1965-05-04 - Springing the Jailbird
Summary: Sev posts JP's bail and they grab lunch. Well that was a hell of a thing
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10:43 am, May 4th - NYPD Precinct 5th Precinct

Too early that same morning there was a mass assembly in the dark of marginalized persons that were prompted to loot and burn discriminatory things. The turn out was far better than the plan originally anticipated, and as such a price had to be paid. THe deal was good: wind it down with some decorum and let someone go out as a sacrificial lamb.

Hey, 'disturbing the peace'? That was an over-nighter. While he wasn't thrilled to go back for whatever reason he'd tossed his keys to Sev and said uncertain, "Find Bobby or V, post my bail, it'll be fine." Maybe he was convincing himself, ah well. Same shit, different state.

Now that bail was posted and he was processed out he wanted the same few things he always did: a clean shirt, his smokes, his car, and to go grab grub with his brother because they really do not like to feed you in there.

When JP gets out, Severin is outside, with his car, a clean shirt, his smokes, and tosses him the keys so that JP can drive them to the nearest diner or dive for some breakfast. He smirks just a bit and says, "Had to try out the local tank, eh? Couldn't resist?" There's a sparkle of amusement in his expression as he wanders around the other side of the car and hops in.

JP rolled his eyes enjoying that feeling of sunlight with satisfaction. That grin held. He took the keys and gave Sev a hug, "You shit… of course I did. Gotta know who my landlord is no?" The way JP saw it was you make your brother routinely bail your ass out you let him raz you all he wants. It was payment due. He slid back into his carand dropped the keys into his pocket, kissed his fingers and patted the steering wheel. "Yeah, miss you too, girl." That said they were off to the East Village. It was close to Mutant Town on teh way, and also had a better diner menu. He did ask though glancing over, "You good?"

Severin sinks down into the seat of the car and slounches comfortably, letting one arm drape out the window a bit with the breeze and warm sun on his skin. He tips his head back and closes his eyes, enjoying the ride to wherever it is they're going to get eats. There's only a grin as he says, "Oh, I'm good. Was a good enough night. I'm not the one who ended up in the tank." Which is always the case. Maybe someday it won't be, but for now — the escape artist escapes to bail out his brother again. "One of these days I'mma get caught just so I can make you pay the bail and pick me up for breakfast."

JP snickered and replied with a grin, "Yeah, but ya might get fed better at the pound. 'Sides, I'm takin you to breakfast now." The drive was a pretty easy morning commute. Easier when the drive worked itself out or you could make the car cheat. Good times. His power might only be gimmicky but the gimmicks made the day easier. The radio was flipped on manually until something was found that they could sing along with and butcher the lyrics to.

Pulling up out front, letting the car parallel park itself JP muttered, "Watch your knees." and reached into the glove compartment that looked like the guts of a piggy bank. Life was just easier when you made a parking meter cough up change so….well he could pay the parking meter. Could he just make the parking meter turn over? In fact… yes but he either hadn't thought of it, hadn't bothered, or found the irony of this more entertaining.

"Sev, Welcome to Mama Cici's. Let's fin' out of she really do have the best omelette in New York."

"There is nothing appetizing about kibble," Severin opines, cracking an eye open and glancing over toward JP. "I mean, it'll do if you're starvin'. I wouldn't die of hunger in front of a bowl of Alpo but.. I slip in through the dog door to raid the fridge, not actually eat the dog food." He stretches a bit and settles, languid as a cat in the seat. When they finally arrive at their destination, he waits until JP is done fishing around in the glove compartment to roll on out of the car and head on up to Mama Cici's, holding the door open for the recently released.

JP dropped 25 cents in nickles into the meter and cranked it. He didn't bother locking the car. The doors wouldn't open without his approval and if anyone tried to take her he'd just run em over. Life was easy like that. He did pause in the parking space to strip his shirt off and toss it in the back and put the clean one on that didn't smell of revolution and a concrete bed n' breakfast.

Passing the threshold a finger to his brow replaced the gesture of a hattip in a silent thanks. Did they draw looks? Yes the brothers were pretty and also looked like trouble. It was a pretty accurate assessment all in all. With no fanfare did the elder Bonaventure brother drop into the booth as Dolores in her blue waitress uniform neatly pressed did start on over with her notepad in hand. "A'ight. I'll give you mibble got no flavour. I gotta pick you up I'll figure out footin the bill and you get t'pick breakfast. I suppose…that's the rule." And so it was.

