.

She's nowhere near as fast as Thor, nor his lightning. When the bolt strikes, she yelps out loud and literally throws herself off the wall, dropping three stories and landing with a thud that is simultaneously heavy and light at the same time. "Dude!"

She spins around, cocking her head at Thor while planting a fist into her side, clearly irritated. "I had him, ya big…." Behind the mask she blinks, only now finally getting a good look at Thor. She straightens and drops the hand from her side while a smile forms from the irritated curl of her lips. "Oh. Hey there."

Seeing Cinderblock down and out, Thor seems to nod approvingly. "Well, that was easy." he gives Stormbreaker a little spin in his hand before he turns his head to Spider Girl as she flops onto the ground. "Greetings and good tidings." he says with that almost nerdy smile of his.

"I trust you have the situation handled? He was quite the foe for a midgardian." he sees her smile and he only slightly hopes that she's not a superfan or something like that.

Though it was pleasant to witness nonetheless.

It is Thor. It really is. Anya isn't a super fan but well, the man has a reputation and there's a preset in her to respect him. Seeing him up close and personal was even more breathtaking.

Wait, situation handled?

Anya holds up a gloved hand, finger pointing skyward. "Uno momento." She turns and walks back to the stunned criminal, eyeballing him and the surroundings carefully. Then, her hands begin throwing themselves to and fro, fingers clenched every time. Webbing shoots out and further secured the guy, affixing him to multiple buildings and a few light poles. "There." She turns back around. "Now its handled."

Meanwhile, onlookers who've scattered begin creeping back over, a din of conversation as they talk about what they just witnessed with each other. Those with cameras - tourists and media alike - begin snapping photos.

Anya walks right up to Thor, looks up at him, and offers a hand. "I'm Spider-Girl."

Its a Kodak moment.

Thor watches as Spider Girl TRIPLE checks that Cinderblock is not getting back up to go and fight. He seems to nod approvingly, and of course,thanks to the Allspeak, he knows exactly what Anya is saying even as she switches to Spanish! It's extremely helpful, if you would believe it.

As she comes back and extends her hand even as people and other onlookers pull out whatever cameras they have to capture this pristine moment! Regardless, he does shake her hand, though he grips her forearm instead of her hand as is the warriors way.

"I am Thor, son of Odin. Pleasure is mine."

For a moment, Anya is beaming. It doesn't last, for soon her nose is crinkling. "Now, I know mythology. Son of Odin and Fyorgyn, storm weather god of sky and thunder, and…" Here she blushes. "and, uh, fertility I guess." The sass comes back fast, and she looks up to poke a finger into the warrior's chest. "But he had red hair and red eyes, and you do not. So." Her fist goes back to her side, and she leans on it with a plaintive expression. "You wanna come clean with who you really are, pal?"

These are her streets and she's gonna get to the bottom of this!

Theres just one problem. The people and the cameras, they're all closing in.

Anya turns her head slowly, nose curling, and looks at one of the reporters closing in. "Oh, por el amor de Dios! Do you people mind??" She then asides to Thor, making a mock whisper. "Meet me up there." Then she's back the reporter. "Go home! Shoo!!"

Abruptly she throws her hand skyward, fires a web at the top of that famous Coca-Cola neon sign building, and yanks down, hand over hand, creating tension. "Seriously. This city is crawling with superheroes, you people are ridiculous." Once there's enough tension, she stops digging her toes into the cement, and goes flying like the snapping of a rubber band, headed for the very high roof of that very tall and iconic building.

Thor looks at her then for a moment. "The mythology of humans about my peope is more often than not incredibly misinformed." He looks right at Spider Girl then before he looks up to the rooftop where apparently Anya wants them to meet at.

He nods softly, before he power leaps up there! the storm over head coming to a stop. Yay!

Once on top of the roof, he turns to look at Spidergirl as he speaks. "For one thing, Odin is my father. But my mother is Frigga. Secondly, I've always been blonde, even when I first encountered midgard before you were even a thought on someone's mind. Do I know why they made me red headed? of course not."

Spider-Girl lands a moment before Thor, having vaulted over the lip of the building and letting her web fall free. When he lands without climbing apparatus, she gapes and whispers, "Groovy!"

Finally they have some privacy from nosy people and clicking shutters. So, she listens, doubtful at first, but her head angles to the side after a moment. "Wait a second. You've been alive since…" A pause as she draws deep to recall some of her history classes. "… well over a thousand years!"

Thor smiles faintly as she seems to double take this entire thing. "Of course. a bit over 1500 give or take. lost count after a while." a cheeky little smile then from the God of Thunder. He does tilt his head for a moment. "Right, well…maybe I should simply go back to Asgard." he gives Stormbreaker a little spin in his hand. Clearly he was just teasing her about leaving. "giving you a full recount of my life would take too damn long."

"I'll say," Anya answers. "Hoold on." She raises a hand, hoping he's not about to depart, and instead trots over to the building's edge. There, she peers over the edge, looking down to where Cinderblock still dangles and police cars are pulling in, their sirens audible echoing off the buildings.

Satisfied, she turns back around and walks back toward Thor. "Asgard, where is that? Is it in America? Or… never mind, never mind." She laughs, and lifts a hand to adjust her ponytail, smoothing it out a bit. "Increible," she allows in Spanish.

"Forget the full recount, pal. Look, I dunno if you're for real or if you're loco, but I'm gonna go out on a limb. You're one of the good guys. Yeah?" She nods her head crisply. "Good guys gotta stick together."

Thor pauses when she tells him to hold his horses there, and he watches as she looks over the edge ot make sure Cinderblock is well and handled. When her attention is back on him? He smiles to her softly then. "No, it's one of the Nine Rea-" then he's cut off by her, and he smiles a bit.

"Very well. I do find myself agreeing with this decision. Though I assure you, I'm very real." a kind smile on his face then. "Aye, that they do. So then, where are you off to next, Girl of Spiders?"

With a shrug, she motions around to the city at whole. "Wherever there's trouble," she answers, then chews her lip for a moment. A conviction has come over her recently, and this time she's getting that same feeling she had the last time. Trust. Inexplicable trust. After a moment's hesitation, she reaches up to tug the stretchy mask off her face.

"It's Anya," she corrects. "My name. Just… you know." She makes a circle around her face with a hand. "With the mask on, Spider-Girl."

The good guys need to stick together, after all.

Thor nods then for a moment. "Yes, exactly." though he tilts his head as Anya tugs off her mask. "Anya. It's nice to meet the real you." he nods then. "Though…I'm just Thor. Though when I'm on Midgard, I tend to go by the name Donald." he smiles softly to her. "But I'm always Thor."

That said.. "I believe I should be going." and he grabs Stormbreaker by the leather thong at it's pommel, giving the Uru maul a spin as it builds momentum. "I pray our paths cross again, Girl of Spiders Anya." he offers a happy smile before he chucks the weapon, taking him with it as both fly into the sky at almost supersonic speeds.

Anya can't help but chuckle at the name he chose for himself, but it's short lived. "If they do," she tells him, "there'll be trouble around." She then stands back and watches his manner of departure with wide eyes.

"Well that ain't something you see every day," she says to herself, her hair blown by the force of Thor's departure. She stands for a moment in stunned silence before pulling the mask back over her face. A running leap over the edge of the building, and moments later, she's swinging up Broadway.

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