And so it was, because JP made the rules and Severin occasioanlly followed them if it suited him and was something that he intended to do anyway. There were looks. There were always looks. Severin shot a winning smile at those that took the time to meet his eyes. Then he slipped into the booth opposite JP and put his feet up in the empty space in his brother's seat, slouching comfortably, like he do. There was a grin for Delores, too, and every honey drop of that southern charm as he placed his order for eggs in a basket, with two sides of bacon, some orange juice, and a cup of coffee.

JP was marinating in some small pocket of normalcy. The flagrant buttering up of the waitress on his brother's part causing her face to warm and redden slightly had compounded amusement when JP flicked a finger idly adding, "I'll have what he's havin, but hold the orange juice, add you' phone number if you ain' usin it right now." Incorragable. Not that he expected these things to work, but you don't win if you don't try. He slouched in his seat with a chuckle and asked in earnesst, "How's things on your end holdin up?" Which seemed to be his inquiry on how was Sev really doing. It was on that weird list of things he needed to know. He was his brother, sure, but also his best friend for forever too.

Severin can't help but smirk a little bit as JP tries to get the waitress' phone number. "That ever work, Delores?" he asks her idly before she heads off. She just smiles, revealing nothing. Then he turns his attention back over to JP, fiddling idly with the silverware on the table in front of him. "Me? Things are jus' grand, frere, jus' grand. Livin' the life. Talked to Vitale the other day. He wants to try to get some tools for the garage. I tol' him I don't know anythin' about tools since I'm jus' the shop cat. I don't think he realized I was serious when I said there wasn't nothin' for me to do in the garage but look pretty. Any rate, if you need anythin', you might wanna give him a wish list or somethin' or you never know what you might end up with." He grins.

JP shook his head back and forth in a loose figure 8 and grinned, giving Dolores another glance. He defended himself not at all. There was a wink and a murmur of thanks when the common white ceramic mugs showed up with coffee. "You a saint, lady." The story of Vitale and the tools got an eyebrow. He stayed quiet and listened to that. His knee nudged Sev's leg where it stretched the gap between benched. "Hey, someone gotta keep that possum in line." yeah abotu that possum… "That migh' not be a bad idea makin a list. Give my brain somethin t'do rather than fin' trouble I don' need, ya know? SO lemme as k you." He looked around at the diner, but more New York beyond, "You really a'ight wit h this place? I mean I dunno. Sometimes I wake up like what the heeeeell we doin?"

"I've decided to just not argue with'm when he gets it in his head he wants to do something and just let'm do it. I figure he's been warned enough that Bonaventure means trouble in Cajun," Severin says with a grin and a shrug of his shoulders. Vitale's gonna do what Vitale do, and Severin doesn't see any particular need to interfere so long as Vitale is happy. "Hey, that possum an' I have bonded, frere. He alright." His accent gets thicker the longer that he hangs out with JP or others of his family out of habit. He laughs and then lifts his cup of coffee to take a sip. Both brows go up at the question then and he says, "Yeah, sure, why not? It's a place. It ain't home but it's interestin' an' there's plenty of opportunity to be had. An' let's be honest, JP… when we ever /NOT/ wake up wonderin' what the Hell we doin'?"

JP snickered and just grinned easily ear to ear. Even when things felt out of place being around his brother seemed to make him acept everything was going as it needed to. "Nah it ain' home. Gonna hafta be enough f'now though." Yeah, good luck to any poor bastard trying to eaves drop on these two. When Sev pointed out they never know what they're doing it was eanough to make JP crack up. Drinking his coffee with a grin he counterd with, "Don' we make it look good though?" An upnod went to Dolores with that winning smile as food showed up. Aaaaaah yas! Bacon is for winners and free men! "Man this' perfect. An' ya know, the people here's interestin. We got that goin' f'us. And V seems t'be good t'you."

"We make everythin' look good," Severin says with a bit of a laugh, lofting his cup of coffee in JP's direction and then taking a swallow from it before setting it back down and tearing into one of the two orders of bacon set in front of him, all the while cracking into the eggs in a basket, making sure that gooey yolk gets all over the perfectly golden toast.

JP grinned lifting his mug in return. Thick as… well they were the theives other people were held up to as the standard it seemed. "So, in other news, been makin some pretty good headway on this… scavenger hunt thing. My uh… you remember lobster guy? The one with the box? On an off chance II asked the guys at Atomic jokin'like 'hey, yous guys got any messages for me?' aand htey did? well," his head tilted to teh side, "Part of one. GOtta fin' the rest of it but… tha's a good thing I think."

Severin can't help but chuckle a little bit at the mention of Lobster Guy. He drapes one arm along the back of the booth as he settles back with a piece of bacon between his fingers, nibbling on it occasionally. "Yeah? You seem to be havin' fun with that guy." There's only a grin in that, a knowing grin, but just a grin none the less. "Sounds like an adventure. Where you think the other half might be?"

JP chuckled, chagrined but unrepentant. It got to him, and not in a bad way at all. At least he wasn't damn morose about Mozelle right now and it seemed to be some healthy distraction from, you know, unfun things like reality. The grin though just lingered in bemusement. "Half? Pieces man. He's bustin m'balls making me work for this one. Buuut I went back t'Eight Ball. That one was stuck in the ceilin. Thoem darts that turn blue when that thing e'sploded on me? Yeha. That was up there. Had t'go full gym class an' climb the rope." Man breakfast was a slurry and they had no idea what grits were but the hashbrowns were a delight. "Went to Wing Sing cause V an I left em food in the fridge. He left me spring rolls. Note in the box. Talk the lady into givenin me one o them sammich cookies though. No idea what it' sayin."

JP was really just like a large 12 year old chasin a unicorn or a dinosaur. A unisaur. They had those right? If not they needed to and he wanted to ride one. Focus, Jean-Pierre! But he seemed happy without understanding of worry or consequence.

Severin shakes his head and grins as he listens to JP talk about the adventure finding the next part of the note in the game that he and Clint have going on. "I think I like that guy," he says with a sly little smile. "I like that he's keepin' you on your toes — an' dyin' you blue wasn't a bad shot, neither." He laughs and then digs into his eggs, sopping it up with the toast and eating it heartily between swallows or orange juice. "Damn, this place is good. We need to come here more often."

JP arched both eyebrows. with a lopsided grin as he ate his eggs. "Yeaaaaah that one' too funny f'me to be mad at. Shoulda seen how pissed he was when we put the furniture in his place. Maaaan he thought he was evicted. I was dyin." The commentery about the breakfast got a slow, agreeable nod with a squinted expression, "Yeah. 'Think maman'd like this place too. Th' biscuits ain' bad at all. So…question remains, we stayin then where we wanna go wit' this? Looootta money t'be made in New York but I don' wan' our people t'go in and get caught."

Severin shrugs his shoulders and says, "I'm just enjoyin' the ride for right now, seeing what opportunities show up and then decidin' if there are any that are worth pursuin'. Right now, we've done a few jobs. There's a few possibly lined up through V. I don't have plan, not really looking to make one either. Not right now, anyways."

JP nodded and ate his toast drown in yolk. Well Sev's immediate needs were being met. That was good on multiple fronts. "Agreeable. Well… I don' have a plan, but!" He licked the fork clean and waved it at his brother, "butbutbut, I have ideas. And… I think, okay I decided I need to make this garage thing work. I saw the future an', it'll be kinda important." He paused and blinked in French added with some confusion "Brother, that sounds stoned as shit when I say it like that."

"You saw the future," Sev says with an arched brow. "Pretty ure that's not your thing, mon frere." He then continues to finish off his toast before going for the second order of bacon, taking it piece by piece and consuming each crispy delicious strip with relish. Distracted for a moment, he returns to the conversation, and says "The garage though, that's a good thing. We need somethin' solid. Back home it was home. Here.. a legit busines."

JP replied, "Well mostly… legit… I think. But naw, I was asleep- alone this time, and like this woman wa sin my head and said your help is required and I was like Hey baby what'chu up to? And she kinda was not havin any of it but I guess there was people in danger. Next thing I know I'm standin and wlakin towards htis door that I didn' build and put there and bam. I'm fallin out of the side of this alley, but get this? It's 1986. And eveyone was happy and calm and… not being happy and calm was outlawed or somethin?!" Yes. he sounded like a crazy person. He seemed to know this too because it frustrated him a little bit. "Look that guy, Lucian that went with us to New Orleans to fix all that stuff up? He was there too and I talked to him couple days ago and it was real. It happened. Well not yet, but … look I'm not makin this up…Sev you look like you wanna laugh at me, heh just get that part over with."

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